Visit to Virinchipuram Margabandeeswarar Temple

Visit to Sri Margapandeswarar Temple at Virinchipuram


In the Chennai-Bangalore highway, after Vellore bypass, proceed for another 10 Km till a place called Sedhuvalai and turn right for Virinchipuram. The temple is about a km from the Sedhuvalai junction.


Chennai (Adayar) to Vellore bypass: 142 km
Vellore Bypass to Sedhuvalai junction: 12 km
Sedhuvalai to temple: 1 km


Quick facts:

Main deity: Margabandheeswarar, east facing
Goddess: Maragathambihai, east facing
Sthala Vruksham: Palm
Theertham: Simha Theertham, Sooli Theertham and Brahma Theertham
Sung by: Appayya Dikshithar, Thirumoolar, Pattinathar, Appar, Sambhandhar, Arunagiri nadhar and many others


  • 1300 years old temple – the oldest and the biggest temple of Vellore district
  • Gowri Devi, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Sriharan had worshipped here
  • The temple is famous for its prahara walls and the sculptures
  • Aadhi Shankarar had done the Beejakshara Pradhishtai to the Simha theertham of the temple
  • Arunachala Puranam, Siva Rahasiyam, Kanchi puranam and many other holy books have described this temple


  • Lord Brahma was born as Shivasarma here in a priest family. When Shivsarma’s father died at his early days, Shivsarma was to undertake the pooja responsibilities as a small boy. Shivasarma’s relatives had planned to take away the priest’s rights and land from them and so they warned that his rights and land will be taken away, if he does not perform the pooja when his turn comes up. Shivasarma’s mother prayed to Margabandeeswar and He appeared in her dream. It was the last Saturday night of the Karthigai month. The next morning, Shivasarma took bath in the Brahma theertham and Lord Shiva came as an elderly person and conducted the Upanayanam, Brahmopadhesam and Shiva Dikshai to Shivasarma and disappeared as Mahalingam in the temple tank bund. The small boy was then paraded on an elephant with the holy water pot and the temple door opened automatically to everyone’s surprise. As if he was very experienced in the pooja procedures, he conducted the pooja activities to Swarna Ganapathy and while attempting to do the abhisheham for the Margabandheeswarar, as a small boy, he was unable to reach the head of the lingam. He then submitted his inability to Lord Shiva.
    In another legend, once Brahma and Vishnu got into an ego battle and they set out to reach the head and foot of Lord Shiva but both failed. Brahma lied to Shiva that he had seen the head with Tazhampoo as a false witness but here Lord Brahma accepted his inability to reach the head of Lord Shiva and offered his failure to the Lord Himself. Lord Shiva, then bowed His head to accept the abhisheham and Brahma got his curse cleared off and attained salvation. So the Margabandheeswarar lingam can be seen in a slightly tilted position here.
  • Dhanabalan, a Kundala desa pepper merchant lost his loads to thieves. He prayed to Lord Shiva and He came as a soldier on a horse and not only retrieved the pepper loads but also accompanied Dhanabalan till Kanchipuram. Due to this He is called ‘Vazhi Thunai Nathar’ in Tamil and Margabandu in Sanscrit (Marga meaning way and Bandhu meaning company)
  • This temple is also known as ‘Baskara Kshetram’ because the Sun God is said to worship the linga when its rays fall on it in the month of Panguni; The name of the place as Virinchipuram came from the legend that the temple was worshipped by Brahma, i.e., Virinchi; The theertham of this temple is said to be produced by Gowri devi and so, this place is also known as Gowripuram; Vishnupuram and Margabandheeswaram are also the other names of the place.
  • This is the birth place of Sri Appayya Dikshithar (1520-1593), the greatest interpreter of Advaitha Sidhantha after Adhi Sankara. His Margabandhu stotram on this Margabandheeswarar is for the protection of people while on journey. By reciting this one can have Lord Shiva with them as Marga-bandhu (protector during journey) along their jouney.

Worship Benefits:

  • Taking a dip at the Simha theertham here will remove the evil effects of bad omens
  • The childless couples take dip in all the three theerthams of the temple, stay overnight with the wet cloth to receive the Lord in their dream and get the boon of a child.
  • Since Lord Shiva of this temple protected the pepper merchant Dhanabalan, the business people can have this Lord Shiva as the protector for their business.
  • Since Lord Shiva had conducted the Upanayanam and Dikshai to Lord Brahma here, this is a holy place to have Upanayanams, to get Dikshai and to start education
  • The last sunday of the Karthigai month is considered very auspicious since on that day, Lord Shiva appeared as an elderly person and conducted Upanayanam for Lord Brahma as Shivasarma.
  • By worshipping here, people get their marriage obstacles removed and get their marriages conducted here.

The Temple:

This beautiful temple is 1300 years old and is known for its impressive Rajagopurams and sculptures. The main shrine of the temple is said to have been built by Raja Raja Chola, Sambara Rayan, the viceroy of Klothunga Chola. Nandhi Vikrama Pallava, Rajendra Chola, Paranthaha Chola, Kobarakesari Varman and Vijayanagara kings – Narayana Sambuvarayar, Achutharayar, Devarayar have all contributed significantly to this temple

Let’s take a virtual tour of the temple now..

A 110 feet high, 7 stage, east facing Rajagopuram is the one that welcomes us first.

Front Entrance

There are 5 praharams in the temple and the temple is famous for its huge and beautiful prahara walls. The saying “Thiruvarur Ther (Temple chariot) Azhagu (beautiful), Virinchipuram Madhil (wall) Azhagu” is very popular (In the same way, Mannargudi is also famous for its prahara walls and “Mannargudi Madhil Azhagu” is also a popular saying). The temple walls, the Rajagopuram and the big mada streets all add up to a beautiful view and set the tone for what is in store inside.

Temple Outer Entrance Raja Gopura Entrance Raja Gopuram

This is the first mandapam we see as soon as we enter the temple and it houses the Dwajasthambam, Bali peetam and Nandhi. As a rare sight, there are two Dwajasthambams in this temple, one for the main shrine and another, exclusive for the Amman shrine as well.

Main Mandapam
Nandhi Dwajasthambam of the Main Shrine

Let’s do a pradhakshanam in the outer praharam now.

The first one we see when we step out in the outer praharam is a small Sakthi Mandapam and a 14 pillar mandapam. Adjacent to them is the Simha theertha well with a lion faced sculpture entrance and foot steps inside. By looking at the water, I am not sure whether people still take bath or just sprinkle the holy water on their head or it is being cleaned periodically.

Simha Theertham Water in the Simha Theertham Simha Theertham and Outer Praharam (Front and Left)

The majesty of the Rajagopuram -  From inside the temple

There are Rajagopura entrances on two sides of the temple but on the other two (Southern and Northern) sides, miniature Rajagopurams are present on the temple wall itself. Firstly, if a small Rajagopuram itself can be built on the temple wall, you can imagine the grandeur of the temple wall. Secondly, this southern entrance has a sacred significance that the Siddhars, Sages and Celestial Gods are believed to come here for worship during the nights through this exclusive entrance for them where the normal humans can not enter.

Rajagopuram on the temple wall - southern side

There are very big Mandapams on the three corners of the outer praharam – two Kalyana Mandapams at two corners and another mandapam at the third corner. All the Mandapams have enormous pillars and sculptures that have been intrinsically and artistically carved out.

Kalyana Mandapam 1a Kalyana Mandapam 1 Outer Praharam - Back side Western Gopura Entrance (Back side of the temple)
Alankara Mandapam -  Western  Praharam

On the north-west corner is present the 1008 Maha linga shrine. 1008 small lingams are enshrined in a single Maha lingam. In the same way, there is a 108 Mahalinga shrine in the north-east middle praharam but we missed out to see it.

1008 Linga shrine 1008 Lingams

By the side of the 1008 Mahalinga shrine, the 2nd Kalyana mandapam is present in the corner.

Kalyana Mandapam 2a Kalyana Mandapam 2b
Kalyana Mandapam 2c Kalyana Mandapam 2d
Outer Praharam - Right side - View from Back Sooli Theertham

Near the Kalyana Mandapam is present a stone called ‘Kaalam Kaatum Kal’ (stone indicating the time). Once this stone might have been used for knowing the time of the day with its shadow but now it has lost all its markings and stands as a mute testimony of the past.

Kaalam Kaattum Kal 2 Kaalam Kaattum Kal 1

There is long alankara mandapam running through the entire northern prahara wall.

Alankara Mandapam - Northern Praharam Outer Praharam - Right side - View from Front

Like the Southern Praharam, there is a miniature Rajagopuram on the Northern side temple wall also.

Rajagopuram on the temple wall - northern side

After completing the outer praharam, we enter the middle praharam and the sanctum sanctorum. There is a dance hall in the front and two big & beautiful dwarabalahas welcome everyone. Margabandeeswar is present as a big Swayambu lingam with the top portion tilted a bit towards accepting the abhisheham from Lord Brahma, as a small boy. Frankly I got totally mesmerised and lost in the grandeur of the temple walls and the sculptures, I spent much less time towards the divinity aspect. I even totally forgot to record the priest’s version of the temple legend which I usually do.

Inner Entrance Dwara balahar 63 Nayanmars - Inner Praharam

The Koshta god idols are really marvellous.

Koshta God - Vinayagar Koshta God - Vishnu
Koshta God - Brahma Koshta God - Dakshinamoorthy

After finishing the main dharshan, let’s start our middle prahara roundup.

Middle Praharam - Left
Sthala Vruksham (Palm Tree) and the Middle Praharam (Back and Right side)

In the north west corner, is present a group of lingams called Yuga lingams along with Pancha muga Sadhasiva lingam and Karikkal Ammaiyar idols. I don’t know the significance of the Yuga lingams and the connection of Karikkal Ammaiyar with this temple (Anybody who knows the details, may please inform).

Pancha muga Sadhasiva lingam Yuga lingas
Karaikal Ammaiyar
Chandra Theertham and a stone water bucket Raja Gopuram - From inside

The main vimanam is in Gaja Prashta Vimana structure.

Gaja Prashta Vimanam - main 1 Gaja Prashta Vimanam - main 2

From the northern side middle praharam we enter the Amman shrine. Both the Margabandheeswar and the Ambal are east facing. The speciality of the temple being that there are two dwajasthambams, one for the main shrine and another one exclusive for the Amman shrine.

Simha Vahanam - Amman Shrine Dwajasthambam of the  Amman Shrine

The Ambal shrine also has an inner praharam.

Amman Shrine - Inner Praharam

Sculptures in the Mandapams

Sculpture 1 Sculpture 7
Sculpture 2 Sculpture 5
Sculpture 3 Sculpture 4 Mandapa Pillars 1 Mandapa Pillars 2 Temple Significance Legend Information
Floor Layout of the temple

Unfortunately, the temple is not being maintained well. If the two Kalyana mandapams are renovated properly and the old beauty is restored, there could be many marriages/ upanayanams taking place regularly and the place could regain its past glory. With the Vellore Golden temple being a great attraction already, the traffic of Spiritual and other people to Vellore has increased enormously and this temple could very well become an important spot in their list. It is good to know that there are many renovation works planned and it appears from the Donor list board that the Golden temple trust is the biggest donor for that but the following photo depicts the sorry state of today. Before taking up the renovation works in crores, atleast the weeds can be removed periodically to stop further damages to the temple and the Simha Theertham can be cleaned out and maintained regularly so that people start taking the holy dips again. Hope the authorities will listen.

Maintenane of the great HR&CE - Plants in the walls Renovation Work details with Donors List Boys on top to pluck vilva leaves

Note and Acknowldgement: Later after visiting the temple only, I came to know of the Rajagopurams on the southern and northern sides, the Kaalam Kaattum Kal, the main theertham of the temple – Brahma Theertham outside the temple. Thanks to R.Balaji for providing the pictures of the places that I missed out and making this writeup complete.

Other temples in Virinchipuram:

• Minakshi Sundareshvarar temple (built by Appayya Dikshithar)
• Kailasanathar temple


  1. Sir, Great job by you and your team.
    Really lot of informations and excellent photograph.
    Actually This is my Wife’s home city.

    Thank You

    • Thanks a lot Mr.Raju sir for providing the useful information regarding the temple. I attended my relatives son upanayanam there on 17/2/2016. The temple is so big and its gives us the full mental peace once we entered. I would like to furnish the some essential details so that others will get benefited when they plan for next time.

      Temple Timing Normal days Morning 6am to 12 noon : Evening 4.30pm to 7.45pm. on sundays on morning temple will open till 1.30pm.

      People who are going by bus can take vellore bus from chennai koymabedu .Get down at vellore new bus stand. From there take a town bus which goes to Gudiyatham ( before getting please check the bus stops at seduvaali road) and get down at seduvaali road. The bus fare is Five Rupees only. Once u got from the seduvaali road , please cross other side of the road.There will be a share auto for the virinchipuram and they charge Rs. 7 to 10 per person. Share auto person will drop you in the road from there Temple is at walkable distance. If you engage an individual auto they will drop you in the temple itself. For People coming by train , they have to getdown at katpadi junction and from there they have to reach vellore new bus stand by auto or bus and the they should the follow the above transportation procedure from vellore new bus stand to seduvaali road.

      Temple Phone Number : 0416 – 2272277

      Email : ( Regarding the email iam not sure wether they will reply or not. i mentioned this id because this was mentioned in the temple prasad envelope)

      The temple is very famous for upanayanam .This is holy place for upanayanam.

      I have provided what are the details i came to know when i visited the temple and i think this details will definitely useful for the new goers .Lets all get the blessings of Lord srimargabandheeswarar.

      Best Regards,

      • Mr. Magesh:

        Your bus route is a little longish – there are direct buses plying into Virinchipuram from both Katpadi and Vellore bus stand. What you have suggested may be a little more expensive that the direct bus that leaves you at the entrance of the village and the temple is walkable from there. The bus ticket should be around Rs. 10 – 12. Of course, I usually drive into the village from either Bangalore or Chennai and hence my fare may not be accurate.

        It may be that what you have indicated is more frequent than the one I am mentioning. Any way, that is another way to reach Virinchipuram.

      • Mr.Raju sir…please donot say thanks to me. when comparing to your service , mine is nothing. You have provided the more valuable information and its really helpful for the people who are going for the first time..

        Mr.Ramanathan sir , iam basically born and bought from chennai and this place is very new to me. i went for the first time .i shared the information by which i traveled and collected from near by people there.
        It seems you are a frequent visitor to that place and kindly requesting you to share all other possible routes to reach the place with less expenses. This will helpful for the forthcoming goers

        Thanks and regards

      • Hello sir

        Could you pls share details of any priests as the telephone number is not being picked up.


      • Hello Madam,

        I donot have any priests number. But i noted down the office persons mobile number who are working in the Temple office.

        Mr.Anandhan Mob : 97871-56532

        Mr.Rajendran Mob :91591-48521

        Kindly call them and enquire the details with them.

        When speaking to them ,please complained them that the telephone is not picking up by any body and request them to pick up the Land line phone and answer the devotees when asking for the information in the working hours . They should pick up the phone and attend the queries of the devotees.Thats their duty of the job.!!

        Because this will helpful to the people who are trying to get the information from the Temple offical LandLine number.

        Thanks & Best Regards,

  2. அருள்மிகு மார்க்கபந்திஸ்வர சமேத மரகதாம்பிகை திருக்கோயில் குடமுழக்கு வரும் நவம்பர் 18 அதாவது கார்த்திகை 2ஆம் நாள் நடைபெற உள்ளது.

    அனைவரும் வருக இறைவன் அருள் பெருக.

    எல்லாம் சிவமயம் எதிலும் அவன் மயம்.

  3. hi Mr Raju,

    Thanks for giving so much info about our temple. This is our Kuladaivam temple. The famous Dr.Narayanamurthy of the village is my husband’s own grandfather. He used to maintain this there. We still have a house there and arrange all our family fuctions there.

    The temple kumbabishegam is in November,2010

    Once again thanks to u that u made our temple popular.




    BETWEEN 9 TO 10.30 AM.


  5. Dear Sir,

    Read yr mail and seen all the photos. Excellent work done by you. Being our Kuladeivam Temple, we used to visit yearly once and this year Temple People told that Kumbhabishegam will be done during Sept/Oct.2010.
    Keep it up. Excellent.

  6. Dear Raju,

    Really Amazing, Excellent no words to say, Seeing my Native place in the website, i feel really so happy. rightnow i am in dubai, After seeing this site i planned to come for our temple khumbabhishekam. I Showed our temple Photos to all my collegues.

    my home was bhramin street back side of the temple. Still all my relatives are in virinchipuram.
    My grand father was Dr.Ramalingam,

    Really thanks a lot, Raju

  7. சம்போ மகாதேவ தேவ
    சிவ சம்போ மகா தேவ தேவ

    என அப்பய திச்சிதரால் பாடப்பெற்ற இப்பாடல் அரங்கேறியதும் இத்திருத்தில்தான்.

    ஆலயத்தின் திருப்பணி விரைவாக நடைப்பெற்றுக்கொண்டிருக்கிறது. அனேகமாக இந்த ஆண்டின் இறுத்திக்குள் மகா கும்பாபிசேகம நடந்துவிடும் என்று ஆலயத்தின் வட்டாரம் தெரிவித்துள்ளனர். அக்டோபர் அல்லது நவம்பர் என்று குறிப்பாக சொல்லலாம்.

  8. It is said Muthuswami Dikshitar’s ancestors are from this place although he settled in Tiruvavrur later.
    During his visit to North Arcot he wrote the following songs in praise of the Lord and Godess.

    mArgashAyEswaram in raga kAshirAmakriya
    maragathavalli in raga KhAmbhoji
    mArgahindoLa rAga priye in Hindolam
    buSHapatim (in praise of Brahma) in bhUShavali

  9. thanks a lot…!! it was a nice read.good amount of info and a lot of effort gone in. 🙂
    And for your additional information and your saying that the temple is not being well maintained, the temple is now under complete renovation and its khumbabhishekam is going to be held in 6 months or so… 🙂

  10. Dear Mr. Raju, wonderful details about the temple. I heard about this temple and looking for details. Is there any arrangement for night stay?

  11. Dear Sir

    Viricheepuram is my native place. You have given elobarately to my native place VIRICHEEPURAM a/m Margabandeeswarar UDANURAI Maragathambigai amman temple as well as superb photos you have taken.

    Thank you very much Sir

    Virichipuram L. Ganapathy
    Egmore, Chennai 600 008
    Cell: 99400 38244

  12. Sir,
    Excellent Informations. Today (22/10/2009) I visited this temple evening and made archana. The temple is under construction. I request the devotees give good support and save this 1300 year old temple. The temple lighting facility to be improved and cleaness to be improved. I suggest devotees shall visit morning time and before 6.30pm during winter season. Hence you can enjoy all the sirpangals. I heard the there is one cave (badhala surangam from virunchipuram temple to vellore fort temple), I am not sure about this information. but vellore fort temple as well as virunchipuram temple constructions, sirpangal matching togethere.
    Jai Lord Shiva….

    Prabhu KANDAPPAN, Gudiyatham.

  13. 2011ல் கும்பாபிசேகம் என்று சொல்லி உள்ளார்கள், அதன் பிறகு ஆலயம் மிகவும் எழில் கொண்டு சிறப்பாக அமையும் எனப்தில் எள்ளளவும் ஐயமில்லை.

    தென்னாடுடைய சிவனே போற்றி
    என்னாட்டவர்க்கும் இறைவா போற்றி போற்றி!!

  14. really nice information Raju,
    My favorite as well my closefriend house. That means Margabandeeswarar is my close friend. Virinchipuram temple is one of my best ever and ever temple. I usually go this templewhenever I go my hometown.

    நான் படிக்கும் காலம் முதற்கொண்டே மார்க்கபந்திஸ்வரர் ஆலயத்திற்கு சென்று வருகிறேன். இன்றுவரை போகாமல் இருந்ததில்லை. போய்க்கொண்டே இருப்பேன்.

    மிகவும் நன்றாக கோயிலைப்பற்றி தகவல்கலை தந்துள்ளீர்கள். நன்றி தொடருங்கள் உங்கள் பணீயை.

  15. Dear sir,
    I am Sathya Virinchipuram is my birth place
    I miss my village. It is a nice place but Iam not there
    I am in Porur. I saw yr website very nice. I feel very happy thank u sir. My mother house in Thirukulam street at Virinchipuram.

  16. An excellent compilation. The western gopuram was damaged and is being rebuilt. The work has commenced.

  17. EXCELLANT… words to say.

    Can you please help me find Yettahalli(krishnagiri taluk).Has it’s name changed?Some people say it is near Kanchi. I seek this place for a specific purpose.I also want to know which place is/was called ettupalli in Thanjavore/Tamilnadu.

  18. great work done. your pghotography has transported us to the temple, making me wish to visit this temple. well, i would also appreciate if you could do some project on finding the kula deivam for a family of bahudhanams, who are telugu brahmin family, who have their ancestral lineage to vellore. thanks again for the visual treat.

  19. yesterday i visited virunjipuram temple. its very nice divine experience we feel. i went their after saw ur web site. i and my family thank u for yr useful information abt this sivalaya. thanks mr.Raju

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  24. Powerful Information.
    Beautiful Explanation.
    I’ve visited this temple just once…wish to visit repeatedly…The temple renovation part which you mentioned is something which I would be happy to volunteer. please keep me in the loop as things can be planned and executed well if we all are united in such efforts.

    Awesome Work!

  25. Dear Mr. Raju,
    I belong to virinchipuram and stayed there in west gopuram st for a few years in my childhood. Really very happy to note the very good coverage. I only
    wish that the kalvettu “dowry is treason” needs to be
    highlighted better.
    May the Lord shower his choicest blesings on you and your family.
    virinchipuram subrahmanyam.

  26. Sir, Great job by you and your team.
    Really lot of informations and excellent photograph.

    Contact details of the temple with daily programme schedule would help members, which I feel it will add feather to the crown for the work you have done already.

    If possible try to visit adayapalam – a small village (25 kms from vellore) lot of connection with virunjipuram and adayapalam
    as appaya dikshitar spent his time at adayapalam and virunjipuram. (you may be knowing more than me)

    onceagain appreciate for yr excellent job.

    thanks and regards

    a r viswanathan

  27. First of all, I should appreciate your great work and I am sure you have done a great job. Thanks for your neat work and pictures. I am in plan to visit this temple along with my family. I hope your guidance will help us to get there very easily. Thanks once again. Keep it up Raju and keep going. God bless you.


  28. Hi

    It brought back old memories of mine – I lived in this small village for 10 years – when we were kids and studied in the Governement High School. I still love that place and make it a point to visit at least once a couple of years.

    There is a famous Muthuswamy Dikshitar kriti on the Goddess of that place ‘Maragathavalli’ set to Khambodi and there are several other people who are from there.

    I am sure the photo collection is wonderful – I just remembered the places where we ran, played (including Cricket!!) and rlaxed once in a while!!

    Thanks Raju for taking me into a glorious past which I cannot get back ever!!


  29. Sir. Happened to read your write up on this temple too. (Have been reading others too. Your skits are great & photographs wonderful !!).
    Shree Muthuswamy Dikshithar has sung two songs about this Temple deities & the one Maragathavalli is a very famous composition.
    Thank you
    Dated: June 11, 2008

  30. I guess you have shown how exactly one should visit temples and see so many details. I was particularly interested in the ankolam tree. I wish I could see a picture of the same.
    Good wishes to you

  31. sir, its really a good one to know about old temples. i impressed about your devotional work. i always spend my weekly holidays by visiting temples. surly, i’ll go to this temple.
    This is a great gift to youngsters.

  32. Thanks Sir for your Good Wide View Photos. I am placed at Madurai. My next Visit is going to be Virinchipuram Margabandheeswarar Temple

  33. Thank you Mr.Reraju for your comment. As you can see, not a single paise of commercialisation is involved in my Blog. I only spend my time, energy and money to pass on the information on these little known temples to the younger generation who are internet savvy. So, for the real seekers, the information is already freely available by way of travelogues, photos and maps. It is their duty now to seek and get benefited.

  34. Thanks sir. Nice photos. Good effort. Hoping to visit this temple in near future. By the by, the remarks of visitors to your site is also excellent. Especially, the one made by ‘SADHUJAG’. Keep-up the good work. With warm regards.

  35. Happy to read this Raju…

    Nine year residents of Vellore(actually Ranipet) I never knew this temple.

    Next time definetly I will visit this temple.

  36. Really Excellent work by Mr. Raju on the details and the nice photos provided. Highly informative and virtual trip to the place of Virinvhipuram by Mr Raju.

  37. Hi,
    Please collect your entire works and bind it. And pass it to the next generation, only then your mission will be complete. It is always necessary to share the knowledge or the information to the future generation. Remember what happened to 63 kalaigal. Nobody wanted to pass it to next generation, and today only 2 kalaigal is available. Likewise propogate your knowledge to others so that others will also benefit from it

  38. Thanks a lot… My father used to tell us (as kids) that we were descendants of Appaya Dikshitar.. Nice to know a lot about Virinchipur his birthplace. May God Bless You & your good work.

    • my mother the daughter of margasahayam and Maragathavalli of 193, New street , Madurai is a descendant too . My mami lives in Virinchipuram . I wonder how u are related ?

    • Dear Balasubramani,
      One Mr. or you can say Brahma Shreee Ramakrishna Dikshithar at Kanchi Mutt is related to Appayya Dikshider. In Connemara Library we can find more rare books about this saint!

  39. Sir, May God Bless you. You have literally taken us for a darshan to Virinchipuram. You are like the Great Ramana Maharishi who took small children to witness the festivals at Madurai. While helping the individual devotees and temple lovers, your efforts will go a long way in strengthening Sanathana Darma. With Pranams.

  40. Dear Raju,
    An excellent narration of Virinjipuram. I used to go to this temple often specially on kadai gnayuru, for the last 40 years. Thanks for the updates.

  41. Very interesting and exhaustive account with illustrative photographs. We should have such detailed accounts for every temple. If possible a line can be added re places where one could stay so that unhurried trips are undertaken. Resource persons if any in nearby areas can also be indicated. Thanks to the author for his painstaking efforts. K Venugopal

  42. As usual, an excellent account and great pics. I am astonished how you are able to collect so much information ! Kudos ! I used to visit this temple often some 45 years ago, cycling down from Vellore… but hardly ever noticed these niceties you have highlighted.


  43. Wonderful Mr. Raju,
    Hats off to you… As my hometown was closeby, I am a regular to this temple during the Kadai Gnyaayiru festival. That is the Last Sunday of the month Karthigai.
    The temple will be over crowded during those festival times.
    Happy to see the temple without much crowd in ur photos…
    Also I think Sivasharma was born after his father’s death and the villagers suspected his mother and hence they didnt want Sivasharma to take over as the temple priest. Am not so sure.. but this is the story they used to tell me during those days.. You may know better, as you have visited recently…
    Excellent job……as you are covering many temples around my home town … am so happy about it…

    • hi saravanan..

      This is Guru, I would like to know the timings during which abishegams are done in this particular temple. If you can provide me with the contact no. for the office of this temple, it would be helpful to me

      you can mail me at

      • Hi Guru..

        This is gomathi here. you have asked temple contact number and abhisekam timings. If you have got already it is fine otherwise please note that I have visiting card of one Gurukkal. His name is
        S.sekar and Phone No. 0416 2272030. Abhisekam at between 10 to 10.30 AM they will start.

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