Visit to Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple at Singiri Koil

Visit to Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple at Singiri Koil

Quick Facts:

Significance: One of the most beautiful scenic spots; Lakshmi Narasimhar with four hands, in Santha roopa with His consort on His right lap (usually He will have His consort on His left lap).
Poojas and Festivals: Thirumanjanam is performed on every Swathi Nakshatram, which is the birth star of Narasimha. Narasimha Jayanthi, Vaikunda Ekadesi, Ratha Sapthami, Tamil and English New Year and Purattasi Saturdays are celebrated here.
Darshan Timings: 9 AM to 12 PM and 5 to 6:30 PM
Contact: Rajagopala Bhattachar Ph: 94430 99043
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple, Vellore District, Singrikoil-632312.
Travel Base: Vellore


There is another Lakshmi Narasimhar temple at a place called Singiri Kudi (also called Singiri Koil) in the Pondicherry – Cuddalore route which is a very popular one. So beware that there are two places in the name of Singiri Koil and both of them have Lakshmi Narasimhar temples (!).

This Singiri Koil is on the Vellore – Polur (Thiruvannamalai) route and is about 5 kms west of Kannamangalam(which is a big town). While coming from Vellore, after Vellore Govt Medical College and Nelvoy, we branched off to the right (towards west) at a place called Kaniyambadi. This road branches off to the left after a few kms. There is a small board here for the temple but you have to be watchful not to miss it. This goes through a place called Keezh Arasmapat to Singiri Koil. While coming back, since we wanted to go to Padavedu, we went through another road that goes through Kannamangalam and caught up the Vellore – Polur road again. Kannamangalam is 20 km from Vellore and 28 km from Polur on the Vellore – Polur route.


Chennai (Adayar) – Vellore Bypass junction : 142 km
Vellore Bypass – Kaniyambadi: 25 km
Kaniyambadi – Temple: 7 km

Our Trip:

We started off by 4:30 AM fom Chennai and visited Shenbakkam Swayambu Vinayagar temple, Virinchipuram Margabandheswarar temple, Singiri Koil Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple, Erikuppam Saneeswara Bhagwan temple, about 6 ancient temples in Padavedu and returned to Chennai by about 12 midnight. It was a total distance of 434 kms. To our surprise, the next day morning, the watchman came and informed that one of the car tyres was totally flat and wondered how did I drive all the way. It was found to be two damages (!) – one puncture and one leak at the joint. Well, life is full of surprises and blessed moments indeed…

Literally no information about this temple was available in the internet excepting a small ‘The Hindu’ article and so I planned this temple without any expectation. While reaching the temple, there was a road going down in a picturesque scene and the temple was visible from a distance. I screamed ‘Wah’ and immediately stopped the car to take this photo.

First view of the Temple


Tiny river in front

There is a big hill and at the foot of the hill, this temple is situated on a small hillock. As we went near the temple, we saw a tiny river flowing in front of the temple and we have to cross the river by foot. This is one of the most beautiful scenic and dreamy spots of my temple visits so far. Vallimalai near Vellore and Ahobilam at Andhra Pradhesh are the other places which fascinated me in photos which I am yet to visit.

Later, I understood from the Bhattachayar that the temple will be closed if the river flows in full stream and this happens for about a week in a year. He said that during this year’s Vaikunda Ekadhasi celebrations only he and Perumal were there at the temple.

Panaromic view Temple IMG_2542

During my visit, the temple was reasonably filled with people quite worthy to the temple and the scenic spot. There were about 50 steps to climb and it is a small temple with only the sanctum sanctorum and two small shrines for Periya Thiruvadi (Garudazhwar) and Siriya Thiruvadi (Lord Hanuman).

The sanctum sanctorum and the Lord were the other sweet surprises. The sanctum sanctorum was quite big with the Lakshmi Narasimhar in sitting posture in Santha roopam with Goddess Lakshmi on His right lap (usually He will have His consort on His left lap). The Lord is about 6 feet high with four hands – two hands hold the conch and the chakra, third (left) hand is on His lap and the fourth (right) hand is around the waist of Goddess Lakshmi. The adornment for the Lord and the sanctum sanctorum were so beautiful that anybody without much devotion will easily fall in love with the deity.


Bhattar informed that as per the inscriptions around the sanctum sanctorum, this is a 1300 years old temple built during Pallava Rayar period by the King Nandhi Varman. The 13th generation of the Bhattar family is taking care of the temple now. The Samprokshanam of the temple took place only last year and the Rajagopuram work is going on currently. Since there is no place for Rajagopuram at the front, it is being constructed at the back side and it is planned to have Samprokshnam for the Rajagopuram on 19th Aug 2008.

Bala Anjaneyar shrine

There is a separate shrine for Sri Anjaneya, who is known here as Sri Bala Anjaneya. The idol is one foot high. Bala Anjaneya, who appears like a small child is believed to bestow the boon of parenthood to the childless. The temple also has a separate shrine for Sri Garuda.

Left side Praharam
Right side Praharam
Praharam Rocks around

There is a big rock at the back of the sanctum sanctorum and so the praharam is a little narrow on this side.

View fom the temple IMG_2541 IMG_2540

From the hillock top, it was a beautiful scenic sight all around with green fields, river and lot of hills.

Shops IMG_2545

While coming down, there were plenty of eatables and vegetables being sold in the shadow of big trees. With one bunch of (small) drumsticks at Rs 2, it was a big bargain for our ladies and they had something more to cherish. We bought pappayas as well and later found to be not pappayas but mangoes, yes, they were so sweet as mangoes. The peeled off pappayas were unformly reddish throughout and not yellowish as those bought from Koyambedu. So, don’t miss the shopping as well.

Singiri Koil to Padavdu where we rested for breakfast

After Singiri Koil, we rested for breakfast (at 11 AM !) here and then proceeded to Padavedu, another amazing and scenic place with about 10 ancient temples, at about half an hour drive from here. I will cover Padavedu separately in my next posting.

Being a vacation time, this (along with Padavedu) is the place to visit and cherish immediately with the kids. Just pack off….


  1. Thank u so much. The description of temples Lords way to reach etc. All are cristal clear. Anyone who sees this is able to reach the temple without further enquiry . It is a blessing of lord to us to come to know yr blog. Pl continue posting . Moreover all temples u post are must visit places n not known generally so big thanks to u n may God bless u n yr family

  2. Dear Raju,

    First i have to thankful to you for your valuable & useful information on this temple near vellore. The photos are amazing. As some one already pointed the god has come in your form and explained is very correct.
    your article is attracted me. Really you are boosting our tradition.

  3. Dear Mr.Raju,

    Being a vellore citizen iam really thankful to u for providing a very correct & useful info.

    Ur guidance really helped me in reaching the temple and also had a good, peaceful & blessed darshan.

    Keep exploring. My Best Wishes.


    Note : Evening Darshan timing they have changed upto 6 from 6:30. The above is for ur kind info.

  4. nice and very effective hardwork done by you. thank you very much for your valuable information. and it is very use ful those who wish to visit the places. thank u.

  5. Hi,

    Thank you very much for the nice information.

    For people to travel on bus, you have them leaving Old Busstand, Vellore by 6:00am, 8:40am, 12:00pm, 3:45pm.

    Or you can choose to reach Kilarasambut from vellore ( you have buses almost every 45-60mins) and pick up an auto ( <5mins) from there.

    Wish all the people a nice darshan.

  6. Dear Raju

    no words to say abt your service / information.

    Photographs are really to nice

    1000 ….Thanks again thank you very much

    Please continue



  7. Dear Raju,
    The information furnished by you is really useful and the photos tempt to visit the at once.



  9. Dear Mr.Satyanadam,
    Car can go till just before the small river itself and some cars even go through the river. In any case you may have to walk just about 200 meters, that’s all. Steps are also not that much – about 150 steps possibly.
    If your leg problem is not serious, you can definitely go.

  10. thanks for your information, being iam 65years having little leg problem ,i want to know ,how much distance i have to walk or car will go to up to hill, regards, satyanadam

  11. It is very interesting to see all the temples and you give lot of inforamtions. During the month of Nov-Dec do you hv plans to hv darshan of any temples. Pls let me know this is my email address. We can join you. Thank you

  12. it is amazing that a person single handedly giving a boost to our tradition. in the present days of people ready to anything for the sake of power/money, all of us should come forward to propogate our tradition. may god give all the strength in this venture.

  13. Hari-Om & Namaskar-

    Good site & photos- thanks for developing this .
    I am 62 age, and a student of Hindu shastras for many years and take Swadhyay classes for our satsangh.
    WE find the background of temple culture and symbolism ref various aspects is a vast subject ; on many, translations in English are not easily available.

    May I request you to kindly write & explain more details on the Narasimha Avataar SHANTAM aspect- and Deity at this temple-
    (or if possible as an email) .
    Your Mission to link Hindus -on Study of our Shastras & Vedic lore is most noteworthy

    WE have in Chennai the deity at Sri Ananth Padmanabha Swamy temple and Homams are prformed on spl occasions-

    At Sholinganallur “Pratingra Devi” Temple also ; Can you write on this also.
    With Grateful thanks


    capt TR

  14. Raju ,

    I think that the lord has come in your form and is showing us the way how to visit him.

    Thanks a lot and your work is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mr Raju,

    Thanks for this informative article. The photographs are very well taken and has been very educative.


    G N Sivaramakrishna

  16. We have visited the Singirikkudi Temple near Pondy, quite a few times. Never knew of this Narasimhar Temple near Vellore, even though we have seen many of the Temples in and around Vellore.
    Thank you very much for enlightenment.
    As always, a wonderfully informative blog.

  17. Dear Raju,

    Thanks for the information about this temple. Due to non availability of the information about this temple like me and many people coudnt visit. An article in hindu doesnt have the required details to travel. This was much awaited and all bhaktas will now visit and have the darshan of narashimar.

    Ramesha JS

    • dear mr raju
      many thanks for your valuable information on this temple near vellore.
      during my recent visit to sholingar near arakonam 15 days back, which is also very famous and one among the 108 vaishnavite temple, as you very well aware, i was waiting at a roadside for the opening of the temple situated inside the sholingar town to have darshan of main deity, i mean the moolavar. a man comes near to me and hand over the photo of this temple narasimhar with a request to visit this beautiful temple. since then my consciousness feels as though the LORD himself ask me to visit HIM in the guise of the man who give me the photo. I am planning to visit this temple tomorrow and this information is very useful for me. Let Lord Narasimhar, on whose birth star Swathi, i was born be my side for the successful visit.
      with regards,
      s muralidaran
      k k nagar, chennai 600 078
      mobile: 9444164892/9543420545

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