Visit to temples around Kangeyam – Day 3

Visit to temples around Kangeyam – Day 3

Places visited during the trip:

1) Sri Muthukumara Swamy Temple at Vattamalai

We packed off from the Kangeyam lodge and proceeded towards Dindigul to join our daughter and son-in-law who were coming from Bangalore. We travelled in the Tharapuram (Pazhani) route and our first temple was Vattamalai Murugan, just about 4-5 kms from Kangeyam. Wow, what a beautiful temple in a scenic location! You can understand the beauty of the location from the fact that Chennai Express and many Tamil movies were shot here.

IMG_3344b IMG_3349b IMG_3347 IMG_3351 IMG_3465c IMG_3465a IMG_3461a IMG_3461 IMG_3449a IMG_3447 IMG_3445 IMG_3437a IMG_3358 Idumban Shrine

It was 7:30 AM and the temple was not open. The Gurukkal said that the temple will be opened only by 9 AM and upon our request, he finally agreed to come and promptly came soon. The temple is on a tiny rocky hill, possibly a single rock, with just about 100 steps. Even for that, a road has been made for vehicles.

Vinayagar and Idumban shrines are on the way to the hilltop. It was Konganagiri in olden days since Kongana Siddhar lived here. His cave is in Uthiyur, a few kms from here. It is said that this was a Shiva temple till 1949 and during the consecration then, Sri Muthukumara Swamy was installed and became a Murugan temple. Mahavishnu’s Adhishesha is installed near Murugar.

IMG_3367a IMG_3363a IMG_3385

The arthamandapam has pillar sculptures of Shiva, Parvathi, Hanuman, Ramar, Mahavishnu, various Sages and Siddhars and many others.

IMG_3380 IMG_3381 IMG_3382> IMG_3375 IMG_3377 IMG_3405 IMG_3408 IMG_3409 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 IMG_3412 IMG_3413

On top of the Garbha graha entry and in the ceiling:

IMG_3416 In the ceiling IMG_3394a IMG_3400a IMG_3393 IMG_3399 IMG_3395 IMG_3396

On the koshta walls:

IMG_3392 IMG_3403 IMG_3404 IMG_3402 IMG_3391
IMG_3379 IMG_3371 IMG_3387 IMG_3390

In the Dwajasthambam:

In the Dwajasthambam In the Dwajasthambam> In the Dwajasthambam

During the visit, an incident took place which was heavy on heart :
When we did our archana, an young boy and girl joined with a garland for Murugan and did the archana in their names. After finishing our worship, the Gurukkal locked the hilltop temple and left to come back at his usual time. While I was taking photos around, 3 more people joined the boy & girl and we found that a marriage was taking place for them at the Vinayagar shrine with just 5 people including the couple! Except the bride, who was in a sad mood understandably, there was no lady at all. A person was guarding around the temple in a two wheeler to make sure that everything is completed smoothly. Though they tied their knot apparently without the permission from both sides, we were wondering at the Lord Mururga’s gesture for them, to bring the Gurukkal at an unusual time (though us) and accept their garland & archana.

IMG_3421a IMG_3433a IMG_3433b

2) Uthiyur

After Vattamalai, we then continued on the same route to Tharapuram (Pazhani) and went to Uthiyur, 4-5 kms from Vattamalai.
It’s a big hill with a cluster of temples at various heights with full of trees and bushes. At the base of the hill, on the main road itself, there is Sri Brahalanayahi sametha Sri Kailasanathar Temple and about 200+ steps of climbing will take us to the Sri Uthanda Velayutha Swamy Murugan temple, a little further trekking for 10 minutes to Chetti Thamibiran Siddhar (a disciple of Kongana Siddhar) temple, a still further trekking for 15 minutes to Sri Uchi Pillaiyar temple. All these four are close to each other and from there a long trek will take us to the Kongana Siddhar cave. There are proper steps and a road for vehicles only upto the Murugar temple and beyond that only a trek path is available.
If you want to trek only to the Kongana Siddhar cave there is a shorter path. In the Tharapuram route itself you can go further from Uthiyur for another 1.5 kms and you can see a three way junction that branches off on the right to a town called Kundadam (where there is a famous Bairavar temple which was the next temple we visited). There is a sign board at the junction, take that road and travel further for about 1 km to see an arch on the right welcoming us to the Kongana Siddhar cave.

2a) Sri Brahalanayahi sametha Sri Kailasanathar Temple

IMG_3499a IMG_3495 IMG_3494IMG_3472b IMG_3493a IMG_3488a IMG_3466 IMG_3481a IMG_3477 IMG_3473 IMG_3482

2b) Sri Uthanda Velayutha Swamy (Murugan) Temple

The Murugar in Dhandayuthapani posture is very beautiful and unlike the other temples, we can have a very close and satisfying dharshan of the deity.

Starting off steps Murugar Temple Uchi Pillaiyar Temple IMG_3513a IMG_3509a IMG_3507a IMG_3503a Uchi Pillaiyar Temple - View from Murugan Temple Uchi Pillaiyar Temple - View from Murugan Temple

The hill is a very sacred place since it’s a house of many Siddhars. Kongana Siddhar stayed and meditated here and got the dharshan of Lord Shiva. He used to make gold by breathing out air through mouth into some clay tubes and pouring a mix of herbal liquids. It is said that the clay tubes are still present in the hill. Since he used the ‘breathing out’ technique the place is called Oothiyur / ஊதியூர் (In tamil ‘oothi’/ ‘ஊதி’ means breathing out) and the hill itself is called Pon Oothi malai (பொன் ஊதி மலை). When we went, about 50 boys and girls in uniform from the nearby school came to the Murugan temple and climbed up. We visited only the Shiva temple at the base and the Murugan temple at the hill. We haven’t attempted to go further due to shortage of time but it’s a very nice place to trek and have some great spiritual experience.

3) Kundadam Sri Vaduganathar / Sri Bairavar Temple

As per our plan, our temple visits would have been completed with the Uthiyur temples and thinking so, we were proceeding to Dindigul to join our daughter and son-in-law who were coming from Bangalore. Just when we started from Uthiyur, we got a call from our daughter saying that they were stuck in a traffic jam near Salem due to a lorry accident on the highway and they were delayed by an hour. Just then we were crossing a T-junction past Uthiyur and the signboard there showed a diversion to a place called Kundadam. It struck a bell in me all of a sudden since there is a popular Bairavar temple there which I noted down but didn’t plan due to some deviation from our planned route. But now that we have an hour of time, I immediately stopped the car and reversed to take the diversion to Kundadam. God willing, he can invite us to His abode at any time! Had my daughter’s call was delayed by 5-10 minutes we would have gone past the T-junction by a few kms and we wouldn’t have taken the pain to come back and take the diversion. The timing was exact on the spot!
Not just that, we had another lovely experience. When we approached the temple, a few months old dog intercepted our car from nowhere and went ahead in front of us in the middle of the road. It took us slowly to the temple, every now and then looking back to confirm that we were following him. Remember we were going to a popular and powerful Bairavar temple!

Though this is a Shiva temple and the main deity is Lord Vidangeeswarar with Ambal Visalakshi this is better known as Bairavar temple with a separate shrine for KalaBairava Vaduganathar who is considered equivalent to Kasi Kalabhairavar in power.

Sthala Significance:
In Mahabharatha, Keesakan who disturbed Draupathi was killed by Bheema here and so this was referred as “Kondra-Idam” (Kondra means killed and Idam means place in tamil) that became Kundadam.
Another interesting fact is when the Pandavas were in exile into the forests here, they were identified by Dhuryodhana’s men and it was reported to Dhuryodhana. So this is called Kanda-Idam (Kanda means found in tamil), which later became Kundadam.

Once this area was a forest and Vidanga Maharishi did penance on Kasi Viswanathar but got frequent external disturbances. He prayed to Kasi Viswanathar who then sent Vaduga Bairavar (one form of Lord Shiva) who is highly powerful in Kasi, to protect the penance of Vidanga Marishi. Vaduga Bairvavar stayed with Vidanga Maharishi here.
Once the Vaaniga Chettiars (trading community) were crossing the forest here with bags of pepper and Vaduga Bairavar wanted to play with them. He took the form of an old Brahmin and asked for some pepper to cure his cough. They told that it is not (costly) pepper but green gram. When they reached Madurai, it turned out to be green gram really and was about to be punished by the King. At that time, a celestial voice told that it is He who played the trick. The God then directed the King to Kundadam forest and made him pray to Lord Vidangeeswarar and Vaduga Bairavar. The son and daughter of the King who were disabled and dumb got cured and as a gratitude, the King built this temple.

IMG_3544a IMG_3540a IMG_3541 IMG_3528a IMG_3531a IMG_3526 IMG_3537 IMG_3536 IMG_3532 IMG_3533

The Temple:
Lord Shiva who was worshipped by Vidanga Maharishi is present here as Lord Vidangeeswarar along with Visalakshi ammai. Vaduga Bairavar is present in a separate sanctum and is considered equal to Kasi Kala Bairavar.
Sthala Vruksham: Ianthai

4) Sri Ramaswamy Siddhar Adhishtanam at Ottanchathram

After Kundadam, we were proceeding to Dindigal via Tharapuram / Ottanchathram and when we were passing through the Ottanchathram bypass, I saw a board “Ramaswamy Siddhar Adhishtanam”. It rang a bell in me again since I wanted to visit this during our earlier trip to Pazhani Murugan just about 4 months back but we couldn’t because we went in a group. Now that I was just passing through it, didn’t want to miss it. It’s just a small single shrine adhishtanam and we had a pleasant dharshan. He has done many miracles like the other Siddhars and lived in recent times.
Read Ramaswamy Siddhar’s life and miracles here:

IMG_3545 IMG_3547 IMG_3550a IMG_3551

With that we came to the real end of our Kangeyam temple trip and reached Dindigal. In a few minutes, my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter joined us. There is very good private car parking here for about 60 cars in 4 rows. Some cars are stationed on a monthly rental and the daily rental was 100 Rs a day. It is located in the Scheme Road just behind the main bus stand. We dropped one car there and all went together in a single car to Thekkady for a 2 days pleasure trip, came back, took back the other car and returned to our respective destinations. It was a great pleasure driving all through and for a 550+ kms single stretch driving on return to Chennai, it was not all that tiring, thanks to my new Honda Amaze Automatic!

Well, that’s all for now and hopefully will meet you in another similar temple trip. Thanks to everyone who were travelling with me all along!


  1. The 3 part blog is like an interesting short novel with nice twists, keeping me to read till the last line. Your narration is awesome! I am a long time reader of your blogs and your interesting narration is consistent. Wishing you to write many more such temple trips.

  2. Nice write up with excellent pictures. The sculptures are very nice. Thanks for sharing. Pl let me know whether i can download the pictures?

  3. Namaskatram,

    You have missed the Dharapuram Kadu Hanuantharayaswamy Temple, it is very near to Kangayam i.e. 22 Km. The Hanumar is made of single plate stone by hand by the Saint Vyasarayar. It is one out of 700 idols established the Vysarayar. The temple has no Gopuram and top in the Karpagraham.


    • Wow, i knew it’s a popular temple there but didn’t know that it is one of the Vyasaraja’s temples. Had I known before I would have definitely planned it. what a miss!

  4. Namaskarams,
    Thank you for the beautiful narrations about the temples around Kangeyam. Have you not visited the one temple at Kangeyam itself, an old shiva temple, Thandeswarar Temple.

    • No Sir, we were engaged with the other temple but missed the local temple! further I don’t have any info on this temple in the net.

  5. Thank you air, 2019, our pilgrimage trip is going to be very useful by following your trip. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. ADVANCE HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 WITH LOT OF ENERGISED FUN AND HAPPINESS. NAMASKARAMS, k s srinivasan


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