Sri Asthrapureeswarar Temple at Aanoor

When one of my blog friends Arun Kumar visited the Aanoor Shva temple, he called me up from there and informed about the temple. In a few days, another blog friend Mr.Mehul Davey also informed me about the temple and invited me to come along with him to the temple. In the meanwhile the trustee also came to my house and gave me some documents pertaining to the temple. I never heard of this temple before but in a short span of time I got the Lord’s calls from various quarters to visit Him. So, on a Sunday I joined Mehul and his friends to the temple where they planned a grand abhishegam on that day.

Aanur is located at around 13 kms South of Chengalpat.
While going from Chennai, we have to go through the Chenglepat town and after passing the Chengalpat court in the outskirts of the town, we have to go straight towards Pon Vilaintha Kalathur and then further go straight beyond P.V.Kalathur for another 4-5 kms to reach Aanoor which is located on the Eastern bank of Palar river.

Aanoor has 3 ancient temples. The Asthra pureeswarar Shiva temple in dilapidated condition; the Vedha Narayaa Perumal temple, also in dilapidated condition and the Kandhaswamy temple that was renovated recently.

Kootruva Nayanar and Poet Pugazhendhi lived here.

The temple was built by Vijaya Kamba Varma Pallavan during the 7th century whose son Aparajitha Varama Pallavan was defeated by Adhithya Chola I that marked the end of Pallava regime and the beginning of Chola regime. The temple was patronised by the Chola Kings Paranthaka, Rajaraja and Klothunga and the Nayakkars of the Vijayanagara period. The Rajaraja chola period inscription says that there were musical instruments of Padagam, Thimilai, Karadigai, Kalam and Sekandi.

Inscriptions belonging to the 7-8 century Pallava period, 9th century Chola period and the 16th century Vijayanagara period are all can be seen in the same wall side by side, inferring that the stones were rearranged during the last renovation during the Vijayanagara period.

  • It is said that Arjunan got the Pasupatha Asthram from Lord Shiva at this place and hence the Lord is called Asthrapureeswarar. The nearby hill is also called Asthra hill.
  • It is said that people will be freed from court cases and encumbrances by worshipping the Lord and Ambal here.
  • Lord Shiva is facing East and Soundara valli Ambal is facing South; Ambal and Swamy can be worshipped from the artha mandapam at the same time. One time pooja is taking place daily.
  • The Ambal is seen with her left leg in front as if ready to step out to the help of devotees.


The stone dwajasthambam and sculptures on it:
IMG_1054 In the Dwajasthambam

As we enter:
IMG_1040c IMG_1030 IMG_1028 IMG_1029
IMG_1026 IMG_1031c Main Vimanam IMG_0878a

Vinayagar and Murugar idols had been stolen and the shrines are empty now:
Vinayagar shrine (empty) Subramanyar shrine

The Vinayagar is said to belong to the 5th century

Jeshta Devi in outer wall Ancient Vinayagar in outer wall In koshtam - Dakshinamoorthy In koshtam - Vishnu Durga Chandikeswarar

There was a grand abhishegam on that day.
IMG_0883c IMG_0885c IMG_0888 IMG_0894 IMG_0903c IMG_0988 IMG_0994c IMG_0935c IMG_1004c

The Ambal is seen with her left leg in front as if ready to step out to the help of devotees.

Bairavar and Durga
IMG_0944c IMG_0965c

Sculptures in the Artha mandapam
IMG_0939c IMG_0947 IMG_1010c IMG_0956c IMG_1016c IMG_0961c IMG_0968c IMG_0931 IMG_0943 IMG_0950 IMG_0962c IMG_0982c IMG_0983 IMG_0984c IMG_0985 IMG_1015ac

Maha mandapam and the sculpture in the Maha mandapam:
IMG_1021 IMG_1042



The temple also has a big pond in the front.

The trustees and the village team:

Mehul and his team:

The good thing is the trust is already in place and REACH foundation that is known to rebuild the heritage structures to its original form stone by stone at a far lower cost is going to be involved in the temple construction.

Please join the trustee Mr.Devrajan (95510 66441) and his team in this noble cause.

The complete photo set of the Asthrapureeswarar temple is available here.

Kandaswamy Temple:

The team has just completed the renovation of the ancient Kandhaswamy temple where Lord Muruga is present in the form of Brahmma Sastha when he took control of Lord Brahmma’s responsibilities.

The complete set of Kandaswamy temple is here.

Vedha Narayana Perumal Temple:

This ancient temple is also in a dilapidated condition and we could not visit on that day since it became too late. I will keep this updated when I visit next time.


  1. We went to the temple during the pradosha day.the temple is under balalayam waiting for kumbhabhishekam.we were not able to see the main deity

  2. Thank you for a good information about this temple. I hope I get a chance to visit this temple one day.
    A S Narasimhan

  3. Great Job Mr Raju. I read somewhere that there is a Srinivasa Perumal Temple on a hillock with 1500 steps in a place called Agrakaram village near Vellore close to the Bangalore Chennai Golden Quadrilateral highway. Do you know about this temple & can you throw some light on this ?

  4. Thank you very much for posting this article. Though we
    have not gone over there, we got a natural feeling of seeing it.

    Balasubramanian NR

  5. really i feel living during the chola period…. what a wonderful are divine blessed… may God give you good health to continue the task..
    nallorai kanbaduum nanru…

  6. Dear Sir, Please post the maps using google maps. @ times we are not able to locate it using wikimapia, since it is missing nearby localities.

  7. As usual wonderful job has been done by HIS grace. All the best and our prayers are always for you to continue such noble work. Your group members also deserves much appreciation and praise. What a great team work! God bless you all. The very first thing when I open may mail box is to look for your temple visit. The photos are very clear and has come out nicely.

  8. Thank you very much. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here in Toronto,Canada. Hope to reach Tiruvannamalai by the end of October and will contact you and come to the temple also. Thanks again Devraj

  9. The sculptures in Artha Mandapam, Sastha, Kamdhenu , Thapas Kamakshi, (in pillar) Murugan and Ganapathy (along the wall) exactly resemble those I have seen in Maankaadu Kamakshi Amman Temple. Perhaps the same sculptor made them. Thanks for the message and efforts to bring in this out news about new Shiva Sthalam.

  10. Raju Sir, Prostrations. Wonderful informations. Thanks a lot you and your team members. With sincere prayers. Padmanaban.S

  11. dear ganesan sir wonderfull to have the details reg a very near to chennai temple in aanoor but seeing its condition i feel it requiries renovation immly u can take up this job also of renovating all old ancient delapidated temples and to provide oil lamps atleast and also provide vastram to all temples in bad condition u can take help of people like us for the noble cause start a trust for this RAJENDRAM R KUPPUSAMI

  12. Dear Sir, Thanks for your mails. You are not only making spriritual journeys but also making senior citizens like me to travel and visit various places through your posts. God bless you. with regards jayaram. c


  13. Mr.Raju, you have the choicest blessings of Lord Siva. Long back, I informed you about my native village, Alampoondi, near Tiruvannamalai and its dilapidated Shiva Temple. Now this temple is in good shape and regular poojas and festivals are conducted, duly arranged by a registered trust. I am sure that with your propagation, as in my village’s case, this temple also will restore its original name and fame.

  14. Dear Raju Sir,

    I am ur fan. I have visited many no. of temples on seeing ur blog. I shall soon visit the Aanoor temples and try to help the trustees.

    Thank u,

    Niranjhan Kumar

    Raju’s Temp

  15. We, from Pazham Thirukkoilgal Thiruppani Sangam, had vazhibadu at this temple on 21st July 2013. There was a good participation from those living nearby.

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