Following were the triggering factors that prompted me to start this Blog:

  • Later after visiting a temple, I came to know about some significances of the temple which I had missed out during the visit. This makes me feel that my visit was a half-baked one. So I started the habit of doing some pre-research in the net and books before visiting a temple. During the process I found that there is no single source of information for a particular temple and there are many different sources giving different information in bits and pieces. So I felt giving all the temple information in one place is the need of the hour. Mainly I wanted to give all the “not-to-be-missed” details of the temples beforehand so that one can feel his/her temple dharshan a complete and fulfilled one.
  • I feel heavy hearted to see some of the very ancient temples with great legendary values and significance, deserted now. After so much of hard labour by our ancestors, these temples remain today without any patronage by us which is shameful to us. There are priests looking after these temples without absolutely any income. If my Blog can make at least a few people to visit these temples, I would be very happy.
  • After visiting a temple, I find out later that there are more such interesting temples/ places in the same route I just traveled and realised that my energy, time and money were not optimally spent. So I have given the temple details route wise.
  • I normally like traveling to new places and have a good spiritual interest as well. Combining, I found a new passion in visiting new temples and also write about them in an useful way for others. Forget about the religious aspect, there are so many temples with beautiful temple tanks, huge trees, sculptures and Rajagopurams in calm and serene atmosphere, which are good weekend spots as well (how long we can go on to the malls and restaurants during weekends?).
  • People have not learnt from the history (after all, history is there to get some learnings from the past), how we gave our space to others due to infighting, how our country was invaded, how many thousands of temples had been destroyed etc.,.
    • Look at what Lord Macaulay addressed to the British Parliament on 2nd Feb 1835:
      I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a begger, who is a thief, such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”. Without taking pride in our own culture and belief system, people and press consider it as a fashion to ridicule ourselves.
    • François Gautier, a Delhi based French journalist says that the no of temples destroyed by Aurangazeb is counted in 4, if not 5, figures.  Many of the records and firmans (edicts) of those destruction orders are still preserved in Indian museums, such as the Bikaner archives. I witnessed an exhibition of “Aurangzeb, As He Was According To Moghol Records” by Mr.Francois Gautier  using historical documents, which showed Hinduism as a timeless cultural manifestation, capable of maintaining its unique character and spirit of tolerance amidst sustained onslaught. We don’t realise that ourselves but need somebody else to tell that.
    • The political forces are trying their best to destroy our religion – the so called secular parties disgrace our country’s ancient spiritual and culture values just for the sake of vote banks. The Tamilnadu politician graduated from Cambridge questioned where was Lord Rama graduated for engineering to construct the Sethu Samudhram bridge and described Him as a ‘drunkard’ (but of course he got back severely enough of what he deserved). As a person from Tamilnadu, in a bit of anger, I wanted to do something and that too immediately since the offensive on Hindu religion is very severe currently (2007). So, if at all my blog is nice and informative enough, you should thank that Tamilnadu politician from Cambridge who questioned the skills of Lord Rama!
  • I understand that only less than about 10% of the temple collections is being brought back for the upkeep of the temples. Only when the temples get out of the hands of our political system, many dilapidated and ancient temples will come to limelight. This can be done only when the group of Spiritual seekers become bigger and stronger enough.
  • Last but not the least, I was pained to see how some of my Christian colleagues in my ex company played the dirty religious card in the office. Please be extremely conscience and watchful if you have a Christian guy as HRD or head. Notice that a Christian HRD guy, while changing job, will see to it that a Christian is replaced for that post and be aware that a Christian HRD post is too dangerous for non-Christians to live in a company…

So, for all the above reasons and many more, I wish to contribute whatever little I can to bring back the glory of my religion.

Your feedback will keep me going…..


  1. Salutations Sir. I am Sunil from thrissur, Kerala state. In my village there is an old diva temple. We are planning to renovate the temple and like to construct an annadaana Madavan also.
    Sir if we get your kind help we can fulfil our dreams.
    My address is given below
    Sunil Kumar c k
    Madathupuram div a temple
    Thrissur -680301
    Mob. 9895990289
    Email… sugayathry@gmail.com

  2. I am extraordinarily grateful for your lists ..

    Hindus must stop pouring money into building fanciful marble halls for god ..you have no idea how many big budget Hindu temples there are world wide with literally not even an ounce of the tremendous sanctity and shakti in the ancient ones.

    I was v. keen to visit only ancient legendary temples (none man made) and charted an itinerary based on your write-up. I was in great wonder…temple after temple amazed me in terms of the energy of the deity. Some for architecture…such as the padaleeswarar temple which is simple but there’s just something profound about that hall and those pillars. Understood what keeps this country so rooted…this land and this tradition is timeless. All the deities will outlast every trend there comes because their shakti is essential for man to survive and function properly and not from a superficial place. Truly I cannot thank you enough.

  3. Dear Sir /Madam
    Understand there is small old Perumal Temple near Redhills , chennai , where the deity is very powerful and bless those who pray for Puthra Pakiyam. Please give details if you are aware of the same…Thanks 7 Regards/krishnan

  4. Dear Vijaykumar, thanks for your remarkable service for stay and transportation facility @ kumbakonam during my recent visit. your service is really good. no words to explain.

    Dear bhaktas who want to visit kumbakonam/mayavaram near by temple pls take the help of Mr.Vijayakumar who has given his contact number here. you can enjoy as a guest right from alighting till you leave the city.


  5. Sir,
    I read your temple visit before going to temple tours.
    Now i am planning to visit somnath and dwaraka in march 1 week.
    Can you direct me temples to be seen in and around somnath and dwaraka
    so that i dont miss any important temples.
    H. Gopalakrishnan

  6. Dear Mr.Raju, your blog is very useful and informative. AS someone with similar interests,I too have been travelling of late and I wish to share my experiencee with you Can you provide me with your contact details? Mine is : Lakshminarayanan : kvlakshminarayanan@rediffmail.com tel:9444983700


  7. Dear Mr. Raju,

    I am Senthilkumar from Nanganallur, 3rd Main Road, I would like to join you in the next temple tour. Pls provide me your mobile number. My mobile number is 9790947445


  8. Hi All.
    I am Vijay from Kumbakonam. For any Travel need,Temple direction,Staying at kumbakonam or any help.
    Please feel free to call me.
    Please Note:i wont charge anything.
    As i am doing as a service.
    Vijaya kumar.S
    7676770504 or 9952323638

  9. Dear Mr Raju,

    Namaskarams. Thank you and wish you to bring more. Your contribution was excellent give details in tamil also. Lots of people will follow. My best wishes.

    Kalpagam Ramesh

  10. Dear Shri Raju
    Thank you for a most informative blog of our temples including those that need attention.
    I wonder if you could help me with some information of a temple in the village of Panaiyur (near Vandavasi in Chingleput/Kanchi Dt). Panaiyur is our ancestral village of my great great grandfather and hence my interest in tracking down my roots- at least spiritually with the temple and its surroundings please- is there a tank or lake near the temple and mango or coconut groves or plantations? I would like to get a feel for the place if you could help please.
    In appreciation of your great contribution and warm regards
    Cheenu Srinivasan (Sydney, Australia)

  11. Let God Bestow and all our well wishers give you great strength to you to continue this splendid spiritual journey facilitating awareness to understand our ancient temples/ cultures to one and all.

    Best regards
    Suresh Chennai

  12. Vanakkam dear..its really nice to know your passion and me too would like to contribute my best. I too experience Xtian feelings in my gathering whereever i am. I am starting to open a Tour company and would seek your consultation and support.

    Harish EP
    98945 89898

  13. Dear Sir,

    Happy to see your site and great info’s provided to the everyone.

    I need an information.
    Planning to visit chennai (around mylapore-tripkicane – mandaveli area) for 2 days with my parents.

    Kindly suggest Any recommended place to stay where a home style stay and food available.

    Thanks in advance.


  14. dear raju sir
    ur service will be more helpful to distant devotees
    now we werw in guntur ap.
    i planned to visit in september 18-25 this year
    pl advice the following placeses how to visit
    2) we will be stay in manipal those days
    let me inform
    my mail id

  15. Dear Sir, after visiting your travellogues i had some guidance and visited some temples. I need ur guidance towards my visit to Kollur,Udipi nearby temples. In this connection i need to talk to you. pls provde me ur contact no. my email id suryasridhar1972@gmail.com

  16. M.Ramesh

    Cell No : 95 97 326 285

    Dear Sir,

    I would be greatfull to you, if you could publish/telecast the temple programme of Lord Thenkkarai Maharajeswarar of Chittoor Temple in your esteemed media.

    This temple is in Chittoor village, near Valliyur in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu which is on the way from Tirunelveli to Nagercoil.Chittoor can also be reached from Radhaburam which is near Koondankulam.

    The significance of this temple is, this is the only temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa’s younger brother. Most Swamy ayyappa’s devotees donot know that there is a brother for Him.

    After Lord Ayyappa gave Pulli Paal (Tiger’s Milk) and went and settled in Sanidhanam, the Queen of Pandalam gave birth to a son, named Gunasegaran. The king of Pandalam Rajasegaran wanted to incarnate his son Gunasegaran as the king of Pandalam, Gunasegaran, refused, since his brother, Lord Ayyappa, was not incarnated as the king.

    Gunasegaran, left Pandalam and wandered throughout the world and came to Chittoor and settled there. Many stories and myths are associated with this temple.

    Every year, on Tamil month “Pangunni” and star utharam a festival is held and lakhs of devotees throng this temple to darshan the event. This year on 3rd of April this festival falls and during the car festival in the evening a miracle use to happen. That is a goat is sacrificed and immediately after the car festival the goat sacrificed comes in to life by the Gods blessings.

    I do not know more about the temple, as I have visited only twice. But the Swamy Aadi (Vellichappaadu) whose name is Thalavai Swamy knows more about the temple and his cell number is 96 77 955 617 / 94 86 41 33 66. You can contact him for more details.

    Dear Sir, I will be grateful to you if you could publish this Temple festival in your esteemed Magazine/News paper or Telecast in your Television.

    This will be a great boon, blessings to all the Lord Ayyappa’s devotees.

    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Yours truly,


  17. Good Day Sir,

    Namaskarams. I’m a fond lover of tradition and believe in God for all and everything. I went through most of your contribution which I should salute you for such a great work for benefit of all. I wanted to speak to you with regards to some temples, as you have mentioned many are depilated condition. I wish with god’s grace and blessings from all elders and support from all wanted to somehow ensure the poojas are taking place. Can I request for your contact details and time to call you please.
    Thank you in advance
    With Regards
    M Hariharan

  18. Dear Raju sir

    Nice blog and thanks for great insights regarding the spiritual journey

    I have planned to do go for the Kasi yatra. I have read in some magazines that we need to visit rameshwaram before and after our visit to Kasi.

    Would be great if you could give me expert suggestions regarding the same


  19. I thank you very much for al your spiritual guidance , please let me know whether you can give us some information on “Kottai Muniswaran Koil in Rasipuram ,Namakkal District. Tamil Nadu “I shall be blessed if you can furnish me the contact number of this temple or priest .

  20. Sir,you blog is excellent.Very good collection of temples.

    Our kula deivam is Anandavalli Amman in Tirunelveli.Do you have the contact no for that temple.

    Also need the contact no of gangaikondan Gomathi amman temple.

    Really sorry for the trouble,but it would be really gr8 if you can provide the contact nos.

  21. Dear sir,

    Your site is very informative and useful. Can you check and inform whether is any pechi amman temple in chennai. Even if small, pls let me know . One pariharam to be done there.

    Thanks and regards,


  22. Sir u are awesome I m really shocked to see your religios devotion really u are blessed.Please include me in your religious trvel next time

  23. sir, am trying to locate a temple whose presiding deity is ‘ulaganayagiamman’ in and around Tirunelveli junction area. any help would definitely mean a lot to me as I plan to travel to this place over the weekend

  24. Dear Sir,
    I am really indebted to you as you have done so much of work and energies to the welfare of our culture, religion and its value even though it is not your line of life…I am an astrologer giving predictions to people based on the horoscope of a person, I suggest a particular temple.. Not like for Rahu, Kalahasthi and all, little deeper and say …I would like to talk to you in detail …My number is 9043 979797 and My name is srinivasan and I have a website… http://www.yourgoodtime.in and if any one creates a free account, they will be getting predictions for their horoscope in video instantly, by the grace of god….do call me when you find time..


  25. dear mr raju,
    an just chasing all the (as far as possible ) pjaces in the outskirts of chennai identified by you. you are amazing! . God be with you!

      • Hello Sir

        Apologies to hack on someone else’s post. I need some info on a day visit to Rameshwaram temple. We are on very tight schedule, possibly reaching there midnight to early morning before 5AM and wanted to do Puja same day and then leaving for Madurai later in afternoon. could you please suggest on accommodation & a guide(hiring) who could assist us, as we wanted to avoid touts same time specially because unable to speak/understand local language.

  26. Dear Sir,
    Kindly inform the details of “Mada KOVIL – Nearly 70 Nos” built by KOCHENGA CHOLAN” if available.
    Thanks & regards,

  27. I pray god to give you more strength and more wealth to continue this spritual work. You are one of the rep of god i believe.

  28. Dear Mr. Raju, your work is exemplary. Wish you success in each and every spiritual walk of your life. By the by, i am planning to go to visit Poonamalle Vaitheeswaran Temple, Uthiramerur Guru Temple, Perumbedu Subramaniyar Temple. Could you please direct me how to go to these places and which transport is advisable. Do you have any contact details? Thanks & Regards, Thiagu.

  29. Sir, I am rajeswari ,from Chennai .my village called nallavour .it is locat have to take left in the place of kanchivai it is Shiva temple pls sir make visit to this place
    Shiva temple with Perumal ,in between karikal-kumbakonam

  30. அன்புள்ள ஐயா, தங்கள் இந்த திருப்பணி தொடர எல்லாம் வல்ல இறைவன் அருள் புரிய வேண்டுகிறேன்.

    என் சகோதரர் சுரேந்திரன் இந்த இணைய வலைப்பதிவுக்கு வழி காட்டியமைக்கு கோடி நன்றி.

    என்னால் இயன்ற உதவிகளை செய்ய காத்திருக்கும்
    ரமேஷ் துரைசுவாமி

  31. I really thank u for your great work as after seeing ur site we in our family used to visit some of the temples whenever enroute and even plan for weekend trip for a single area and visit the temples. A small request sirji, if u can pls send a set of these temple details to 1 or 2 religious journals as some of the oldage persons do not know to see ur blogs and they used to read religious journals and seeing about the temple details they form a group and they used to visit the temples as recently one of our old known person visited Munnur temple after seeing the publication about the temple in a journal. This is only my small request. Please accept my namaskarams….Aruna Sridhar, Chennar-88

  32. Looking for a archakar for a 1200 year old siva temple In our native village in Tirunelveli Dt. Salary will be good and family accomodation assured. can you help me.

  33. There is an ancient Shiva temple around tambaram selaiyur which has a nandhi with three faces.ghee is poured on the nandhi by devotees suffering from cancer and they get cured miraculously and the ghee never melts at all. The temple is open only on Mondays and opened till 6 am only. Have you seen this temple

  34. Dear sir,
    you are doing extra ordinary effort.i seed your website and identified and went for some temples, thank you for your details given

  35. It is Gods wish that are on a noble mission.I share most of your thoughts.Pl let me know how to come together all of us t preserveour treasures .I will join you if you have any plan.

  36. Dear Raju

    There is this old time temple in Ernakulam called Elamkunnapuzha Subramaniya Swamy temple. The moorthi is a chaturbha subramanya swamy idol known to be one of the oldest dating back to history. It is also revered as kochu or little tiruchendur in Ernakulam. Your insights on this temple and photos will be extremely enlightening

  37. Dear Raju,

    I heartily congratulate you on the yeoman service that you are rendering to anyone who is interested in visiting temples.

    I am planning to visit Rameswaram with family, and do ‘one time tharpanam’ for my parents, as I have not been regularly doing these. My both parents had natural deaths, and so, it is not Thila Tharpanam, but just an one time tharpanam. I understand that there may be people who may take us for a ride there, if we do not go through known sources.

    If you have anybody in Rameswaram who can help me in this, I will be grateful to you. BTW, we are Thenkalai Iyengars from Trichy, many thanks.

    Best regards

  38. I visited many temples with the help of your blog in and around chennai, am also working for a MNC BPO company in chennai. Your blogs gave a cinematic view of the place.


  39. Let God and well wishers give you added strength to you to continue your spiritual journey facilitating others to understand our ancient temples.
    Bewt wishes.

  40. I am so happy that you have reflected my thoughts. I want to send you some legal information that the HRCE can have no legal control of the various temples. Please do let me know your email id. R. Ramamurthy, Chairman, CyberSecurity & privacy Foundation.

  41. I have visited your page many times to take reference to different temples. Thou I’ve been offering thanks mentally…today i was overwhelmed after reading the article published in Times of India and penned this special THANKS and best wishes for future endeavor.

  42. Very happy as well as pained to read the contents.you are doing a wonderful job.god bless. By gods grace have been lucky to have visited most of the temples throughout India. 106 out of 108 DIVYA deshams 12 jyotirlingams chaar dhaams ashta vinayaks so many temples.what a divine feeling just recollecting my visits

      • I just know about the Agneeswarer temple while visiting a customer on sales call, and would like to know more about on this and searched the net, I found your blog. Really I am blessed. on seeing your blog I could remember Kavingar’s words that Hindu religion can never be destroyed by anyone, because no one know it roots. I believe when devotees like you are there, it will grow like a Banyan tree, please accept my Namskaram. Thank you and wish you to bring more to this. Om Nama Sivaya. – C Mathevan Pillai, Chennai-122

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