Following were the triggering factors that prompted me to start this Blog:

  • Later after visiting a temple, I came to know about some significances of the temple which I had missed out during the visit. This makes me feel that my visit was a half-baked one. So I started the habit of doing some pre-research in the net and books before visiting a temple. During the process I found that there is no single source of information for a particular temple and there are many different sources giving different information in bits and pieces. So I felt giving all the temple information in one place is the need of the hour. Mainly I wanted to give all the “not-to-be-missed” details of the temples beforehand so that one can feel his/her temple dharshan a complete and fulfilled one.
  • I feel heavy hearted to see some of the very ancient temples with great legendary values and significance, deserted now. After so much of hard labour by our ancestors, these temples remain today without any patronage by us which is shameful to us. There are priests looking after these temples without absolutely any income. If my Blog can make at least a few people to visit these temples, I would be very happy.
  • After visiting a temple, I find out later that there are more such interesting temples/ places in the same route I just traveled and realised that my energy, time and money were not optimally spent. So I have given the temple details route wise.
  • I normally like traveling to new places and have a good spiritual interest as well. Combining, I found a new passion in visiting new temples and also write about them in an useful way for others. Forget about the religious aspect, there are so many temples with beautiful temple tanks, huge trees, sculptures and Rajagopurams in calm and serene atmosphere, which are good weekend spots as well (how long we can go on to the malls and restaurants during weekends?).
  • People have not learnt from the history (after all, history is there to get some learnings from the past), how we gave our space to others due to infighting, how our country was invaded, how many thousands of temples had been destroyed etc.,.
    • Look at what Lord Macaulay addressed to the British Parliament on 2nd Feb 1835:
      I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a begger, who is a thief, such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”. Without taking pride in our own culture and belief system, people and press consider it as a fashion to ridicule ourselves.
    • François Gautier, a Delhi based French journalist says that the no of temples destroyed by Aurangazeb is counted in 4, if not 5, figures.  Many of the records and firmans (edicts) of those destruction orders are still preserved in Indian museums, such as the Bikaner archives. I witnessed an exhibition of “Aurangzeb, As He Was According To Moghol Records” by Mr.Francois Gautier  using historical documents, which showed Hinduism as a timeless cultural manifestation, capable of maintaining its unique character and spirit of tolerance amidst sustained onslaught. We don’t realise that ourselves but need somebody else to tell that.
    • The political forces are trying their best to destroy our religion – the so called secular parties disgrace our country’s ancient spiritual and culture values just for the sake of vote banks. The Tamilnadu politician graduated from Cambridge questioned where was Lord Rama graduated for engineering to construct the Sethu Samudhram bridge and described Him as a ‘drunkard’ (but of course he got back severely enough of what he deserved). As a person from Tamilnadu, in a bit of anger, I wanted to do something and that too immediately since the offensive on Hindu religion is very severe currently (2007). So, if at all my blog is nice and informative enough, you should thank that Tamilnadu politician from Cambridge who questioned the skills of Lord Rama!
  • I understand that only less than about 10% of the temple collections is being brought back for the upkeep of the temples. Only when the temples get out of the hands of our political system, many dilapidated and ancient temples will come to limelight. This can be done only when the group of Spiritual seekers become bigger and stronger enough.
  • Last but not the least, I was pained to see how some of my Christian colleagues in my ex company played the dirty religious card in the office. Please be extremely conscience and watchful if you have a Christian guy as HRD or head. Notice that a Christian HRD guy, while changing job, will see to it that a Christian is replaced for that post and be aware that a Christian HRD post is too dangerous for non-Christians to live in a company…

So, for all the above reasons and many more, I wish to contribute whatever little I can to bring back the glory of my religion.

Your feedback will keep me going…..



  1. Sir,
    we have planned 8days trip trichy ,tanjore and thiruvarur temples.
    kindly guide us for travel base to tila tharpanapuri and divya desams and guru shani cchandran temples near tanjore-tiruvarur’
    thank you

  2. Dear raju sir/all,

    First of all i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful work and helped me a lot in all my trips.

    I currently moved to Mumbai and I need to do some pariharam in following temples for 9 weeks.

    Alangudi guru

    Kindly let me know whether you can suggest some bhattar or any other known trust source who can do it.

    Pls provide information to suresh.sarathy@sify.com

  3. Raju Can you tell me what is this temple near Manipal where a shiva linga emerge every three years and oldest being more than 1000 years old.

  4. Very useful informations. Thanks for your hard and trusty work. SATHURAGIRI otherwise called in Tamil as “Siththarmalai” is located near Srivilliputhur. There Sivasangu Ayya (aged about 74 years) is doing Annadhanam for the past morethan 25 years. He has built one Ashram at the down hill of Sathuragiri (Thaniparai) for those who wishes to go to Sathuragiri can relax and start trekking. Food will also be provided free of cost (Annadhanam). His mobile nos is 94433 24583 and Landline no is 04563 201685. Anyone can utilize and get the blessings of Sandhana and Sundara Mahalingam.

  5. Mr Raju
    your blogs about temples really making us feel as if we have visited all those temples.The photos are highlight to your blogs. Pls keep doing this good work.all the best.
    A home maker

  6. Amazing work sir. I was also thinking to start a blog on temples when I came across this excellent work of yours. Pls. keep going sir…

  7. Dear Mr. Raju, you can contact me on my e-mail id .Thanks for taking so much pains on writing on many temples. I will give you a list of many temples in Karnataka , they are all wonders of wonders ,of which you would not of heard or seen anything like that, PLASTIC EXCUBERANCE AT THEIR EXCELLENCE.
    will shortly visit your mentioned Gnanaramatemple NEDUNGULAM. SUKUMAR-BANGALORE

  8. Namaskaram Sir
    I have just looked your site.. its mind blowing and i really like to see you in person and get involved in any of your activities in promoting our culture and prepatrating the richness and history of our temples . Kindly accept my wishes.

  9. hey raju. your blog is great.it has helped me a lot while visitting temples.I am also doing an entertainment website.In that I am writing a blog about temples i would like to give the parihara sthalams so that it would reach more people.shall i give the list of temples in my blog.Thanks a lot

      • Hello sir,
        Your travel blog is very useful. I would like to visit and donate a small amount to a temple which really needs help. I have cancer and am sure that visiting temples is going to cure me. Do you know any specific temple which is especially for curing diseases apart from vaideeswaran koilmwhichmis our kula deivam.
        Thank you sundari

  10. Sir,

    I will be leaving Chennai within a week and moving to another city. So please try to answer immediately my question which i posted already below.

    Best Regards,

  11. Sir, Is there any ancient temple in Chennai where where I can sleep for one night in a temple/ temple premises, get up next morning and have bath there itself and have darshan of God then come back?. So please let me know if there are any temples, so that i can sleep one night.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best Regards,

  12. Dear Mr Raju

    I have been a great admirer of your travelogues though I have not been in touch with you

    I just went through your tour diary on Innambur, Swamimalai etc to get some information if available, on a Village called Cuvaliveli in that area. This was the village from which my ancestors came from and my father’s name was Cuvalaiveli Rangaswami. I was not able to find any reference to that village.

    My nephew is at Kumbakonam and is waiting for some information how to reach this place. Would be very graterful if you an give me any information, if you have it
    My phone No is 044 43561412 I live in Nungambakkam



  13. We went to Kumbakonam last year end and your tips about divya desam helped us a lot, and we were able to make it to 8 divya desams.

  14. Hello Please make advance booking and stay at “Ginger”–Taj Property.
    Ask them to arrange the taxi.. Bon voyage.

  15. i wish to go in & around ‘Mangalore’ for a single person on temple tour and request to furnish where to stay and arrangement for taxi – reliable and coordial mannerism – pl inform us at the earliest – email -ramani.ks62@gmail.com

  16. Respected Sir, Yours work is excellent. People like You are necessary for youngsters. I proud to feel a hindu. Thank you

  17. Just chanced upon ur blog a lil while ago and have been totally captivated by all the info on temples. Its been a passion for me to go and see temples but haven’t had much opportunities. I don’t even know if you arrange temple visits. If not I hope you would start so that people like me get a chance to see temples and understand our literatures and unlimitless richness which is everywhere. Please let me know.
    kanchana ravichandran

  18. Dear Mr. Shanthiraju, I fall short of words to appreciate your commandable works towards our Sanathana Dharma of Theertha Yathra.

  19. i have to know the details of kakkum perumal and vinayagar temple in alwarkuruchchi at tirunelveli. i want to know the main deity of that temple. and the surroundings and if any river flowing nearby that temple..
    Is there any temple named kakkum perumal sastha temple in alwarkuruchchi?? I am waiting for your reply..
    thank you

  20. Dear Sir,

    I had recently visited Talagirisvara temple at Panamalai. I would like to post more photos of this hillock and the temple. Please let me have your your email address.

    Thanks & regards,

  21. Dear Mr.Raju,
    I have come across this site when i want to locate of a particular temple in chennai itself. Your work is commendable and useful to many person who like to visit the temple with some background knowledge.The parihara sthalam is very remarkable.
    Your post of Lord Macaulay addressed to the British Parliament on 2nd Feb 1835 is a thought provoking. How he valued our society is very great. Our politicians still follow the same system but not willing to introduce education with morals and cultures.
    Actually what is you say is correct. Today many parents want their child to be first in present curriculum and fail to introduce our values to their children like respecting elders, live without causing disturbance to others. The same parent realise their fault when their own son,daughter fail to look after then at old age.
    Every body introduce rhymes to their wards but not athichoodi, konraivendan, neethi neri vilakkam, THirukural which tells the basic morals to children. There are many TV channels dedicate time for religious slots in the morning/evening time. They can devote certain time for this also.
    We can write many pages like this. But who is going to change. We have to pray only God to bring such changes in our society.

  22. Regarding maladministration of Hindu Religious Places , I wish to point out that since the Government repaetedly saying defecit finance , Government can lease out Temples for Sponsors who will definitely maintain better than Governments.
    In the recent past , thanks to the initiateives if IT people like you who are attached to Religion have been forming Trusts/registered bodies for upkeep
    maintenance and conduct festivals within the ambit of governing statutory body , in the name – seva samaj, uthsava comittees , paribalana society etc.
    i think it will be best if , slowly these type of comittees take control of routine maintenance of all Hindu Temples.
    As a Hindu, we have a responsibility to do something for the reformation.
    In Few Places ( Villages) , there is a practice of contributing first month salary to the Temple. these villages follow 100% without any deviation.
    Almost majority of the people who live a status life may belong to Tanjore (undivided),Tiruchirapalli ( undivided), Thirunelveli ( undivided) and Madurai District. more than 90% of Tamilnadu Temples with History will only be in these places.
    We pay taxes to Government for providing Public Amenities like Road, Security Etc.( see upto 35%). But do we contribute anything to Almighty for giving us this precious life besides earth,air,water etc. to survive.

  23. Dear Mr Raju,
    Whatever you have said is 100% true. I have also felt the same. I also have a Christian heading the HR and to my horror most of the recruitment goes to Christians but Management turns a blind eye and it is more quixotical to note that they are Hindus and more so Brahmins

  24. I am Krishnamoorthy of Kumbakonam (ex-resident of Solayappan Agraharam street there). Accidentally, I had stumbled upon your site, a great source of inspiration and guiding site for everyone. Will try to visit as many places in the future, hope you will add in the future about historic temples in Karnataka, AP and Kerala also; I used to view some of them in DD Bharati Programs and have since been longing to vsit them as well. May God’s continued showering of His Blessings be with you and your Team on such a very useful site. Great Idea. Keep it up. – Krishnamoorthy, Chennai 600092

  25. Mr. Raju- Your service is absolutely great. I noted the Sanyasi Hill from your Blog and went there yesterday with my friends and family. Incidentally it happened to be a Pradhosham. We did abishekam for Easwaran and chanted Rudhram & Archana there. It was a memorable day. May the God and by Guru Sri Agasthiar bless you with all the wealth and wisdom to continue this good service.


  26. Dear Sir,
    This is N.R.Kumar from Nallur Village (Kalavai) I Want to Share with You for u for Our Siva Temle . This Temple is more then 600years open Place . 3yrs before Only we Compleatd. Pls Add Your Temple Vist. I dont no how to send. Pls Contact My email arabindokumar@rediffmail.com My Mobile 9791688013. Iam Expecting Your Reply
    Thank You.

  27. Hello Sir
    Will you be kind enough to furnish particulars of:
    Uttmaryar PerumalTemple at Periya Ayyanpalayam?
    We are told that children get relief from ”
    Speaking problems” -specific probllems of “AUTISM”
    Respectful regards.

    • The temple has been elaborately briefed in Vellore Temples in this Blog it self. on Vellore – Polur Road .. In Between Kannamangalam and Santhavasal. about 1 km from mainroad. more details in this blog

  28. Dear Sir,

    I will start by making a statement quot “in the deepest pain is when you will find the greatest truth”.

    It is astounding to know the kind of research you have done to visit all of these places and know for what, why and how one has to visit these places.

    The parihara section took my breath away. These are secrets no one knowing its true effects will ever share it unless one coughs up a lot of money for this knowledge. The getha says the ultimate dhrma is to share knowledge with out expectations. Sir you are the best example on that note.

    I will consider you as a karma yogi.One has to have a hart of gold to share such information.

    I would like to know about Kandhikai malai in vellore district near Ranipet. I have visited it once. The energy there is unique.

    If you had the time it would be great if we could meet on a one on one bases.


  29. Dear Raju sir,

    I am an avid follower of your temple visits and have visited many places from your articles.

    My father wishes to stay in an ashram in an around mayavaram and kumbakonam.Stay would be for around 30 days.

    Is there any ashram which would be comfortable fr elderly ppl to stay for a month…

    Does bodhendral ashram have cottages for guests

    • Mr.Balasubramanian,
      Yes, Bodhendral ashram has guest houses but I am not sure whether they are being rented out for a month.. pls check it out.

      • Dear Raju Sir,

        Kindly verify the details on Korattur Akhilandeswari sametha Jambuka eswarar temple dedicated for water. In my humble opinion the info given as Purasawalkam Gangadheeswar to be relaced with this. Warm regards.

    • Sir, the reply may be very late.
      just before Govindapuram Pandurangan walkable distance ( about 10 kms from Kumbakonam, 3 km from Thiruvidaimaruthur) On the right side There are many service apartments in which elderly people can stay and pure brahmin catering is available. Family can also stay and cook themselves.
      Eventhough the place is service apartments it is a safe gated community for elders.

  30. Very well written .. I came across your website while researching about temples near vandavasi which I will be visiting soon. Thanks for all the information.

  31. Dear Mr Raju,
    This is a fabulous work and it was only providential that I got to this link while searching for a particular temple. Your efforts are there for many to see and experience and I wish you and family the very best in life. I concur with most of your remarks made on preserving our rich Hindu culture & spirituality.

  32. Is there some place near chennai where we can ask “kani”re sabham to our family and what pariharam we do for this? Have seen some bogus people hence the query.

  33. I pray that HE blesses you mercifully for this most noble deed of passing the knowledge … i know .. certain and trust our people will become the most learnt n civilised n prosper one day just like how we were long time ago …

  34. What you have written is possible and even Kanchi Maha Periva has referred to this episode in one of his talks. But unfortunately, even in India, some section of people, the most influential, will not accept this and say this is against secularism . What a shame.

    The govt of India should undertake such projects and prove it to the world the authenticity of such claims. Even in Grand Canyon, you have places marked as Siva temple, Brahma temple etc.Unfortunately our Govt is ashamed of our history and culture.

    • Sir,
      The Govt Of India should not take this as a religious issue. Instead as a heritage , culture of our immortal nation. Govt should protect,maintain and nourish the Temple which is symbol of our ancientness, thousands or millions of years of origin etc.western Countries boost of their 100 years background/history etc whereas our Government helping to delete our ancient identifications.
      Central Govt has already become an Alien Government controlled by Remote Videshis. State Governments which are in control of temples
      must come forward in renovation and recapture of ancientness and in particular to create awareness of the Greatness of Hindu Religion.
      One Can See the uniqueness of our Religion by visiting Angovart, the Biggest Hindu Temple Complex situated in Cambodia, or Mayan Archaelogical excavations found in Mexico. These itself stand undeniable evidence in prooving Hindu Religion exist across the Whole World.

      R Swaminathan

  35. Sir, The Whole Universe belong to Hindu Clan and historical proofs are being come into limelight very often.
    There is a reason for name California based on that also. Once Cabilamaharishi was in meditation in his forest. The Aswametha Horses of Sanathkumarars was stolen and tied front of Cabilar while the Rishi was in deep mediatation. when sanathkumarars found their horses in his forest, they thought Cabilar had stolen the horses. They fight against the Rishi and disturbed his meditation. Getting angry against the Sanathkumarars , The rishi opened his eyes widely and fired all the sanathkumars in to Ashes. Cabilar Forest in Sanskrit is Cabilaranya.If u jumble “L” and “B” the forest is Calibaranya which is now known as California.
    Rishi Cabilar meditated in Baataala Logam – just deep below Bharath. On the otherside of Earth for India is California.
    Just opposite California two islands are nearby. One is Ash island where Sanathkumars had been ashed by the Rishi. Another is Horse Island where the Horses were tied and kept.
    Makka is also known as Makkeeswaram ( which place is otherwise not traceable) according to some Saivaite Followers. Appar nayanmar has mentioned about Makkeswaram as a Shiva Temple crossing seas. They used to say Sivalingam is inside Kabba at Mecca. If U see the Religious People rounding Kabba, it will be just like orthodox Hindus with Hairless Head and Soft White Towel Across their Chest.
    R Swaminathan

  36. Dear Mr. Raju,

    Thank you for your commitment and service. Truly invaluable.

    I had added my comments to the temple at “Chinnakavanm”. I would like to add this here again, I had visited the temple on 21st Jan, 2012. You had given the details, directions etc., very well. That helped me in contacting the Gurukkal Mr.Ganesh and get more information from him.

    It is a great temple with lot of inherent power and life. I was saddened by seeing the present state of the temple and of the priest. I am getting together some of my friends to work on a project on this temple. I wanted to know if I can use the photographs on your website to promote this. I went there in the evening and I couldn’t take the photographs.

    Thank you once again for your effort and service.
    Venugopal Gangadharan.

  37. It is always a great pleasure reading your site,
    these days iam planning my temple visit by seening your site only.
    so that i could cover most of the temples in that area.

    I have an humbel request, kindly include Kolamani amman
    temple opposite to Marina beach and next lady welington school
    The presiding diety Kolamani amman is very powerful godess
    and get a solution to the confussed problems

    Take a lemon and give to the priest in the temple he will place the
    lemon on the right hand of the godess put your wish across to her
    in yourself, if you problem has a solution the lemon will fall
    immediately. Kindly include this temple in your website please

  38. Dear Mr. Raju, This is Sumitra Sunder of Apparao galleries. We at Apparao are in the process of putting together a number of cultural tours and would like to know if we can collaborate on the Temple tours segment with you.

    Please feel free to contact me at sumitra@apparaoart.com.

  39. We have been a great fan of your site for quite a few years and continue to be your fan. We visit it very often to locate ancient Chola temples that are less visited but are rich in their heritage. It has been amazing the way the temples have been consecrated and it is quite painful that such wonderful creations that had been high sources of energy are in such a dilapidated state. Until the temples come out of the clutches of politicians nobody will be interested in spending any money in reviving these great masterpieces that cannot be recreated. Hoping towards a better future.
    Surprising why churches and masjids are not taken over by politicians!! Why only temples!!
    Your work is very commendable!!

  40. Hello Sir, I saw the KML pack shared by you in geocommons website and I am using it to Map the temples in Google Maps. I found this blog from your wikimapia. profile, I would like to contribute by Mapping the temples all over India. If all the temples are Mapped with proper information it can be directly used in your blog and peoples will be benefited more. I wish to do this free service for Tamil society and I need assistance from your side.

  41. Last couple of years,While planning my temple visit , I use to see your blog for all near by temples that i can add in my plan. Also sometimes the phone numbers of temple Gurukkal in the site helped us. Your blog helped us to find many ancient temples ,its sthala puran, the rituals ,the mein deities before visting the place.
    Thank you for your wonderful collection of information.If possible publish it as a book- Travel guide,hope many would benefit.

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