Visit to some Chennai temples under renovation – 2

Continued from the previous post

2) Sri Kamakshi ambal sametha Sri Ekambareswarar Temple at Vengadu

We continued our visit to another ancient temple under renovation, Sri Ekambareswarar Temple at Vengadu. The temple has the ancient base structure with inscriptions.


In the same route Manimangalam-Makanyam-JKTyres road, turn right at Navalur and the temple is at about 2 kms from there. It can also be reached from the Kundrathur-Sriperumpudhur route. At abput 17 kms from Kundrathur, after TVH Svaya Flats, turn left and the temple is about 2 kms from there.

1 2

The Vinayagar shrine was completed and the kumbabhishegam was scheduled in a few days after our visit.
Vinayagar shrine ready for Kumbabhishegam Vinayagar shrine

The work on the main shrines will then start.

Main shrine (left) and the Ambal shrine (right) IMG_9863
IMG_9830 Ambal shrine Sri Ekambareswarar IMG_9842

There is a big pond with lots of lilly / lotus flowers

IMG_9883 IMG_9891 IMG_9889 IMG_9890c

The (muddy) water from this temple tank is serving as the drinking water for the whole village and the people are in dire need of filtered water from this tank.

IMG_9872 IMG_9874 IMG_9871 IMG_9847

The complete photo set is here

Contact: 98944 91083 / 98408 66266 / 95006 51561 / 90958 98255

3) Sri Rathnambihai sametha Sri Akshaya Rathna Lingeswarar temple at Kolathur

Our next stop was another temple under renovation, Sri Akshaya Rathna Lingeswarar temple at Kolathur


IMG_9810 IMG_9814 IMG_9823 IMG_9800

There are two big ponds around the temple. One has been renovated beautifully

and the other one

The complete photo set is here

Contact: 99406 84869 / 97899 10749 / 99408 08740 / 90032 56396

Status update Jan 2017:
The renovation is completed and the kumbabhishegam had taken place already



  1. I can give few water filters of mine. They have to just pour on the top the pond water, the bottom vessel can give clean drinking water. If anyone goes that side, they can pick up from me at Cenotaph road. Teynampet. My number is 9444441181. See details of the low cost electricity water filters at

  2. REACH was the one to declare this temple first out along with Ramamurthi Sir. Now happy that Sathyanarayanan our member is actively renovating the temple. We are lending helping hands by giving skilled sthapathis.

  3. Comment from Vijaya Ramesh:
    Can we pool in money and provide the facility of safe drinking water to the villagers near the Vengadu temple? Please let us know.

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