Visit to Yoga Ramar Temple at Nedungunam

Visit to Yoga Ramar Temple at Nedungunam


Nedungunam is to the West of Vandavasi; to the East of Polur; to the North of Gingee; to the South of Arani and to the North-East of Thiruvannamalai. The temple is located on the Vandavasi-Chetput main road itself.


From Vandavasi:
Chennai (Adayar) to Vandavasi (via Uthiramerur/Thennangur) – 108 km
Vandavasi to Nedungunam – 27 km (4 km before Chetput).

From Arani:
Arani to Chetput – 24 km
Chetput to Nedungunam – 4 km

Bus route:

No 148: Chennai – Polur
No 208: Chennai – Thiruvannamalai via Chetput, Avalurpet (Most of the Chennai – Thiruvannamalai buses are flying in the other route via Tindivanam/ Gingee)
The temple is on the main road itself and so you can get down right at the temple entrance.

Temple from the main road (Vandavasi - Chetput) Evening Sun
Temple Car ready for the Brahmostava Festival

Quick Facts:

Moolavar: Yoga Ramar with Seetha devi
Urchavar: Vijaya Raghava Perumal
Thayar: Sengamalavalli
Agamam: Vaikanasam
Other Shrines: Azhwar, Sri Krishna, Sudharsanar, Lord Venkateswara, Vaikanasar
Theertham: Sukhar Theertham (also called Surya Theertham)


  • One of the biggest temples for Lord Rama
  • The biggest Vaishnav temple of Vellore and Thiruvannamalai districts
  • Lord Rama is seen in a rare posture as Yoga Ramar in a sitting meditative posture without His usual Kothandam


This is the place where Sukha Brahma Rishi, a saint with a Parrot face, was in tapas towards Ramar. While Lord Rama was on His way to Ayodhya after vanquishing Ravana and completing the Pattabisheham for Vibishanan, He noticed the tapas of Sukha Brahmar on the banks of Kaliyar. The Lord then alighted from His chariot and surprised the Sage by just appearing before him. We could imagine what could be the reaction and feelings of the saint. Ramar stayed here for a day at the request of Sukha Brahmar. Although He was in a hurry to go to Ayodhya to save Bharata, Rama honoured the prayers of His devotee. The most noble qualities of Lord Rama – Sowlabya (simplicity) and Sowseelya (the ability to treat everyone alike) without any discrimination – are conveyed just by this act. The name Nedungunam conveys the noble quality of Rama – Nedum meaning High/ Noble and Gunam meaning Quality/ Personality.

The Kaliyar river starts from here through the waters of the nearby Dheerkachala hill and ends at the Maduranthaham lake near Chenglepat which was protected by Eri Katha Ramar. So both the temples are connected by legend.

Sukha Brahma Rishi is a devotee of Lord Shiva as well. Sukhar is an expert in changing forms and once he changed into a parrot. He flew to Kailayam where he saw Lord Shiva was preaching Shiva secrets to Parvathi devi and Sukhar wanted to know the secret. So he was flying around between Lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi. Parvathi Devi got angry and cursed him to be in the Parrot form itself. Sukhar then pleaded pardon and Shiva gave some relief to be in human form but with Parrot face. Sukhar penanced at a place called Thiru Idaiyaru near Sidhalingamadam near Thirukoyilur and got blessed by Shiva. Sukhar has a separate shrine in this temple. Thus Sukha Brahma Rishi is a devotee of Lord Shiva as well as Lord Rama.

There is a Dheerkachaleswar (the nearby hill is called Dheerkachalam) temple at the Esanya corner near the Ramar temple at Nedungunam.


Main Entrance Inner Rajagopuram

This ancient and attractive Pallava period temple is quite big with tall temple walls. The five-tier magnificent Rajagopuram welcomes everyone and on entering the temple, another one of nearly the same size surprises us.

The beautiful Dwara Balahar 2 The beautiful Dwara Balahar 1

In the sanctum sanctorum, we are stunned at the entrance itself by the two huge and beautiful Dwarabalahas, sculptured with artistic excellence. They set the mood for us and covey what is in store inside. They were shining with new clothes since the Bramostava festival was going on. In the sanctum sanctorum, Lord Rama is present with Lakshman and Seetha devi. Lakshman is seen with Kothandam but Ramar is uniquely seen as Yoga Ramar sitting in a meditative posture with chin mudhra without His usual Kothandam, a rare posture indeed. Hanumar is sitting in front of Ramar, visible only when you step inside the inner most of the sanctorum. Hanumar is seen reading out the Dharma Shastras to Sukha Brahma Rishi and Ramar is in a pose of listening and giving explanations.

Holy Tank in front of the temple
Beautifully carved Mandapam Mandapam in the backdrop of the Hill
The Two Rajagopurams Vimanams and the two Raja gopurams
Panoramic View - Back side
The 2nd Praharam Sanctum Sanctorum
The 3rd Praharam

The inner most praharam around the moolavar is about 10 feet under ground and one has to bend and enter/ exit very carefully signifying that we have to be very humble in the place of the Lord. This is the first of its kind I have seen.

There are two sets of utsava murtis and the reason being that one set of idols was stolen some times back and just when the second set was installed, the first one was got in perfect shape. The Urchava moorthy is called Vijaya Raghava Perumal signifying the Victory of Rama over Ravana. He is seen holding chakra and conch in their upper hands with the lower right hand showing the abhaya mudra. There is a small stone idol of Vijaya Raghava Perumal within the sanctum sanctorum as well.

Thayar Shrine
Beautiful Dwara Balahis of the Thayar Shrine Dwara Balahi
Vimanam of the Thayar Shrine In the pillar of the Mandapam of the Thayar Shrine

There is a separate shrine for Thayar Sengamalavalli and She is connected with the Urchava moorthy Vijaya Raghava Perumal. Like the Dwarabalahas of the Ramar shrine, the Dwarabalahis of the Thayar shrine are also stunningly beautiful.

There are separate shrines for Azhwar, Sri Krishna, Sudharsana along with Yoga Narasimhar as an integral part on its back side. There is also a shrine exclusively for Lord Venkateswara. In a separate shrine, Vaikanasa the preceptor of Vaikanasa agama is seen with four disciples in a corner. There are two idols of Anjaneya one of which was found in a nearby hill.

The Hill while coming from Vandavasi The Hill while coming from Chetput

In spite of the temple being connected mainly to Sukha Brahma Rishi, to my surprise, the idol of Sukha Brahma Rishi was not seen anywhere. I was informed that it is so because he is standing as a big hill called Dheerkachala Hill near the temple, visible in a radius of about 5 km. Bhattachar informed that the hill appears exactly as a human with a Parrot face at a particular angle while coming from Chetput to Nedungunam. On top of the hill, the feet of Ramar is present in stone in open without any shrine and can be worshipped at any time of the day.

When I visited, it was the fifth day of the annual 10 days Sri Rama Navami Bramostavam and I was pained to see the temple being deserted with no other visitor, in spite of the festival time. What a rare temple and how little known is this to the devotees!

Note: There are totally 3 temples in this region with Ramar in yoga posture. This being the main temple and apart from this there is a small temple at Raghunatha Samudhram, 5 kms from here and a TVS group maintained temple at Padavedu near here.

The Bhattachars were very kind and explained the temple very well indeed.
Contact: Badhri Bhattacharyar @ 6380947204.


  1. FYI Bhadri Bhattachariyar number has changed. He has been using Aircel and the number is no more accessible now. His new number is +91-6380947204.

  2. Thank you for giving the useful information and I visited today and I would like to visit the ramar patham on the nearby hill next time.

    • though i belong to septankulam very near to nedungunam at about 5 km i have not visited this temple. may be unaware of theis importance. very i will make it

  3. i belongs to septankulam a small village near nedungunam. but i have not visited this place though i have traveled to chet pet so many times from my village. thanks atleast i can able to know something about the temple and history.

  4. Sir, Thanks for this wonderful service of providing valuable and useful information to people who are interested to visit temples. I am planning to visit Aviniyapuram temple this friday and wanted to know if nedungunam temple visit can be combined with that.

    thanks and regards


  5. Dear Raju Sir,

    Thank you very much for posting our Ramar temple in Nedungunam.I still remember playing cricket inside the temple and broken some tube lights!! The photos are really good!!!


  6. Wishes to all
    I am a v ganesan, devotee of Sri Raghvashram, Kolathur, Via Mambakkam, Chennai – 600048
    Sri Bhagwan Yogi Ramsuratkumar is giving blessings in sitting posure in this Ashram and wirtten Rama Nama deposited more than 60 crores and shortly arrangemetns is going on to deposit 1008 crores of Rama Nam. Also Panchavadi Goshala for aged cows to cater their needs till their breathe. More than 33 cows are at present. If you want to know more details pls visit Sriraghvashram .org website and visit Ashram and To see Goshala.

    thank you

  7. […] Recently I had a chance to visit Sethupattu (Chetpet) in Vandavasi-Polur belt. I had time for only one temple visit. I chose to visit Nedungunam where a rare temple of Rama is located.   How did I know about this temple ?  Whenever I am visiting any place I normally go through this excellent blog – Raju’s Temples Visits to know about nearby temples. The details of Nedungunam temple can be seen here. […]

  8. I have Mahabharatham period historical temple / place details in word file. I want to share with devotees. But i could not able to attach the file. Pls advz me how to attach the file. If any need pls send your e-mail id to enable to send the details to your e-mail id,
    97907 39106
    E-mail :

  9. Mr shankar, u r lucky u were born in Nedungunam, duirng ur cricket game, hope u didnt break any statues!
    Mr Raju, for the nth time u r giving wonderful details; we missed this place during our recent visit to Tiruvannamalai, concentrated on thirukoilur and thiruvennainallur; hope we will be lucky to vist this soon;
    suryanarayanan, paris

  10. Dear Raju Sir,

    Thank you very much for posting exquisite details of our temple in Nedungunam. Indeed, I’m born in Nedungunam and miss my place very much. As some one pointed out, I still remember playing cricket inside the temple and it brings back the memories of my childhood. Good old days!!! The photos are stunning and I really appreciate for your commendable work on temples! Keep up your divine sevai!!!

  11. such a nice description, never knew about it; pity we were in thiruvannamalai a month ago. hope we are lucky to visit during our trip to india next year; will remeber u as always.

  12. hi raju sir,
    Really we proud of these oppurtinity to show beautifull temples , thanks to you and yr family, we want to add yr website our native town(vandavasi) temples also pls how to contact you.
    thank you

  13. hi raju,

    Thanks for your information about nedungulam ramar koil and sukhar brahmarishi. I’m a devotee of sukhar brahmarishi. I feel very happy to know about this temple keep doing this service. once again thank you very much for your information.

  14. Der Mr. Raju

    Yesterday (04.07.2010) i visited yoga ramar temple at nedungunam,periya nayaki amman temple at devikapuram and narasimhar temple at
    avaniapuram. All the temples are absolutely wonderful and we had a good darshan in all the three temples. I visited these temples after reading your write up.Thanks your nice information about these temples.

  15. Dear Raju,

    Thanks a lot for your great articles about my native place. I am very happy to see my place in your website. It is a great chance to show my place to my friends because you provided that much of information with images.

    I am working in dubai. (P.Vijayakumar S/o.R.Perumal, Cycleshop, Nedungunam).

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