Trip to Siruvapuri, Periyapalayam and Thirukkallil


1. Siruvarpuri (also called Chinnampedu):

Quick facts:

Main Deity: Balasubramania Swamy
Ambal: Valli
Patikam: Arunagirinathar’s Thiruppugazh.
Other deities: Suryanar, Vinayagar, Annamalayar, Unnamulayar, Navagrahas, Arunagirinadhar and more.
Travel Base: Chennai
Location: Around 37km from Chennai on the Chennai-Kokatta highway.

Google Map Location:

Started by about 8AM from Chennai (Adayar) and reached Siruvarpuri by 9:30AM. The temple is a small one but very popular with the belief that one who symbolically build a structure behind the Adhimoolavar sannidhi will be blessed with a new house or related wishes by the Lord Balasubramaniar. Since it was a Sunday there was a significant crowd and as we entered, we were crowded by the village boys trying to sell a handful of small brick stones.

Front view Sideview
Front view Fresh Vegetables

There is a Mayil (Peacock) sculpture made out of green granite stone outside the sanctum sanctorum in front of the flag mast. I have seen a few temples with green granite deities before, but I could not feel the significance since I could see them only from a distance but here you can see it very closely (and touch it even). It was shining in green and was a real beauty. Also the suryanar, Ganapathy and annamalayar lingams are all made out of green granite. Possibly there is no other temple where there are so many green granite deities.


  • Lava-kucha, twin sons of Rama, while living at Valmiki’s Ashram here, tied the Ashwametha horse sent by Rama. Lakshman came to release it but failed. Then Rama himself came, won and took back the horse. The name of the place Siruvarpuri came from the phrase ‘Siruvar-Por-Puri’. The other names Siruvarampedu came from ‘Siruvar-Ambu-Edu’ and Chinnampedu came from ‘Chinna-Ambu-Edu’. Siruvapuri is believed to be the Kusalapuri of Ramayana.
  • The other legend is that a devotee named Murugammai lived in this place chanting ‘Muruga’ always. On getting irritated, her husband cut her hand but she continued with the Muruga chanting. Then Lord Muruga appeared before her and set right her hand.
  • According to estimates, Arunagirinathar (14th Century) has composed over 16,000 Thiruppugazhs but only 1365 have been traced, glorifying 224 places. Of these 215 places are known and the remaining 9 places are unknown. Of these 215 places,
    35 places have been glorified specially
    8 places have been glorified by 4 Thiruppugazhs each
    6 places have been glorified by Archanai Thiruppugazhs
    Siruvapuri has been glorified by 4 Thiruppugazhs as well as Archanai Thiruppugazh.

Worship benefits:

The Murugar is believed to give 5 benefits 1) House related wishes (Marriage for the girls), 2) Good Profession 3) Good Family 4) Wealth and 5) Moksha by singing a specific Thiruppugazh of this temple with concentration and understanding the meaning.

Outside the temple there were plenty of shops selling fresh green vegetables and the freshness of the vegetables was really tempting. It is highly satisfying to buy field fresh vegetables directly from the farmers without the intermediaries. For sure, this temple is a big boost for the villagers’ economy. Be ready for a big shopping when you go with family.

There seem to be many more temples in this village – Agatheeswarar temple, Perumal temple, Vishnu-Durgai temple, Ramar temple, Vinayagar temple and Jain’s 22nd Teerthangara.

Message from Sri Padma Prasad:
On every Second Sunday of English Month, ‘Adiyars’ from ‘Siruvapuri Abishega Kuzhu’ come here with necessary things to perform the ‘Abishegam’. If people can come on these days they will doubly benifitted. So every second sunday is festival day at Siruvapuri.


  • Main worship benefit being the blessing with a new house.
  • The place is connected with Ramayana and Ramar’s sons Lava-Kucha.
  • Glorified by Arunagirinathar’s (14th Century) Thiruppugazh
  • Mayil vahanam, Suryanar, Vinayagar and Annamalaiar lingam are all made out of green granite stones
  • Fresh vegetables straight from the fields for shopping

Weavers place at Arani:

We heard that there is a weavers’ place making good Silk cotton and Poly cotton sarees on the way to our next stop, Periyapalayam, . The road to Periyapalayam from Siruvarpuri is fantastic greenery on both sides. It is marvelous to see such a greenery so near (around 35 kms) Chennai. It goes through Arani and after about 1km, a place called Kosampedu comes in. In the bazaar, we turned right for the houses of Mr.Nithyanandhan and Mr.Vivekanandan, who own saree weaving looms for their shops at Chennai. We have gone around the looms and it was quite heartening to realize the hard efforts of the weavers to make a saree thread by thread. We were told that with all the big companies coming over, they are preferring factory/company jobs at Sriperumpudhur over their family craft of weaving. Already more than 50% have changed over, it seems. Our ladies were delighted to carry back a bunch of silk cotton sarees. Thanks to the seller for accepting the cheque (I always carry a blank cheque in my wallet to encounter this kind of emergency!!).

Note: There are a handful of weaver in the village and you can try one of your choice.

Google Map Location:

Starting from thread
A saree in the making A saree in the making
Looms The punch cards that make the saree design

2. Periyapalayam:

Google Map Location:

The Bhavani amman temple is possibly the most popular one in this region and a section of the people come here every year during the Adi/Avani Tamil month. They offer prayers in different forms like head shaving, going with just neem leaves around, lifting the pot with fire, Angapradhakshana, coconut rolling etc.,. People come in tractors, vans and carts with full equipments including gas cylinders for cooking, stay here and do their rituals. It was an Avani Sunday, an auspicious day like Adi Friday and so there was a huge crowd. It took us about 2 hours for the dharshan in the 25 Rs special entrance itself but the dharshan of the beautiful Bhavani amman made us forget all that. The festive atmosphere could be seen for 1-2 km around the temple. The authorities could have done a lot more to make the environment better for the devotees for the huge fund they might be receiving. Not even a good car parking was available.

View of the temple Camping on the roadsideCooking inside the temple Cooking inside the temple

More information are available here


  • A very popular temple
  • Powerful Bhavani amman
  • Expect a big crowd on the festival days and during Adi/ Avani

3. Thirukkallil (also called Thirukkandalam):

Quick facts:

Deity: Shiva – Thirukalleeswarar, Sivanandeswarar
Goddess: Anandavalli
Other deities: Sundara Vinayagar, Kaalatheeswarar, Bala subramaniar, Sakthi Dhakshinamoorthy and more.
Sthala Vriksham: Kalli
Theertham: Nandhi Theertham created by Nandiswara
Patikam: Thirugnanasambandar, 18th of the 32 Tevara Stalams in the Tondai region
Period: Worshipped by Bruhu rishi, Agasthiar, Lava-Kucha, and Thirugnanasambandar. 12th to 15th Century inscriptions from the Chola, Pandya and Vijayanagar Emperors
Festivals: Vinayaka Chathurthi, Navarathri, Skanda Sashti, Karthigai Deepam and Full moon day in the month of Ayppasi (Annabhishegam).
Travel Base: Chennai
Location: About 40 km from Chennai and 10 km from Periyapalayam

Google Map Location:


  • In the beginning, the Shiva was in the midst of Kalli trees and so the name of the place is called Thirukallil and the Shiva is called Thirukalleeswarar.
  • Rishi Bhrigu said to have worshipped Shiva here with 1000 Kalli flowers and Shiva appeared to him in the form of Sakthi Dhakshinamurthy, i.e., Dhakshinamurthy with Goddess Sakthi which is unique to this place.
  • In another legend, when many Devars and rishis assembled at Kailasam for Shiva-Parvathi’s marriage, North was going down and South was going up. So Shiva asked Agasthiar to go to south to balance out. During that trip, Agasthiar was camping at Pancheshti near here doing five yahams (pancha means five and Ishti means yaham). Shiva appeared to him in the form of Somaskandar and asked him to come to Thirukkallil. When Agasthiar visited this place, he was surprised to find the temple itself in the form of Somaskandar, i.e., Subramanya’s shrine is situated in between the Shiva and Parvati shrines (So-Uma-Skanda: So is Shiva, Uma is Parvathi and Skanda is Murugan). He camped here for one mandalam (41 days) and worshipped Shiva. Shiva gave Shiv-anandha dharshan to Agasthiar with Ambal here to compensate his not being able to be there at Shiva’s marriage (at the behest of Shiva himself) and so Shiva is called Siv-anand-iswara and Ambal as Anandhavalli.
  • Rama’s sons Kucha-Lava fought with Lakshman and Ramar at Siruvarpuri near here. They came here, took a dip at a river and worshipped Shiva. The river is called Kuchasthalai since Kucha took a dip.
  • Thirugnanasambhandar, after visiting Thiruvenpakkam came here en route to Kalahasthi. When he was taking a dip at Kuchasthalai river, his belongings of Pooja box and Vibhoothi (holy ash) bag were found missing. He came here and found Shiva lingam in the midst of Kalli trees with his missing items near it. So he praised Sivanandiswara as a thief (kalvan) in his patikam.

Worship benefits:

  • Per Bruhi rishi those who worship Sakthi Dhakshinamoorthy here on Thursdays with Kalli flowers, after taking holy dip at the Nandhi Theertham, will get their hunger and poverty erased out, acquire great knowledge and wealth and get their wishes fulfilled.
  • Thirugnanasambhandar in his patikam says that those who worship here will acquire fame and happiness

Outside view of the Gopuram IMGA0227In the backdrop of the beautiful temple tank Pradhosha AbishehamLeft side View Right side view Sakthi Dakshinamoorthy Inside view of the Gopuram Vimanam of the main sannidhi Nandhi Praharam

The Temple:

A calm village unpolluted from the mad crowd of the city. Literally, not a single shop around the temple and so come prepared with all your pooja and food requirements. The temple is a very small one, clean and very well maintained. It was a pradhosham day and a family from Chennai was doing the pradhosha abisheham themselves. One of them was singing songs (thiruppugazh?) and was totally immersed in Shiva Bakthi. I learnt that they are doing this for quite a long time. It was nice for us to be present there on a Pradhosham at such an important temple without any crowd at all.

The temple tank in front of the temple, Nandhi Thirtha created by Nandiswara, is amazingly clean and very familiar for holy dip. Big empty space in front with many big trees and a clean temple tank in the backdrop of the temple – all constitute a picture perfect environment. I would love to come to this place again just to take a holy dip in the tank (preferably in the hot summer, if there is water).


  • An unpolluted village, not a single shop around the temple.
  • Small and well maintained temple
  • Dhakshinamoorthy with Goddess Shakthi; Shiva, Balamurugan and Ambal in the same line and direction in Somaskanda form.
  • Come prepared to take a holy dip at the clean temple tank in the midst of a scenic environment.

On our return trip, the road that connects Periyapalayam with the Kolkatta highway was a scenic green all through. For about 10 kms, the Periyapalayam devotees were cooking, eating and relaxing on the roadside all the way.

Message from Sri Padma Prasad:
In Thirukkallil, ‘Thai Pusam’ is a festival day and ‘Theppotsavam’ will be there.

Travel details:

Thirukallil, Periyapalayam and Siruvarpuri are all in a circular route to the left of the Kolkatta highway when you go from Chennai. So you can take the clockwise route Thirukallil, Periyapalayam and Siruvarpuri in that order, or the reverse. We took the reverse route.

Immediately after the toll gate near the Karanodai bridge, the road to Periyapalayam branches off to the left. Proceed further for another 5-6 kms and look for the ‘Way to Siruvarpuri temple’ board which is on the 33rd km on the highway. The temple is about 4-5 kms from there on the left side. From Siruvarpuri, on the same road if you proceed further for about 6 kms, you will reach Arani and then Periyapalayam is another 6 kms. On the Periyapalayam-Chennai route, at about 10 kms from Periyapalayam, at a place called Kannigaiper (also called Kanniputhur) you have to take a right turn in the bazaar area for Thirukallil. The temple is around 4 kms from there but after 2-3 kms, better to check with the villagers on every road branch since there is no board to guide you and it is very easy to slip out the left diversion to the temple. If you see a village called Neyveli, it is an indication that you have missed the left side road already (which we did exactly!!).

Around this area, there are more places of significance:
Vengal, Vada Madhurai, Pancheshti, Gnayiru, Alamathi, Ariyathurai, Andarkuppam


  1. I read & saw your blog that given me good information. It’s lovable and interesting and it has good collection. Thanks.

  2. Thank you. Because of your post we could visit all 3 temples in clockwise today. Is there a possibility to make Tirukkallil known. There was a priest and Pongal was prepared and offered by him to God. Itay br because it is Margazhi month.Some
    oduvar was singing praise of God. For a place of such an importance , it must get famous. Some trust should take up maintenance. Any website for donation for nityapooja?

  3. sir seeing all information, I prepared my mind to go to siva temple while visiting periyapalayam, suruttapalli and siruvapuri. but unfortunately I have forgotten the temple name and name of village and no net connection. As you have said, no one was there to tell this temple. so was not able to go to temple. I have to try next time. But thank you for information. balamurugan.s

  4. we had visited the temple yesterday evening .. it was really good..had a positive vibration to see Lord Murugan at close proximity…by the way we also bought farm fresh pirandai, mudakathan keerai, groundnuts from there.. thanks…

  5. hi sir! u r doing a wonderful job. V r benefited so much. v get to know about more temples nd visited der. thanks a lot. i want to know about ‘ thirumaaleeswar temple, thirumathalambakkam. i lik to know route to tis temple from chennai. i dont know how to reach der. v went once nd came back wit out visiting the temple. pls help us sir.

    • It seems Thirumathalambakkam is 2 kilometers west of Takkolam and little north of Kadambanallur. I got to know it by enquiring through I too was searching this temple after I came to know about this in Parigaramum Payangalum of captain TV on 22.06.14. It is also mentioned in raju’s temple visit Chennai North.

      • Thank you so much for the information. I too was trying to reach out Thirumathalambakkam
        I got the way

  6. very informative. will u plemail me the location of single-headed brahma dity/temple. It may be located nearby vaideeswaran koil and the temple may be Malayandisamy temple. but I could not identify d location. Pl help me

  7. Added Information on my knowledge about the Siruvarpuri temple, Tuesday is the significant day for this temple. On these day, temple will be opened at 4.00 AM where the people will be started to come by 3.00 AM itself, you have a special Darshan at Rs.50 in which it will take more than 30 mins to get the Darshan. As time goes crowd will also get increased.
    Benefits – visiting continuous 6 Weeks(On Tuesday) to the temple gives good result.

    • Dear Karthick, Lord Murugan is Parihaara God for Sevvai ( Tuesday).
      The place for Sevvai , Vaitheeswaran also Lord Murugan as Selvamuthukumaraswami is prominent. For Sevvai Thosham , Murugan is the relief giving God and in few Murugan Temples Red Milk ( Milk mixed with kumkum) Abishekam is done on Tuesdays by devotees.Siruvapuri is one of the very few places where Lord Muruga himself chose to stay and bless devotees. Highly Proven that prayers here will give own house

  8. Dear sir,
    I had been to this temple and was extremely satisfied and felt amazing peace post the visit,

    I would like to perform pooka there and would like to have the phone number

    Would be glad if you can mail the same


  9. Dear Sir,

    I would like to sincerely thank for all your efforts. By reading your article, I was very eager to visit the Thirukkallil temple. On 12-May-2012 (Saturday), we had started our trip from Chennai & visited the Surutapalli temple first. From there went to Periyapalayam temple & had a good darshan. Now we were ready to go to the Thirukkallil temple.

    We had actually forgotten the other name of Thirukkallil which is “Thirukandalam”. So while enquiring about the route with the local people, we got upset that no one is very much aware of that. By god’s grace, one person at a nearby teashop told that it’s actually “THIRUKANDALAM”.

    From Periyapalayam, we started immediately & reached the place called “KANNIGAIPER”. Then from there went to the Thirukkallil temple after checking with couple of local persons. We all felt really happy to see the appearance of the temple. As mentioned by some of our friends, it’s really a beautiful temple in a silent village.

    The temple gurukkal revealed a pleasant secret that he is now 102 years old & doing poojas for more than 80 years. By hearing this, I immediately sought blessings from him. It was really a great experience & thanks again for all the information.

    I wish you should keep continuing this good work for a long time.

    • Dear balu,
      thanks for your details. I am planning to go during this month to Thirukalli. I will be happy if you can give me details of the route,from Chennai, whether we can take bath in Tank, what we have to carry for doing Archanai and route to Sri Kalahasthi from Thirukalli.
      Thanks. Please reply

  10. We visited to sholinguhr Narasimhar temple ,Thirutani(15kms frm sholinghur) and then back on the sameday.But u need to climb@ sholinghur for 1356 steps for Periya Malai(Narasimhar Temple) and 400 steps for Chinna malai (AnjaneyarTemple);Buy a stick if u scare with monkeys as it will try to pluck from watever u have including flowers from Ladies head.Dont eat anything before u climb so that ur body weight will be less to go ahead.U can have butter milk or lemon or any cool substance in the shop which is the only one while going up @ stepNo:600 which will boost u to go further top without any tiredness.Similarly while going for chinna malai dont load ur stomach much.Have tender coconut 1200 calories which is the good one for you until u finish the darshan whcih is avl lot near by.Temple timings will be from Morning 7 to 6pm.Hop everyone will enjoy the trip.

  11. fantastic & fabulous work keep doing

    your narration feels as if we travelled with you

    thanks for the service

    i planned to visit all the places this week end

  12. very informative… i have been to singaperumal kovil, and my in laws had even been to sirvapuri,. but we had no idea of the other temples…. next time, will def visit all these!

  13. Dear sri Raju,
    Thank you very much. The information and photos are very useful. On 15th August 2011.
    Our familymembers from Chennai got dhashan of these Temples.
    WiIthout any difficulty we were able to reach the temples.
    We got a cup of Coffee/ Milk and also the blessing of Sivachriyar at Thirukandalam temple.
    S Venkataraman

    • Nice to know about it Sir. I believe the Sivachriyar at Thirukandalam temple is nearing 100 years and to get blessings from him is very special indeed.

      • Last Saturday (22-Aug-2015), I again went to the Thirukandalam temple after 3 years. This time also I met the Sivachariyar & he is 105 years old now. I’m feeling really excited to see his dedication in reciting the slogas & performing pooja for Lord Shiva even at this age !

        God is Love !!

  14. Dear Sir,

    I thank you very much for the information.

    Last Saturday ( 21/05/2011 ) I made a trip to Thirukallil with my family.

    It was a very nice expreience.

    We had a blessings of 100 year old Kurukkal.

    Some more informations :

    The name of the Village called ‘ THIRU KANDALAM ” where the “Thirukallil Temples is situated.

    Thaipoosam and Adi Krithigai is very famous festival in Thirukallik.

    I Thank you once again.

    B Saravana Rajan

  15. It is very nice. I like to thank you very much. U provided such wonderful informations to us. Once again thanking you. If u have similar informations of about any temples. Please send me the webpage link.

  16. The group coming on every second Sunday is called ” Chettinadu Siruvapuri Abishega Vazhipattukuzhu ” and they are performing ” Laksharchanai ” at the temple for the past 15 years (since 1994), on 3rd Sunday of March every year.

    • Please mention the time when this abhishekam is performed by the vazhipaatu kuzhu from Chennai, so that I can plan my visit to conincide with this. Thank You.

  17. Dear Raju,

    Hi Thanks for your efforts in provinding an fruitfull information.

    I would like to make a reqeust to please also add SURATPALLI- Palanikondeswar -Perumul Temple which is close by to Perriyapalayam – Uthhukottai about 12 km from Periyapalama enroute to Uthukotaati,

    Here also u one can find Mother AMbal sitting on the lap of Lord Dakshnamurthy, which is one in beautiful.

    And Palanikondewar sleeping psture…

    Regards / Jain Vinod Nahar

  18. This is really wonderfull informations. Please continue your service. Also please give information about Surattapalli. Suresh

  19. Hi Raju
    I am glad to see my native temple Sri Varamoorthiswarar, Ariathurai with photograph and route map, thank you for the same. My uncle Thiru Jambulingam, Ex munsiff, Peruvoyal village is the life trustee of the said temple. If u need any help or on your next visit pl. call our cell no.9940681855

    With regards

  20. HiRaju,

    Those deities are made up of Pachai Maragatham store not of green marble stones.

    Also i request u to add about Varadharajan temple which is in siruvapuri which is very old one .lava kusa and valmiki muni had darshan of lord mahavishnu.

    he also so called as theenda thirumeni perumal…
    Even today bhattachari cannot touch the moolavar.

    every karthika masam,thyla kappu is done to perumal.swami is great varprasadi..his vurchava vigraham is so called as prana harthi haran perumal.

    this perumal is Saligrama vigraham….he so power ful he also called as kannoli perumal…such a wonder ful perumal…

    Other sannidhis.

    Lakshmi narayanan.
    srinivasa perumal .
    Perundevi thayar.
    Alwar sannidhi.
    Swayambhu hanuman.

    eye related problems will be solved when we have darshan of our lord…ooraganthan varadhajrajan

    For information contact :

    Love and regards,


  21. Dear sir,
    It is very nice to read ur article.
    which makes us to visit those places
    immediately. can u provide me the
    telephone no.of siruvarpuri murugan
    thanking u

  22. Its a very nice article…! Thanks for writing such an article..

    Phone/Contact number of the temple, if provided, will be really useful.

  23. Sir, Could you kindly mail me the contact details of the Saree weavers of Periyapalayam/Arani please ? Am into Saree Business and need some Wholesale Suppliers please. Thank you so much. Kindly help.

  24. Dear Sir,
    The details you are given about the temples are fine and informative. The following should be added to give the ‘Adiyars’ oppurtunity to take part in the festivals.

    1) In Siruvapuri, on every Second Sunday of English Month, ‘Adiyayars’ from ‘Siruvapuri Abishega Kuzhu come there with necessary things to perform the ‘Abishegam’. If people can come on these days they will doubly benifitted.
    So every second sunday is festival day at Siruvapuri.

    2) In Thirukkallil, ‘Thai Pusam’ is a festival day and ‘Theppotsavam’ will be there.

  25. went with my family to celebrate pongal at Thirukallil. We prepared pongal at the temple, which was used as neivedhayam for swamy.

    One of the memerable day in our life.

    Thanks for hgihlighting these places.

    Siva Meiyappan

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