Visit to Virinchipuram Margabandeeswarar Temple

Visit to Sri Margapandeswarar Temple at Virinchipuram


In the Chennai-Bangalore highway, after Vellore bypass, proceed for another 10 Km till a place called Sedhuvalai and turn right for Virinchipuram. The temple is about a km from the Sedhuvalai junction.


Chennai (Adayar) to Vellore bypass: 142 km
Vellore Bypass to Sedhuvalai junction: 12 km
Sedhuvalai to temple: 1 km


Quick facts:

Main deity: Margabandheeswarar, east facing
Goddess: Maragathambihai, east facing
Sthala Vruksham: Palm
Theertham: Simha Theertham, Sooli Theertham and Brahma Theertham
Sung by: Appayya Dikshithar, Thirumoolar, Pattinathar, Appar, Sambhandhar, Arunagiri nadhar and many others


  • 1300 years old temple – the oldest and the biggest temple of Vellore district
  • Gowri Devi, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Sriharan had worshipped here
  • The temple is famous for its prahara walls and the sculptures
  • Aadhi Shankarar had done the Beejakshara Pradhishtai to the Simha theertham of the temple
  • Arunachala Puranam, Siva Rahasiyam, Kanchi puranam and many other holy books have described this temple


  • Lord Brahma was born as Shivasarma here in a priest family. When Shivsarma’s father died at his early days, Shivsarma was to undertake the pooja responsibilities as a small boy. Shivasarma’s relatives had planned to take away the priest’s rights and land from them and so they warned that his rights and land will be taken away, if he does not perform the pooja when his turn comes up. Shivasarma’s mother prayed to Margabandeeswar and He appeared in her dream. It was the last Saturday night of the Karthigai month. The next morning, Shivasarma took bath in the Brahma theertham and Lord Shiva came as an elderly person and conducted the Upanayanam, Brahmopadhesam and Shiva Dikshai to Shivasarma and disappeared as Mahalingam in the temple tank bund. The small boy was then paraded on an elephant with the holy water pot and the temple door opened automatically to everyone’s surprise. As if he was very experienced in the pooja procedures, he conducted the pooja activities to Swarna Ganapathy and while attempting to do the abhisheham for the Margabandheeswarar, as a small boy, he was unable to reach the head of the lingam. He then submitted his inability to Lord Shiva.
    In another legend, once Brahma and Vishnu got into an ego battle and they set out to reach the head and foot of Lord Shiva but both failed. Brahma lied to Shiva that he had seen the head with Tazhampoo as a false witness but here Lord Brahma accepted his inability to reach the head of Lord Shiva and offered his failure to the Lord Himself. Lord Shiva, then bowed His head to accept the abhisheham and Brahma got his curse cleared off and attained salvation. So the Margabandheeswarar lingam can be seen in a slightly tilted position here.
  • Dhanabalan, a Kundala desa pepper merchant lost his loads to thieves. He prayed to Lord Shiva and He came as a soldier on a horse and not only retrieved the pepper loads but also accompanied Dhanabalan till Kanchipuram. Due to this He is called ‘Vazhi Thunai Nathar’ in Tamil and Margabandu in Sanscrit (Marga meaning way and Bandhu meaning company)
  • This temple is also known as ‘Baskara Kshetram’ because the Sun God is said to worship the linga when its rays fall on it in the month of Panguni; The name of the place as Virinchipuram came from the legend that the temple was worshipped by Brahma, i.e., Virinchi; The theertham of this temple is said to be produced by Gowri devi and so, this place is also known as Gowripuram; Vishnupuram and Margabandheeswaram are also the other names of the place.
  • This is the birth place of Sri Appayya Dikshithar (1520-1593), the greatest interpreter of Advaitha Sidhantha after Adhi Sankara. His Margabandhu stotram on this Margabandheeswarar is for the protection of people while on journey. By reciting this one can have Lord Shiva with them as Marga-bandhu (protector during journey) along their jouney.

Worship Benefits:

  • Taking a dip at the Simha theertham here will remove the evil effects of bad omens
  • The childless couples take dip in all the three theerthams of the temple, stay overnight with the wet cloth to receive the Lord in their dream and get the boon of a child.
  • Since Lord Shiva of this temple protected the pepper merchant Dhanabalan, the business people can have this Lord Shiva as the protector for their business.
  • Since Lord Shiva had conducted the Upanayanam and Dikshai to Lord Brahma here, this is a holy place to have Upanayanams, to get Dikshai and to start education
  • The last sunday of the Karthigai month is considered very auspicious since on that day, Lord Shiva appeared as an elderly person and conducted Upanayanam for Lord Brahma as Shivasarma.
  • By worshipping here, people get their marriage obstacles removed and get their marriages conducted here.

The Temple:

This beautiful temple is 1300 years old and is known for its impressive Rajagopurams and sculptures. The main shrine of the temple is said to have been built by Raja Raja Chola, Sambara Rayan, the viceroy of Klothunga Chola. Nandhi Vikrama Pallava, Rajendra Chola, Paranthaha Chola, Kobarakesari Varman and Vijayanagara kings – Narayana Sambuvarayar, Achutharayar, Devarayar have all contributed significantly to this temple

Let’s take a virtual tour of the temple now..

A 110 feet high, 7 stage, east facing Rajagopuram is the one that welcomes us first.

Front Entrance

There are 5 praharams in the temple and the temple is famous for its huge and beautiful prahara walls. The saying “Thiruvarur Ther (Temple chariot) Azhagu (beautiful), Virinchipuram Madhil (wall) Azhagu” is very popular (In the same way, Mannargudi is also famous for its prahara walls and “Mannargudi Madhil Azhagu” is also a popular saying). The temple walls, the Rajagopuram and the big mada streets all add up to a beautiful view and set the tone for what is in store inside.

Temple Outer Entrance Raja Gopura Entrance Raja Gopuram

This is the first mandapam we see as soon as we enter the temple and it houses the Dwajasthambam, Bali peetam and Nandhi. As a rare sight, there are two Dwajasthambams in this temple, one for the main shrine and another, exclusive for the Amman shrine as well.

Main Mandapam
Nandhi Dwajasthambam of the Main Shrine

Let’s do a pradhakshanam in the outer praharam now.

The first one we see when we step out in the outer praharam is a small Sakthi Mandapam and a 14 pillar mandapam. Adjacent to them is the Simha theertha well with a lion faced sculpture entrance and foot steps inside. By looking at the water, I am not sure whether people still take bath or just sprinkle the holy water on their head or it is being cleaned periodically.

Simha Theertham Water in the Simha Theertham Simha Theertham and Outer Praharam (Front and Left)

The majesty of the Rajagopuram -  From inside the temple

There are Rajagopura entrances on two sides of the temple but on the other two (Southern and Northern) sides, miniature Rajagopurams are present on the temple wall itself. Firstly, if a small Rajagopuram itself can be built on the temple wall, you can imagine the grandeur of the temple wall. Secondly, this southern entrance has a sacred significance that the Siddhars, Sages and Celestial Gods are believed to come here for worship during the nights through this exclusive entrance for them where the normal humans can not enter.

Rajagopuram on the temple wall - southern side

There are very big Mandapams on the three corners of the outer praharam – two Kalyana Mandapams at two corners and another mandapam at the third corner. All the Mandapams have enormous pillars and sculptures that have been intrinsically and artistically carved out.

Kalyana Mandapam 1a Kalyana Mandapam 1 Outer Praharam - Back side Western Gopura Entrance (Back side of the temple)
Alankara Mandapam -  Western  Praharam

On the north-west corner is present the 1008 Maha linga shrine. 1008 small lingams are enshrined in a single Maha lingam. In the same way, there is a 108 Mahalinga shrine in the north-east middle praharam but we missed out to see it.

1008 Linga shrine 1008 Lingams

By the side of the 1008 Mahalinga shrine, the 2nd Kalyana mandapam is present in the corner.

Kalyana Mandapam 2a Kalyana Mandapam 2b
Kalyana Mandapam 2c Kalyana Mandapam 2d
Outer Praharam - Right side - View from Back Sooli Theertham

Near the Kalyana Mandapam is present a stone called ‘Kaalam Kaatum Kal’ (stone indicating the time). Once this stone might have been used for knowing the time of the day with its shadow but now it has lost all its markings and stands as a mute testimony of the past.

Kaalam Kaattum Kal 2 Kaalam Kaattum Kal 1

There is long alankara mandapam running through the entire northern prahara wall.

Alankara Mandapam - Northern Praharam Outer Praharam - Right side - View from Front

Like the Southern Praharam, there is a miniature Rajagopuram on the Northern side temple wall also.

Rajagopuram on the temple wall - northern side

After completing the outer praharam, we enter the middle praharam and the sanctum sanctorum. There is a dance hall in the front and two big & beautiful dwarabalahas welcome everyone. Margabandeeswar is present as a big Swayambu lingam with the top portion tilted a bit towards accepting the abhisheham from Lord Brahma, as a small boy. Frankly I got totally mesmerised and lost in the grandeur of the temple walls and the sculptures, I spent much less time towards the divinity aspect. I even totally forgot to record the priest’s version of the temple legend which I usually do.

Inner Entrance Dwara balahar 63 Nayanmars - Inner Praharam

The Koshta god idols are really marvellous.

Koshta God - Vinayagar Koshta God - Vishnu
Koshta God - Brahma Koshta God - Dakshinamoorthy

After finishing the main dharshan, let’s start our middle prahara roundup.

Middle Praharam - Left
Sthala Vruksham (Palm Tree) and the Middle Praharam (Back and Right side)

In the north west corner, is present a group of lingams called Yuga lingams along with Pancha muga Sadhasiva lingam and Karikkal Ammaiyar idols. I don’t know the significance of the Yuga lingams and the connection of Karikkal Ammaiyar with this temple (Anybody who knows the details, may please inform).

Pancha muga Sadhasiva lingam Yuga lingas
Karaikal Ammaiyar
Chandra Theertham and a stone water bucket Raja Gopuram - From inside

The main vimanam is in Gaja Prashta Vimana structure.

Gaja Prashta Vimanam - main 1 Gaja Prashta Vimanam - main 2

From the northern side middle praharam we enter the Amman shrine. Both the Margabandheeswar and the Ambal are east facing. The speciality of the temple being that there are two dwajasthambams, one for the main shrine and another one exclusive for the Amman shrine.

Simha Vahanam - Amman Shrine Dwajasthambam of the  Amman Shrine

The Ambal shrine also has an inner praharam.

Amman Shrine - Inner Praharam

Sculptures in the Mandapams

Sculpture 1 Sculpture 7
Sculpture 2 Sculpture 5
Sculpture 3 Sculpture 4 Mandapa Pillars 1 Mandapa Pillars 2 Temple Significance Legend Information
Floor Layout of the temple

Unfortunately, the temple is not being maintained well. If the two Kalyana mandapams are renovated properly and the old beauty is restored, there could be many marriages/ upanayanams taking place regularly and the place could regain its past glory. With the Vellore Golden temple being a great attraction already, the traffic of Spiritual and other people to Vellore has increased enormously and this temple could very well become an important spot in their list. It is good to know that there are many renovation works planned and it appears from the Donor list board that the Golden temple trust is the biggest donor for that but the following photo depicts the sorry state of today. Before taking up the renovation works in crores, atleast the weeds can be removed periodically to stop further damages to the temple and the Simha Theertham can be cleaned out and maintained regularly so that people start taking the holy dips again. Hope the authorities will listen.

Maintenane of the great HR&CE - Plants in the walls Renovation Work details with Donors List Boys on top to pluck vilva leaves

Note and Acknowldgement: Later after visiting the temple only, I came to know of the Rajagopurams on the southern and northern sides, the Kaalam Kaattum Kal, the main theertham of the temple – Brahma Theertham outside the temple. Thanks to R.Balaji for providing the pictures of the places that I missed out and making this writeup complete.

Other temples in Virinchipuram:

• Minakshi Sundareshvarar temple (built by Appayya Dikshithar)
• Kailasanathar temple


  1. Wow!!! It seems a very beautiful place.Very nice information for traveler. I really loved reading your blog. Superb and Interesting post. Thank you for share beautiful and wonderful pictures. If you have any requirements for a cab then you can book a cab from Bharat Taxi.

  2. So nice of you sir. People around this village also may not know much about the temple and as you suggested all concerned should concentrate for at least maintain the area and others. Thank you. for your posting, sir.

  3. my name is kasi and about 10 generations back my fore fathers happens to live in this place.During mughal invasion and riots they had migrated to to thanjavir and later to suchindrum . one of our cousins family still has the name nad our fore father was called as gangaiadiya margasagayar( he had gone to ganges by walk and took bath and came back about 400 years). so he was given that title. would love to visit this village.

  4. Beautiful pictures n detailed explanation .Thankyou.
    My parents got married here in 1943. My mothers periappa – his name was also Margabandu was one of the temple trustees.
    Every year my brother visits this place- my parents Kuladaivam.

  5. Dear sir
    i got more interest in tamil subject because of Tamil amma teacher.the way she taught the subject was very good.she was a very sincere teacher also.where did she die?did she die in virinchipuram?you said parents are still in virinchipuram.what is their name?

  6. Dear sir
    Tamil amma teacher was a great teacher.She has two sons by name padmanabhan,aranganathan.where are they now?Devaki teacher was staying in try to get contact details of Devaki teacher,amma teacher’s son,thari vadhyar

  7. Dear sir
    Tamil amma teacher(vasntha) used to teach is very difficult to find a good teacher like her in this world.iam very sad to hear about her demise

      • Dear sir
        iam very sad to hear about tamil amma (i.e vasantha) teacher’s demise.
        pl let me know about devaki teacher’s contact phone.what happened to vasantha teacher?iam very sad to hear about vasantha teacher’s demise.she was a great teacher to me.i still remember her.

      • dear sir
        where is THARI VADHIYAR now?is he still in virinchipuram?devaki was staying at seduvalai.she was a very good let know about Thari vadhiyar,devaki teacher’s contact details.iam very sad to hear about demise of tamil amma(vasntha)teacher

      • If you are referring to Mr. N Devarajan as Thari Vadhyar – we used to call him Thari Vadhyar in our school days and I passed out in 1969 – he is very much there in Virinchipuram. He was a close family friend of ours. I had met him in 2010 inviting him for my son’s wedding. I have not met him afterwards. Hope this helps.

      • Mam, she passed away due to old age related illnesses….. She was around 67-69 at the time of her death…. I don’t know about Devaki teacher… I knew Tamil amma because she was my Tamil teacher in my 9th and 10th std in Vardaman Jain School after her retirement from Govt. job… Yes, she was one of the greatest teachers one can ever have and it was because of her I could secure 99/100 in Tamil in my 10th Matric exam :)…. Anyway, though my parents still live there, I have moved to Chennai 8 years back and hence, am not aware of much details… I ll try to get the Thari vaathiyaar contact details….

      • Dear sirI studied during 82 to 85.Amma teacher was a great try to get details of thari vadhyar and Devaki teacher .devaki teacher was staying in seduvalai.I got more interest in tamil subject because of amma teacher.Amma teacher has two boys by name padmanabhan,aranganathan.where are they now?pl reply

  8. i studied in virinchipuram govt higher secondary school during 1982 to 1985
    Devaki teacher was my english teacher.i want to know phone number of devaki teacher,vasantha tamil teacher.

  9. Dear Raju/L.Ramaswamy – Ancestral history of our family says that we were residents of Virinchipuram, residing in agraharam of Margabandheeswar temple. We migrated from V.Puram 300 years back due to persecution by the then muslim vassals and settled on the banks of Tamraparni, Tirunelve
    li Dist. We belong to Vadamal community – bharadwaj gothram and we were
    addressed as Margabandhu Vadamal (Appayadikshithar’s clan). Some
    migrated to Karnataka and have names as Margasahadyam etc. What a revelation it is – we belong to dikshithar community.
    B.Ramaswamy – email:

  10. I recently visited our koladaivam virinchipuram temple.. Thanks for the detail explanation.. Didn’t knew these details…
    We did all abhishegams…and in the lamp light margabandu and margadavalli looked divine… Also the temple priest draped the saree and veshti over god and godess so nicely alonzgwith beautiful arrangement of flowers… All this made the idols look real..

  11. Dear Raju


    VIRINJIPURAM TEMPLE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS – 0416 291 4546. This is for your reference and other Devotees to enquire something to contact Virinjipuram temple.


    CHENNAI 600 063

    CELL: 99400 38244

    30TH OCT. 2013 AT 10 05 PM

  12. hai,
    really very nice after reading this, as iam a follwer of lord shiva. iam very lucky to read to know about my appa “lord shiva”.just in a minute i came to know the legendry history of the shows the great effort and research that you have taken.thank you so much..!!



    YENGAL VOOR VIRINJIPURAM KOILIN LATEST (DEC 2010 KKU PIRAGU NADANTHA KUMBABISHEKAGAM ) A/M MARAGATHAMBIGAI ( Sametha ) MAARGA BANDHEESWARAR Koil photos-thanai NEENGAL PADAM PIDITHTHA VITHAM UNMAIYILEYEY ARPUTHAM….NEEVEER PALLANDU PALLANDHU UNGAL KUDUMBATTHUDHAN NALAMAI – NOI NODI INDRI VAAZHA YELLAM valla A/m Maragathambigai samethaj Margabandheeswara perumalai NAANGAL VENDUGINROM…..Ungalai Vaazhatha vayathillai yenium VANANGUGINDROM….. Endrum ungal anbahan VLG alias Virinjipuram L. Ganapathy, Old Perungalathur, Ch 63 Cell: 99400 38244 – 26th Dec. 2012

  14. dear sir ,
    its really a great job done by u . all the descriptions made and details collected by u are really appreciated. All the photos reminds me of my childhood days when me along with my cousin brothers used to roam around the outer pragaram n that stone shadow clock always used to be the attraction for us. its my native place , my grandparents used to live their near the post office.. he Mr. m.sundararaman was a retired pwd officer. i have spent all most all my summer vacation their . am talking about from 1986 till now … the things have changed a lot even the temple has under gone a complete makeover .

  15. A wonderful write up. One thing is missing. Temple timings and telephone numbers if any. I had been to this temple two three years back . I missed out many things . My grand father Sadasiva Dikshithar lived somewhere near the temple and he was one person who was allowed to do perform pujs inside Sanctum sanctorum I am unable to trace the house or any other infirmation. After reading your write up I prpose to go to Virinchipuram next month. — R Anandakumar (Chennai)

  16. Thanks for giving more information about margabandeeswarar tmple,virinchipuram,vellore.since i born after the blessing of Lord in Shimmatheertha when my mother prayed ,my name is also margabandu,she named. After graduating B.E in VIT
    (the then VEC.1984-88)and M.E in Annamalai university ,I jioned in SRM in 1992 as a Lecturer in Mechanical engg.At present I am working as Asst,Executive Engineer in NCTPS/TNEB,Chennai-120.Thanks to LORD VAZHI THUNAI NAATHAR.Sarvam jeyathey.

  17. Dear Raju,

    its a wonderful description of the place…nostalgic memories kindled by your grandfather Margam Iyer owned so much of Virinchipuram and now only the post office remains with my uncle .. all the mango groves and cocunut palms all sold. All my aunts weddings and upanayanam of several of my cousins have taken plance at the choultry in front of the temple. Keep up the good work.

    ramesh Bangalore

    • Ramesh Srinivasan – Can you please let me know whether your grand father was also a post master there? I also live in Bangalore but I studied in Virinchipuar and we were famously know as Balan – Ravi – Mini trio staying just next to the Post office. I visit that place quite often and touch base with Swamimalai Gurukkal’s children – who were however, very junior to us. My father S R Subramaniam was a Police officer and was affectinately called Chittappa – as we used to call our father – by the entire village. He popularized palying cards at our house and we used to have more than 10 – 12 people playing cards at any time for fun.

      Can you trace back a little bit about your back ground. I can be reached at +91 98454 55966 at Bangalore. I am currently traveling in Chennai and expecetd to be back on Saturday morning.

      Have a great week.

      • Ramanathan – lets connect.. i dont know which year you are talking off-my aunt Chaya teacher was a teacher in virinchipuram and my grandfather Margamiyer was i thin in central excise..i speak to my uncle Nagarajan but your name and description does not ring a bell. if u wish yu can talk to my uncle in chennai his number is 9884675443 ..maybe he can trace back to your times. What are u doing in Bangalore lets connect wehn you come back . my nubmer is 42117110/65595511

      • Thanks for the fast response. Will call your uncle and find out. I am talking off 1958 – 1968 timeline. Let me see if I can get some details from your uncle. I am an enterprise architect heading a large software group at Chennai. We will connect once I am back and we can get more details. Thanks once again.

      • Ramanathan.. the timeline coincides with mine.. and maybe we meet once in bangalore can plug in the loop holes.. do u know D ramesh they used to be related to the doctor there .. lets meet up wehn in Bangalore .. I own a travel business at bangalore .. and since i have unusual demands to be met, i am online most of the day. Ramesh used to be in ITI colony and so were we.

      • incidentally, my grandfathers name is derived from the deity. Margam Iyer and many of my cousins have retained the name.

      • Hi every one and very good morning to all of you. After going through all the replies in this blog I would like to tell you guys that you are all very senior to me because I was talking about the time line 1968 to 1976. When u mentioned about the post office I would like to recall that my grandparents lived opp to the post office and my father was born in Virinchipuram. their lived one mami I dont remember her name but she was known as Kannada Mami. next to our house was the water tap. My uncles live in Chennai. I enjoyed reading all the comments which reminds me of my time in Virinchipuram. Its ages that I have visited my village. Unfortunately now no one is there and even the house my grandparents owned is sold out.

      • Malini:

        Good to know you are talking aboutt 68 – 76 timeline. We had one Chittor mami just opposite to your house and just next to the palce where we were living – Our house was just next to the Postoffice and we used to have evening bhajans in her house.

        Ramesh – I managed to speak to Mr. Nagarajan but he does not seem to have stayed at the time we were there. I am not too sure of Chaya teacher – was she part of the high school or primary school and what time line was she there? In fact the only brahmin teacher we had when I was in the Government High School (I am very secular and I am sorry to have used some community names in a blog) was Mr. N Devarajan popularly called the THARI VADHYAR – he was a crafts teacher and he still lives there and his sister was my class mate though much elder to me. She discontinued studies for a while before joining us in the 6th class. All the same, I am glad to ind some people who lived there so that we can share some common ground and know about some of my class mates / friends. Dr. Narayanamoorthy was a great friend of my father and his children Revathi – called Thanga, Suresh – Dr’s nephew and his elder son (I do not recall his name as he was fairly senior to us) were our good friends. Suresh and Revathi were in the same class and were one year senior to me in school.

        Incidentally my cousin was also a Head Master at Virnichipuram school possibly during 1972 – 1975 timeline and he was called S P Veeraraghavan – he moved from Konavattam near Vellore and was popular as a teacher in the village. He now lives in Palghat our native place.

        I will call you and touch base to understand more about the village when I am back in Bangalore this weekend.

        Best regards
        S Ramanathan

      • Thank you so much. Let me tell you that one of my uncle (Mr.Chandrasekharan) was a teacher in Virinchipuram school. I think he taught science.

      • Dear friends,
        May I kindly request you to keep these kinds of discussion out of this blog within your email group since the focus of this post is getting diverted. Hope you all will understand my point.
        Thank you all.

  18. Hi Raju,
    Excellent Information, Hats off to your contribution, Am naveen, proud to say, got birth in Virinchipuram, i love this temple a lot,even my ancestors were from from the same origin, in ma childhood days i spend most of my time in this temple especially with swaminathan iyer(Iyappan) my friend,played a lot in this temple, My grand pa late Mr.Narayanaswamy (Retd.Army) & Mr. V.R.Ramalingam well known persons in the same place, i usually spend my summer vacation in my grand pa home -brahmins street,back of temple and my dad Mr. venkatachalam, used to speak more about the temple and the history of it in home. now currently, am in bangalore,hoping for the best chance to make my presence to this holy place.i admired with the bird songs in the early morning before temple.

    My hearty wishes again for your contribution, hope we should have a website for the temple for better development and for spreading the beauty of the temple !!!!!

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Hello Mr.Naveen,
      Its such a great surprise to me that even my ancestors and my grandparents belong to Virinchipuram. My father was born in Virinchipuram. My grandpa’s name was Columbur Subramaniam Iyer and grandma’s name was Smt.Jayalakshmi Ammal. My father’s uncle’s house was just opp to temple who was well known as Baka Anna. There is a lot to share but since i am right now in my work place I sign out here with all the best wishes to you. By the way my name is Malini live in Hyderabad.

      • Hi Malini
        Got a good dharshan last saturday, can able to see a ton of difference in temple, temple looks awesome now.. spend around 2 hours in temple..


  19. Ohm thiru. Raju,

    Pls logon to where you can see the details of Vellai aadai siddhar in his jeeva samadhi position covered with sacred ash. The uniqueness of this temple(under construction) a rarest of sadhasiva chitrambala yantra, has been consegratedover the samadhi till kumbabisekam and it is 100% done by the divine guidance through one of the great person who is not known to outer world. KIndly pass this message to dear ones who is interested to take part in this divine work(temple construction) the power of the yantra is that the energies radiates 36 sq.KMs and blessings cant be described in words.

  20. Namaskaram Mr. Raju,

    This is such a wonderful posting on the temple that I have never visited. I am thirsting to visit this temple at least once in my life time. I was just chanting the margabandhu stotram and was wondering if I could at least get hold of some pictures of the temple and here they are! Thank you so much for your time and efforts in maintaining this blog.

    Hari Aum!

  21. Hi Raju,
    U did good job, it’s really wonderful. Recently (26/01/2012) i visited the temple, now they maintain very well. They put grill gate in the mandapam and simha thirtham.


    • Hi Raju,

      Thanks for letting me know that the temple is well maintained. I had visited lastly in the month of April 2010 and there was some renovation.

      Now I am planning to move towards Yelagiri & Vellore through my bike, will definitly have a visit to this ancient temple. I really love to visit this temple whenever I go to Vellore.

      All these days I didnt know the history of this temple, but now really happy to know good stuff about this temple!

      My heartfelt congratulation to everyone who have been part to maintain this website. I would request everyone to keep posting one or the other responses and keep this active, as it encourages others to pay attention!

      ATB to everyone

  22. Dear Raju congratulations ,you did a wonderful job . I had chance to know about the temple at virichipuram. Because I am still living in this village . All the information which you given was correct .

  23. Do you guys know that this is the native palce of Muthuswamy Dikshitar’s father? Muthuswamy Dikshittar is one of the trimurthy’s of Carnatic music – one of the three Vaggeyakaras – Thiyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Shyama Sastri. That is another good thing about the place.

  24. Its my ancestor’s place and i used to visit Virinchipuram regularly during my childhood and used to play in the mandapam with my sisters while my grandpa used to rest there in the afternoons. Marngabhandi swamy is our family God. I always cherished my childhool memories with the place. I dont when i will get an opportunity to visit Virinciipuram with my family. Its a lovely place. Hope the temple retains its original beauty as it used to be.

    • I love that place as I studied there – almost all my schooling was done in that place. We were notoroius / famous as kids and my dad Subramania Iyer was Chittappa to the whole village. He had his gang that played cards almost every day at home – I went recently and met a few of my friends and one of my teachers – THARI vadhyar as he was fondly referred to as – Sri. N Devarajan – is still living there.

      I had several friends and classmates there but I am unable to trace them as many of them have left for greener pastures. I would certainly love to do that if some one can help.


      • Sir
        Since my ancestor also belonged to Virinchipuram I would like to mention here there names. My grandpa Late Columbur Subramanim and pati Late smt.Jayalakshmi Ammal. Few years back after my chittappa’s demise my father and his brothers decided and sold the house which was opposite to the Postoffice.One of my uncle Shri Chandrasekharan was teacher in Virinchipuram school. Hope u know him. I am glad that at least through net i am able to share my village views and know about my ancestors place. Thanks a lot

      • Wonderful – we stayed just next to the Post office – the house belonged to Vedachala Gurukkal and he also lived with us in the same house. My dad was famous for introducing the game of cards to the entire village and we had several people playing cards in our house almost the entire day – Chandrasekaran was a high school teacher – is his wife named Manimegalai by any chance? – They were our favorite teachers and we used to spend a lot of time around their house.

        When I recently made a trip there, I met up with some of my juniors in the temple and had a nice talk.

        As I said, I certainly want to get to know the whereabouts of people around my time who studied with me and shared a nice part of my life.

        Where do you all live these days? I live in Bangalore but work out of Chennai.

        All the very best.

      • nice to know that u also belong to the same place. I hardly know any one in the village bcoz we were neither too young not too old to know as we were only interested in plahing the temple mandapam and running around and playing in Paal aar. We used visit the place during summer holidays. My father was born in Virinchipuram and he was employed in railways and his name is CC Krishnamurthi Iyer. Last year he visited the temple when he visited chennai. Of late due to aging he is not moving anywhere. My last visit to Virinchipuram was in 1978. Its long way back. My uncle chandrasekharan’s mother’s name was also Jayalakshmi Ammal andmy father’s paternal uncle who live opp to the temple was know as Baka anna and I remember watching puliattam in their premises. One of my father’s chittappa (knownas Vedi chittappa) lived towards the main market (those days it used to be known as Melande) his son (Sridharan)still lives there i think. my last visit to chennai was in 2003 I was there to attend my cousin brother’s marriage. By the way i live in Hyderabad now. We moved to Hyderabad in 1965 from Jhansi and settled here. This weekend i when i call my father i wish to tell him all about this. thank you sir.

    • The temple had a Kumbhabishekam about a year ago – last KADAI GYAYURU – and still retains the serenity of the place. I visited just a couple of months ago. The temple has all its structures in tact including the Vilva tree at the side of Margabhandu swamy moolasthanam

      Maragadhambhigai looks wonderful and the Surangapadhi to Vellore temple is in its place.

      I think the temple is still the same and has the wonderful feeling. My people from Bangalore (we live these days in Bangalore – last 40 years or so) also love that place and will never miss visiting the temple given a chance – we do it regularly at least twice a year)

      I still want to stay in touch with that wonderful place.

    • It is very simple – Just go to Vellore and you will get several buses to Virinchipuram. It is a 45 minute drive. It is a wonderful place to visit.

      I lived there for 10 years and I keep visiting that place whenever possible by road – we drive to that place on NH 4 from Bangalore.

      Enjoy the trip.

  25. my mother was from ‘vellandrum’ a nearby village close to virinchipuram and has taken the name ‘maragatham’ after the goddess / I always wanted to tkae her to visit the temple but I was not lucky to do that. May Goddess Maragatham forgive her and me. I really loved the story and hopefully I will be visiting this holy shrine before I breathed my last. Thank you for your enlightened story about the Lord Magabandeshwarar and the Goddess Maragatham.


  26. My first son born after visiting this temple. My wife took the Panam pazam along with milk. as per the advice given by the priest.

    • Dear Mr Ramachandran,

      my name is satyadev & i am planning for a visit to this temple would appreciate if you can give me some info about the temple esp regarding the Holy Dip in the which is allowed to the public only once in a year & I was told that that one day happens to be one of days during this Kartheeka Masam (Post Diwali Period)

      I also did hear the same that couples planning for a child would ahve a child post visit to this temple & the holy dip which is opened only once in a year.

      would appreciate if you can give me more info which you are aware regarding the temple & the holy dip.

      Any DOs & DONTs for the visit of this temple if any would be very much appreciated.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


      • The best time to visit for holy dip in South Indian rivers is from Feb 14th to March 10th., Tamil Month “Masi.”
        The rainy season must have been over and water in the tank could have absorbed the essence of Earth., that will reflect in the water tank. So when you take a dip in holy water that will have the herbal effect on your body.
        For conceving a child there are several factors that mentioned in arkaprakasika text and commentry by Ravana the lankathipathyLawho who discribes about the child birth. Jeevika the 7th Cent. Buddist also mentions about the child birth. Please note the womb of the woman plays major role in activating the seed of the man., may tell more.

    • Happy Evening & Greetings…

      Thanks for your information. But Want you to kindly clairfy one more point regarding the temple..The “Holy Dip” in Abhshekam Water stored which is open only once a year int his temple. Is it True?? If so on which dates does it happen??


      • Sathyaev:

        The time to take a holy dip is actually the last SUNDAY of DHANUR masam – Nov 15, 2011 – Dec 15, 2011 which comes around the second week of Dec. That festival is called the KADAI GYAYAR – the last Sunday and is very popular in the village.

        People visit the temple, the lady takes a holy dip and goes around meditating for a few hours when the LORD wakes you up with a dream offering you a child.

        All the very best and enjoy the trip.

        Wiath warm regards
        S Ramanathan

  27. Sir, Great job by you and your team.
    Really lot of informations and excellent photograph.

    Thank You selvaraman.R

    • excellent article; with beautiful pictures and information. congratulations on writing such a useful piece. good luck in your further efforts.

  28. Dear Raju,

    I am planning to visit this temple shortly. The information which you have provided will guide me…

    suggestion it will be good if you give temple timing in your content. Thanks

    I will Pray God to for his blessings to you.


  29. I m at d temple they have renovated it n r doing d Kumbabhishakum. It is stunning. Those who have not visited pls come n visit.

  30. Patrons,

    Note that the kumbhabhishekham is rescheduled to happen from 5-Dec to 12th Dec 2010. Please don’t miss out on the grandeur climaxing on the 12th Dec.

  31. கடைசியாக எனக்கு கிடைத்த தகவலின்படி கார்த்திகை மாதம் கடைசி ஞாயிறு 12.12.2010 கும்பாபிசேகம் நடைபெறும் என்று ஆலய வட்டாரம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது. அனைவரும் வருக சிவனின் அருள் பெருக.

    அனைத்திற்கும் மூலாதாரம் சிவம்.


  32. Sir,
    Wishing the temple kumbavishegam to be done great. Please advertise through all media this event, particularly Sun TV network, Jaya TV network and other medias. Publicity is very much important to cover all the people from India.
    Create awareness to the devotees to keep neatness and cleaness of the temple. Donate as much as possible to the temple development.
    This temple property is our nation property. We have to maintain well. All the best.

    Prabhu KANDAPPAN
    Sharjah – UAE

  33. இந்த ஆலயத்தின் கும்பாபிசேகம் தேதி மாற்றி வைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. அதாவது டிசம்பர் 12 தேதி (12-12-2010)அன்று வெகு விமரிசையாக நடைபெற உள்ளது. அன்றுதான் கடை ஞாயிறு எனபது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

  34. what a wonderfull seva to the “Siva Devotees”
    Lord Shiva will power you to continue the Seva..
    thanx a lot for this great Presentation….

  35. Dear Raju Hearty congratgulations on
    your laudable effort in giving such
    minute information about the temple.
    For your information I recite Margabandu Stotram of Appayya Dikshithar every day during my Pooja.
    After reading the details gathered by
    you my faith and Bakthi towards Margabandheeswarar and Maragatham
    bikai isall the more reinforced.
    My sincere prayers for your continued
    efforts in this direction.

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