Visit to Sri Ranganathar temple at Devadanam

Visit to Sri Ranganathar temple at Devadanam


The temple is located in Ponneri taluk of North Chennai near Minjur.

Take the Kolkatta highways (Grand North Trunk road) and go straight beyond the Tollgate at Karanodai. At about 2-3 kms from the Tollgate, you will see a cross road called Thachur cross road. At this point, turn right towards Ponneri and you will reach Ponneri in about 5 kms. At Ponneri, at a cross road where there is a statue (I don’t remember who was that) ,  take a right towards Minjur (but you don’t have to go to Minjur). At about 2-3 kms from Ponneri, you have to turn left and travel for about 5 kms to reach the temple.


Via Minjur

Besant Nagar to Minjur: 44 kms
Minjur to Devadanam: 6 kms
(3 kms from Anupampattu railway station)

Via Ponneri

Devadanam to Thachur cross road (in Kolkatta highways) – 16 kms
Thachur cross road to Padi junction – 26 kms
Padi junction to Besant Nagar – 24 kms


  • 18 feet long Ranganathar, said to be longer than Srirangam made of Salagrama stones
  • More than 1000 years old temple
  • Called Uthara rangam (North Srirangam) of Thondai nadu

Our Trip:

We visited the temple last year for the first time and made our 2nd trip last week. When we went for the first time, we decided to go via Royapuram – Manali – Minjur since it is the shortest geographically but it ended up as a costly mistake. Firstly, the traffic of container lorries to Ennore port was a big pain and we had to crawl literally. After crossing that hurdle, there was a railway gate problem at Minjur. Once we crossed it, we encountered a flock of buffaloes going in the same direction as ours. After that, there was a death procession at about 2 km before the temple but luckily coming in the opposite direction. Once that final hurdle was crossed, what a fantastic sight it was !!.  The road was completely filled with flowers continuing all the way up to the temple. It was a Purattasi Saturday last year and so there was a good rush when one city bus just arrived.  While returning, we changed the route and came via Ponneri. Whereas it took us about 2 hrs for a 50 kms drive through Minjur, it took us a little more than an hour for 65 kms through Ponneri. The area around is full of paddy fields and it’s really an eye pleasing sight.

Way to Devadanam


This area was gifted (danam) to Devas by Indhra and so is called Devadanam. Being an abhimana sthalam (temple built out of love), there is no big legend behind. A Salukya king, as an ardent devotee of Srirangam Ranganathar wanted Him to be present in his regime and so built this temple about 1000 years back. Now, this is being called Uthara rangam (North Srirangam) of Thondai nadu.


Entrance and the peeple tree Entrance

There is a big peeple tree in front of the temple, located at a slightly elevated height.

Rajagopuram - From inside Rajagopura entrance - From inside

There are sudai sculptures of Vinayahar and Kalinga Krishnar at the back wall on either side of the Rajagopura entrance.

Panaramic Inside View Inside view - main entrance On top of the inside entrance

The Dwajasthambam, Balipeetam and the Chakrathazhwar shrines are located at the entrance. In the sanctum sanctorum, Ranganathar is in a reclining posture measuring about 18 feet in length and is bigger than Srirangam according to the priest.

The Lord is facing east having the measuring vessel (Padi) as his pillow with his right hand placed over it, reclining on the bed of Aadhi seshan with his five heads as umbrella. The Adhisesha forms a 5.5 feet high 3 layer bed to Him. Legend has it that He is resting after getting tired over giving away the grains in the measuring vessel to feed the world during the harvest season. The idol is a sudai sculpture made of many Salagrama stones which are considered very sacred for worship. The Lord has a perfectly chiseled face with flaring nostrils. The sanctum sanctorum is very small, just enough to accommodate the Perumal, the urchava idols and the bhattar. The entrance to the sanctum is very narrow and only about 5-6 people can have a full dharshan of Perumal at any time but the big advantage being that we can see the perumal very closely from a distance of just about 2-3 feet. To see the Perumal with so much power, beauty and grandeur so very close is really a striking experience. Since the idol is a sudai sculpture, no abhisheham is being done and only the herbal oil (thailakappu) is being applied to Him once a year. Only the urchava idol takes on the abhisheham. Brahma is seen on a lotus coming out from the navel of Lord. Sridevi and Bhoodevi are present near His feet. Sage Thumburu and Anjaneya are present around Him praying. In the outer praharam, small shrines house a beautiful Lakshmi (Ranganayaki), a graceful standing Andal and Chakkarathaazhwar. There is a snake pit at the back praharam of the temple. The foot of the Ranganathar is imprinted on the outside of the inner prahara wall as a projection from the sanctum idol. The Sthala Vruksham is Parijatham (Pavazha malli). Anjaneyar shrine is located near the entrance.

Dwara balahar Main vimanam and the left side praharam


Mr.Gopinath – 98410 90491;;

From ‘The Hindu’ article:

“According to an elderly village resident, about 60 years ago, this temple was popular with regular worship and festivals conducted. He recalls even `devadasis’ dancing on special days, both in procession and at the temple. It is said that the Brahmins here had been ill-treated and their homes burnt, leading to the consequent dereliction of the temple.

Saroja Sadasivam, from a leading business house here, had a vivid dream in 1983. She dreamt of a supine Ranganatha Swamy in a derelict temple, totally neglected, beseeching her for attention. The eighteen and a half feet stone idol, lying on a giant Adiseshan, was actually sweating copiously in her dream, telling her that it had had no oil application for very many years, and so could not bear the heat. From the very next day she began the search for this temple, and in the process, visited scores of them. Two years later, on a chance suggestion, she visited Devadanam, and found the then undeveloped village and temple to be the one in her vision. The deity was all covered in dirt, and the temple completely weed-ridden, and broken down. From then on till now various stages of renovation had taken place and the temple now wears a beautiful and clean look.”

Note: There is also Sri Theertheswari sametha Sri Somanatha Easwar temple at Kaniampakkam closeby.


  1. i have been following your blog to visit legendary temples in and around Chennai…. keep doing the good work sir

  2. I gratefully acknowledge to all those who contributed in order to make Sri Ranganatha temple well known to people like me though it is historically located due to certain socio political factors possibly the temple legacy has been eclipsed. It is the hard work and faith of the people involved brought the greatness and the aesthetics with all pervasive bakthi. Great. Thanks to all who shared their experiences. Prof.TMJ Indramohan. Chennai.

  3. Last Sunday visited Devadanam Ranganathar Temple. Very good darshan with less or no crowd. Beautifully carved prasanna mayam face on Salagramam. Distances mentioned in the location heading are not accurate especially on the Ponneri route. It seems that there is no prasadam distribution to devotees either free or on cost. Only suggestion is that there should be a toilet to be built outside the temple for devotees. If any body can take up this it would be beneficial for the devotees coming to this temple.

    • Devadhanam ranganathar is longer than srirangam – u can c d rama and settha’s statue inside temple which was unexpectedly found inside the pond infront of the temple – many of u dont know this i think.

  4. excellent temple i visited this temple before 11 yrs everything has changed now it is very good to see this temple in these photos i dint visit this temple after 11 yrs yet i have to go compulsorily i dint got ur downloads earlier now i got the route map clearly thankyou.

  5. Sir , the Lord has written about this temple through you . Truly Amazing . Wish you the very best in all your future visits.

  6. Very powerful God.Everyone should believe His power.Come and feel his Beauty on auspicious Vaikunta yekadhashi

  7. This is a beautiful Shrine and a very powerful one. If you visit 7 Saturdays and offer ghee lit lamps, all the hurdles will be vanished. This is 100% true.
    Please visit this shrine to have a glimpse of the Lord of the lords.

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