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Visit to Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva Temple at Kodumudi

Visit to Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva Temple at Kodumudi

Kodumudi is situated in the Erode – Trichy train route and is about 40 Kms from Erode and 25 kms from Karur. It is surrounded by Dharapuram, Thiruchengode, Namakkal and Thiruppur towns.

Wikimapia location link is here

Quick facts:

Main deities: Tri moorthies – Brahma Vishnu and Shiva

  • Lord Shiva in the form of Swayambu lingam in the names of Magudeswarar, Paandi Kodumudi Nathar, Malaikozhundheeswarar etc., with Goddess in the names of Soundhravalli, Soudambikai, Vadivudainayagi.
  • Lord Mahavishnu is in the name of Veera Narayana Perumal in sayana posture with Goddess Thirumangai Nachiyar (Maha Lakshmi).
  • The 3000 years old living Vanni tree itself is considered Lord Brahma of this temple and has no Goddess part.

Theertham: Holy river Cauveri with other Holy water origins inside the temple Bharadhwaja Theertham, Brahma Theertham and Deva Theertham.

Sthala Viruksham (Sacred Tree): Vanni Tree


  • One of the very few temples which enshrines all the three moorthies – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva – in exclusive shrines with legendary significance (The other one I know is Uthamar Koil near Trichy).
  • A highly popular parihara sthalam from ancient times itself
  • The Holy and Mystic Vanni Tree, said to be 3000 years old is a living tree with one side of the tree having thorns and the other side without it. The tree is a male version without flower and fruit.
  • During the last week of Aavani Tamil Month and the first week of Panguni Tamil Month, the sun light enters through the aperture of the Rajagopuram and falls on Lord Magudeshwara.
  • The river Cauvery which flows Southward from Karnataka, turns 90 degrees in front of the temple and flows Eastward.
  • One of the 275 important Shiva temples glorified by Thevara hymns. Sambandhar sung 11 songs,  Appar sung 5 songs  and Sundharar sung 10 songs on Lord Magudeshwara of this temple. Sundarar composed his Namachivaaya Patikam here.
  • Saint Arunagirinathar sung “Thirupugazh” on Lord Muruga of this temple.


In a show of strength battle between Aadhi Sesha and Vaayu (God of ‘air’), some pieces of the holy Meru Kailash was thrown into five different places and these apex pieces change into five Swayambu linga Sivasthalas of different types of precious stones as follows:

EMERALD – Thiru eengoi malai (near Musiri)
RED – Thiruvannamalai
BLUE DIAMOND – Pothiigai, Kuttraalam
MANICKAM – Sivaaya Malai, Rathnagiri, Ayyarmalai (Kulitalai)
DIAMOND – Kodumudi

While all the other four are in the form of hills, the apex at Kodumudi is in the form of lingam, i.e., the lingam here is considered to be the tip of a hill (Kodumudi is 482 feet above sea level).

Brahma (in the form of Vanni tree) and Vishnu who are enshrined here, are said to have worshipped Shiva (Magudeshwarar).

Worshipped by Garudan, Pandu and others

Agasthyar got the marriage dharshan of Lord Shiva here.

Bharadwajar got the dharshan of Lord shiva’s dance here and there is also a Bharadwaja theertham inside the temple.

This is the place where river Cauvery was relieved of the curse of Sage Agasthiar (he had captured her in a kamandalam). Vinayagar, at the behest of Lord Shiva, took the form of a white crow and dropped down the kamandalam here liberating the Cauvery to continue her flow. Surprisingly, in support of this legend, the river Cauvery which flows southwards till here takes an exact 90 degree East turn here.  The vinayagar here in the inner pariharam of Shiva shrine is named as “Kaviri Kanda Vinayagar”. It seems there is a rock in the middle of the river here that has the rock cut image of this legend.

Kodumudi 2 Cauvery changing its direction in front of the temple

Cauvery changing its direction


The Shiva temple at Kodumudi is on the western bank of river cauvery. The east facing temple is 640 feet in length and 484 feet in breadth. The temple has 3 entrances on the east side and through each gate one can enter the shrines of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

Pandiya kings have patronised the temple regularly and because of the connection of Pandiya kings, this shivasthalam is called as Thiruppandi Kodumudi. Malayathvuja Pandian, Maravarman Sundarapandian and Pandiya Kesarivarman are some of the kings who have donated land, jewellery etc. to this temple.

Kodumudi Temple map

Main Shrines:

  1. Shiva shrine
  2. Ambal (of Shiva) shrine
  3. Perumal shrine
  4. Thayar (of Perumal) Shrrine
  5. Brahma shrine
  6. Anjaneyar shrine
  7. Saneeswarar shrine
  8. Kala Bairavar

Brahma in the form of living Vanni tree:

Brahma as Vanni Tree Brahma - Vanni Tree 4 Brahma as Vanni Tree 1 Brahma - Vanni Tree 2 Brahma - Vanni Tree 3

Shiva shrine:

Shiva shrine Rajagopura Entrance Nandhi in front of Shiva shrine Shiva shrine Dwajasthambam Shiva shrine front mandapam IMG_0882 IMG_0890

Brahma (Vanni tree)Thayar and Perumal shrine:

Brahma (Vanni tree), Thayar shrine and Perumal shrine
Brahma (Vanni tree), Thayar shrine and Perumal shrine 1


Information board Perumal shrine Vimanam View from Parihara Centre 1 stitched9
Outer Praharam View from the Parihara Centre Shiva shrine Vimanams Shiva shrine on the left and Ambal shrine on the right Perumal shrine Rajagopuram IMG_0878 Ambal shrine Nandhi IMG_0884 Ambal shrine Vimanam Shiva shrine Vimanams 1
Cauvery in front Eagle vahana for Saneeswarar

Our Trip:

We boarded the night Mangalore Express train at Chennai and my in laws joined us at Kulitalai, one more relative joined us at Karur in the train. We reached by about 6 AM.

Kodumudi 3

The temple is just about 5-10 minutes walk from the station and it was very nice to walk down in that fresh morning. The temple is a fairly big one with a vast empty (parking) space in front; the temple elephant was standing in front; the wide Cauvery was flowing in front of the temple; there was a good lengthy bathing ghat; big trees with Vinayagar underneath; and more importantly it was not so crowded – with all these when we first sighted the temple in that morning freshness, it was a great ambience  and just beautiful!

Car Parking and Cauvery in front

Temple Outer view

First view IMG_0832 IMG_0834

We straight proceeded to the Cauvery bathing ghat. It is wonderful to see the Cauvery changing its direction exactly perpendicular. I am from Papanasam (Tanjore dist) and we learn swimming at the age of 5-6 in the river Cauvery and our bath was only at Cauvery. Having left that place 30 years ago, it was a wonderful reconnect with Cauvery.  There are dress changing rooms near the bathing ghat and so no problem for the ladies. There is a Vinayagar under a big tree and you can start the worship with the Cauvery water abhisheham by yourself.

Cauvery bathing ghat 2 Cauvery bathing ghat 1 As you enter from the bathing ghat IMG_0850 Three Entrances to the temple - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Cauvery changing its direction in front of the temple

Without any hurry, enjoying each and every moment, we started our parihara pooja and worship. The parihara hall is within the temple premises and it took about an hour and a half for the parihara pooja. We spent the whole morning there and left the place only by 1 PM after lunch.

It is believed to be very prosperous if you can put the vanni leaves of the Brahma tree, some coins and one lemon in a bundle of new cloth and keep in your safe vault. Some times back, the vanni leaves were being sold by the temple authorities but later it was stopped. If you are lucky you can get some leaves automatically falling from the tree when you circumambulate the tree – watch for it.

Parihara Sthalam:

This is a highly popular parihara sthalam from ancient times itself. Pariharam for marriages and child birth are the most conducted ones apart from many others. A nominal amount is being collected by the Devasthanam for various parihara poojas and homams but a bigger amount by the archagars / bhattars. Either you can bring all the materials for the pooja or you can ask them to arrange the same and the rate differs for both. Very importantly, all the parihara poojas are done inside the temple. There are touts waiting outside and don’t fall prey to them. If a specific pooja takes about an hour inside the temple, the outside people will complete it in half an hour. If you donate Rs 500/= to 1000/= to the temple, they give some special privileges like exclusive stage for the pooja / homam.

Parihara Centre

Parihara Poojas / Homams Done here are:

Marriage obstacles, Swayamvara / Parvathi homam, Navagraha dhoshams for each graham, Rahu Kethu Preethi, Sevvai Pariharam, Mrithyanja homam (to get rid of death fear), Prithyangara homam (to get rid of the evil effects from enemies), Dhanvanthri homam (for illness), Gubera Lakshmi Pooja, Durga Soolani homam (to get rid of curse by ladies), Ayushya Homam, Navagraha homams, Ganapathy homam, Pithru Saba homam, Brahma Harthi dosha nivarana homam, Sudharsana homam and many others.

It is said the people suffering from mental illness, after doing the pariharam here, should go to Gunaseelam in the Trichy – Musiri route immediately and continue the pariharam the next day morning by taking a dip before sun rise at the Cauvery there for best cure.

Effect of the pariharam – Our experience:

Lot of my relatives / friends have done the parihara poojas here. As I can see, in 4 cases of marriage pariharams, it was an immediate success in one while in 3 others it was successful within a year. In another pariharam for husband-wife relation, we witnessed a miraculous change after the pariharam here. We are seeing the couple in dual role as ‘before Pariharm’ and ‘after pariharam’ like a dual role movie – such an unbelievable change, touch wood!

While walking down from railway station to this temple, we can see another ancient temple called Malaiyamman temple. This is where Mahakavi Kalidoss attained knowledge from Goddess Malaiyamman. There is a shrine of Pechiamman also in the same temple for curing ENT diseases. Mahakavi Kalidoss is also said to have performed pariharam here to wash out the curses of his previous birth and recover the knowledge gained by him earlier (I am not sure about this since unfortunately I didn’t know about this when I visited).

Kodumudi is the birth place of Mrs.K.B.Sundarambal, the great yesteryear playback singer and actress. KBS Theatre in the town, which was opened in 1972 in the presence of  the then CM M.Karunanidhi, MGR and J.Jayalalitha, stands as a mute testimony for her remembrance.

Oonjalur is 6 kms from Kodumudi in the train route en route Erode and it is the Sookshmayoga Samadhi of Sri Seshadri Swamigal of Thiruvannamalai. Annual utsavam here is highly popular.


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    • Creation Of Brahma is a Mega Episodes. But It is Brahma who creates all beings and He is the God who decides our fate ( write of our ‘ thalai ezhuthu’ ). if we worship our fate will change.

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    • Mangalya dhosham might have been pointed out by astrlogers only.
      Today is karadayan nonbu , special nonbu for preserving mangalyam safely against all odds. Today you have to be on fast and abstain nonbu , praying to Savithri Devi . Can give manglik goods – turmeric,kumkum ,bangles,nonbu saradu, and a small dark brown colored cloth to any number of sumangalis – possible.
      Pls consult your family astrologer ( genuine) regarding cause of Dhosha – Sevvai,Rahu/Kethu or whatever it may be and do as per his advise.
      Do Sumangali Poojahs , as the rememberance of ancestral elder ladies who died as sumangali. this must be done every year as a part of annual thithi . On that day sarees must be donated to poor girls/ladies with Suvasini Pooja – where a girl child is notionally treated as Goddess and shall be prayed for all.
      Other things visit Vaitheeswaran Koil , Palani Murugan temple on Tuesdays . Durgai ( in particular vishnu durgai) may be worshipped on Tuesdays.
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  15. Dear Sir:
    Enjoyed your article. I am native of Kodumudi. Even though I don’t live there now, I am a Kodumudi person in heart. It is a great place. There is a small hillock on the eastern bank of Cauvery across from the Temple. It is called “Agaththiar Paarai (rock)”. Legend has it that it was here that Sage Agaththiar was doing the penance while Lord Vinayaga in the form of a Raven toppled his Kamandalam that held Cauvery water and let it flow again.
    As one poster said there may be other places like suchindram where one finds the Mummoorthis but at Kodumudi there are separate shrines where the mummoorthis are worshipped individually. The Pechi amman shrine in the Malaiyamman temple is known to be very powerful and is worshipped for the well-being of children. There is also a Karuppanna swamy shrine. During the month of Chiththirai, the Temple Utsavam takes place for nine days in a very grand manner. Being a Big Temple(that is how the temple is called by the locals — Periya kovil), for both Vaishanavites and and Saivaites, there is always a festival or celebration every month. I can not forget going to the Chiththirai festival, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Kandha Shashti, etc. Also, Amavasyas and especially Adi and Thai Amavasyas as well as Pradhoshams are extremely busy days at Kodumudi. It used to be that the month of Adi is the floods month at kodumudi when the water from Mettur dam is released to send out the water from the South west monsoon. It used to be a magnificent view to see cauvery in full spate from bank to bank. The water dries out during summer months to the extent that we would cross the river by foot to go to the other bank (which is in Salem district!) but I have never seen it go completely dry. Cauvery and other water sources bless the town and the land around it with fertile land for three harvests. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.

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