Visit to Sri Vyagrapatheswarar temple at Pulippara koil

…. Continuation of the previous post ‘visit to Arasar koil’

It was a great fun going with REACH Chandra and the other friend Suresh since I had to apply brakes every now and then with the shout from them “Raju, stop, stop…… there is a shiva lingam there, there is a temple there, there is a kali there etc….”. Immediately on seeing them, REACH Chandra used to estimate the age roughly. We encountered 3 such surprise sites.

One of them is a road side Kali relief along with a Swayambu Shiva lingam peacefully sitting under a neem tree in open space. This is just about 200-300 meters before Arasar koil temple on the right side of the toad. Chandra informs that it is atleast 1600 years old. The Swayambu shiva lingam appears to be a petrified wood (wood turning into stone) on an Avudayar.

Roadside Swayambu Shiva / Kali Temple at Arasar koil (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8513 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8511 (by Raju's Temple Visits)
IMG_8507 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8512 (by Raju's Temple Visits) Kali relics - more than 1600 years old (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8510 (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Kannan bhattar of Arasar koil then took us to a Shiva lingam open to the sky along with a damaged Nandhi next to a School at Pathur around 2 kms from Arasar koil.

IMG_8504 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8505 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8506 (by Raju's Temple Visits)

On the way back, we visited Sri Vyagrapatheswarar temple at Pulippara koil around a km from the Padalam railway gate between the railway gate and Arasar koil. Vyagrapatheswarar is a rishi with a human face and tiger legs. He worshipped Shiva in many places in this belt and the Shiva lingam used to have the marks of the foot of a tiger. Thiruppulivanam near Uthiramerur is another such temple. This temple is a typical massive Chola temple, Gajaprashta style with big mandapams, praharams and wonderful sculptures. Unfortunately, in the name of re-construction, the structure of the temple and the inscriptions have been greatly destroyed and is now standing as a typical model of “How not to reconstruct ancient structures”. I think we should support REACH foundation in a bigger way since they are the people trying their best to spread the awareness about how to reconstruct the ancient structures stone by stone at a low cost without affecting the structure and inscriptions.

IMG_8516 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8519 (by Raju's Temple Visits)
stitched1 (by Raju's Temple Visits)
IMG_8520 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8522 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8523 (by Raju's Temple Visits)
Entrance to the main sanctum (by Raju's Temple Visits)
IMG_8533 (by Raju's Temple Visits) Gaja prashta sanctum (by Raju's Temple Visits)
stitched3 (by Raju's Temple Visits)
IMG_8528 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8531 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8540 (by Raju's Temple Visits)
IMG_8534 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8535 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8547 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8545 (by Raju's Temple Visits)

More photos of the temple and beautiful pillar sculptures are here

See also the report by REACH foundation:


  1. I want to contribute some money to Puliparai VYAAGRA PUREESWARAR temple renovation. To whom I contact, because I visited two times the temple was always in closed condition, I enquired near by people they also doesn’t answer properly.

  2. Pulippara koil also has a muruga shrine on the outer south east
    possibly the maduranthakam thirupugal was about this temple. whereas the maduranthagam vada sitrambalam thirupugal is about the one within the town

  3. sir,pulipurakpil shivan name is VYAAGRA PUREESWARAR and not vyaagraptheswrar. good stills
    dharani, gurukkal. pulipurakoil 9894303635

  4. I seen your affert to save our hindusiom by taking the ancent monument in your camera for which will be preserved for our feature generation to show them its our gods,we prayed during like your age.because know only we like beople save this in our camera only.its a dream. do it your level best our blessing is with you every time god will help every movement like our way please.
    thanking you dear raju sir.
    from C.Selvaraj andaman.

  5. This blog with so detailed descriptions of the old Temples is extremely valuable for spiritual seekers all over the world! Keep on blogging!
    And please don’t forget backing up to avoid problems in case of this free hosting crush down which is quite possible. It will be a great loss.

  6. sir
    i visited the sundara mahalakshmi temple yesterdayand was really very impressed . i heard that reach foundation wld take up the work of renovating the temple. sad to see the way the old construction has been dismantled. i wld also like to help in sponsoring some amount . pls let me know how i should go about this.
    revathi raamachandran

  7. Dear Rajendran Ganesan Sir,
    Thanks for your fast reporting of our visit and thanks for again supporting REACH in word, thought and deed. REACH founder and me would be visiting the Edamachi temple (which the wonder girl Sathya) is constructing to check what best we can do to aid her work as well as inspect the other nearby temple where the Sivalingam is stuck between 2 trees.
    We are also visiting Arasar Koil to estimate the construction work with a qualified Sthapathi.

    Thanks once again.

  8. Very much thankful to you. The lingam photos kali photos are good and rare to see. My best wishes for your spiritual journey.


  9. Dear Sir,

    I am spiritual person I want to stay in any shiva temple to worship and meditate I am qualified poojari I can do pooja and pass my life by doing service to god

    thanking you

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