Visit to some Chennai temples under renovation – 1

Visit to some Chennai temples under renovation – 1

After starting this blog, I started involving directly in some temple renovation projects,. My first one was the Edamachi temple to help the smart little lady Sathya in a very small way and the next one was joining Vadapalani Sri Ramamoorthy for the Neyveli Agneeswarar temple for the past 3 years nearly. Now that the temple is completed in a grand way and the kumbabhishegam had taken place, I was thinking of the next project. So I requested Mr.Ramamoorthy to take me to some of the temple project sites he is currently on and on one fine day he took me around to some of his on-going project sites. Our first stop was a Shiva temple at Chetpat (not the one next to Nungambakkam) near Manimangalam.

1) Sri Brahannayahi Ambal sametha Sri Siddhanantheswarar temple at Chetpat

In the Tambaram – Mudichur road, immediately after the over-bridge of the new Outer Ring road, we have to take a right side diversion towards Manimangalam and then at Manimangalam take the right side diversion towards Makanyam / JK Tyres/ Sriperumpudhur. After about 2 kms from Manimangalam, take a right side diversion again to Chetpat for about 1 km to the temple. The temple is right on the left side of the road.

About 4 years back, when Sri Ramamoorthy was travelling from Somangalam to Padappai, he was passing through this place and saw in a flash something like a shiv lingam in a bush. He already went past that but some inner urge made him to reverse and come back to see what really it was. Indeed it was a Shiva lingam, white in colour because of no pooja for quite a long time with the Avudayar in a cut opened state. He immediately got some villagers, cleaned it to its original colour, got some jaggery from a nearby house, offered it to the Lord and went back. Later he arranged to repair the avudayar to bring it to its proper shape, brought a Nandhi and Bali peetam and put them all under a thatched shelter. The villagers showed great interest to their new found Lord and started pradhosha pooja which is attracting quite a good crowd from the surroundings.

2 1 3 4

The temple location is very beautiful with two temple ponds full of water, a big banyan tree (what is standing today is only a child of a big mother tree which fell recently), a small Vinayagar temple, a small Amman temple, all surrounded by green paddy fields.

IMG_9753a IMG_9755a IMG_9738a IMG_9780 IMG_9781 IMG_9749 Vinayagar shrine

The prasnam of the deity had revealed the following:
The Lord is Sri Siddhanantheswarar and the Ambal is Sri Brahannayahi  or Periya nayahi .There are two pushkaranis Nandi pushkarni and one more.

Our visit:
On that day, we went without prior intimation to the villagers but on knowing our arrival there, many no of villagers including the young Panchayat head gathered within a short time. They were very happy to see us around. The one good thing about this village is that the people are very spirited towards Hinduism. They had renovated their village amman temple Sridevi Vembuli Amman temple by themselves, the kumbabhishegam of which was scheduled in a few days when we went. The villagers have a great respect to Sri. Ramamoorthy and the fact that quite a no of villagers came all the way to Neyveli to attend the Kumbabhishegam reiterate their respects to him. I found this quite heartening in the midst of vigorous religious conversion going on at different villages. We had a detailed discussion with them and took the main decision of finding out the temple land boundaries from the available the land records and secure that first (By now we learnt that they not only met the RDO & other Revenue officials and earmarked the temple boundaries but also got some assurance for the donation of some more adjacent lands from the respective owners). On seeing the enthusiasm and vigour of the villagers I decided that this is my next project to focus on. My cousin brother Gopi @ Natesan from New Perungalathur who was a key contributor to the Neyveli Agneeswarar temple had also readily come forward to be the key contributor for this temple. The villagers are also ready to contribute for each house. Things have started moving fast since then, a bhoomi pooja was conducted on the last Vasthu day; the temple plan is made ready; and a good sthapathy is also identified. It’s going to be a small budget temple under Rs 15 lakhs and it’s planned to start the work from the Tamil month of Ayppasi.

Shiva shrine Snake pit IMG_9740 IMG_9765 IMG_9764 IMG_9770 IMG_9772 IMG_9767 IMG_9776 IMG_9778

We earnestly appeal to all the blog readers to join us and the villagers in this beautiful project. The villagers will be very enthusiastic if they know that the whole world is behind them to appreciate their religious affinity. It’s also our sacred duty to nurture and protect their strong Hindu sentiments and avoid another village becoming a victim of religious conversion trap.

Sri Ramamoorthy @ 99403 98648 / Raju @ 98407 41398 / Gopi @ 98842 08855
Sri Adhimoolam (Village elder) @ 95662 19122 / 95260 79322

Update from my latest visit on 8th April 2015:

The temple is coming up very well with some major contributions from Mr.Gopi (Natesan) of New Perungalathur, a philanthropist from Adayar (not wanting to give name), the villagers themselves by way of money and labour. Still it needs some strong push to keep it going uninterrupted. Major money is required for the labour for the Sthapathy. So I request the blog readers to contribute however small it is and participate in this holy task. You will be supporting a village that has a strong faith in Hinduism thus saving it from any religious conversion attempts. There is no temple account created as such and so you can contact any of the above persons.

Intermediate stage (3rd Sep 2014):
IMG_7458 IMG_7449 IMG_7454

Latest (8th April 2015):

IMG_0060 IMG_0114 IMG_0053


  1. Hi raju sir,

    This is Devilal and we have a team of 6 members( age group between 26- 31) from chennai who are interested to do temple cleaning work, we are a mix of banking IT and cine field professionals and we like to do this activity as a service to God who has blessed us abundantly. We have tried to approach temples however have been stalled, Can you please guide us how we can start this activity.


    • Hi Mr.Devilal,
      It’s really nice to see such requests.
      I can refer 2 teams which I know personally and are doing great works.
      1) Mr. K.Kannan from Chrompet, Chennai. He, with the help of Kanchi Sankara Madam, identifies lingams that are open to sky and temples that need desperate attention and helps to build shed / temple, conducts Kumbabhishegam and start the pooja at the minimum possible cost with the coordination from the villagers. They also go to such temples every 4th Sunday of the month and conduct pooja.
      He can be reached at 98410 20857 – Address: 2/25, Sivakami Nagar, First Main road, Hasthinapuram, Chrompet, Chennai.
      2) The next is Annamalaiyar Arappani Kuzhu by Sri Ramachandran Viswanathan @ 98840 80543 and Sri.Ganapathy Subramanian @ 99411 45115. They do Uzhavarappani every month and also identify the open lingams and temples that need desperate attention.

  2. Very good travelogue. Thanks for bringing to light such small temples so that they can be resuscitated with help from public. Photos are very good including panoramas. Seem to have used the fill flash technique to good effect. Keep it up.
    Rangan D P

  3. Thanks for yet another important post.I will try to make some contribution for this temple renovation,especially taking into consideration our duty of saving another village from the trap of religious conversion,as rightly pointed out by you sir.I will also try some more of my friends and relatives too to take part in this task,to the extent possible.Also will try to make a visit sometime in the near future and worship Lord Sri Siddhanantheswarar.

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