Gujarat Tour – Day 6 & 7

Gujarat Tour Day 6 (29/11/2019) – Travel Diu to Nadiad

This is the 3rd and last long drive of the trip, Diu to Nadiad through Chalala, Amreli and Sarangpur.

Started from Diu by 6:30 AM. Took breakfast at Hotel RadheShyam at Amreli bypass junction at 10 AM which was just Ok.

Reached Shree Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Mandir at Salangpur by 1 PM. I didn’t know about this temple previously and the driver took us here. It’s a highly popular temple in a vast campus consisting of a hotel also among many others. So, it’s a nice place to book a room when we come across this route. The temple was closed when we went but food was being served. We took the lunch here, which was very good.

Took a tea break at Gallops Food Plaza, Fedara by 3:15 PM. Lothal Harappan Period Archaeological Site is only about 20 minutes’ drive from here but no one was interested.

Reached Club Mahindra Boulevard 9, Nadiad by 5:50 PM. Since we are Club Mahindra members and Nadiad is midway between Ahamedabad and Statue of unity, we stayed at Nadiad, otherwise you can stay at Ahamedabad also.

Shri Vallabhai Patel’s birth house is located at Junaraopura within Nadiad town. It is still owned by his relatives who are all at different places in and out of India but there is a caretaker (shopkeeper) at the street who can show you around at any time. We planned for it but couldn’t visit.

Gujarat Tour Day 7  (30/11/2019) – Ahamedabad Local Sightseeing and Shopping

Started from Nadiad by 6:45 AM. Took a much needed South Indian breakfast at Udipi Café at Paldi 4 way junction at Kocharab, which was very good.

Visited Gandhi Sabarmathi Ashram (10 to 10:15 AM) which is located in a beautiful environment on the bank of Sabarmathi river and is very cleanly maintained.

Visited our next destination Adalaj Step well from 10:45 to 11:30 AM. Rajasthan and Gujarat have many step wells, most of them constructed as temples treating water as God. While Rani Ki Vav looked as a real temple highlighting the spiritual significance of water with every inch of the walls being adorned with beautiful sculptures of Hindu culture and Gods, Adalaj Step well looked more as a Mughal structure with carvings of various beautiful symmetrical patterns. Also this is small compared to Rani Ki Vav.

We then visited Akshardham Swaminarayan Jain temple. As in other places, this is also a beautiful temple in a vast complex with theme park, refreshment stalls, ice-cream parlour etc., No need to tell about the ice-cream – excellent everywhere in Gujrat.

We then spent the afternoon for the shopping in the Ratanpol Saree market and Lal Darwaza market. The car parking was a big issue and so we dropped the car at some convenient location and then roamed around till evening in Autos.

Ratanpol Saree market was very good with colourful Gujarati sarees & ladies dresses and my wife picked up plenty. It was very difficult to find some good hotel there. Krishna hotel was recommended by people but by the time we went the lunch time was over and all the employees were taking rest. They will open again only for the evening. So we had to survive only with some chats.

Lal Darwaza market is around 1 km form Ratanpol and the entire roadside was packed with platform shops. It was difficult even to walk. Earlier our friend informed that there is a street full of shops selling mirror work dresses for kids in Lal Darwaza and it was our first item for our granddaughter in our shopping list. We were searching for it all through Lal Darwaza but were disappointed that all other items except that was available there (actually the street was called Navarathri traditional dress market in a different area called Law garden market and we found it on the next day!). It was a Muslims market and how can Hindu Traditional dresses be available there? and we didn’t like to shop anything over there. After roaming over for an hour unnecessarily, we returned back to the car by 6:45 PM and reached Nadiad resort by 8 PM.

See you in Day 8 (the last day)…


  1. sir after reading your gujarat tour, i have found many disappointments that you faced. It is full of negative. Not like your earlier writing. Your earlier writing makes eagerness to visit the place. But this writing felt like not recommended

    • Not really Magesh. My earlier travelogues are for trips within tamilnadu whereas this one is a South Indian going to North and has to face food and language limitations. The real negative which I can not accept was the toilet conditions in Modi’s state, otherwise all the others are normal one will face in such a long tour in a state of unknown language.

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