REACH (Rural Education And Conservation of Heritage) foundation, an NGO to uplift the temple centric Rural India and restore our heritage monuments, conferred me with the Heritage award for the year 2013 along with 2 others. The award is something special for me since the award committee constitutes some of the great heritage experts like Dr.Sathyamoorthy, Ex-Director, ASI.

REACH Award1 REACH Award2

In connection with the REACH award, there was an article in Times of India newspaper on 23rd Nov 2013 (Chennai edition) and 24th Nov 2013 (other districts edition). The link to the article is here

Time of India Article

I also got two awards in the ICICI bank’s online photo contest Privilege Moments. Have submitted 4 photos under 4 categories, out of which 2 photos got into Top 50 at the national level. One of them was the Viewrs’choice Zonal winner in Wildlife category and the other was the runner up in Viewers’choice Zonal runner up in Abstract category.
ICICI Privilege Moments Award

IMG_2506 IMG_2519 IMG_2527 IMG_2534

Winner in the wildlife category:

Runner up in the Abstract category:


  1. Dear sir you truly deserve this we are all benefited by your blogs but didn’t do anything to reciprocate you in anyway other than ticking the likes. May God shower you and your family with all goodness and happiness

  2. Congrats. Your knowledge in photography is surely going to benefit us all, since your photos of the temples you visit will be more beautiful and compelling us to visit them at once. By the by where did you come across that azure blue sky. Certainly not Chennai

  3. Dear Sir,
    Very pleased to know about you getting this award. Yes like many other people we too see your blogs to get a first hand information of all the temples before we visit. I make it a point to share at with atleast five or six friends of mine almost daily. My respects to you.

  4. Dear Sir
    Thanks for your mail.
    This is really great. Hearty Congratulations for receiving this award.
    We are also going for temples, seeing your list and it is very helpful to us.
    Even location also – very helpful to us.
    Thank you very much sir

  5. Congratulations for the exemplary work you have been doing in this direction. Indeed, you have a vital role in renovating old temples and making rich efforts to maintain their rich heritage while making every
    effort to make the people understand the concept of spiritualism.
    You deserve this rich award and many more to come in the years ahead.

  6. Hearty congratulations Mr Raju for the award which you deserve it very much. You are instrumental in many of the temples which were neglected and not taken due care for years together in getting it renovated and made people to visit. Many people who could not know their family deities could know it because of the wonderful efforts put in by you. Let your service continue for many such old and ancient temples to come to light

  7. So much work, and so much knowledge for all…Hearty congratulations –I must meet you…Pl send me your details..Sukumar

  8. Congratulations on your well deserved award. Please keep up your unique service of providing much needed information on temples. It is always a pleasure to read them and re-read them whenever we feel like. God bless you and your family!

  9. SRI RAJU,CONGRATULATIONS ! You deserve it and much more. Your temple coverage is always superb.I awe with wonder how you could visit so many temples, collect minute details of these temples, give a brief account of these places of worship with wonderful Photos.These e-travelouge coverage is a treasure to be kept and read over and over again to understand our heritage and customs and the significance of temple visits which is an important aspects of spirituality.Kudos to you,Sri Raju. May you continue your work with more vigour and may the Almighty bless you with longevity and good health !With best wishes,V.Radhakrishnan

  10. Dear Raju Sir,
    Hearty Congrts for your commendable service . I remember a famous sentence of an

    English author.”some are born great;some achieve greatness; and on some, greatness thrust upon them. Definetely you belong to second Category. Definetely greatness , if you don’t need it, the will be thrust on you, Sir.

  11. Dear Sri Rajendran

    Congrats and here wishing you many more laurels, which you richly deserve. God bless. If time permits I shall surely make it  to the event.


    vishu cm (Visweswaran CM)

  12. Congratulations to you.
    Your blog has been very very useful in our pursuit to visit various temples. Very useful information , driving directions and details of the temple with exhaustive illustrations, photographs. We are thankful to you .

  13. dear raju.

    I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your receiving Reachfoundation awards, and also ICICI Bank’s award , in the Best photography category.

    Best wishes , you have to do a lot more , to influence – Hindism Temple architecture to many people , who are not aware of anthing .

    You are the Right person to receive , the Right Reachfoundation award at the Right time.

    will meet you in person.


    • Are you the same AV Sukumar who worked with Mr Sipani – because I followed you there, I live in Bangalore too, we should catch up.. I agree with you ..Raju is doing a great job. Let us catch up – My number is 9886151155 p Pl call.

      TS Sukumar

  14. Dear Rajendra
    Congratulations. Apart from the idols installed in the temple its the surrounding and the cleaniness that attracts the people to visit the holy places.
    May you have good health and energy in the coming years.
    I am from Mumbai, regularly visit the ancient temples.

  15. Congrats Sir,

    You are well deserve to get the award. I always refer site for a temple visit and the history. I believe this is a blessing to us by you. thanks for that.

    Humble Regards.


  16. Congratulations! It is really a great moment. You are rendering a remarkable service to the society, Many many and many more laurels and accolades are in store exclusively for you. May your favourite Deity keep Blessing you always. – Vishvesh

  17. Mr Raju, Congratulations on this award being conferred on you. I have been a regular visitor to your site and have enjoyed it immensely. The sthala varalaru of each temple has been given in detail and that really helps to enjoy the experience even more.

    May many more awards come your way any you continue enriching us with your service.

  18. Dear Sir,

    Many congratulations.

    You are guiding people like us to visit many temples to take blessings of God…Complete guidance for temples which are unknown but very powerfull like Neyveli, Sanyasi Hills and many more..

    You play a vital role in developing old temples and maintaining its rich heritage and spiritualism.

    No words to praise you Sir… You certainly deserve this award.. And more than this award `kadavulin arutparvai endrum unguludan irukkum’…

    I am sorry.. i thought of congratulating you immediately on receipt of initiation form Reach but missed…

    Also one more congratulation for ICICI photo contest award.. Your flicker photo stream is superb…

    Thanking you once again sir for your valuable and great service…

  19. dear sir, very glad to see your mail. your commendable work has been recognized and…wishes….k.narayanaswamy

    Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 07:52:09 +0000 To:

  20. Congratulations Sir. I know Dr Deborah and her efforts in conserving some of the heritage homes. You are also in excellent company, especially Mr Narasiah. Though his mother tongue is not Tamil, he is an excellent Tamil writer. Keep getting many more such awards.



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