Visit to Shenbakkam Swayambu Vinayahar Temple

Visit to Shenbakkam Swayambu Selva Vinayahar Temple

Primarily we planned the trip for Padavedu in the Vellore – Thiruvannamalai route where there are about 10 ancient temples. I was thinking to start the Padavedu temple visits by first visiting the Kailasa Vinayagar temple over there. While driving down, unknowingly I crossed Vellore junction and all of a sudden saw the board Shenbakkam. I already knew about the Selva Vinayagar temple here but did not plan in this trip. As soon as I saw the Shenbakkam board, I immediately stopped the vehicle, changed the plan and proceeded towards the temple. So, our trip, anyway, by Vinayagar’s grace, started with a visit to Him, that too to the most sacred spot of Him in that region.


In the Chennai-Bangalore highway, you have to proceed after Vellore junction for another 2 Km to reach Shenbakkam. Here you have to go under the bridge to the right side for about half a km to reach the temple.

Chennai (Adayar) to Temple: 144 km

Google map location:

Entrance Name Board
Inner Praharam
Inner Entrance Outer Praharam
Various Vinayahars around the Sanctum Sanctorum Temple History
Temple Tank


  • The place was once called Swayambakkam since Vinayagar appeared hear as Swayambu and later became as Shenbakkam. It is also said that the original name of the village was Shenbagavanam as it was full of fragrant Shenbaga trees even though no trace of the trees is to he seen now.
  • Aadhi Sankarar once visited Virinchipuram Margabandeswarar Swayambu linga temple near this place and from there he came to know about this temple by his spiritual power and visited this temple. He is said to have installed a Sri Charka at the Esanya corner near the Navagrahas. When I inquired about it, I was told that it is installed under one pillar but there is nothing there to indicate such a sacred spot to the devotees.
  • Temple legend as written by Kanchi Periyavar Sri Chandra Sekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal in his book ‘Deivathin Kural’:

Once all the Swayambu Vinayagars were buried under the ground. A Maharashtra minister by name Thukoji was passing through this place when the axle of his chariot broke here. He saw the blood oozing out from the place. He was forced to stay here and worried about the obstacle to his trip. He prayed to Vigneshwar and slept. Vigneshwar came in his dream and informed that He is present here under the ground and it is high time for Him to show up and asked Thukoji to bring Him out and construct a temple.


  • The temple is dedicated to Sri Selva Vinayagar and Somasundareswarar
  • Selva Vinayagar is present surrounded by 10 other Swayambu Vinayagars in the form of lingams and in the formation of ‘Om’. The 11 Vinayagars are present in the following order: Bala Vinayagar, Nadana Vinayagar, Omkara Vinayagar, Karpaga Vinayagar, Chinthamani Vinayagar, Selva Vinayagar (moolavar), Mayura Vinayagar, Mooshiga Vinayagar, Vallaba Vinayagar, Siddhi-Buddhi Vinayagar and Panchamuga Vinayagar. Bala Vinayagar is still under the ground and only the top portion is visible.
  • Sri Somasundareswar in the form of lingam is present in a separate shrine just behind the Selva Vinayagar.
  • Selva Vinayagar is bearing the mark of the chariot wheel on His back.
  • The flag mast is present within the sanctum sanctorum itself
  • There is no roof for the sanctum sanctorum
  • Saneeswara Bhagwan is present facing the Selva Vinayagar which is a special significance.
  • A Silver covering was made about 75 years back for Selva Vinayagar covering Him fully but now, it covers Him only two-thirds indicating that He is growing over time


In Shenbakkam, there is one more sacred spot called NavaBrindhavana, the Brindhavanas of nine Madhwacharyars. I didn’t know this when I visited this place and so I missed it. The complete details are here.

Rathna Giri Murugan Temple on the way to Vellore

Rathnagiri Murugan temple is present in the Chennai – Bangalore highway, 12 kms before Vellore.


  1. Good info. THANK YOU. Could not locate this On-Time when I went to Vellore or on Google.

    Did you know that people in Vellore & Katpadi did not know about the is place when enquired !

    All they knew was Kanipakam !:(

    Thank You !

  2. Sri Mahaperiyava is said to have discovered a Sri Chakra near this temple. Does anybody have any idea where this Sri Chakra is now installed?

  3. அ௫மையான பதிவு மிக சரியாக பதிவு செய்து உள்ளீர்கள் . கு௫வ௫ளும் தி௫வ௫ளும் உங்களுக்கு பகவான் அ௫ள்வாராக!!

  4. Namaste Sri Raju garu. We are following your blog and many a times were felt blessed to have such a blog. Thank you so much for your patience and effort in giving your experiences a nice form to help many interested people in that regard. I humbly inform you and need your permission to use some of the information provided in your blog in my blog relating my travel experiences. We are blessed if somebody else can grab god’s blessings from the information. you can just refer my blog .Thank you so much sir for all the indirect help we are getting from you. may god give you the chance to visit more and more temples and further bless people like us.

  5. In Shenbakkam Vinayagar Temple, One Archagar by name G…… Gurukkal has charged Rs.1850/- for Abhishekam and spent nothing for abhisheka materials which would have costed Rs.100/- only and swindled the entire amount in the name of Lord Vinayaga. Devotees are requested to be cautious enough to safeguard themselves.

    • If you feel any inconveniance,or commplaint pl write to THE EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Arulmigu selvavinayagar temple,shenpakkam,Vellore-8 for corrections.

  6. as told by sri chaganti koteswara rao in his ganapati vibhavam, this shenbakkam was visited and praised by HH sri chandra sekharendra paramacharya also during his tour with present swamiji. the elephent which was carring the present swamiji went worring at this place. I am planning to visit this comming kartika somavara ie monday. TQ giving full inf.may god bless you. M.R.Prasad.

  7. hello sir.. im in chennai only… im happy to see this site. im very interested to go temples which are very powerful and ancient.. recently i visited kaanipakam near chitoor and unfortunately i heard about vepanchery group temples. so i went there. then only i came to know that very old temple sri Lakshmi narasimar with salagrama stones and the deepam which burning continuously nearly 50 years.. this temple also have website by its trust here for every pournami day special poojas and homas will conduct… so plz add this also in your site… i like to share about temples with you.. thank u..

  8. It was delighted to see ur detail information of the famous temple . Myself family would like to visit the temple. we plan to stay at the temple on the eve of last sunday of kartekamasam especially to sleep with wet clothes as mentioned to have blessing of the god. therefore kindly help me to provide the temple accomidation details .should i take a loadge at vellore and go to temple and comeback or can i stay at temple with family I am extremely thankful to you sir.

  9. hai raju sir nice to see my own village shenbakkam. thanks to u for the information everyone knows about our village famous god selva vinayagar temple. thank u

  10. Hello Hemaji,
    I guess you are going in your own transport and I can recommend the following:

    Sriperumpudhu – Wallajapet (Bangalore highways):
    1) Thiruputkuzhi (Divya desam)
    2) Thirupparkadal (One temple where Ranganathar is made of Athi wood and adjacent Vishnu temple – Where Perumal is standing on Linga Aavudayar
    After the tollgate, at Wallajah, take the right turn towards Chithur
    4) After Ranipet, Thiruvalam
    5) Melpadi (ASI maintained Rajaraja chola temple)
    6) Vallimalai – birth place of Murugar’s wife Valli
    7) Ponnai Sorna Vinayagar (Navagraha kottai)
    8) I understand Thangal ashram, very near is also a nice holy place to visit
    Return back to Bangalore highways via Katpadi
    Take Highways again
    9) Shenbakkam
    10) Virinchipuram
    All these can be covered very well in a single day. You can refer my platial map for the the exact route details:
    Hope this helps.
    P.S: I am not sure about the Nemli since I have not visited it.

  11. Hello!for the past one year i’m regularly visiting your blogs and visited many temples. i would like to visit,nemili balapedam, virichipuram, thiruvallam,shenbakkam vinayagar, sorna vinayatemple navagraha kottai from chennai this saturday 4th april, kindly guide me the root how to cover everything in a day

  12. This has been a amazing informations. When you read your mind goes over there and tells to visit physically. Amazing, amazing agian. Keep it up such good works. Many temple importance comes only on explaining the important aspects of such temples. Great hinduism

  13. I am living in shenbakkam only. Near the temple, i did not know about the temple. Really Iam proud to live hear. Thanks sir for your kind information.

  14. your writeup on Shebakkam Svayambu Vinayagar Temple has inspired me to visit THE LORD in near future.
    I am an ardent divote of LORD PILLAYAR.
    Kindly give a list of famous temple of the LORD ,in and around Chennai(within 150 kms).
    If YOU HAVE PLANS of arranging conducted tours of Pillayar Kovils,please keep me informed.
    Thank you

  15. My beloved brother RAJUJI ,

    I am really happy to see your blog about temples … Thank you for this nice work ; I live in France but next time I shall come to BHARAT , of course I shall go to have the darshan of the temple near TIRUVANNAMALAI … I love very much BHARAT and HINDUISM , and also TIRUVANNAMALAI … See my website : , where I tell my divine DARSHANS …

    With my warm regards and my Love ,


  16. Very useful and interesting information.

    Develop a thought to visit the places.

    Thanks a lot.


  17. from
    I visited Shenbakkam temple and closeby is Viringipuram where Shiva bends his head to take a garland from a boy after Margabandhu slokam made.
    In Koodalaiyattur (near Srimooshanam)Maha Periyava didnt leave the Sannadhi of Parasakthi for 3 days.(the kurukkal during deeparadanai was speaking to HER.He is 80 and his father told him,I believe,when he was seven,”NEVER LEAVE HER”)
    The Simplicity of these temples are soo catching and your narration
    brought back tears..once again

  18. Dear raju ji
    excellent job. keep it up. henever i will come to india i wiil see you.
    with best wishes
    Pankaj Dixit

  19. I am really in search of words to express my feelings.

    May God bless people involved in this project.

  20. Really a fantastic information for persons like me since we stay in Andhra pradesh
    very good job pl try to give more information of similar temples May God Bless you


  21. I have visited this temple in 1996. But feel like have visited juz recently when going through the commentries of Mr. Rajendran who is responsible for the creation of this wonderful project. Another amazing thing is that not only this temple visit alone, but right from the first to this recent Sembakkam temple commentries, I can see that the owner of this blog has made each and every detail of the visit so lucid and simple that one can recollect the important aspects of a temple in finger tips whenever we happen to come across the temples of visit or when sharing with our relatives and friends. I request all the readers also , plz recommend this blog to our elders, relatives and friendz who are keen in visiting temples. This is also a service we are doing to bring about a change and betterment in their lives. I sincerely congradulate the owner of this blog and wish this a grand success.

  22. eventhough i visited many times this temple from my childhood i didnot realise this temple was visited by Aadhi Sankarar. Thanks for the information. wonder how u get all these information. in early 50s and 60s this temple was not as it is now.

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