Gujarat Tour – Day 3

Day 3  of our Gujarat Tour (26/11/2019)

Briefly, Day 3 was the travel from Bhuj to Dwarka via Jamnagar

This was the 2nd day of the 3 days that involved long travels. The direct distance of Bhuj – Dwarka is only 130 kms but due to the Gulf of Kutch we have to travel around the Gulf of Kutch for about 440 kms and 9 hours!

Started off from Click Hotel, Bhuj after the breakfast by 8 AM to Dwarka.  After Gandhidham, took a tea break at Chamunda Krupa Restaurant at Vondh by 10:30 AM. The highway was very good and Camels & goats passed by! The highway turn around over the Gulf of Kutch at Shikarpur was a beautiful one. The road bridge passing over the sea backwaters for several kms was a beautiful sight.

We reached Jamnagar by about 2:30 PM and the driver took us to Shree Annapurna Family Dining for lunch. It was just Ok but I’m sure there will be plenty of better restaurants in that big city.

After lunch, we went to Sri Bala Hanuman Temple at Jamnagar where Sri Ram Chant is going on 24×7 since 1956 (!) and it holds the Guinness record for the same. The temple was closed by the time we went but the Ram chant was going on with few people and we also joined them for 15 minutes.

The Lakhola Museum cum palace which is situated in the middle of a lake is very popular and beautiful and was situated closeby to the Bala Hanuman temple but no one either showed interest or had energy. So we resumed our journey to Dwarka by 3:30 PM.

We passed through Jamnagar Akshardham temple, a vast temple.
The Reliance Petroleum Refinery complex in Meghpar/Padana village of Jamnagar district, claimed to be the World’s biggest manufacturing complex on a land of 7,500 acres (30 Sq kms) and the highway side compound itself was extending to 4-5 kms!
Gujarat groundnuts are very popular, big in size, and harvesting was going on in a field. We stopped by and bought some!
People were going in Padayatra to Dwarka all along.

Finally, we reached Club Mahindra Dwarka by 6 PM. It is one of the best Club Mahindra resorts we visited and enjoyed the stay.

After refreshing, started off for the evening Aarthi at Dwarkdish Krishna Temple which takes place by 7:30 PM.  Having come from Tamilnadu and having seen popular temples like Thirupathi, Srirangam, Palani etc., it was a big surprise to note that there was neither VIP dharshan nor ticketed dharshans. We joined the queue when the sanctum was closed for the aarthi. After 10-15 minutes, the screen was opened and we had a very blissful dharshan in the evening aarthi. Even when the Aarthi is taking place the Queue is made to move and so it is a moving queue always. It was taking just about 15 minutes from joining the queue to coming out and you can go in the queue any number of times. Further, the sanctum and the queue is arranged in such a way that you can stand at about 25 feet from the deity as long as you wish to and have a dharshan. Nobody will ask you to move out! You have to go in queue only to have a very close dharshan of Bhagwan Krishnar. So, though it is such a popular temple and people from all over the country throng there you don’t have to worry about the crowd and the time it will take for the dharshan etc., At any point of time and on any day, possibly even on Janmashtami day, you can have a very peaceful and blissful dharshan of Bhagwan Krishnar, I believe! Can we think of the same in Srirangam Ranganathar temple on a Vaikunda Ekadasai day?

The Vimanam of the temple has multi tiers and it was glittering in night light. There are plenty of sub shrines in the vimanam itself and due to security reasons, no one except the priest (for the pooja), is allowed in the upstairs of the vimanam. From outside, the vimanam itself looks like a mini ancient palace with plenty of rooms. The outside was exquisitely carved and the huge saffron flag flying above was an added beauty. There are many sub shrines within the temple complex and we were worshipping the deities one by one. With wonderful breeze from the nearby beach, going around the temple, shrine by shrine, leisurely at that night time, after a peaceful and pleasant dharshan of Bhagwan Krishna was one of our best life moments we won’t forget.  We were looking for an important shrine of Bhagwan Krishna’s closest friend, Kusela or Sudhama, but couldn’t. After enquiring with the priests, we found that it was not an exclusive sub shrine but a small place reserved within a hall with a big portrait of Sudhama with Bhagwan Krishna along with the Pooja items.

Inside the temple, we bought some Gomathi Chakras which are considered very sacred.
We then did some shopping outside (colorful Gujarati dresses for ladies and kids are plenty), finished dinner (not so good) and retired to hotel.

More on Dwarka and Beyt Dwarka on Day 4.

See you in Day 4…



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