Following were the triggering factors that prompted me to start this Blog:

  • Later after visiting a temple, I came to know about some significances of the temple which I had missed out during the visit. This makes me feel that my visit was a half-baked one. So I started the habit of doing some pre-research in the net and books before visiting a temple. During the process I found that there is no single source of information for a particular temple and there are many different sources giving different information in bits and pieces. So I felt giving all the temple information in one place is the need of the hour. Mainly I wanted to give all the “not-to-be-missed” details of the temples beforehand so that one can feel his/her temple dharshan a complete and fulfilled one.
  • I feel heavy hearted to see some of the very ancient temples with great legendary values and significance, deserted now. After so much of hard labour by our ancestors, these temples remain today without any patronage by us which is shameful to us. There are priests looking after these temples without absolutely any income. If my Blog can make at least a few people to visit these temples, I would be very happy.
  • After visiting a temple, I find out later that there are more such interesting temples/ places in the same route I just traveled and realised that my energy, time and money were not optimally spent. So I have given the temple details route wise.
  • I normally like traveling to new places and have a good spiritual interest as well. Combining, I found a new passion in visiting new temples and also write about them in an useful way for others. Forget about the religious aspect, there are so many temples with beautiful temple tanks, huge trees, sculptures and Rajagopurams in calm and serene atmosphere, which are good weekend spots as well (how long we can go on to the malls and restaurants during weekends?).
  • People have not learnt from the history (after all, history is there to get some learnings from the past), how we gave our space to others due to infighting, how our country was invaded, how many thousands of temples had been destroyed etc.,.
    • Look at what Lord Macaulay addressed to the British Parliament on 2nd Feb 1835:
      I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a begger, who is a thief, such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”. Without taking pride in our own culture and belief system, people and press consider it as a fashion to ridicule ourselves.
    • François Gautier, a Delhi based French journalist says that the no of temples destroyed by Aurangazeb is counted in 4, if not 5, figures.  Many of the records and firmans (edicts) of those destruction orders are still preserved in Indian museums, such as the Bikaner archives. I witnessed an exhibition of “Aurangzeb, As He Was According To Moghol Records” by Mr.Francois Gautier  using historical documents, which showed Hinduism as a timeless cultural manifestation, capable of maintaining its unique character and spirit of tolerance amidst sustained onslaught. We don’t realise that ourselves but need somebody else to tell that.
    • The political forces are trying their best to destroy our religion – the so called secular parties disgrace our country’s ancient spiritual and culture values just for the sake of vote banks. The Tamilnadu politician graduated from Cambridge questioned where was Lord Rama graduated for engineering to construct the Sethu Samudhram bridge and described Him as a ‘drunkard’ (but of course he got back severely enough of what he deserved). As a person from Tamilnadu, in a bit of anger, I wanted to do something and that too immediately since the offensive on Hindu religion is very severe currently (2007). So, if at all my blog is nice and informative enough, you should thank that Tamilnadu politician from Cambridge who questioned the skills of Lord Rama!
  • I understand that only less than about 10% of the temple collections is being brought back for the upkeep of the temples. Only when the temples get out of the hands of our political system, many dilapidated and ancient temples will come to limelight. This can be done only when the group of Spiritual seekers become bigger and stronger enough.
  • Last but not the least, I was pained to see how some of my Christian colleagues in my ex company played the dirty religious card in the office. Please be extremely conscience and watchful if you have a Christian guy as HRD or head. Notice that a Christian HRD guy, while changing job, will see to it that a Christian is replaced for that post and be aware that a Christian HRD post is too dangerous for non-Christians to live in a company…

So, for all the above reasons and many more, I wish to contribute whatever little I can to bring back the glory of my religion.

Your feedback will keep me going…..


  1. Reently a query has been raised. I trust you will be able to answer and so I am sending this query, kindly examine and clarify if possible>


    Why is the temple in Kodangudi called Karkotakanather temple.

    The snake that Siva wore is called Vasuki.

    Is Karkotakan part of the NagaPanchami?

  2. Sundaram – Pranam Raju sir. Request a small help. Can u hear about Vakra kali amman temple in and around Trichy. I know about Thiruvakkarai, But the person suggested me that it should be near Trichy. Can u please help me to identify the place. Thanks a lot sir.

    • Sorry Sir, I don’t know any Vakra kaliamman in Trichy region. Hope you know Woriyur Vekkali amman and Varahi amman in Woriyur – Kulumani road.

      • Vakrakalliamman temple thiruvakkarai is in Mailam road This road connects tinidvanam to pondicherry via Mailam a famous Murugan temple. On Pournami days this amman temple attracts very large crowds

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  4. Raju Sir,
    As you have travelled to all temples, you may be knowing the correct person to contact in those temples. I want to go to Thirumanancheri for doing puja for my sons marriage which is getting delayed. Please suggest and give me the contact no of the right person there whom to contact and who will be honest and not cheat us.
    Thank you.

  5. Great work Sir! Very helpful for anyone who is interested in visiting temples after knowing the history of the place. I too feel sad I have visited many places without knowing full details. Thank you for the detailed blogs.

  6. Could you send me a list of Sri Karuppanna Swamy Temples in & around Chennai, Vellore Dist , TV Mali Dist…and in MAdurai/Trichy

  7. Just simply Wow!! This is an encyclopedia of temples. Each article is crisp, with appropriate and necessary info. In your ‘About’ section i really like the triggers that motivated you to start this blog / documentation – couldn’t agree more. Thank you for this service

  8. Hello sir, my girl baby has balaristam.where is pariharam sthalam for balarista dosamand which puja?can u tell more about this.thank you.

  9. அன்புடையீர் வணக்கம்,

    நம் தமிழ் கலாச்சாரம், பண்பாட்டு சின்னங்களை போற்றி பாதுகாக்க வேண்டிய கடமை தமிழனாக பிறந்த ஒவ்வொருவருக்கும் உண்டு. நமது முன்னோர்களின் கைவண்ணங்கள் நமது மண்ணிலே தெரிந்தும், தெரியாமலும் புதைந்து , சிதைந்து கிடக்கின்றன, அப்படி சிதைந்து கிடக்ககூடிய ஆலயம்தான் கரூர் மாவட்டம், அரவக்குறிச்சி வட்டம் புங்கம்பாடி கிராமம். குடகனாற்றின் கீழ் கரையில் அமர்ந்துள்ள கம்பீரமான கோட்டை சுவருடன் காணப்படும் அருள்மிகு மீனாட்சி சுந்தரேசுவரர் ஆலயம். இவ்வாலயம் கிபி. 1702 ஆம் வருடம் கடைசியாக கும்பாபிஷேகம் செய்யப்பட்டது என்று அங்குள்ள கல்வேட்டின் மூலம் அறியப்படுகிறது. இப்பகுதி மக்கள் இதை கோட்டை என்றே அழைக்கிறார்கள்.

    1000 வருடம் பழமையான சிவாலயம் கேட்பாரற்று சிதைந்து சுற்று சுவர்கள் இடிந்து,பாழடைந்து கிடக்கிறது. பூசைகளும் நடைபெறுவதும் இல்லை.

    தற்பொழுது கிராமத்தினரால் திருப்பணி செய்ய முடிவு செய்யப்பட்டு அதற்கான முயற்சி முடுக்கிவிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

    பிரதோஷம்,தேய்பிறை அஷ்டமி மற்றும் முக்கிய நாட்களில் பூஜை நடைபெறுகிறது.

    ஓய்வுபெற்ற தொல்லியல் துறை அதிகாரி திரு. இராமச்சந்திரன் ஐயா அவர்கள் தலைமையில் கல்வெட்டு மற்றும் தொல்லியல் ஆராய்ச்சி நடைபெற்றது .ஆய்வு முழுவதும் நிறைவு பெற்றதும் புங்கம்பாடி கிராமம் மற்றும் மீனாட்சி சொக்கநாதர் ஆலயத்தின் முழு வரலாறு கிடைக்கப்பெறும்

    கரூரில் இருந்து அரவக்குறிச்சி செல்லும் சாலையில் 13 கி.மீ., தூரத்தில் ஆறு ரோடு பிரிவிற்கு சென்று, அங்கிருந்து 14 கி.மீ., சென்றால் புங்கம்பாடி கோயிலை அடையலாம். குறிப்பிட்ட நேரத்தில் மட்டும் கரூரில் இருந்து ஆத்துமேடு செல்லும் நகர பேருந்து செல்கின்றது.

    அரவக்குறிச்சியிலிருந்து பாளையம் செல்லும் சாலையில் 7 கிமீ தொலைவில் உள்ளது.

    இதை பற்றி தாங்கள் வெளியிட்டால் மிகவும் உதவியாக இருக்கும்

    • Regarding the Karur temple being renovated, please ask the person who is doing the renovation to approach me for the kalasams to be installed on the various vimanams. Gemini Ramamurthy, 94440 19391

  10. Your blog is truly a treasure trove for those interested in temples other than the famous well known ones. Amazed at the comprehensive range covered. Have learnt about some wonderful temples yhat Im keen to visit.
    Quick question: Are all temples open on public holidays as well?

  11. Sir, Near Thozhupedu one village ORATHY . A very beautiful thayar with perumal temple is there. and before Thindivanam OLAKKUR perumal koil is there. If you write about these small village temples, we will be very greatful. I have heared recently about OOTTATHUR RAMAR TEMPLE in Trichy near Padalur .

    • Sir! it really as a pleasure to meet you on Maha Shiva Rathiri @ Marundeeswsrar Temple, Thiruvanmiyur. Prior to undertaking any pilgrimage, I used to visit your blog only to have the details. Pl continue to post your pilgrimages. Thanks.

  12. Dear Mr Raju,
    Phenomenal work sir. Will really be so informatve for spreading awareness about the significance of Hindu Temples. With my family we are planning to visit Trivandrum, ernakulam and guruvayur with various nearby temples. And next we have a plan to go to Shri Vaishnav devi temple. If you know anybody gng there we would be happy to join them. Pls also refer any ancient temples in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to be visited. Pls do provide direction and details.
    Mail id – vigneshg97@gmail.com
    Phone – 9790935977

  13. Excellent website on Raju’s temple visit. Super . I need help from devotee’s, can any one mail me the name of temple where Lord Sanniswaran under Sri Anjaneya’s feet. I know about ambur Periya Anjaneyar temple opp to Ambur Station. Any other temple like this please mail me csj.maya@gmail.com

  14. I am happy to read your postings. I wish to get any contact person in Sri Uthira VSaidhyalingeswarar temple at Kattur. If it is possible send an email to me as I am residing in Malaysia.The two numbers you have given I am unable to contact the priest. Thanks

    • Regarding Uttara Vaidyalingeswarar temple at Kattur, please speak to Mrs. Jaya Sundaram, MObile number 919710872854. She and her husband will do whatever you wish to get done at the temple. Regards, Gemini Ramamurthy

  15. Sir, I am happy to read your postings. I wish to get any contact person in Poonthottam agastheeswarar temple near koothanur. If it is possible send an sms to my mobile 9941530205. Thanks

    • With regard to Poonthottam Agastheeswarar temple, you may contact Ananthanarayanan, Mobile Number 9443785252, who resides in Mayavaram. He will do whatever you wish to be done at this temple. best wishes, Gemini Ramamurthy

  16. Can I get some details and contacts at Thilatharpanapuri – near Koothanoor on Mayavaram – Thiruvarur road, We propose yo perform a tharpanam there. It also has a Vinayaka with a human face – Naramukha Vinayagar there which is a specilaity of that place. Thanks.

    • Regarding Thilatharpanapuri, please contact Ananthanarayanan , Mobile number 9443785252 who will be able to help you for your needs. With best wishes, Gemini Ramamurthy

  17. sir, the details of each and every aspect is very good but it is disappointment there is no mention abt landline phone nbr\ cell\or even email id of temple office or mr rajus/ pl include at least now.

  18. Dear Mr. Raju,

    I am a french Phd Candidate, specialized in South Indian architecture, mostly in the 15th-17th centuriesTamil Nadu. I have done a lot of field trips for my thesis, but sometimes, time and opportunities are too rare to allow me to visit all the temple I would like to. And as I’m not Hindu, the most sacred parts of the garbhagriha are often closed to non-Hindus visitors, which I totally undestand. That’s why your blog has been for me a gold mine of information, especially regarding the photographic documentation.
    I take the liberty to contact you today to talk about the possible use of these pictures, that might be unique, in my scientific environment (and I can’t imagine using them without your permission of course).
    Would you accept to reply via e-mail to discuss my proposition, and i can give you all the explanation needed? I’m almost done and will defend my thesis at the end of June 2017, so I actually don’t have much time.
    I would be honored and very thankful if you could write me back very soon.

    Thnaking you in advance for your time,


  19. Hi ShantiRaju
    We are part of Cycle brand. We have created a platform for all Hindu religious institutions and temples for devotees to connect. We are looking to build a content repository to help these devotees while traveling to those places.
    Would you be interested in working with us. Please do get in touch with us.

    VP Ops

    • Dear Mr. Jai Rao,
      This refers your email to Mr. Raju. While I had not done that much of intense travel that Mr. Raju had done, I am connected with several temples in Tamil Nadu and can furnish you with any relevant information that you may require. If you need any help, please contact me for any resources that I may be able to contribute and serve your objective.
      R. Ramamurthy, Chairman, Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation, 60/10, Dr. Ranga Road, Chennai 600 018.
      Tel: 044 24995058
      Mob: 094440 19391

  20. Hi Shanthiraju,

    Greetings from Alibaba Group!

    We have been following the phenomenal work that you have been doing on the digital space as an influencer; kudos to you and your team.

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    • Dear Mr. Rachit Sharma,
      Saw your offer to Mr. Raju. I went into your website and found it interesting. I feel that I can be of some service to you as an associate to add content for your website. I can give you any information you may require about Tamil Nadu, its glorious temples etc., Best wishes,
      R. Ramamurthy, Former CEO of Gemini Studios group companies and Convener, CSR panel of FICCI, Tamil Nadu.
      044 24995058
      9194440 19391

  21. Dear Sir,

    I am from ARCOT near vellore. In my village there is a Lakshminarayana perumal temple. The shrine is facing east. There is ample space towards south. So I planned two small shrines facing north one as VAlamburi Thumbikkai Alwar and next is Hanuman. Both the deites will be facing North. Is it OK. Just wish to know the vaasthu rules. Since it is renovated on self interest and without any contribution from anyone, I hubly request to suggest me whetehr the plan is correct.

    If you give me your contact detail, I can talk to you

    • Dear Mr. Sankaran,
      What you are referring to is a matter to be decided not by any of us but solely depends on Deiva Prasnam. Please speak to me whenever you are free so that I can give the relevant contacts for this purpose. Regards,
      R. Ramamurthy
      044 24995058
      94440 19391

  22. Hello Sir,
    I have been first time to this sight. Really awesome collections of our temples. I need a help sir. I am looking for a goddess temple in and around Chennai. She is a small girl waiting for her parents and she became statue. With this history have you come across any temple, sir.

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