Visit to some little known Temples around Chenglepat

Visit to some little known Temples around Chenglepat

It’s almost a year since I wrote a temple travelogue and am happy to be back and reconnect with you all.. There is nothing more satisfying than doing this. I heard about one Sundara Mahalakshmi Temple at Arasar koil through one of the Blog friends, Sri Anantha Krishnan (He lives next street and became friends through this blog. We are chatting over phone for the past 6 months and yet to meet up!!) about 2 months back and I wanted to go there ever since I heard about it. Again on Sunday, another friend called up and told me about the same temple. So I thought the God is waking me up and it is the right time to pack off. So I called up Sri Vadapalani Ramammoorthy who also wanted to cover some temples in that area. Immediately, we started off in an hour by noon.

We first planned to go to a place called Edamachi near Salavakkam near Chenglepat. After the Chenglepat bypass, the stinking brewery and the palar bridge (before Vijaykanth’s college), there is road to the right side to Meyyur. You have to be extremely cautious in crossing the road since you have to go across perpendicularly to the (one way) Highway and so be patient. On the way, we stopped at Meyyur where Sri Rammamoorthy tried initiating the renovation of a dilapidated Shiva temple a few years ago through somebody. On that day, we found that not an inch has moved since then and we stood as mute spectators. The Nandhi had the Sani pradhosha abhisheham just the previous day and so was very beautiful and fresh with flowers, prasads, vasthram and the garlands. Unfortunately my camera didn’t work and kept on saying ‘There is a problem in staring up the lens – restart the camera’. Any amount of restarting didn’t work and I thought it was His decision that no photo should be taken on that day (maybe He got angry that I didn’t write for the past one year?).

1. Edamachi

The google map location is here

From Meyyur we then went through Salavakkam to Edamachi, a small village. The temple is on the main road itself in the Salavakkam – Thirumukkoodal main road. Ramesh, a friend of Sri Rammamoorthy introduced a 24 year old girl called Sathya just the previous day (Saturday), informing that she is bringing up a few centuries old dilapidated Shiva temple at Eadamachi putting all her (small) wealth.  I can’t imagine a girl of that age doing this kind of a work and so we were a little curious to meet her. We were given a very warm welcome by Ramesh, Sathya and others at the entrance itself.  Just when I stepped at the entrance of the temple, I tried the camera again and hooray…. it worked. You can imagine the mood of a travelogue (Blog) writer when his Camera doesn’t work. So I entered the temple with a very happy mood indeed. It’s about 1.5 acre temple and the inside of the temple was somehow very neat and beautiful in spite of the renovation work going on.

The Lord here is Muktheeswarar and the lingam is a big and beautiful Bana lingam with all the mudhras on it. The Ambal is Kamakshi amman. There are separate shrines of Vinayagar, Subramanyar and Navagrahas. The Ambal shrine is within the main shrine itself. Koshta Gods, Bairavars and Chandikeswarar are all there. There is a temple tank attached to it. There are inscriptions around the sanctum in ‘not so difficult’ Tamil and even we could read. So it is not an ancient one and should be just a few centuries old.

After going around the temple, we asked Sathya what inspired her to go for this renovation. She was very hesitant and was not ready to give a prepared account of her experiences but started talking after seeing our determination!. So after brief stops and our persistent ‘what next, what next..’, we got her experiences as below:

Apparently she has not yet realised what a holy work she is doing and she doesn’t consider this as anything big as well. She is a very innocent, 24 years old, completed some arts degree in correspondence and pursuing masters, also in correspondence. She worked for a company at Guindy, staying at Thiruvanmiyur and about one and half years back, she had a dream of Lord Shiva saying something personal to her and asking not to reveal it to anyone. Since then, the Lord dominated her mind and she could not concentrate on anything. Due to some reasons, she had to leave her job and return to her village. She started doing all possible services to the temple like cleaning up, lighting up, putting up kolams etc., and then started doing the pujas also, all alone. She became very intimate with the Lord, considering Him as her father, talking, fighting, loving (as father), questioning Him. There were lot of resistances from the family as well as the village saying that they are heading to the doomsday, since she is an unmarried girl, does not know sanskrit or any other Sastra etc.,, She didn’t care anything but just continued.  On one fine day, some people came and snatched the keys from her and went. She was in great pains, weeping, crying and scolding her divine father since she was unable to do any puja to Him. All she could do was just to peep through the Salaram (stone grilled window) from outside between the Lord and the Nandhi and …….. and …….. the Lord appeared as linga swaroopam on top and a bright light at the bottom in full bliss, in full light!!!. She couldn’t believe, didn’t believe, rejecting it as an illusion since her eyes were chocked in tears. But, indeed, she had that blissful dharshan of her divine father through her unfathomable and innocent love. She had many more mystic experiences since then and also got back keys. On another day, when somebody was opposing her decisions about the temple, a nagam crossed by and looked up straight at the person as if “Be careful, I am behind her”. On one pradhosha day, when she was doing the pooja all alone, she was little sad that there was nobody else to participate in the pooja. From nowhere, a few sivan adiars in saffron, landed by and enquired the details about herself and her puja methods. On another day, the nalvars (Appar, Sundarar…) appeared in her dream inviting her somewhere. What a humility in describing all these events in spite of her capacity to talk/treat the divine as another one of us. Now, her breath and every cell of her body is chanting ‘Na-ma-shi-va-ya’. She is filled with dreams of Shiva everyday.  Last month she discussed the plan of renovating the temple with her relative, got some moral support and so jumped into it straightaway. The balalayam took place just on this March 1st week and it was very nice to see the way the temple is coming up so fast.

It’s quite natural that when so many bogus people are roaming around by taking the spiritual path as a money spinning avenue, we tend to suspect them. But Sri Ramamoorthy doing more than 3 decades of temple services has seen so many different kinds of people and he thoroughly admired and admitted Sathya’s divine love and so also, we. Her innocence is visible, her every breath in and out chanting Shiva is very visible. Ramesh told me that when the guests come to her house with flowers for her, she will straightaway go and offer them to her divine father. I also remind that all these experiences were pulled out from her mouth one by one and she didn’t give this as a readymade prepared sequence.

For us, there were some good signs regarding this temple and it appeared to us that the Lord wants this temple to come up very fast. The girl met Rammoorthy only on Saturday; on Sunday around 12 noon I decide to go to Arasar koil and called up Ramamoorthy; he readily said ‘yes’ in spite of going through angio just a few weeks back and we started in an hour; on Tuesday, I am posting this travelogue after a gap of nearly an year; my camera which didn’t work all the way, started working when I just stepped into the temple.

Without any hesitation I decided to take up a major work here and already started working towards that. I wish that the readers also visit the temple, participate in the Pradhosha / other poojas, contribute, …… at the least, call up Sathya, encourage and wish her. When the Sanathana Dharma is facing all obstacles in this Kali yuga, these kind of incidents are very rare and so let’s utilise the chance of participating in these rare movements and be a little part.

Contributions can be sent to Sathya directly to the following address:
Kamakshi amman sametha Muktheeswarar Temple,
Porpanthal (post)
Salavakkam (via)
PIN: 603107

Bank account details:
Savings Bank a/c no: 82198 5198
Indian Bank, Salavakkam (Post)
Uthiramerur (taluk)

Mobile: 90030 25223

The photos below are a mix of some taken by me and some as given by them as (hard copy) photos.

The deities before balalayam (photos given by them):

Muktheeswarar1 (by Raju's Temple Visits) Kamakshi Amman (by Raju's Temple Visits) scan0004b (by Raju's Temple Visits)
in ihe koshtam, Vinayagar (by Raju's Temple Visits) in ihe koshtam, Brahma (by Raju's Temple Visits) in ihe koshtam, Perumal (by Raju's Temple Visits) in ihe koshtam,Durgai (by Raju's Temple Visits) Bairavar (not sure) (by Raju's Temple Visits) Subramanyar (by Raju's Temple Visits) scan0005c (by Raju's Temple Visits)

The old state (the photos received from them):
scan0001d (by Raju's Temple Visits) scan0002b (by Raju's Temple Visits) scan0003a (by Raju's Temple Visits) scan0006b (by Raju's Temple Visits) scan0001a (by Raju's Temple Visits) scan0002a (by Raju's Temple Visits) scan0003c (by Raju's Temple Visits) scan0003d (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Vinayagar Shrine (old and current):
scan0001b (by Raju's Temple Visits) Vinayagar shrine (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Left side koshtam (old and current):
scan0001c (by Raju's Temple Visits) Left side Koshtam (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Temple tank (old and current):
scan0005b (by Raju's Temple Visits) Temple Tank getting renovated (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Back side of the temple (Old and current):
scan0002c (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8394 (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Right side praharam (Old and current):
scan0002d (by Raju's Temple Visits) Right side prharam and the backside (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Back side of the tmeple (by Raju's Temple Visits) Vilva Tree.. (by Raju's Temple Visits)
Road side entrance to the temple and Subramanyar shrine (by Raju's Temple Visits)
Right side praharam (by Raju's Temple Visits) Vilva Tree (by Raju's Temple Visits) Inscriptions (by Raju's Temple Visits) Balalayam (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Muktheeswarar.... (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8409 (by Raju's Temple Visits)

…. and the girl behind:
Sathya, the girl behind... (by Raju's Temple Visits)

2. Gidankarai

The google map location is here:

Well, our surprise didn’t stop here. As if this Sathya is no big surprise, we were taken to another spot nearby, where, about a 12 years old girl by name Thilagavathy is doing the daily pooja to a Shiv lingam. The place is called Gidankarai on the way from Edamachi to Salavakkam, about 2 kms from Edamachi.  Once upon a time, there should have been a temple here and two tamarind trees had grown around the lingam in such a way that the lingam is now just peeping through from the bottom between these two massive trees. The remains of the compound walls are seen. The Nandhi and the Chandikeswar were lying around, half-buried under the earth and now they are put in proper places and daily poojas / pradhosha abhishehams have been started by none other than this 12 year old girl. Here she didn’t talk much, only answers to our questions. I was a little puzzled over her look – whether she was little frightened or fully matured as a typical sacred soul getting disturbed in the middle of the pooja.

The location is very beautiful and the place was kept very neat. It was amazing to hear the conversation between the two girls like “when are you going to start the prdhosha pooja next time? …call me before you start, I will finish mine and then join you.. Ramamoorthy Sir has told some methods to do the pooja and we both will do like that..”. It was simply amazing to see these girls doing these kind of works at such an young age, most importantly with all their little wealth.

Again, I appeal to the readers to visit these places, participate, contribute, at the least……, call up the girls, encourage and wish them.

Phone: Thilagavathy – 97515 22168

just peeping through... (by Raju's Temple Visits) just peeping through... (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8415a (by Raju's Temple Visits) Sathya and Thilagavathi (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8423 (by Raju's Temple Visits) Chendikeswarar (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8424 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8427 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8428 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8429 (by Raju's Temple Visits)
Vadalpalani Ramamoorthy Sir handing over a set of books to Thilagavathi (by Raju's Temple Visits) Ramesh, Sathya and Thilagavathy (by Raju's Temple Visits)

We then took the same road again through Salavakkam, then the Trichy Highway and proceeded to Arasar koil.
Details of the visit to Arasar koil here.

After the visit to Arasar koil, we returned back home by 10:30 PM and to look back, what a wonderful afternoon it was!!

On our next visit to Edamachi, we saw this beautiful idol on the road side just 2-3 kms before Edamachi. We initially thought it was Bala Dhandayudhapani but later told by Dr Satyamurthy of REACH foundation that it may be a warrior who sacrificed his life for some great work or saving the village, or war fare whose statue is kept on the Samadhi. Chenna Veera and Vel are missing but only a cross held club can be seen as well as the hillock temple behind, which made us think the statue was that of Bala Dhandayudha pani.

Roadside Bala Dhandayudhapani on the way to Edamachi 2 (by Raju's Temple Visits) Roadside Bala Dhandayudhapani on the way to Edamachi 1 (by Raju's Temple Visits)

See also a report by REACH foundation:


  1. Sir, I am Subramanian from NolamburChennai, I happened to see your blog, I am deeply moved by the interest and dedication of the two little girls Sathya and Thilagavathy.Can I deposit some money in Sathya’s Indian Bank A/c as given in your blog. Thanks.N.Subramanian

    • I’m not sure whether the same bank a/c is being used for the temple. She got married and settled elsewhere and I don’t have any contact with her any more.

  2. Hi.. I tried reaching Sathya to help her in some contributions.. But it says wrong number. Could you pls share me her latest number?

  3. sir it’s again i am rembering abt my village name sathanacheri (vittala raja puram) now sri vittalarajan temple renvoation has to start in 2or 3 months iam wating for reply want to visit our village thanking you magesh

  4. Hey there, my name is Ivey and I’m a fellow blogger out of Sennhof, Switzerland. I like what you guys are up to. There’s no doubt that Visit to some little known Temples around Chenglepat | Raju’s Temple Visits is an example of intelligent work and reporting. Continue the good work guys: I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. In my opinion it will improve the value of my own blog.

  5. Thinking about the practical is ours. Doing the right thing is on HIS hand. But the courage to do the work and doing the Kumbabishekam is more than that. Eventhough the two girls Sathya and Thilagavathi are younger than me. I am very proud to do Namaskarams to both of them. May god bless them with all possible ways. They are very gifted to do these kind of holy works. My sincere namaskarams also to The most respected Raju sir, Ramamoorthy sir and one and all those who are keeping this site as a holy one. Thanks Thanks Thanks a lot.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I just happened to read some of temple visits especially to lesser known temples near Chengleput, and your favourite temple visits. The articles are very interesting and lucid with details of the deities, description of the surroundings and visually takes the reader to the temple site.
    Let your good work continue.


  7. Respected sir
    I want to know the temples in chennai particularly Kusalavapureeswarar temple ,koyambedu for those who have sickness and to get rid of it
    thanking you

  8. raju garu,

    your travelogue on the temple around chengalpet is truly inspiring and no doubt the Almighty Shiva has sent u to these places to convey us the thiruvadi pani of sathya and thilagavathy.


  9. Dear Sri Raju,
    We thank you for your hard work in bringing to light various temples and the endeavours of high and low to renovate the old treasures of this Holy land. I just want to know the name and location of the temple, the photo of which appears at the top of your blog.

  10. Edamachi Muktheeswarar temple Kumbabishegam is on 27.08.2010, 8.30AM – 9.00AM. Almost all the renovation work is over. Good job Sathya.
    All are Welcome

  11. excellant work done by ramesh and the team in this small village for renovation of this temple despite so many hardships faced by them

  12. 73, Kolathur village is a small but beautiful village in Chingleput taluk situated just 5 Kms west of Singaperumal Koil Railway station on the Tambaram – Chingleput section of southern railway. (Singaperumal Koil lies on G.S.T road from Chennai to Chingleput). The village Kolathur’s ancient name was ‘Sembian Kolathur’ it is understood that the sculptures belonged to the period of Vikrama Cholan. This village is very famous for Sama Vedic scholars.

    In this village there are two temples one of Lord Sri Thirunarayana Perumal and Sri Amodhavalli Thayar (Divine mother Goddess Lakshmi) and Sri Thulaseeswarar Temple which dates back to seventeenth century.


    Sri Thulaseeswarar temple is an ancient temple and 850 years old and Sri Thulaseeswarar Baktha Jana Sabha has undertaken the task of renovating the temple from 2005. Now with the co-operation and contribution of local and outside devotees, 60% work have been completed and remaining 40% of the renovation work and performance of kumbabishagam is scheduled by August 2010. The sabha is greatful to the devotees who have donated for this cause since the beginning of the renovation work so far. The sabha requires Rs.7.97 Lakhs for the total completion of the work and performing kumbabishekam of the temple. For this noble work we seek the contribution of funds from devotees.

    The sabha has a S.B account with IOB west Tambaram A.C No : 53384 (Code 87) Address : #1, III Cross Street, MES Road, Tambaram East, Chennai – 600 059. Phone : 044 22791057, M-9444022133, M-9444617508

  13. The cracks and openings on the stone walls werefilled with a method called cement grouting, wherein a machine pumps in the liquid cement and allows the material to solidify in deeper areas where our hands would not reach. For the saplings and trees which were sprouting out, we applied a tree killer chemical which would char off the tree and then the holes were filled with lime mortar. I will post the photos later in this thread.

    • Just for the information, this was the work sponsored by me and was followed up and executed very well by the REACH foundation with the co-ordination of Chandra. Thanks Chandra and Dr.Sathyamoorthy for their active participation. For any restoration of heritage sites, REACH is the best to execute with technical perfection at the lowest cost. I recommend people to get the technical help of REACH and I also wish REACH act pro-actively and spreads their wings to more and more sites.

  14. Sir,

    very nice to know about sathya and others, thanks a lot for your information, there are lot of temples in Tamil nadu itself in depleted conditions which needs to be renovated, it is only because of great souls like Sathya we are able to see some improvements.

    Thanks and Regards

    Sai Ganesh Hariharan

  15. dear raju and sathya
    i’m vijay fro Melakadambur the paadal petra thalam in cuddalore district, also friend to Mr. sathura murali and Dr. sathayamoorthy, as soon iwill come to your temple give you a good hold to your work. further in person visit my blog thankyou. vijay

  16. Dear Ramesh
    Thilakvathy and of corse Sathya
    Nice work.
    I will try to put this in friends mind and try to help this project

  17. REACh FOUNDATION team is visiting Edamachi temple today (14th April 2010) the Tamil New Year day to rededicate ourselves to doing our bit of work in Satya’s renovation work and see if we could also retrieve the temple out for Kidankarai Thilagavathy too. We’ll also be visiting Arasar Koil for estimation and submitting a detailed cost for renoavting the Arasar Kovil temple too. All other small temples enroute will also be studied and checked if we can make some shrines for them as well.

    • Thanks very much Chandra and Sathyamoorthy Sir. Your expertise, at the least, can definitely stop lot of bad reconstructions and guide them to go in a correct route.

  18. to day i have deposited a humble contribution Rs.500/ to her sb account .Hope local people will take active participation in restoration and maintenance of the temple .Other wise it would difficult to sustain. any way god knows it all and will help.

  19. Yesterday 11/04/10, me & my family were there at edamachy. The temple renovation is happening at a brisk pace. Sathya is really upbeat. Pradosha kala puja and abhishegams were done so much dedication, even in much bigger temples with lots of resources, this dedication is missing. Full credit to jothi kurukkal. Thanks to raj for introducing the temple & made us to participate in the thiruppani.

      • On 1/05/10, We visited Edamachi & Arasarkoil. Edamach temple renovation is going on. Arasarkoil, temple seems to be ancient, but renovation may take years in this pace. Iam planning to go there again next month. I shall keep u posted.

  20. hello sir,

    wonderful story….. Is there a fund being constituted for these renovations by the girls??? v who live no in tamin nadu…. how can & who will keep us informed about it? so that v can know if our money reaching correctly & is useful & if more is needed?

    r u in it or Sri Rammamoorthy in it ? so that language barrier too not there.

    what is Sri Rammamoorthy’s email & address?

    waiting eagerly for ur reply.
    with regards

    • Sir,
      There are various ways to contribute – simple is to send directly to sathya as per the info given in the blog – they will be starting a proper forum in near future, but for now, since Sathya is spending from her personal wealth, I can vouch that your contributions directly go to the temple. You can also contribute through Sri Ramamoorthy, his mail id is:

  21. very interesting and informative.

    would like you to cover Vytheeswaran temple in Poonamalee which is an ancient one and not many people have heard of it…

  22. Awesome to hear these things I really appreciate those two girls.I am eager to visit these temples.Thanks Raju Sir…..

  23. It is really great to know about these girls..i wish them success in their activities..i thank you a lot for temple travel log..

  24. Dear Mr. Raju,
    Thanks for the enlightening blog. Look forward to more frequent updates from you. Best regards.

  25. Namaskaram Raju,

    could you spare your Precious time with us to Dharshan our Shivan Temple ( which was established By St Agasthyar) Near Avadi

    Contact me at 9841748143

  26. My dear Raju

    You and your camera always have a special rare knack of catching admirable objects and sights to view backed up by a powerful write up as you always do. May God provide you more such spots to view and present to your viewers who eagerly long for it.

  27. Happy to see you back after a very long time…
    Hope to see you to travel more this summer and visit many more temples….

  28. My pranaams to these divine ladies Sathya and Thilaghavathy. At the next opportunity I would like to meet them and share my views and offer the possible help.

  29. The devotion of these 2 girls is great.
    I have seen several without a capital start temples rejuneation. My trust LDSFT [] visualises a corpus fund of rs. 500 crores sothat with networking, auditability and accountability dilapited temples to see kumbabisheakam in short period. one has to be cautious with spurious renovators. May God Shiva give strength to this.

    • Subramaniam Sir, Why do you visualise such a small amount? you can visiuallise 5 lakhs crores or even more but what can you do RIGHT NOW for these little (poor) girls? Pls let’s not talk in air and let’s talk what we can really.

    • Well, collecting and maintaing such a huge corpus fund will invite troubles amongst the members and dilutes the spirit. Do not think of any religious activity as corporate activity which expects benefit out of it.

      Instead,let the members contribute their part to these devoted people and they will perform the duties to god sincerly.

  30. Gosh really nice to read your post after a long gap.Yes and thanks for letting us know about the young devotees who are girls for a change.Should find and try time to make it there.

  31. hey impressed by ur blogs. as even i’m interested to more abt temple and like to visit them… haven’t visited most of them tho… good going… and very informative ur blogs are. thanks again… recently i went touring all religious places in UP and uttarakhand… so i feel all the more excited knowing about other temples…

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