Visit to Thirunelveli Temples – Part 2

….Continuation from Part 1.

This is a part of the 4 part travelogue on Thirunelveli Temple tour:

Note: This is a gist of travel information only and I am not repeating here the temple timings, the archagar phone nos, temple legends and other details from the religious aspect since they are already documented in the ”Directory of the temples around Thirunelveli 1 and 2”.

Day 2 :

After a nice sleep, we were recharged and ready for the second day. Our first stop was the Thiruppudai marudhur Shiva temple at around 7 AM. It’s a massive temple on the bank of Tamirabarani river with lots of sub shrines in the inner praharams. The temple with a rich legend behind is one of the three sacred temples that have Marudha tree as the sthala vruksham. The other two being Srisailam and Thiruvidaimarudhur.

Gomathy ambal sametha Narumpoonatha Swamy IMG_8161

Gadana river joins Tamirabarani here and so the beautiful bathing ghat in the backdrop of a canopy of massive banyan trees is considered very sacred. So you can plan a bath here.


Confluence of two rivers IMG_8142 IMG_8144 IMG_8145 IMG_8143 IMG_8179


The temple Nandavanam itself is a tiny declared Bird sanctuary. The temple and its surrounding are highly popular in Kollywood. This temple entrance should have been popular to you.

IMG_8117 IMG_8118 IMG_8165 IMG_8121

The Gurukkals and a Sivanadiyar were very kind and explained the temple very well. They showed us the important places around sincerely. We loved this temple and wish to visit again.

Then we went to the Gajendhra Varadha Perumal temple at Athalanallur nearby. It is a small abhimana sthalam undergoing renovation. I learnt that Chennai Naradha Gana Sabha’s Mr.S.Krishna Swamy is the main caretaker of the temple. There are plenty of sculptures from Ramayana and Vishnu avatars in the main mandapam.

Athalanallur Gajendhra Varadha Perumal IMG_8228

An elderly bhattar, while explaining the Gajendhra moksham to me, had his full heart into it. I knew the Gajendhra moksham story only in its simplest form but I got a completely different and new dimension to it through the bhattar as follows:

Gajendhran pleading Perumal Perumal flying on Garudan for Gajendhra Moksham

In its life battle with the crocodile, the elephant didn’t plead the Perumal to save itself. All it’s worry was that it couldn’t offer the flower it carried in its trunk to the Lord that day. So it asked the Lord to receive the flower before it loses its freshness unmindful of its own life battle with the crocodile. Had it asked for help to save itself, the Lord would have saved it from His place itself but since it asked the Lord to receive the flower and that too before it loses its freshness, the Lord Himself came flying on the back of Garudan in top most hurry. The Gajendhra moksham is symbolic of our true life. We (the elephants) should long to get liberated from the Samsara saharam of life (the crocodile) and it should be our ultimate aim. When the Lord was asked to give moksham to everyone, He told, “It’s not possible to give moksham to everyone. Why should I bother people when they are very happy with their earthly life? When they are fed up and ask me for a moskham, then I will give”. – makes sense, doesn’t it?

After the breakfast at the Ambasamudhram Gowrishankar Hotel, we then went to the nearby Brahmmadesam Shiva temple. It’s a massive and beautiful ancient temple with plenty of sub shrines with stone works in the praharams each looking as a small temple of its own. There are wonderful sculptures in many mandapams but sadly the whole temple is in a very shabby state.

IMG_8287a IMG_8281



IMG_8243 IMG_8260

Even the temple significances board has not been maintained properly:

IMG_8229 IMG_8230

IMG_8268 IMG_8274

IMG_8282 IMG_8267 IMG_8257 IMG_8259 IMG_8255 IMG_8254

The stone sculptures have been white washed and look pathetic. In my opinion it is one of the main temples which needs an immediate attention from heritage organisations like REACH. It’s a highly popular temple among the serial and movie shooters of different languages.

Then our next stop was the Rajagopala Swamy temple at Mannakoil very near Brahmmadesam. It’s a 3 tier temple with Perumal in 3 different postures of standing, sitting and reclining, being maintained very fresh with rich colourful paintings.

IMG_8341 IMG_8292 IMG_8302 IMG_8320

After about 30 minutes drive, then we reached the Sivasailam Shiva temple by about 12 noon. It’s a beautiful temple, very well maintained with lots of deities in the praharam.

Shiva shrine Amman shrine

The speciality of the temple being the beautiful Nandhi. It is one of the most beautiful Nandhis I have ever seen.

IMG_8344 - Copy

I am told that the Nandhi was created by the celestal sculptor as per the instructions of Vedas and as soon as the sculptor completed work, he used to get up to the surprise of the sculptor. More than once when this has happened, he was worried and the Lord Shiva came into his dream and advised him to make punch on the back of the Nandhi so that he will stay. The Nandhi is supposed to have been created many thousands years back but it looks perfect, beautiful and fresh as if was done with all the latest machinery just a few days back. I still can’t believe it.

IMG_8344 IMG_8349 IMG_8348 IMG_8345

The temple entrance is very beautiful with large trees and the nearby bathing ghat is also very beautiful.

IMG_8367a IMG_8368 IMG_8370 IMG_8371

The nearby Athiri hills adds beauty to the place and Sivasailam is one of the “not to be missed” temples.

IMG_8373 IMG_8374

We had an initial plan to go to Thenkasi, Kutralam, Sencottah till the Kerala border but due to the volume of the temples to be seen we cut short at Sivasailam itself and returned back towards Papanasam. We then proceeded towards the Kaaraiyar Sorimuthu Ayyanar temple. It is located on the way from Papanasam to Kaaraiyar dam (Baana Theertham / Roja falls) but much before the dam and falls. With the recent restriction by the Supreme court for the Tiger reserve areas, we were allowed only for the temples and not beyond and that too with a written request only.

On the way, we can have a nice view of Papanasam Thalai dam, Hydro Electric station, Kalyana theertham, Kodi Lingeswarar Temple and Sadhu Krishnaveni Ammal Ashram

On the way - Papanasam Thalai Anani On the way - Hydro Electricity Station On the way - Kalyana Theertham, Kodi Lingeswarar Temple and Sadhu Krishnaveni Ammal Ashram IMG_8434

The following bridge connects the Sorimuthu Ayyanar temple to the main land and there is an interesting story behind. During 1980s flood the bridge was washed away and so the temple became isolated and inacceible for people. Lord Sangili Boothathar then arranged to rebuild the bridge through the wife of a popular industrialist at Coimbatore.


View as we approach the temple

IMG_8430 IMG_8431 IMG_8432

The temple opens continuously from morning to evening and is located on a rocky terrain full of huge trees with a nice water stream flowing around the temple. The temple is being maintained by Singampatti Zamin.

IMG_8393 IMG_8404 IMG_8403 IMG_8395 IMG_8428 IMG_8425

This is a temple of Sastha (Ayyappan) sitting in a very stylish posture with Poorna and Pushkala as the main deity along with all His parivara Gods.

Poorna Pushkalai sametha Sastha Pechiamman, Brahmma Rakshashi, Sudalai Swamy

There are many mysteries being told about the temple. In the Sangili boothathar shrine, people with leg pain / problems hang new chappels being sold at the temple itself. It is told that the chappels in due course of time worn out with dust as if they were used for walking. As they wear out, the leg pain/problem of the people also vanishes. In another shrine, there is a “bell eating tree” which is supposed to eat the metal bells that are being tied there. I have seen atleast one bell which was half inside and half outside the tree.

IMG_8408 IMG_8413 IMG_8415 IMG_8422


Lot of animal / bird sacrifices take place and the carcases of them are left just like that and so we have to walk carefully. We can plan for a nice bath here also.

On returning back to Papanasam, we then took the diversion to Kodi Lingeswarar temple and Sadhu Krishnaveni ammal ashram at Kalyana Theertham. We have to pass through the Papanasam Hydro Electricity Station.

IMG_8440 IMG_8441 IMG_8442 IMG_8547

On the way, there is a beautiful Vinayagar and Murugan temple.

Vinayagar and Murugan Temple

The vehicles stop at the branch of Agasthiyar falls and Kalyana Theertham here. The space should have been full with 4 wheelers normally but thanks to the Tiger reserve restrictions, we were the lucky lone visitor there.


This is the way to Agasthiyar falls but was closed.

To Agasthiar falls

Entry is allowed only for the Kalyana theertham temples and we have to climb about 400 steps.


IMG_8458 IMG_8462 IMG_8466

Finally, the first sight of an amman temple

IMG_8468 IMG_8471a

After a tiring climb up, we were in an awesome location which we never dreamt of.

IMG_8477a IMG_8480

It is the starting point for Agathiyar falls and the Tamirabarani river, sort of a small lake surrounded by walls of huge rocks with ancient sculptures on them, few small temples and the Sadhu Krishnaveni Ammal ashram.

Kalyana Theertham Kalyana Theertham (5)

There are beautiful Pandya sculptures of Shiva marriage dharshan to Sage Agasthiyar, Lord Muruga with consorts, Narasimha, Rama, Krishnar and other deities. Such an isolated place was prominent during the Pandya regime itself is a testimony to that place.

Agasthiar (2) IMG_8534 Ramar, Seetha, Lakshman and Hanumar Shiva and Parvathi Navaneetha Krishnan with Bama and Rukmani Narasimhar Lord Muruga with consorts

Sadhu Krishnaveni ammal came to this place at the age of 10+ and stayed here until she passed away very recently at the age of 80+ on the very auspicious Chithra Pournami day of 2011. Even during the heavy floods of 1980s when the water was flowing at more than 20 feet above her cave she was going up and up only and refused to leave the place.

IMG_8475 Sadhu Krishnaveni Ammal Ashram Sadhu Krishnaveni amma (2) Agasthiar and Loba muthra Krishnveni amma's bed Sadhu Krishnaveni amma

It is a place where Siddhars are believed to come at any time and we were told that when the Siddhars arrive, a rain of sandal drops fall. We were also shown the marks of sandal rain on the rocks.

Marks of Sandal rain Marks of Sandal rain (2) Marks of Sandal rain (3)

There is a temple of Lord Shiva in the name of Kodi Lingeswarar and His consort.

IMG_8523 Shiva and Ambal shrine IMG_8524 Agasthiar

There was an Agasthiyar temple which was washed away during the 1980s flood and only the base of the temple remains now.

Old Agasthiar temple - before the flood Old Agasthiar temple - after the flood

We were the only 4 people when we climbed up and after reaching the top, just 2 more people from Salem joined us. We were then given a cup of hot tea at the Sadhu Krishnaveni ammal ashram by the lone caretaker which is a small 10×5 room with a cave inside. There were monkeys all around and surprisingly they were neither scared of us nor scared us. They sat calmly very close to us at half feet distance is an indication of the sheer peace and calm that prevails over the place.

While climbing down, all of a sudden we noticed it was 4:30 PM and we didn’t have lunch (not even any snacks or biscuits) but were with full energy. We didn’t feel like eating for another few hours also!

We then drove down to Thalaiyar dam at the back of the Papanasam Shiva temple.

IMG_8549 IMG_8551

Since there is insufficient rain this year, it didn’t look so beautiful as it used to when in full flow. We then visited the Shiva temple which is the first of the Nava Kailasams. The bathing ghat in front of the temple is considered very sacred.

IMG_8554 IMG_8568

The huge sculpture of Shiva showing His marriage dharshan to Sage Agasthiyar is more than just beautiful.

IMG_8557 IMG_8564 IMG_8567 IMG_8558 IMG_8561 IMG_8562

We then went to the Erichudayar temple at Ambasamudhram to have one of the bad experiences of the tour with a rogue archagar. When we asked about the Legend of the temple, he bluntly refused and behaved badly. Anyway another Gurukkal outside the sanctum was kind enough to explain the significances and the legend of the temple.

Ambasamudhram Erichudayar Temple

The street from the Gowrisankar lodge to the Erichudayar temple till Tamirabarani river is much talked about due to the tall trees and green fields on either side of the road which figured in many movies. It is one of the places which I had planned to spend some time. But it was already late evening and we were tired enough and so we just passed through.

Ambasamudhram Aathu Salai (3) Ambasamudhram Aathu Salai

At the end of the tiring day we then visited the Lakshmi Varaha temple at Kallidaikurichi by about 8PM which wore a festive look even at that time. There was a 4 day festival going on with a Nama Sankeerthana bhajan all through the night. Kallidaikurichi is a very vibrant and beautiful place with Tamirabarani and many temples but at the same time very peaceful. It is also called Kalyanakurichi and I understand that the Lakshmi Varaha Perumal temple, the most popular one there, celebrates festivals all through the year. I had seen people waiting outside their house to receive the urchava deities and people sitting in armchairs outside their houses in the streets listening to the upanyasams and bhajans from the temple – a scene which I experienced long time back but now a forgotten one! It looked as one of the best places to retire. I should have taken tons of photos of the temple but due to the fact that we visited at the fag end of a tiring day and also there was a huge crowd at the temple, I didn’t take any photo unfortunately.

The agraharam just opposite the temple had many Appala shops in houses (Kallidaikurichi is almost synonymous with appalam) and there was a heavy purchase by my wife.

With cherished memories of that day, we retired to the lodge after the dinner at Gowrishankar.

To be continued….


  1. I had the opportunity to read all 4 parts of ” Visit to Tirunelveli temples”. They are informative and very useful to anybody to plan a trip to the temples in and around Tirunelveli. You may also write about your visit to the other parts of the district viz Tenkasi, Shencottai and Sankarankoil taluks.

      • Respected Sir, I have met you some 10 years back at your office. I am glad you are still doing a great service to our religion by visiting all holy places and giving lot of info.
        We, a group of people have been directed by His Holiness Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal of Kanchipuram, to collect data about temples in Tamirabarani area where no puja is being done with a view to restore the puja and renovate the temples if necessary. so far about 500 temples have been renovated under His directions in Uththiramerur, Kanchipuram and Tanjore Districts. I would like to meet you in this connection if you can spare some time. My contact particulars: 9444674446,


  2. Namaskaram
    Very glad to read the whole narration.
    If possible mail me the whole for print out and use while visiting Tirunelveli etc,
    Visiting on 11/10/18 for pushkarani please give list of temple in and around Tirunelveli especially lesser known temples
    Thanks a ton

  3. Wonderful record for posterity, others should emulate and add details as they find on their travels
    it will certainly be useful for visitors and seekers
    my congratulations,for help already rendered, please accept my salutations
    God bless you

  4. Excellent write up with elaboration and photographs.I belong to Kalakad and travelled to many of the mentioned temples.There is one Shiva temple @ Pathhai,near Kalakad ,worth visiting.Keep your pilgrimage going with many more informative write-ups.

  5. excellent write up and also wonderfulf pohotograph. i am now plannning a trip to tirunelveli since i belong to that place. i may need your help

  6. it was nice to see the many places I have also visited……….one temple that’s missing is the SRI NITHYA KALYANI temple at Kadayam, which is 5 km from Sivasailam. Kadayam is on the Ambasamudram-Tenkasi highway.
    The temple is 1.6 km west from the Kadayam bus stand

  7. actually i was searing and enquiring about the THIRUPPUDAI MARUDHUR, near tirunelveli, i cannot find out till ur site i visited/read today 11.00pm . next week i am going to tirunelveli so this is very useful for us thanks for ur valid information, even the navatirupathi visit by u with the timings is very super i like it .

  8. Dear Raju Sir,
    Going thru the travelogue itself is very invigorating & refreshing to our souls. My next holiday trip is already made. Yes it is going to be Tirunelveli. I sincerely pray to Lord Almighty to shower his blessings on you for the wonderful service you have rendered to all of us. Hari Om. Regards,

  9. I totally agree with Ganapathy and others. I have never seen a writeup about such pilgrimages with informative and elaborative photos. Long live sri raju and family and best wishes

  10. My dear Raju,
    I’m from Toronto, Canada. I don’t know how to appreciate your tremondous service. Millions of information. It’s not just an information but it’s a service to our community and the future. I too like to travel and photography from the age of fifteen.I travelled from kanyakumai to Varanasi, Kasi. and from Canada, America to the whole Europe.But I don’t have any documentations. You are a dedicated person doing documentation. It’s great, great and great .God bless you for a hundreds years of long life .

  11. I had almost followed your route except that I could go to tenkasi, courtallam, ayikudi and acchan kovil.However I missed agasthiar falls etc as we were told that places cannot be visited due to forest office restrictions .We did the trip between 3rd to 9th sep.I stayed at gowri shankar at ambasamudram and took bath in the tambrabrani river near by walking on the road mentioned by you. It was really a wonderful experience and felt the same way like you.Thanks.Awaitig your tirunelveli 4.

  12. This is fantastic and very informative for sure, Probably i feel like that i have been there already and want to visit the all of these places once again.

    Please keep this coming and my best wishes to you for many more visits to holy places which are forgotten and untold.

  13. Om Sri Gurubyo Namah
    Dear Raju Sir,
    Very kind and thanks to you. No words to say your divine service.
    only this word of “Ettraikkum Eziyez Pravikkum Unthanodu” ( Perumal)

    achariyan thiruvadikale saranam
    emperumanar thiruvadikale saranam


    Ramanuja Desiga Dasan.

  14. Swamin, where a tireless traveller you turn out to be. Your fellow pilgrims in the car seem to be of similar disposition which is great. When you are on a pilgrimage like this, you never have the urge to eat. Darshan of the gods is more than sufficient to keep you fresh all the time. How I wish I am a member of your party and share all this. An excellent travellogue embellished with numerous pictures to introduce a visual experience to others who view the post. Pray to God to keep you in excellent health to continue your noble endeavours and preserve these images for posterity. Expect nothing from the State Government to conserve them. Private endeavour alone will succeed.

    Rangan D P

  15. Sir
    We had been to navathirupathy and few popular temples only in the area. Heartfelt thanks for giving elaborating about the Tinneveli Temples which are so historic, big and interesting. By reading this we are compelled to visit with a big vacation. Thanks & Pranams
    R Swaminathan

  16. Thank you Sir for the excellent write up. Of course, disappointed that not many photos of Kallidaikurichi were seen and more so of the Lakshmi Varaha perumal temple. Could you visit Swamy Sadavudayar Temple, 6 Kms from Kallidaikurichi? regards

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