Visit to Perumber Kandigai Murugan Temple

Visit to Perumber Kandigai Murugan Temple

Continuing on our Villupuram trip, after the Achirupakkam and Nadu Palani temple, our next stop was Perumber Kandigai Murugan Temple.


From Achirupakkam, we have to go for about 3 kms on the highway towards Tindivanam and then about a km diversion to the right side.


Hilltop Murugan temple from the road

First view of the temple from the approach road

View of National Highways

View of National Highways and the approach road from the hilltop

The location of the temple is awesome with a beautiful temple tank at the base, an Angala Parameswari temple which is a kula deivam for many, huge trees and a Vinayagar temple in the backdrop of the hillock temple of Lord Muruga. Cement benches are provided under the big trees to provide a nice picnic atmosphere.


Hillbase Ellaiamman temple

Hillbase Ellaiamman temple 1

Hilltop Temple in the backdrop of the temple tank

The temple tank is called Sanjeevi Theertham and it is said to cure many diseases.

IMG_0709 IMG_0710

The dilapidated mandapams at the base proclaim the ancientness of the place

IMG_0702 Parai Vinayagar

Near the temple tank at the base, there is a Vinayagar temple which we missed to see. The vinayagar here is called ‘Parai Vinayagar’ and He seems to have appeared naturally there.

IMG_0738 Road to Hilltop

There are about 100 steps to the hillock temple and also a motorway right to the top of the hillock.

Nearby Hill Nearby Hill 1 Nearby Hill 2

It is said that after the Soora Samharam at Thiruchendur, Lord Murugar came and rested here in this twin hill of Sanjeevi and Mahameru. The temple is located on top of the Sanjeevi hill, also called Siddhar Hill and it is considered that Siddhars worship Lord Muruga here even now. The nearby Mahameru hill is also a beautiful one.

Hilltop Murugan Temple IMG_0742 IMG_0733 IMG_0726 IMG_0727 IMG_0737 IMG_0735 IMG_0736 IMG_0739 Entrance at Hilltop

Outer Praharam and Inner Entrance

Outer Praharam and Inner Entrance 1

Inner Entrance

The temple is a small one with Vinayagar shrine apart from the main shrine. Subramanyar is seen with 6 faces and 12 hands along with His consorts Valli and Deivanai. In front of Him is the ‘Chathru Samhara Yanthram’. Both the temple and the Yanthras are said to be very ancient. Yanthra pooja and Chathru Samhara homams are being done here.

Pamban Swamigal

Pamban Swamigal

Arunagiri nadhar sang Thiruppugazh hymns on this Murugar;  Vannacharabam Dhandabani Swamigal who lived in 19th Century sang hymns; Pamban swamigal in his hymn mentions that worshipping here is equivalent to worshipping the 29 sacred places of Lord Muruga on whom he composed different hymns.

Worshipped by Agasthia Maharishi, Sage Thumbi and Sage Sukhar;  Also worshipped by Shanmuganandha Swamigal, Krubanandha Variyar, Pambanadiyar  Vilaangadu Duraisamy Pillai

Temple tank


1) Sri Shenbagavalli Sametha Sri Kailasanathar temple is also nearby.

2) There is Thaanthondreeswarar temple at around a km from here where Sage Agasthiar got the dharshan of Lord Shiva and Parvathis’s marriage. Achiruppakkam temple, this Perumber Kandigai temple and the Thaanthondreeswarar temple nearby are all connected by way of legend. After the completion of the Tamil Chithirai month’s  10th day festival  at the Achirupakkam temple, Aatcheeswarar and Ilangili amman will circumambulate this hill on the 11th day. During that Lord Murugar with His consorts will come down to the junction of this twin hill to welcome His parents and will take them to the Agasthiar Stage at the nearby Thaanthondreeswarar temple. On the Chithra Pournami (Full moon) day, the festival of Lord Shiva giving the dharshan of His marriage to Agasthia Maharishi is being celebrated in a grand scale there.

The location of the Thanthondreeswarar temple is awesome.
Photos of Thanthondreeswarar Temple
Location of Thanthondreeswarar Temple

3) Sri Veerabadra Swami Temple in the same village is of ancient origin

Happy Family

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  1. A couple of weeks before, we visited Achirupakkam Aatcheeswarar temple, Nadu palani temple and so on.Needless to say, your blog was our guide.Who else can we say?Sir, can you give us any information about the Pasumalai Murugan temple, between Gingee and Melmalaiyanoor, and the Vilvarani Murugan temple near Kalasapakkam ?Eagerly awaiting your guidance.Thank You.

  2. Perumber Kandigai Murugan Temple is a beautiful place. I’d like to visit it. The sky there looks very beautiful.

  3. A very useful and interesting blog. I am also writing about temples. I would love to read about each and every temple.Thanks. I just write my experiences about the temple. My url is
    Your blog has beautiful pictures.

  4. To add up to the above points…As per Guru Agasthiar
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    First …Deva’s life for 100 years
    Second… Relieves us from problems of jealousy
    Third…To ged rid of food problem
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    Eleventh … Yuga Siddhthi
    Twelfth …Relief from All Naga Dosha
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    Fifthteenth … Blessings Equivalent to reciting Namashiva
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    Seventeenth … Marriage for Girls will be speedened up
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  5. Very beautiful scenery. Moorthy must be small but Keerthi is huge! Thank you Sukhanya for sharing. What a coincidence ! I am presently translating into English the story of Lord Murugan !

  6. An excellent presentation, with striking pictures, and legends well put. A few minor corrections I would like to make, since otherwise it is such a good presentation. It is not “Chathru” but “shatru” and not “Sage Sugar” but “Sukhar”, and in the first rendition, Thaanthondreeswarar, is misspelt. please dont mind my mentioning the need for minor corrections.

  7. Sri Veerabadra Swami Temple in the same village is of ancient origin which may be included in the trip to Perumber Kandigai.

  8. Ishwar anughraham only makes one aware of all these punya sthalams.

    Best wishes for 2011 and grace of god guide you in all these invaluable temple travel sharing information.

    sukanya shankar
    Greater Toronto Area

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