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Visit to Nadu Palani Murugan Temple

Visit to the Nadu Palani Dhandayuthapani temple at Perukkaranai

Continuing on our Achirupakkam temple visit, we went to Nadu Palani Murugan Temple next. Just before entering the Achirupakkam town you can see an arch at the left side on the highway itself for Nadu Palani Murugan temple. From the arch, we have to go straight without any diversion till to the last for 6.5 kms to reach the temple at the Perukkarani (Perunkarunai) village.

Wikimapia location is here

The location of the temple is awesome. Nature by itself is beautiful; the big trees are always beautiful, especially the banyan trees with the hanging roots; and when there are about 10 such trees in a single place what can you say?


This is just one of those trees and you can imagine the rest. You can enjoy that beauty near the temple entrance at the base of this hill temple.


This is an abhimana temple built by Sri Muthuswamy Pillai about 40 years back. Murugar came in his dream and he started in a simple way with the Vel and now it has become a big temple. So, there is no ancient legend connected with the temple.  When Kanchi  Periyavar was on a padayathra this side, he came to this place and told to call this temple as ‘Nadu Palani’.


After Sri Muthuswamy Piilai’s period, the temple is being governed by Mysore Sri Ganapathy Sachthanandha Swamigal.



Path to Hilltop IMG_0695

There are 120 steps to the temple on the hillock top and 4 wheelers can go straight to the top. I wished to go through the steps since the way was beautiful but there were some elders in my car and so I drove straight to the top.
While going through steps, first you can see Anjaneyar shrine on one side and Idumban shrine on the other. Then Siddhi vinayagar shrine on one side and Raja rajeswari and Navagrahams on the other side. Then there is naga prathishtai under the combo tree of Arasu and Vembu. There is an artificial fountain in the name of Saravanapoihai. The Samadhi of Sri Muthuswamy Pillai is alo present.

IMG_0688 IMG_0691 IMG_0680


Inner Praharam


IMG_0689 Honey bee nests on the ceiling

The temple on top is a small one with only the Murugar shrine with the praharam. First we can see Vinayagar and then the Mayil vahanam and the front mandapam. The main deity is Dhandayuthapani facing east. The old deity got damaged and so a new deity made of Maragatha stone has been installed in Feb 2008.


Kalyana urchavar deity with Valli and Deiyvanai
Another one is Sri Arumugar on peacock along with Valli and Deivanai under the Rudhraksha pandhal.


Viinayagar and Naga Dhathareyar, i.e., Dhathrayer (Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwar ) on the Nagar bed with Anaga (Lakshmi) amman

I planned to take photos of the banyan trees after completing the dharshan at the top. Also, on return, we were directed on a different route and so I could not take much photos unfortunately.  But, take it from me this place is much more beautiful than my photos show up.

Contact: Sri Shiva kumar 96003 90366
Dharshan time: 7 am – 12 noon and 5 – 8 pm
Every Tuesday and on Krithigais at 8 AM, milk abhisheham is done to the Maragatha Dhandayuthapani.
Festival: Panguni uthram urchavam is the most popular one and 2-3 lakhs of people usually attend

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  1. Ennal aangilathil uraiyaada mudiyaadhu adhanal tamilil ketkiren andha aalayathai ungalukku sila naatkalo sila aandugalo therindhirukkalaam aanal en thatha veedu andha ooril dhan irukkiradhu avar peyar seniyappan – meenaakshi indha peyarai ketaale illathirku vazhi sollum alavu uravugal enaku undu neengal kodutha varalaaril siru thooli thavarivitadhu aalayathil mudhalil irundha andha murugar silai yaar kandethaar enbadhe andha thooli adharku thelivaana badhil aalayathin malai adivaarathil pinburam siridhu dhooram sendral ange oru jeeva samaadhi undu andha samaadhiyil ullavar en thaayin thatha dheivathiru. ellappa kounder avargal maadu meithu kondu irundhaar malaiyin meedhu oru veppamarathu adiyil andha samayam avar amarndhirundha idathai kutchiyaal kuthi kondu irukkum nerathil andha idathil avar kaiku kidaithavardhan mun irundha murugan kandedutha muruganai andha ooril yaarume atravara oru vazhipokkaraai vandha muthu swamygalidam koduthu sila naatkal sanniyaasam sendru meendum oorukku vandhu “mannil pudhaiyunda muruganukku uyirutta thannuyirai tharugiren” ivvaaru solli andha idathil jeeva samaadhi adaindhaar piragu muthu swamygal malai meedhu muruganai piradhishtai seidhaar unmaiyai solla ponaal muruganukku aalayam amaithadhu anaithu narpanigalum seidhavar muthu swamydhan aanalum oru kuzhandhai yaaral kandedukkapattadhu enbadhaiyum varalaaril kurikka padavendiya vishayam dhaane nandri vanakkam

    • who is this vandha muthu swamygal????…. where should i collect whole stories

  2. i am also going this year
    for putting vel………!!!!!

  3. may god’s choicest blessings be showered on sreeman RAju and his family for the excellent service to devotees thanks a lot

  4. Went to this temple today and enjoyed praying Lord Murugan in a serene
    atmosphere. This is a right place to meditate for hours with no disturbances.
    I have no words to describe the natural beauty sorrounding the temple.
    Thanks Sri Raju for the details of the temple. People who go this temple
    should sit in front of Lord Muruga and meditate to mingle with the spiritual and
    natural beauty of this place.

  5. This sunday only we are going to this temple. Thanks to Mr. Selvam to giving this chance. His marriage is on coming sunday in this temple.


  7. I have visited this temple along with Sri Atsheeswarar temple. It is one of the rare temples where you feel the sanctity if the deity.

  8. Dear Raju,
    you have visited the above mentioned temple. I saw the photos of that temple in your flicker stream “Perumber Kandigai Murugan Temple”. – Sathiyan

  9. I heard about this temple. But didn’t had chance to visit.
    I try to visit this weekend. By the way there is one more beautiful Murugan temple in
    Thozupeddu, next to melmaruvathur towards Tindivanam. it’s on a beautiful hillock. I hope you have visited it.


  10. The temple may not have much of history behind it but the surroundings are serene conducive to meditation. Thanks for sharing the info.

  11. A very interesting and educative temple built and dedicated to posterity by
    the blessed soul Sri Muthuswamy Pillai. As an active member of an organisation
    of devotees of Lord Muruga in the name of ADHIYAR THIRUKOOTTA IRAIPANI
    MANRAM TRUST of which I am the Vice President we have visited almost all
    murugan shrines in Tamil Nadu including the arduous ascent up the hill with no
    steps namely THEERTHAMALAI in Salem Dt.I have missed visiting this temple.
    Although I may not attempt visiting this temple due to my disablement I shall
    certanly include this temple in our itinerary of temple visits next time. Thanks L R

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