Visit to Sundara Mahalakshmi Temple at Arasar koil

Sundara Mahalakshmi Temple at Arasar koil

…..Continuation of the previous post – “Visit to little known temples near Chenglepat”

From Gidangarai, we then took the same road again through Salavakkam which took us to the Puthagathurai-Uthiramerur road, turned left (east) towards the Puthagathurai juntion at Chenni-Trichy NH, reached Puthagathurai, turned right (south) and travelled through NH to the Padalam junction. Here we turned left (east), reached a railway gate near Padalam station, travelled further for 3-4 kms to reach Arasar koil.

The google map location is here:

By then it was already around 8 PM and so could not take pictures. The temple is located just at the bank of the Palar river.The complete and elaborate information on the temple is available here from ‘Agasthiar Vijayam’:

A very short summary:

  • Mother Sundara Maha Lakshmi is the Mother of all wealth and treasures. This form of the Mother is Aadhi Moola Lakshmi – the root form of all 64 Lakshmi avatars (each one governing one of the 64 forms of wealth, well being and prosperity). A true prosperity is not just the bank balance but the blessings with all the 64 aishwaryas
  • This is a Kubera Sampath Shakti Temple and Mother Sundara MahaLakshmi brims with billions of Kubera Shaktis, Aishwarya Shaktis, Sukra shaktis, treasure shaktis and prosperity shaktis.
  • Mother Sundara Mahalakshmi sports six toes in Her right leg. Six is Sukra’s number and Mother Lakshmi is Sukra’s Divine Controller, i.e., She controls Shukra’s power to bestow prosperity.
  • Shukra worships at this shrine every Friday without fail. What form he might assume is beyond human comprehension, but he is one of the visitors to this shrine every Friday.
  • This is a perfect shrine for propitiating the navagrahas. Each of the nine Navagraha lords and their consorts worshipped Mother Sundara Mahalakshmi at this shrine in nine different Lakshmi forms.
  • Make it a point to worship Mother Sundara Mahalakshmi at this temple on Varalakshmi Vrata days and Fridays, particularly those Fridays that occur in the months of Aadi (July 15 – August 15) and Thai (January 15 – February 15) and especially during Sukra hora.

We were just mesmerised by the beauty of the Sundara Mahalakshmi with the ‘chubby cheeks’ like a baby. Especially, sitting in the Padmasana Lotus posture with both hands in abhaya hastham, the real meaning of ‘Sundaram – the beauty’ has been understood. She was matched by a beautiful and sincere alankaram as well. I thought it was a special day but the Bhattar told us it was just a normal day alankaram only.

The Perumal shrine had been demolished totally to bring up a new one.  I was in tears to see Sri Kamala Varadharaja Perumal lying under the heap of paddy grains in a room. I wish and pray He goes back to His proper place at the very earliest.


Kannan Bhattacharyar: 96985 10956
Pichaimuthu Mudhaliar: 93817 44615

Arasar Koil Sundara Mahalakshmi (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Second Trip

I made my next visit to Arasar koil along with REACH foundation Chandrasekar on a day which incidentally happened to be my birthday (I got his appointment only on that day). First, we visited Arasar koil and I took the photos since I visited here last time during night and could not take photos. Here are the photos:

Road side (by Raju's Temple Visits)
Outer entrance (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8455 (by Raju's Temple Visits) Main entrance - from inside the temple (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Andal shrine, Perumal shrine and Mahalakshmi shrine (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Shrine of Sundara Mahalakshmi

IMG_8462 (by Raju's Temple Visits)
Back side of the Mahalakshmi shrine (by Raju's Temple Visits) Mahalakshmi shrine 2 (by Raju's Temple Visits) Mahalakshmi shrine 1 (by Raju's Temple Visits) Mahalakshmi shrine (by Raju's Temple Visits) Vinayagar at the entrance of the Mahalakshmi shrine (by Raju's Temple Visits) Entrance to the Mahalakshmi shrine (by Raju's Temple Visits) Onthe walls of the Mahalakshmi shrine 1 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8501 (by Raju's Temple Visits) IMG_8465 (by Raju's Temple Visits) Musical Pillars (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Perumal sanctum

Entrance to the Perumal sanctum (by Raju's Temple Visits) Main mandapam (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Front mandapam of the Perumal shrine with the shrine of Sundara Mahalakshmi at the background

Main mandapam 1 (by Raju's Temple Visits)

On the walls of the Perumal sanctum (by Raju's Temple Visits) On the walls of the Perumal sanctum 1 (by Raju's Temple Visits) From inside the Perumal sanctum (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Left side praharam 1 (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Left side praharam (by Raju's Temple Visits)

This is the place where original sanctum of Perumal stood. The ancient stone construction has been ruthlessly dismantled to construct the ultra modern sanctum but is lying half-baked at this stage for a long time now.

Backside of the temple and the dismantled Perumal sanctum (by Raju's Temple Visits) Dismantled Perumal sanctum (back side) (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Empty Perumal sanctum (by Raju's Temple Visits) Dismanted Perumal sanctum (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Andal shrine (by Raju's Temple Visits)

Palar river behind the temple (by Raju's Temple Visits) Palar river (by Raju's Temple Visits)

The travelogue continues in the next post


  1. Myself and my wife visited this temple yesterday. We too have the same opinion about this priest as that of Mr.Rajkumar (comment on January 2nd 2013.) We observed from so many references that we should first visit the goddess . But that priest forcibly took us to swamy sannithi and next to thaayaar sannithi. Moreoever he refused to explain anything about the beautiful sculputures and prevented us from touching the musical pillars.. When enquired about the small hole which splits a stick into four parts, he told that it was Deva Ragasya and advised us to come to temple with Bhakthi and not with inquisitive mind set.

  2. I would like to narrate my personal experience after visiting this parihara sthalam. To perform archana for Sri Sundara Mahalakshmi Thayar, self with my wife,sister, my wife’s cousin and his wife visited the temple from Chennai on getting appointment time from Sri Kannan Bhattachariar. He asked us to come on the day after 9AM, though the temple is kept open from 6AM to 12 Noon or so. He said he has to drop his children in their school by the time and return. Agreeing to his saying, since it is located in a remote place, he has to take care of his family also, we went there by 9AM. The temple was kept open, but the shrines were cloased. Sri Kannan Bhattachariar was rushing in and opened the doors of Perumal and asked us whether to perform archanai for HIM. We have handed over a garland for Perumal and my sister handed over to him “jasmine saram” to adorn the deity. But to our surprise, he was reluctant to take the “saram” and told to keep it for Thayar. My sister told that she was keeping seperate saram for HER. In spite of pressure to adorn the saram to Perumal, not interestingly to put the saram on Perumal. After showing Deeparathana to Perumal, he was rushing to Sri Sundharavalli Thayar Sannadhi, and asked us to come quick. We are all crossed 60 years, we were not able to move quickly in the debri ridden floors. Taking sankalpams from us he started doing archana, that too he had finished in no time. He was telling the sthala puranams looking at the Thayar and not to us. When we enquired about celestial wonder of SIXth toe/finger in the right leg of Thayar, he doesnt have the courtesy to show it in the sculpture. He just counted and shown in the Gold Kavacham adorned the deity. Thats all. When we enquired about Thirumanjanam and other paraiharam, he was in hush to clear our doubts. In no seconds, he locked the sanctorums, he sped away.

    What Mr.Rajkumar in the above blog stated is 100% correct. After making frantic calls and fixed appointment with the Bhattar, we visited the temple, travelling all the way from Chennai, he never stayed back in the temple to do service, that too in appointed hour. For which the Almighty only should take care. People are visiting temples to find solace in their life. The priest should be bridge between the God and Devotees. But for them, it is their way of earning to live. What to tell ? We have returned with not so satisfied but for the Great Dharshan of Lord Kamala Varadaraja Perumal & Sri Sundhara Mahalakshmi Thayar.

    • Visited yesterday this temple, had wonderful dharshan. Temple construction completed fully and kumbabishekam completed 7 months back.
      Temple will be open from 6.00 AM on Fridays. and remaining timings as same as per photo shared previously

    • I am a 67 year old American man who has benefited tremendously from Lakshmi worship. Through my discovery of this wonderful temple through Dr. Pillai I have learned to honor Sundhara Maha Lakshmi on a daily basis and especially on Fridays. Through the teachings of Guru Sri Aghastiyar I have learned to worship Lord Vishnu immediately after worshiping Goddess Lakshmi. The name of the resident Vishnu is Kamala Varadaraja Perumal. So I worship Goddess Sundhara Maha Lakshmi and Lord Kamala Varadaraja Perumal together. There are three mantras I use. The first two mantras I learned from Dr. Pillai. They are OM SUNDHARA MAHA LAKSHMI SUMAIDA, SHREEM BRZEE SWAHA and OM SHREEM BRZEE, SANKALPA SRI SUNDHARA MAHA LAKSHMIYE SWAHA. The third mantra I learned from a friend. It is OM SRI MATI MAHA LAKSHMI NARAYAN NAMAHA. Sometimes I say OM SRI MATI MAHA LAKSHMI KAMALA VARADARAJA PERUMAL. I can’t begin to list and describe all the miracles I have experienced by worshiping Lakshmi and now Lord Vishnu. I am blessed every second of every day. In my opinion, this temple is one of the most beautiful temples in the world. The Lakshmi temple is a great work of art. The Lakshmi here must be one of the most powerful in the universe. She will take care of you. Now, we must find a way to restore this wonderful temple to its former glory and share it with others. There is a tremendous need for people to experience the love, kindness, and generosity of Sundhara Maha Lakshmi and Lord Sri Kamala Varadaraja Perumal. Do not overlook the Lakshmi Ghanesh who guards the Lakshmi shrine here. He is also very powerful and kind. Peace and blessings to you. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti = Richard Esparza

  3. I am very eager to visit the temple and support in what ever way I can. Last month only I came to know of this Temple. Many thanks to Raju sir for this noble support. Can any one inform from Chennai how to reach, where to get down [by bus]. Present Temple timing.

    • tHE TEMPLE IS OPEN FROM 6.00AM TO 11.00AM AND 4.00PM TO 8.00PM as informed by Shri Kannan priest. 15kms From chengalpet at Padalam koot road on GST highway you will ahve to take left if you are travelling from Chengalpet and further drive for atleast half an hour before you reach teh place. Its on the main road of the village.
      Very nice, powerful temple with lots of positive vibes from Mata Lakshmi.

  4. i have visited this temple in 1st Week of Jun’15, were blessed to get
    Mother sundara Mahalakshmi and Kamala Varadaraja swamy. Was informed by the priest Kannan they would be shortly performing the
    Kumbabhishekam. Kindly let me know the details to Transfer amount from
    our side to complete the renovation work of this great temple.

  5. Yesterday, I visited this templete along with my family. Same Kannan priest said estimation crosses 1 crore to complete balalayam work. We saw only Utsavar perumal & Thayar as priest was in nearby temple. We went to that temple where we saw Lakshmi Narayanar, Lakshmi Narasimhar & Lakshmi Hayagrivar together. Came to know from priest that Lakshmi Narayanar gave place to perumal @ arasar kovil.. Sounds to be interesting and its close to 1700 yrs old temple.

  6. Om Sundara Mahalakshmi Sumaida. I would like to contribute to the reconstruction/renovation project at the Arasar Koil Temple. What organization is leading and managing the effort? Let us know what devotees can do, please. Please continue to document with photos the progress of the restoration project. They will be very important in the future. Thank you for your concern about the state of the temple.

  7. I got my doubt -whether the Sundara Mahalakshmi temple is originally a Siva temple ? Because just outside the sanctum sanctorum of Mahalakshmi thayar temple there is one side (newly drawn namam on the ) Vinayaka idl and the other side appears hollow and which has only a glass-framed picture of Sri Iyyappa swamy is available,. There is no separate – or there is not at all – separate sanctum santorum for Perumal. Out side the temple on the field, there is siva lingam – appears to have been thrown. All the above three points creates doubt in me – that miscreants – totally changed the Sri Siva sthalam into a Vaishnavite Sthalam. Morever, the Bhattar reluctant to accept any offering for temple renovation and there are lot of other people for it.

  8. I visited this temple and it is in very pathetic condition.I think that kannan priest is not worth to be a priest there.He is giving loose talk to all devotees and i think because of him only,there is no good support from any devotees.such a great temple is in such a poor condition.The priest dont even take care to even clean the temple so that we can see the vinayagar idol.He is having infiriority complex and because of that he keeps blabbering about his personal life asks silly questions about subjects as if he is a quiz master.Not reciting any manthras properly.Iam totally not satisfied.I think if they change him and do proper pooja,automatically divine grace will flow there.moreover the school children play songs and fully chatting in that temple.because of this i’m terribly disturbed.In big big temples also they used to request us for help and get it done.But here he acts so stylish and he dont care about this temple at all.I visited this temple in december 2012.I wanted to help.first thing i wanted to clean the bushes and remove stones ,so that atleast the temple will look clean.It may take around 2000 rs.But lakshmi will live only in clean environment.I request the trut to please put some office there and make arrangement in such a way that,the temple shoud be constructed fast.also indulge some workers to maintain the temple.If they cannot do that,let them give to some private trust.They will take care.first change that kannan immediately as he is not a normal person.Atleast with govt money try to put some floers for lakshmi stone idol.He dont even care to take me to akshaya vinayagar or that lakshmi statue.I myself went and prayed as the priest was not so particular to show.very bad experience with him.

  9. we have approached the hrce for permission to form a committee and restart the renovation will ensure goddess and temple is restored a devote

  10. my wife visited this temple on 31st august 2012, and when she discribed about the temple i was immensly curious to know about this temple history and this article came handy and is wonderfull. congratulation on the work done.

  11. Raju sir, really u r great. Yesterday only i visited the temple with high cold and fever. In spite of that am very happy. But punarudanam is going on. I want to see my kamala MahaLakshmi and Varadarajara perumal with highly rich in look.

  12. You are doing a job of excelling beyond excellence. Please continue to render your these sort of holy services. Also I wish to state that I expect your visit and information about the Parihara Sthalas in Andhra Pradesh & / or Tamil Nadu about Sri Narasimha Swamy. Further I also desire to say please publish your web information in printed book form so that every one can treasure it and read it as & when required.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing the details. I am new to south india but my love for temples and the utmost respect for the vedic tradition here owe me my life. Thanks for creating the blog this will really help me a lot.

  14. dear sir, i would like to help in the reconstruction of the great temple- can you pls put us in touch with the correct temple administrators- pls give us the name and email address – is it kannan bhattacharya- ?? – which is the official body entrusted to do the renovation work? pls guide- regards- hiro bachani and family

  15. Raju,
    It is true service for humanity’s spiritual salvation. I am tears hearing Sri Perumal is thrown in a shack.

    May the time is right now, we may build this back up. May the Mother permit us to do this.

    Thank you for kindness.


  16. Very Beautiful Temple and very powerful goddess

    we visited the temple and we found it was a relaxing day.

  17. your are doing an excellent job. this is really useful. can you ask you that bhattachari to come
    on email so that we can help him for rennovation



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