Around Chennai (North)

Temples around Chennai (North)

The ‘Around Chennai’ page was becoming bulkier and so has been split into two parts as follows:

Around Chennai-South (South of Chennai – Bangalore highways): 

  • East Coast Road (ECR)
  • Marakkanam – Tindivanam
  • Kelambakkam – Vandalur
  • Thirupporur – Chenglepat
  • Tambaram – Chenglepat
  • Chenglepat
  • Chenglepat – Thirukkazhukundram
  • Chenglepat – Tindivanam
  • Around Chenglepat
  • Chenglepat – Kanchipuram
  • Walajabad – Thirumaagaral
  • Kanchipuram – Uthiramerur
  • Kanchipuram – Manampathy – Vandavasi
  • Singaperumal Koil – Oragadam
  • Vandalur – Padappai – Oragadam
  • Oragadam – Walajabad (Kanchipuram)
  • Oragadam – Sriperumpudur
  • Walajabad – Sunguvarchathram (Sriperumpudur)
  • Sriperumpudur – Kaveripakkam (Bangalore Highway)

Around Chennai- North  (this page) (North of Chennai – Bangalore highways):

  • Poonamalle – Thirumazhisai – Thiruvallur
  • Mappedu – Perambakkam – Thakkolam
  • Kanchipuram – Arakkonam
  • Kaveripakkam – Sholingur
  • In and around Thiruvallur
  • Perambakkam – Thiruvallur
  • Thiruvallur – Thirvalankadu – Arakkonam
  • Thiruvallur – Thiruthani
  • Thiruvallur – Poondi – Uthukkottai
  • Redhills (Puzhal) – Thiruvallur
  • Avadi – Thiruvallur
  • Around Thiruthani
  • Arakkonam – Sholingur
  • Uthukottai – Thirupathi
  • Around Ponneri
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Valarpuram – Mappedu – Perambakkam – Thakkolam

While coming from Poonamalle,  after QueensLand Theme park, at about 2.5 kms from QueensLand, you have to turn right at Empee distilleries towards Mappedu – Perambakkam. There are other routes to Mappedu from Sriperumpudhur and Sunguvar Chathram as well.

Sri Nethrayini Ambal Sametha Sri Masilamaneeswarar Temple at Nayapakkam

A 1000+ years old temple is being reconstructed by Annamalaiyar Arappani Kuzhu. Kanchi MahaPeriyava is guiding and instructing the construction of the temple even today! (See the leaflet in Photos section to know how).

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Sri Umamaheswarar Temple at Mannur

An ancient Sri Umamaheswarar Temple at Mannur near Valarpuram / Mappedu. Very stylish and smiling Nandhi and Koshta moorthies, though many of them are new ones. If you like to spend time in isolation in a Shiva temple for a few hours, this is the one.
Contact: Sri Madhavan @ 96775 30981

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Pushpa Kujambal Udanurai Singeeswarar Temple at Mappedu

This is a recently renovated ancient temple and is a special temple for people born in ‘moolam’ star. There is an idol of Sri Anjaneya in front of Lord Shiva shrine playing the Veena. Those aspiring skill in music pray to Him.

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Thripurandhakeshwarar  Shiva temple at Thiruvirkolam (Coovum)

The temple is situated almost at the source of the Cooum with its sparkling, clear waters. While coming from Mappedu en route Perambakkam, at about 4 kms from Mappedu, after the Kalaimagal College of Engg at right side, you have to take a left turn to reach Coovum. If coming from Sunguvarchathiram through Sogandi, Maduramangalam, Ekanapuram and Sellampattidai, it would have to be a jeep ride over non-existent village roads.

Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Tripuranthakar & Thirupurasundari ammai.
Significance: One of the 275 Thevara Padal Petra Sthalams; This is the “Agni” sthalam of the Panch Bootha Sthalams around Chennai.
Legend: When Shiva decided to destroy the demons Thirupurasuran, Kamalakshan and Vidunmali, the world turned into a chariot and Surya Chandra as saradhi, Devas as wheels, Meru as bow, and Vasuki as arrow and Agni as tip of arrow. It was at this place the axle broke because they forgot to worship Ganesha before commencing. They realised their mistake and worshipped Ganesha for success in their mission. Utsavar idol of Shiva here is with bow and arrow.
Temple: Shiva linga here is known as ‘theendaa thiru meniar’ so that the linga is always covered by kavacham. Even Sivachariars are not allowed to touch. Sambandhar in his hymns about the Shiva here says that linga changes its colour when it is going to rain heavily, and to red colour before the break of war as an indication.
Theertham: Kuvagni teertham.
Sthala Vruksham: Vilvam.

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Sri Soleswarar Temple at Perambakkam
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Perumal Temple at Perambakkam
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Sri Thaayinum Nallal udanaya Sri Kalinga Nadheeswarar Temple at Irulancheri
Located at 2 kms from Perambakkam, this is a 1100 years old Thevara Reference temple
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Sri Maragathavalli Sametha Sri Thirunageswarar Temple at Kalampakkam
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Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple at Narasingapuram

This Narasingapuram is said to be a great sthalam for all the prarthanais and the Perumal is said to be “Varapprasadhi” (gives us whatever the varam (boon) we ask for). This was once in a dilapidated condition but has been renovated now and wears a new look. The Kumbabhisheham took place recently.

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Sri Rajarajeswaramudaiya Mahadevar Temple at Sivapuram
This is an Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) maintained Chola temple.
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Arambeswarar Temple at Ilambiankottur

Coovum temple and this temple are situated on the opposite banks of the Coovum lake, 7 kms apart on the road side but 3 kms apart across the Cooum lake with its sparkling, clear waters  (remember Coovum is a river and this is the source!).

Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Arambeswarar with Goddess Kanaka Kujambikai.
Significance: One of the 275 Thevara Padal Petra Sthalams.
Legend: Shiva at Elimiankottur is said to have been worshipped by the celestial nymph Rambai and hence the name Arambayamkottur, which over a period of time became Ilambayankottur. Legend also has it that Chandra worshipped Shiva here.
Theertham: Chandra theertham
Sthala Vruksham: Vilvam.
Timings: 7 AM to 12 noon & 4 to 7 PM

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Pattamudeeswarar temple at Pichivakkam 

Ambal is Sri Paramanandha valli and this temple is special for praying to get fame and popularity.

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Sri Mahadevar temple at Edayarpakkam
A Kulothunga I Chola temple
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Shiva Temple at Keshavaram
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Location: It is situated 30km north of Kanchi and 12 km south of Arakonam. On the Chennai-Bangalore highway, at Kanchipuram take right to the Kanchipuram-Arakonam main road. Proceed further for another 10-11 kms to reach Thakkolam railway station. Turn right and proceed further for another 6kms to reach the temple. Also you can go via Perambakkam.

1) Sri Jalanatheswarar Temple (also called Thiruvooral)

Significance: One of the 275 ‘Thevara Padal Petra Sthalams’.
Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Thiruvooral Mahadevar/ Jalanatheswarar with Goddess Girija Kannikamba.
Legend: At the behest of Sage Uthandi, Nandhi devar brought river Ganges to this place. Water is coming out of Nandhi devar‘s mouth and springs out near the feet of Shiva and hence the name Thiru vooral. Kamadenu, Chandra, Yama, Surya, Vishnu & Saptha kanniyar worshipped Shiva here.
Theertham: Parvathi teertham, Sathya gangai and Kusasthala river.
Sthala vruksham: Thakkolam
Timing: 7AM to 12 noon & 4 to 9 PM

Links: Location Photos  Weblink1(English)  Weblink2(Tamil)

2) Sri Gangadheeswarar Temple
Located close to the Jalanatheswarar Temple
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3) Sri Rathinavalli Amman Sametha Sri Somanathar  Temple
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4) Sri Azhagu Raja Perumal Koil or Azhagiya Kari Varadhar Temple
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Sri Thirumaaleeswarar Temple at Thirumathalambakkam

Around 10 kms from Arakkonam en route Thakkolam. Since Mahavishnu worshipped Shiva here, the Shiva is called Thirumaaleeswarar. In the Srinivasar shrine, the vigraham of Srinivasar is considered equivalent to the Navabashana idol. During the milk abhishegam, the milk appears blue when it crosses the chest of the Lord Srinivasar. He is considered the form of Dhanvanthri, the lord of medicine. Any type is disease is said to be cured when one drinks the milk of the milk abhishegam fora continuous 11 Ekadasi days or Saturdays.

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Kanchipuram – Arakkonam

Sri Koorathazhwar Temple at Kooram

This village is about 8 – 9 Kms away from Kanchipuram and is the birth place of Koorathazhwar, A.D 1008. The moolavar of the temple here is Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal in Nindra thirukKolam. Koorathazhwar is the prime disciple of Sri Ramanujar and lost his eyes in an act to protect Ramanujar from the fanatics. It is said that Ramar took birth as Koorathazhwar to serve Ramanujar who was nothing but Lakshmana as a gratitude to all the services rendered by Lakshmana to Rama.

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Shiva Temple at Pudupakkam
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Guru Temple at Govindavadi Agaram

Significance: Dakshinamoorthy, as Yoga guru, is special here. One of the highly popular Dakshinamoorthy sthalams of Tamilnadu.
Location: Govindavadi is near Agaram on the Kanchi-Arakkonam route, 1.5 km from the Kammavarpet railway gate; 12 kms from Kancheepuram, towards Arakonam.
Main deity: Kailasanadhar
Legend: Govindaraja perumal stayed at Govindavadi with Sridevi and Boodevi, worshipped Shiva daily at Tirumalper after taking bath at Palar. Since Govindaraja Perumal stayed, the place is called Govindavadi.
Temple: Every Thursday is very special here.

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Sri Parasurameswarar Temple at Pallur
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Varahi Temple at Pallur

You can see Varahi as one of the Sapthamathars in many temples but She is having an exclusive temple for her here. A rare and popular temple of Varahi.

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Significance: One of the 275 Thevara Padal Petra sthalams
Main deity: Thiru Manikandeeswarar and Goddess Anjanakshi ammai in separate shrines
Location: 12 kms from Kancheepuram. In the Kanchi-Arakkonam route, take a diversion to go through Pallur. Thirumalpoor station is also there in the Kanchi-Arakkonam rail route. The temple is 5 kms from the station.
Theertham: Cheyyar theertham.
Sthala vruksham: Vilvam.
Legend: Vishnu is said to have been blessed with his Chakrayudam upon worshipping Shiva here – hence the name Tirumalper or Harichakrapuram. Once Lord Vishnu lost his Chakrayudha when he applied it against Sage Thadisi since it will not be of any use against sages. On knowing that Shiva can give a Sudharshana Chakra he started praying to Shiva with 1000 flowers daily. One day Shiva wanted to test him by hiding one flower. Vishnu, on coming to know at the end of the Pooja that he is short of one flower, immediately plucked his eye, offered it and finsished the pooja. Shiva was very pleased and offered him the Sudharshana Chakra.
Temple: Dwarabalaka are huge in size. There are some unusual postures of Gods like Nandhikeswarar in standing posture; Vinayahar with ten hands as ‘Vallabha Vinayakar’; Durga devi with 8 hands; Vishnu in standing posture with both hands together. The Utsava vigraha is with flower in one hand and an eye in the other hand. Pooja is done without touching the deity since Shiva here is ‘theendaa thirumeny nadhar’ with kavacham always.

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Srothrium Kolathur (S.Kolathur)

This village, located at 2 kms west of Thirumalper, was donated by Arcot Nawab in 17th Century to one Sooryanarayana Poundarika Yaji for showing moon on a new moon day by virtue of his yagna power. Shri Sooryanarayana Poundarika Yaji, being childless, divided this village into 32 parts and donated them to 32 Telugu Mulakanadu Brahmin families. This village was known for its vedic excellence and many veda pandits born in this village. Kanchi Mahaswami used to visit this village and stay here for many days.

1) Sri Lakshmi Narayana Temple

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2) Sri Thripurasundari sametha Sri Thribuvaneswar Swami Temple

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Nemili Bala Peetam

This is a highly popular spiritual place. The smallest and youngest God in the whole world is NEMILI SRI BALA with the size of the little finger. Sri Bala Peetam is not a Temple but a small house where Sri Bala decided to stay. She came by the river and made the house she resided in to a temple some 150 years ago.

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Arakkonam – Sholingur


1) Sri Yoga Narasimhar Temple

Sholingar or Chozhasimhapuram, one of the 108 Divyadesams is a very popular place. It is located at 27 km from Arakonam and 27 km from Thiruthani. It is known as Gadikachalam as the stay in this place for one Gadigai (one hour), gives salvation for all. There are two hill temples, Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswami on the bigger of the two hills, and Sri Anjaneya on the other. During the Tamil month of Karthigai, especially on Sundays, lakhs of pilgrims throng the place.

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2) Sri Yoga Anjaneyaswamy Temple at Chinnamalai
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3) Sri Bakthosithaswamy (Sri Akkarakkani Utsavar) Temple 

Sri Bakthositha Swamy is the Utsava moorthy of Sri Yoga Narasimhar (Sri Akkarakkani). This Temple was built by Karvetnagar King. It is one of 108 Divyadesams along with the Yoga Narasimhar temple. Sthala Acharya is Swamy Dhodhachar. Mangalasasanam By Thirumagaiazhwar.

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4) Shiva Temple
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Sri Kumara Murugan Temple at Kumaresa giri (Karikkal)
This is a hill temple located at about 6 kms East of Sholingur en route Arakkonam.
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Sri Santhana Venugoplan Temple at Nimishachalam / Santhana Venu Gopalapuram (S.V.G. Puram)

Lord Santhana Venugopalan (Krishna) temple at Santhana Venugopalapuram, shortly known as S.V.G. Puram, is 11 kms North-East of Sholingur, on the road to Tiruttani. It is equally venerable to Sholingur and it is known as Nimishachalam (called as Nimbaka Kshethram historically) since the stay in this place for one minute confers many benefits including eternal bliss for the devout public.

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Kaveripakkam – Sholingur

Murugan Temple at Gnana Malai (Govindachari)

Location: Gnanamalai temple is located in a small village called Govindacheri, in the Kaverippakkam – Sholinger road at 13 km from Kaveripakkam.
Temple: This 700 years old Murugan temple on a small hillock, surrounded by lake and fertile plains, was discovered in 1998 and there were no proper steps when discovered. Now, with the dedication of the Jnanasramam trust, proper steps have been built to the hilltop. This small temple is in typical Pallava style with a small sanctum and a mandapam. The Lord is in the form Brahmasasta having rosary and kamandala in two hands. The other two hands are in abhaya mudra and resting upon the hip. Generally in Thondai Mandalam (north Tamil Nadu) Pallava and early Chola images conform to this Brahmasasta form. Near the temple there is a small natural water source from which water is brought for temple services.

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Rock Temple at Mahendravadi

Mahendravadi is about 20 km to the north of Kaveripakkam/ Panapakkam. The cave temple here, maintained by Archeological Society of India, belongs to the period of Pallava King, Mahendra Varman I (AD 580-630). According to the inscriptions, this was excavated by Gunabhara on the bund of a large tank called Mahendra thataka in the city of Mahendrapura. The cave temple is formed by completely scooping out a large free standing boulder. The sanctum sanctorum houses an image of Lord Narsimha.

In Mahendravadi, the main deity is Dhramalingeswar and there  other four lingams worshipped by the other four Pandavas.

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Sri Beemeswar Temple at Siruvalayam
The Lord Beemeswar here was worshipped by Beema of the Pancha Pandavas.
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Poonamalle – Thirumazhisai – Thiruvallur

Haritha Vahana Perumal / Pachai Varana Temple at Agaramel (Nazarath pettai)

The birth place of Mudhali Andan Swamigal, a great disciple of Sri Ramanujar. Mudhali Andal Swamigal installed Ramanujar’s statue at Sriperumpudur, the birth place of Sri Ramanujar with the blessings of Sri Ramanujar.

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Thirumazhisai is a small town at 5 kms from Poonamallee on the Chennai-Poonamalle – Thiruthani (Thirupathi) highway. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and two to Lord Vishnu, very near to each other, all dating to the Chola period.

1) Jagannatha Perumal Temple

This temple comes on the left side of the highway when we go from Chennai. Thirumazhisai is the birth place of Thirumazhisai Azhwar and there is a separate sannidhi for Thirmazhisai Azhwar in this temple. This temple is one of the three Jagannatha Kshetrams and is referred as Madhya Jagannatha Kshetram. Puri is the Uthra Jagannatha Kshetram and Thirupullani near Rameswaram is the Dakshina Jagannatha Kshetram.

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2) Veetrirundha Perumal Temple

Apart from the popular Jagannatha Perumal temple, this temple has Perumal in a rare sitting posture with His consort Sri Shenbagavalli Thayar. Here Lord Vishnu grants darsan with Ashtalakshmis – four Lakshmis on the crown on all four sides, two Lakshmis i.e Sridevi And Bhudevi on either side.
Adjoining the main shrine in the temple, there is a newly-built shrine for Vinaya Anjaneya Swamy facing the north; he is called Varahamukha. This Anjaneya is a varaprasadi who fulfills the wishes of devotees.
At the entrance to the main temple stands a tall idol of Anjaneya Swamy carrying the Sanjeevi Parvatham.

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3) Othaandeeswarar (Shiva) Temple

This temple is located right on the main road to the right side when we go from Chennai. Once when King Kulothunga Chola was on his way, he found a creeper blocking his way and cut it with his sword. He saw bloodstains in his sword and when he removed the creeper, there was a siva lingam with blood oozing from it. The repentant king cut his arm, and then the Lord appeared before him and restored his hand. The king built a temple at that place and hailed the Lord as “Kai Thantha Piran”. It is believed that people who are left helpless in life, when prayed to lord here gets a helping hand from Him, for sure. There is a beautiful big and clean temple tank which will easily tempt people to take a holy bath.

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Sri Kandaswamy temple at Vayalanallur

Murugan is present in the form of Gnana Skhandha. This moorthy is of 9th Century origin and belongs to Adhithya I period.It must have been a part of very big temple once but what remains is a simple about 10 x 6 feet room only. But the idol is such a beauty and lot of devotees offer worship there regularly.

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Sithukkadu (Thirumanam)

Further after Thirumazhisai towards Thiruvallur, at Vellavedu, 3 kms from Thirumazhisai, just before the road bridge, you have to turn right (North) and travel further for 3 kms to reach Sithukkadu. The place was called Siddharkadu and became Sithukadu. There are two ancient temples here which are very rich in art, culture and heritage.

1) Poonkuzhali amman samedha Nelli appar swamy Shiva temple

This ancient temple of Shiva has many carvings of various Siddhars in the mandapam supporting the fact that this temple is being worshipped by Siddhars. Parihara temple for people born in ‘Swathi’ star.

Contact: 94447 93942 / 94445 62335 (Kumaran Gurukkal, lives just opposite the temple).

Links: Location Photos

2) Sundararaja Perumal / Garuda kodi Siddhar Perumal temple

Just at the back of the Shiva temple, this is located. The main deity is Lord Sundararajan. A small and beautiful idol with ubhaya nachimars.
GARUDAKODI SITHAR in one of the pillars of the front mandapam of Andal shrine is of great significance here. He is sitting in rare posture having a jar (like kamandalam) in one hand  and holding a creeper called garudakodi. It is believed that a prayer to this Garudakodi sithar will cure all eye related problems.
There are nearly 14 types of sri Narasimhar throughout the temple mandapam. Narasimhar in a standing posture is very attractive and graceful.

Contact: Sri Ramanuka Bhattacharyar @ 98409 43714 (lives next to the temple)

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Sri Santeeswarar Temple at Melmanambedu
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Perumal Temple at Vellavedu
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This is about 1.5 kms diversion from the main road at Vellavedu towards left (South).

1) Thirupurasundari ambal sametha Thirupuranthageswarar Temple
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2) Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple
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3) Sri Kanagavalli Thayar samedha Sri Kaliyaraya Perumal Temple
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4) Sri Madhana Kesava Perumal Temple
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Sri Amirthambikai samedha Aavundeeswarar Temple at Nemam

This is 2 kms from Vellavedu and further 2 kms diversion from the main road to the left side (South).
This is an ancient temple renovated recently and being maintained nicely.

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Zamin Korattur

This is a village run over by the Tippu Sultan troops, destroying the temples.

1.Sri Paaleeswarar Temple
A destroyed temple recently re-built
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2.Perumal Temple
This is also another destroyed temple rebuilt in the recent past.
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Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple at Puduchatram
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Shiva Temple at Koppur
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Shiva Temple near Koppur

Around 5 kms Southward diversion from the Thirumazhisai – Thiruvallur road
A privately built temple in the midst of a mango grove in a very beautiful and serene atmosphere with a huge ancient Lingam.

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Shiva Temple at Pudhuvallur

Around 6 kms Southward diversion from the Thirumazhisai – Thiruvallur road
A Shiva temple in a beautiful and serene atmosphere. A good place to meditate.

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Shiva temple at Aranvoyal

Travel further for about 7 kms from Nemam and just opposite the Kingfisher factory, turn left (south) for another 1 km to reach the temple.

This is an ancient temple with a significant legend under renovation. There are some special deities here. When I went during noon on a pradhosha day, the shrines were beautifully lit with deepams and decorated with kolams in spite of the fact that the pradhosha abhishgams were not taking place because the balalayam has been done. It appears that the temple is in a safe hand of sincere people. The renovation is taking place in a snail’s pace due to paucity of funds. The temple can be visited at any time (hopefully) since the people in charge are living just next to the temple.

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1) Uthpalambal sametha Sringandeeshwarar (Shiva) Temple
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2) Sri Kanagavalli thayar sametha Kariamanicka Varadharaja Perumal Temple
Just opposite the Shiva temple this is an ancient Pallava temple under renovation
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In and around Thiruvallur

Sri Vaidhya Veeraraghava Perumal Temple at Thiruvallur

Significance: One of the 108 Divya desams
Location: Around 40 km from Chennai
Main deity: Sri Veeraraghava perumal in sleeping posture with Kanakavalli Thayar in separate shrines.
Legend: When Sage Saalihothra was penancing here, Vishnu in the form of an old man visited him and had lunch with him and after lunch he asked the Sage where to take a nap. ‘Evvul’ means ‘where’ and so this place was initially called Thiru Evvul and later Thuruvallur. Saalihithrar showed him the Parnasala (Kutil) where he rested and gave dharshan to the Sage.
Temple: Veeragava perumal is seen in a resting posture keeping his hand on the head of Sage Saalihothra. There other deities present are Vinayakar, Gopalan, Desikar, Andal, Lakshmi narashimar, Sudarshanar, Ananthan and Azhwar. This place is known as Punyavarthi kshetram. Everyone who worships here get their good deeds multiply and bad deeds waived off. The Perumal here is also known as Vaidya Veeraragava perumal. Once Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal was suffering from severe stomach pain and he came here and got his pain relieved off. He sang 5 songs on this Perumal.
Theertham: Hruth-thapa-nasini pushkarani. Taking a dip here removes all wrong lusts arising from the heart (Hruth meaning heart; thapa meaning lust) and the sins. The pushkarani has significance that this was present even before the temple. One who takes a dip in the pushkarani is relieved of all ailments.

Links:  Location Photos Weblink

Sri Theertheeswarar Temple

This is located just adjacent to the Veera Raghava Perumal temple.

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Sri Viswaroopa Panchamuga Anjaneyaswami Temple at Thiruvallur

This is a temple of beautiful 40 feet Panchamuga Anjaneyar.

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Sri Pancha varneswarar Temple at Eekkadu

Eekkadu is about 3 kms from Thiruvallur en route Thamaraipakkam (Puzhal / Redhills)

This ancient temple is in a beautiful location. An ancient Shiva temple, more than 1000 years old, with Square avudayar (linga base) which are considered very special. Also the lingam changes colours now and then; No clear time period when they will change colour and how long they will persist. Sometimes it persists for many days and some times many months also.

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Thiruvallur – Perambakkam

Sri Kailasanathar Temple at Egattur
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One of the major hubs for the nearby villages. Kadambathur has lot of ancient monuments like temples in its surrounding villages which depicts Cholas and Pallavas creative skills.

Sri Muktheeswarar Temple
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5 Miles from Kadambattur is situtated Sri Krishna Anjaneya Raghavendra Swami Temple, which is a Dakshin Mantralaya.

Thiruvallur – Thirvalankadu – Arakkonam

Sri Vacheeswarar Temple at Thirupachur

Significance: One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns
Location: In the Chennai – Arakonam route the temple is at 3 km from Kadambathur, 5 km west of Thiruvallur. There is a rail station at Kadambathur.
Main deity: Arulmigu Pasoor nadhar with Goddess Pasupathi nayaki.
Legend: Parvathi devi worshipped Shiva here and got the left side of Shiva to reside. Vishnu worshipped Shiva here to get rid of his sin of ‘Madhukaitapa vadham’ and was blessed by Shiva. Sun God and Moon God worshipped Shiva.
Temple: There are 16 Ganapathies representing shodasa Ganapathy. Shiva linga here is known as ‘theendaa thiru meniar’ so that the linga is always covered by kavacham. Even Sivachariars are not allowed to touch.
Theertham: Chozha teertham.
Sthala Vruksham: Bamboo.

Links: Location Photos Weblink1 Weblink2

Pattarai Perumbudur

Location: Around 10 kms from Thiruvallur

1) Soundara Narayana Perumal Temple
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2) Shiva Temple
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Sri Vedareswarer Temple at Thiruvalankadu

Location: Located at 15 km from Thiruvellore en route to Arakonam. There is Thiruvalankadu station in the Chennai – Arakkonam rail route and the temple is located at 5 km north east to the station. (There is another Thiruvalangadu, with its Sanskrit name, Vata-Aranyeswaram, situated to the north-east of Thiruvavaduthurai on the Mayiladuthurai-Kumbakonam road. So don’t get confused between the two).
Significance: One of 275 sacred Temples glorified by the Thevara hymns; one of the five places where Lord Shiva (Natarajar) danced against Kali.
Main deity: Arulmigu Devarsinga peruman with Goddess Vandar kuzhali ammai in separate shrines
Legend: This is one of the five places where Shiva danced his cosmic dance; the type of stage here is Rudy and the type of dance being ‘Urthuva Thandavam’. The other four places are: Chidambaram (gold), Madurai (silver), Tirunelveli (copper) and Kutralam (picture). Lord Shiva danced here for His great devotee, Kaaraikal Ammaiyar. While she was coming here to see His dance, Shiva lingam started appearing wherever she put her foot. So she came by walking through her head, had the dance dharshan and attained salvation. Legend also has it that 70 Vellarars took ‘firebath’ here in order to keep up their words and Shiva gave salvation for all of them. This is considered a place to attain salvation and a bath at the Mukthi Theertham here is said to give salvation.

TempleThere are 3 important landmarks here – Shiva temple, Mukthi Theertham and Vada Badhrakali temple. The worship procedure is to take bath at the Mukthi Theertham, worship Kali first and then Shiva.
Theertham: Mukthi teertham.
Sthala Viruksham: Jack fruit

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Other temples:

Sri Thazuvikandeswarar Temple

The place where Karaikkal Ammaiyar embraced the Shiva lingam and that’s why the Lord is called Thazuvikandeswarar.
Saiva Saint ThirugnanaSambhandar sang hymns on Thiruvalangadu Lord Shiva from this temple itself, as he was not for walking upto that shrine worshipped by Karaikkal Ammaiyar, who went by her head. She didn’t walk as that will make her stumble on small lingams.

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Sri Kailasanathar Temple
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It is located one mile east of Thiruvalankadu. The village is associated with the famous legend ‘Pazhayanur Neeli Kanner (false tears)’. 79 Vellalar community self immolated themselves in front of the Sakshinathar temple here in order to keep up their promise they gave to Neeli.

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This is a beautiful village of many temples which have been built with perfect alignment as mentioned in the aagama sastras (Karshanathi, Prathishtandham, Prathishtandhi, Uthsavandham and Uthsavandhi)

Thirunandheeswarar Temple

It is inferred that Lord Shiva after his celestial dance performance in Thiruvalangadu, gave darshan to Agasthiar in marriage posture along with His consort Anandavalli and hence the name of the village Manavur.

  • 1200 years old temple
  • Nandhi Baghavan and Sage Agasthiar had worshipped here
  • Inscriptions found in Koovam and Thakkolam temples talks about the glory of this temple
  • A unique urchava moorthi statue of Sri Kannapa Nayanar, who donated his eye to lord shiva, relates his connection to this temple.

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(Thiruvallur) Narayanapuram  – Thiruthani

Shiva Temple at Thomur
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Perumal Temple at Kaanchipaadi
Located just before the LCR College of Engineering & Technology on the highway itself.
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Shri Kothanda Pattabiramar temple at Nedunparam

This ancient Ramar temple is located at a village called Nedunparam just before Arcot Kuppam while going from Thiruvallur

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Sri Kamakshi Amman udanurai Sri Sholeeswarar temple at Arcot kuppam
An ancient Shiva temple
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Sri Agatheeswarar Vatuka Bairavar Temple at Nabalur

An ancient Shiva temple worshiped by Sage Agasthiyar. Also Manikkavasakar believed to have visited and worshiped here.

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Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple at Thiruthani (Arupadai Veedu)

Significance: A highly popular temple and one of the 6 important temples of Lord Subramanya known as ‘Padaiveedu’ .
Main deity: Subramanya swamy Valli Devasena in different sanctum.
Temple: The temple is on a hillock. There are 365 steps to climb and also a motorable road. This is the place where Murugan married Valli.

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Around Thiruthani


11 km from Thiruthani on the road to Nagalapuram in the Thiruthani-Nindra-Pichatoor route and 3 km from Nallattur, Nemili, is famous for its ancient temples. (Don’t confuse this with the other Nemili near Kanchipuram which is famous for the Bala temple)

1) Sri Vaikunta Vasa Perumal temple

The legend goes that the Lord in a sitting posture blocked with his back the Eri that had broken open, thus preventing the village from being submerged. Hence, the Moolavar Lord is also referred to as Eri Kaatha Vaikunta Vasa Perumal.  It is believed that Ramanuja visited this temple and stayed here on his way from Sriperumbudur to Tirupathi. Hence, this is also said to be an Abhimana Sthalam.


  • The temple was built by Pallava King Aparajitha Varma.
  • Parikara Sthalam for Rahu-Kethu Dosham
  • Parikara Sthalam for Unmarried and the childless
  • The unmarried can bring 2 flower garlands and place one on the Utsava deity Nithya Kalyana Perumal. Sincere prayers are said to be answered within three months of placing the garland around the Lord.
  • Rohini Star is a special day at this temple every month

The temple is under the administration of Thiruttani HR & CE

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2) Sri Ambaliswarar Shiva Temple

Just opposite to the Perumal temple there is an old shiva temple. The priest who looks after the Perumal temple is looking after this temple as well.

Sri Jaya Veera Mangala Anjaneyar Temple at Nallattur 

A beautiful anjaneyar temple on the banks of the Kusasthalai river

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Maddur Sri Mahishasura Mardhini Temple

This temple is located at Maddur near Thiruthani and is linked to the Murugan temple at Thiruthani by legend. The main deity, Mahishasura Madhini, is about 10 feet height and the temple has a neem tree whose leaves are said to be sweet.

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Thiruvallur – Poondi – Uthukkottai

Sri Punya Koteeswarar Temple at Punnappakkam

This is a small temple of Sri Punithavalli ambal sametha Sri Punya koteeswarar along with Sridevi Boodevi sametha Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal. A very sincere Sivacharyar Sri Elangovan is taking care of the temple.
Contact: Sri Elangovan @ 90422 88735

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Sri Dilli Amman temple at Movur

A popular Amman temple in this region

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Sri Agneeswarar Temple at Neyveli

Considered a Siddhar Adhishtanam, lot of mystic events are taking place. A very powerful place.

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Sri Oondreeswarar temple at Poondi (Thiruvenpakkam)

One of the 275 Thevara Padal Petra Sthalams
Contact: R.Subramanya Gurukkal – 99432 09387

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Ponthawakkam is about 3 kms before Uthukottai

1) Sri Pitchaleeswarar Temple
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2) Sri Kamalavalli Nayaki sametha Sri Kriyamanikka Perumal Temple
Contact: Sri Asoori Thiruvengadtri (94444 64963) / Sri Ramanujam – 27630187
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Shiva temple at Pareetiwakkam
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Sri Markandeswarar Temple at Mambakkam
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Sri Maragadhambika sametha Pabahareswarar (Shiva) Temple at Tharatchi

At Pondawakkam we have to take a right turn and travel around 4 kms to reach Vadathillai and from there we have to take a left turn and travel further for about a km to reach the temple.
There is an another route to reach this temple from Mambakkam.

The Moolavar is a gigantic sivalingam.
Sri Ramanujar’s brother was a Shaiva follower and he was gifted with a shivalinga when he took a holy dip at Ganges at Kasi. This lingam can be seen here.
Conatct: Shanmuga gurukkal (living next to the temple) 9445296096..

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Uthukottai – Thirupathi

Sri Pallikondeswarar Temple at Surutapalli

This ancient and popular temple, connected with the Pradhosha legend, is located at 2 kms from Uthukottai in the Chennai-Pariyapalayam-Tirupati route in Andhra Pradesh state, just across the Tamilnadu border.

The Shiva temple is quite unique here. Usually Lord Shiva is seen only in the form of a Linga but here He is seen in human form and that too in the reclining pose on the lap of Goddess Parvathi like Vishnu Ananthasayana. Per Legend, Pradosham has started here. The temple has been renovated beautifully. There are 5 ancient Shiva temples in Chennai representing the 5 faces of Lord Shiva and this is one of them representing the Tatpurusha face of Lord Shiva.

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Sri Veda Narayana Perumal Temple at Nagalapuram

This temple, a specimen of the Vijayanagara style, was built by Krishna dev raya at the behest of his mother. The main deity is the Matsyavatara form of Vishnu accompanied by Sri devi and Bhu devi on either side. Sun worship is an important aspect in this temple. Every year in the month of March, the rays of sun passes through the Gopuram entrance for three days and fall on the main deity.
Contact Ph: 08576-2264590

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Sri Vaaleeswarar Temple at Ramagiri

Location: This place, also called Kaalinga Madu Karai or Thirukkaarikkarai is in the Chennai – Thirupathi route, after Suruttappalli and Nagalapuram, about 5 km from Nagalapuram. Picturesque mountains and sylvan scenery add beauty to the place.
Main Deity: Sri Vaaleeswarar and Goddess Sri Maragadhambikai. Though this is a Shiva temple, the prime deity here is Sri Kala Bhairavar, also called as Santhaana Praapthi Bhairavar.
Legend: At the behest of Rama, Anjaneya was making his way by air with a Shivalingam taken from Kasi to Rameswaram to be installed there. He was surprisingly confronted by strange and dry weather and scorching sun premeditated by Lord Kalabhairava, who wanted the Linga to be installed right here at his place. Unaware of this and driven by thirst Lord Anjaneya went on screening the whole area for water until finally found a beautiful calm cool pond. As the Linga was not to be placed anywhere before Rameswaram He looked for someone to keep the Linga while He drank water. Lord Kalabhairava in the form of a small boy came by and consented to hold the Linga. While Anjaneya was quenching his thirst, the boy told Anjaneya, that the Shiva Lingam was too heavy for him to hold anymore and kept it on the ground and went off. Anjaneya came back and saw the Shiva Lingam on the ground. He tried lifting it but he couldn’t. He roped around the Shiva Lingam with his lengthy tail and tried to pull it up using all his strength. The Shiva Lingam tilted a bit but never came off the ground. Anjaneya understood the trick and he cursed the pond to become a hill. The pond became the hill here, on which a Murugan Temple is situated now. The Shiva Lingam which was brought by Lord Anjaneyar is situated in the temple at the foot hill. Since Anjaneya tried to pull the Shiva Lingam with his tail, the Lord here is called as Vaaleeswarar (Vaal means Tail in Tamil & Vaalam is the Sanskrit word for tail) .
Temple: Two ancient temples, one at the foot-hill dedicated to Lord Kalabhairava and the other at the hill top dedicated to Lord Muruga. Water is coming out from Nandhi’s mouth perennially, the source being unknown; The temple is being maintained by Archeology department of Andhra Pradesh. There are 5 ancient Shiva temples in Chennai representing the 5 faces of Lord Shiva and this is one of them representing the Ishana face of Lord Shiva.
Worship Benefit: Bairavar here is called Santhaana Praapthi Bhairavar, famous for granting boon for child birth.

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Redhills (Puzhal) – Thamaripakkam – Thiruvallur

Sri Alarmatheeswarar temple at Alamathi
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A 45 feet high shivalingam, 65 feet from ground level is built by L&T at Sarveswar meditation centre for Chimaya seva trust. It is more of a meditation centre than a temple.

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Sri Dharanishvarar Temple at Thamaraipakkam
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Shiva Temple at Velliyur
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Periyapalayam – Thamaraipakkam

Sri Shenbaga Devi Temple 
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Shiva Temple at Semmedu
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Sri Pichandeswarar Shiva Temple at Vengal
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Note: There is also Subramanya swamy temple at Vengal


Vadamadurai is located near Periyapalayam enroute to Thiruvallur

1) Sri Aadhi Kesava perumal temple

The temple was built by King Rajendra Chozhan in commemoration of his victory over the kingdom of Kosala, near Punjab, Delhi. Kosala Desa belonged to Lord Rama.

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2) Sri Agastheeswarar temple
This Shiva temple is located just opposite the Perumal temple.
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3) Sri Murugan Temple
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Avadi – Thiruvallur

Sri Sundara Raja Perumal Temple at Kovil Pathagai 

Located 3 kms North of Avadi Railway Station in Kovil Pathagai is the Sundara Raja Perumal temple, believed to date back 750 years.

The temple has two moolavar deities where two rishis performed penance and were provided darshan by two different forms of Vishnu.
Brigu Maha Rishi is believed to have undertaken penance at this place and got the dharshan of Sundara Raja Perumal in sitting posture; the Lord stayed here as per the wishes of the rishi.
Vaikunta Natha Perumal, believed to be the original presiding deity at this temple, provided darshan to Markandeya Maha rishi who is seen alongside the west facing Lord Vaikuntanathan. Opposite Vaikuntanathan is the Ashta Naga Garuda in a sitting posture.

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1) Sri Jagannatha Perumal Temple
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2) Shiva Temple
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1) Sri Bakthavatsala Perumal Temple

One of the 108 Divya desams. The place is called so because of Sri Mahalakshmi of this temple [thiru] nindra (stood) oor [village]. Thayar name itself is  pleasing as Ennai Petra Thayar.

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2) Sri Hrudhayaeswarar temple 

One of the 275 Thevara Padal petra sthalams. The temple was initially built in imagination itself by Poosalar Nayanar, one of the 63 nayanmars. He had fixed the date for the kumbabhishegam also by imagination. On the same day, the kumbabhishegam for the Kailasanathar temple at Kanchipuram, a real one by the Pallava king Rajasimha, was also fixed. But the Lord preferred to give importance to this imaginary temple and asked the king to postpone his temple event. The King then knowing the love of the nayanar to the Lord, constructed this temple 1300 years ago. The Lord is called Hrudhayaeswarar because the temple was built in his heart  by the Nayanar. It is said that the cardiac ailments of people are getting cured by worshipping here.

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3) Yeri Katha Ramar temple

This temple is located just at the backside of the perumal temple. The 7 feet Anjaneya is carrying both Rama and Lakshmana – you can see the feet of both Rama and Lakshmana on the back of Anjaneya

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4) Kailasanathar Temple
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Sri Ranganathar temple at Alathhur
Located at around 3 kms North of Thirunindravur
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Palavedu Pettai

1) Shiva Temple
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2) Perumal Temple
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1) Murugan temple (Thiruppugazh Sthalam)

Located at around 4 kms North of Thiruninravur, the Murugan at this temple was sung by Sri Arunagiri nathar in his Thiruppugazh.

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2) Shiva Temple
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1) Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple
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2) Sri Vaikundanathar Guru Mahapeetam
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2) Sri Ashta Sastha Temple
A newly constructed temple  (Not sure whether completed or not)
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1) Sri Panduranga Perumal Temple
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2) Sri Kalahatheeswarar Shiva Temple
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Perumal Temple at Sevvapet
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1) Sri Chidambareswarar Temple
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2) Sri Kesava Perumal Temple

Shiva Temple at Ayalur
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Sri Poongavanathamman alias Angala Parameswari Temple at Putlur 

A very popular and powerful Amman temple. While going by train (Chennai – Thiruvallur) you have to get down at Putlur Railway station and while going by Bus (Avadi – Thiruvallur), you can get down near the temple at Ramavaram village. The main deity is the Swayambu sand putru in the form of Goddess lying in a resting pose. The putru was discovered when an old farmer Ponmeni was tortured by a Village bad guy called Mahisuran and was ordered to plough a rocky place overnight in order to pay off his debt. While doing so, blood oozed out from the putru and the Amman showed herself to the world.

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Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy Temple at Kakkalur
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Sri Pathala Lingeswarar Temple at Kakkalur
Located close to the Veera Anjaneyar temple inside the premises of Electricity Board.
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Chennai – Kavarapettai (NH5 Kolkatta Highways)

Sri Thirumoolanathar Temple at Puzhal
An ancient Shiva temple in the road just opposite the Puzhal prison
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1) Sri Lavapurishwarar Temple
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2) Perumal Temple
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1) Sri Kushavapurieswarar temple
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2) Sri Panchamuga Vinayagar Temple
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Sri Sowrnambigai Sametha Sri Pushparadeshwarar Temple at Singilimedu
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Sri Kamakshi Amman Sametha Sri Ekambareswarar Temple at RedHills
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Sri Thiruneetreashwarar Temple at Padiyanallur

An ancient Shiva temple; the name padiyanallur for this village cames because, one of the Nayanmars has sung a song in this temple.

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1) Shiva Temple
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2) Sengali Amman Temple
Very powerful Amman temple. Aadi month draws huge crowd.
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Shiva Temple at Solipalayam (Cholavaram)
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Sri Karvur Siddhar Temple at Karanodai
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Sri Kallukatti Siddhar Samadhi
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Sri Karunambika sametha sri pushparatheswara swami kshetram is specially worshipped as “bhaskara (gnayiru) kshetra”. Located at 10 kms from Redhills towards north via pudhur – arumanthai. This temple is associated with sundaramurthy nayanar and Sangili nachiyar.

In gnayiru, surya theertha is very famous for recovery from the long pending illness. Who ever worship this temple they will definitely lead a peaceful life without any diseases and hurdles.

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Sri Ramar Temple at Erumai Vetti palayam
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Sri Vaaleeswarar Temple at Natham
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Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Pancheshti

A beautiful place with great legendary significance. Excellent and intricate sculptural works. A Nadi jothida Parihara sthalam as well. Annadhana pariharam (serving food to the needy) here, paves way for moksha. Saint Agasthiar had stayed here for a long time and conducted  five(pancha) yagnas(Ishti) and so is this place called Pancheshti. Agasthiar was so attached to this place that he didn’t want to return to Kailasam after his work was over. Only Lord Shiva could finally convinced him. The ambal deity is of Maragatha stone. Since the place is blessd with Agasthiar, this has enough ground water to supply Chennai during the needy conditions.

In the Chennai – Kolkatta highway, at 30th km from Chennai after the Karanodai bridge (Tollgate) and before Thachur Cross road to the right of highway.

Contacts: 94441 46752 / 98413 17500 / 98413 44867 / 99625 70445 / 97898 92925

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Sri Annamaleswarar Temple at Neduvarambakkam

An ancient Shiva temple near Pancheshti, slightly in a dilapidated condition but under worship.

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Sri Veerabadhra Swamy Temple at Chennivakkam
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Sri Kamalavalli Thayar Sametha Sri Vijayarghava Perumal Temple at Puduvayal
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1) Murugan Temple

History of the temple has that Lava and Kusa, the sons of Rama lived in this place and prayed to Lord Muruga at this place and got his darshan. Once when Rama was passing through this place, they have fought a war with Rama himself without knowing that he was their father. As the young children waged a war here, the place was called as Siruvar Por Puri. (Siruvar means children, Por Puri means waging a war, in Thamizh). This place is now called as Chinnambedu, which originally was Siruvar Ambu Edu (Children who took their arrows for the fight). Other deities are Maragatha Vinayakar, Aadhi Murugar, Naagar, Venkatrayar, Muniswaraar, Bairavar etc.,

An unique feature of this temple is the Maragatha Mayil (Peacock) the carrier of Lord Muruga made of Green stone. Arunagirinathar has visited this temple and sung many Thiruppugazh songs here. He also has composed an Archanai Thiruppugazh on Lord Muruga, which if recited fulfils ones wishes.

This temple is considered very special to get the boon of an own house.

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2) Sri Agastheeswarar Temple

This is an ancient Shiva temple near the Siruvarpuri Murugan Temple

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3) Sri Ooraga / Varadharaja Perumal temple

This ancient Perumal temple near the Siruvarpuri Murugan Temple was worshipped by Rama’s twins Lava & Kucha. Valmiki muni had the darshan of Lord Mahavishnu. He is as theenda thirumeni perumal since the bhattachariyar, even today, cannot touch the moolavar. On every Karthikai tamil month, thyla kappu (oil cover) is done to perumal. Swami is great varprasadi. The Urchavar, a Saligrama vigraham, is called as Prana Harthi Haran. He is also called as Kannoli perumal since eye related problems are solved by worshipping Him. Hanuman here is Swayambhu.

Other shrines are: Lakshmi narayanan. srinivasa perumal. Perundevi thayar. Alwar sannidhi. Sudharsanar. Anadal.


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1) Sri Agastheeswarar Temple
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2) Perumal Temple
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1) Sri Soundharavalli Sametha Thiruvaleeswarar Temple
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2) Perumal Temple
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Sri Maragathavalli sametha Sri Varamoortheeswarar temple at Ariyathurai (Kavarapettai)

This 6000 years old temple is present in the Kokatta highways at around 35 kms from Chennai near Kavarapettai at the banks of Araniyar. Lord Krishna stood here as a Aswatha tree for 1000 years. Water, believed to be from River Ganges, is flowing out perennially from a pit all though the year, though in small quantity. Due to this, the place is considered more sacred than Kasi. There are 5 ancient Shiva temples in Chennai representing the 5 faces of Lord Shiva and this is one of them representing the Sadhyojatha face of Lord Shiva.

Contact: Sri Shanmuga Gurukkal: 98948 21712

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Arani (Thandalam)

This town happens to be the birth place of Shri.Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathy (bala periyava). The same house has been acquired by the Kanchi mutt and an Adishankara temple has been constructed here, there are a devoted bhaktha family staying here taking care of the temple.

1) Sri Champangee Pichaleeswarar Temple

Sri Sampangee Pichaleeswara in the banks of araniyar is a beautiful temple with historic values. Rishis worshipped with sambangi flowers and attained their wishes. There are 5 ancient Shiva temples in this region (Ponneri / Uthukkottai) representing the 5 faces of Lord Shiva and this is one of them representing the Vamadheva face of Lord Shiva and the place is called Vamadhevapuram.

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2) Sri Aadhikesava Perumal Temple
This is an ancient and rare vishnu temple
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Karanodai – Periyapalayam (Uthukottai)

Sri Aalaaleswarar Shiva Vishnu Temple at Pondykavanur
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Shiva temple at Manjankaranai
A Shiva temple on a small hillock
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Shiva Temple at Kannigaiper
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Thirukkallil Shiva Temple

One of the 275 Thevara Padal Petra Sthalams

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Sri Vekkali Amman Temple at Panappakkam

This temple is around 5 kms before Periyapallayam temple. The amman here is big in structure and very beautiful to have a glimpse.

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1) Bhavani Amman

The legend of this temple goes back to Mahabaratha and associated with the birth of Krishna.When Kamsa was killing all the new born of Devaki,  Krishna was born as the eight child. He then asked his father Vasudeva to take him to Nandagopala. From Nandagopala’s wife a beautiful girl was born and she was transferred to the jail where Devaki and Vasudeva were jailed. Kamsa came and saw the child and found it to be a female baby. Still he tried to kill her but the child became Shakti and came to this place.

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2) Sri Imuktheeswarar / Agastheeswarar Temple at Periyapalayam (Moongilpattu)
The Shiva here was worshipped by Sage Agasthiar.
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3) Sri Maragathavalli Sametha Sri Nampaleeswarar Temple at Periyapalayam
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Shri Dharaneeshwarar Kamakshi Temple at Thandalam

This is the place where Shri Sankara Vijayendra saraswathy (Bala Periyava) grew as a young boy by name Sankaranarayanan. The  elementary school where he studied remembers him with pride and gratitude as seen by the painting on the wall

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Shiva temple at Soolameni
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Sri Kalahastheeswarar Temple at Perandur
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Sri Maha Kalabairavar Temple at Dombarambedu
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Ponneri – Pulicat

Sri Bala Subramanian (Thiruppugazh) Temple at Andarkuppam

In the Kolkatta highway, a few kms after the tollgate you will come across the Thachur cross road. Here you have to take a right turn and travel further for 2 kms and you will see the temple arch. The temple is 1 km inside. This an ancient and very popular Murugan temple in this region. This is one of the Murugan temples glorified by Sri Arunagiri nadhar’s Thiruppugazh.

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Shri Kaalahastheeswarar Temple at Sayanaavaram
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Sri Agastheeswarar temple at Ponneri

1 km from Ponneri railway station is present this temple with historical significance. Sage Agastiyar worshipped this Lord.

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Sri Kari Krishna Perumal Temple at Thiruayarpadi

Tiruayarpadi is three km from Ponneri, which has an ancient temple in which the deity is called Karikrishna Perumal. The Lord here is Swayambhu Murthy (self evolved).There is an ant hill present inside the temple. Usually, we can see such ant hill only in Amman temples. But this is possibly the only Vishnu temple which has an ant hill. The main deity is said to be evolved from this ant hill only.The Lord here is seen as a Yadhava (shepherd), with His right hand holding a shepherd’s whip and left hand rested on the hip. The Lord has Amrutha Kalasam (bowl containing celestial nectar) on His head.The Lord does not have any Peetam or base and seen standing on the floor, in a tilted posture with one of his leg a bit away.

Outside the temple is a mandapam, an architectural marvel with 16 stone pillars, all slanting in different directions, built that way purposely, for the reason that the main deity here is standing in a tilted position.

The Lord is worshipped here by childless couples to be blessed with a child. It is considered as a Prarthana Sthalam for the childless.

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Sri Nootretteswarar Temple at Chinna Kavanam 

The temple at a place called Chinna Kavanam 3 kms from Ponneri has a 2500 years old rare tree called Eru Azhinjil (or ankola) which has an unique importance. Its fruit ripens, falls on the ground and after the essense is eaten by ants and other insects, the seeds get attracted to the parent tree like a magnet signifying that the final destination of the human beings being the lotus feet of the lord.

When Agasthiar worshipped Lord Shiva with a hand made lingam from the river sand with a lingam per day for 108 days, on the final day, all the 108 lingams got merged into a Vinayagar and is present under the Ankola tree as a Swayambu Vinayahar.

Contact: Sri Ganesh Gurukkal – 27973061 / 98437 08593

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Shiva Temple at L.P.Pattai
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1) Sri Muthukumara Swamy Temple

This is located near Ponneri in the northeast direction towards Thiruppalaivanam. The Murugan Temple here has a 6.5 feet murugan along with his consorts valli with kondai and deivanai with greedam. This is one of the three famous Murugan Temples in this region. The other two are being Siruvarpuri and Andarkuppam.

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2) Sri Harikrishna Perumal Temple
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Shiva Temple at Medur
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Sri Lokambihai sametha Sri Paliswarar Temple at Thiruppalaivanam

Location: 10 kms from Ponneri en route Pazhaverkad (Pulicat)
Legend: When milky ocean was churned for Amirtham, the amirtham was made to a Shivalingam and worshipped by Devars here; Worshipped by Sage Agasthiar and Markandeyar; Shiva appeared from a Pala tree and gave dharshan to Rajendra Chola I
Temple: Since the temple is connected with the legend of Pradhosham, Pradhosha pooja is very special and is considered to give all wealth. It is also considered a Parihara sthalam.
Theertham: Devars, after consuming the Amirtham washed their hands at the temple tank here. Demons wanted to drink the water mixed with Amirtham by taking the form of frogs. Realising this, Devars made the temple tank such that it is not livable for frogs and other insects. So even today, frogs and other water living animals can not be seen in the tank.

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1) Perumal Temple
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2) Shiva Temple
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3) Sri Jadaraya Eswar Temple at Pasiyavaram
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Ponneri – Minjur

Sri Ranganathar temple at Devadanam

Devadanam village is near Ponneri/ Minjur.

• 18 feet long Ranganathar, said to be longer than Srirangam made of Salagrama stones
• More than 1000 years old temple
• Called Uthara rangam (North Srirangam) of Thondai nadu

Contact:  Sri Gopi (Trustee) – 98410 90491

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Sri Theertheswari sametha Sri Somanatha Easwar temple at Kaniampakkam

1000 years old temple  very near Devadanam Ranganathar temple. The main deity is the Maha Dhyana lingam made of sand by Parvathi devi.  Sage Agasthiar worshipped Lord Shiva here.

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Sri Lakshmi Narayanar temple at Elavambedu

A 600 years old Pallava period temple. Sri Narayanar and Lakshmi are embracing each other in a happy posture.

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1) Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple
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2) Sri Ekambareswarar Temple
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Around Minjur / Pulicat

Sri Chinthamaneeswarar Temple at Kattur (Karungaali)

This temple is at Kattur in the Minjur-Pulicat route and the place is called South Gokaranam alias Chinthamaneeswaram. If we go from chinna kavanam-pulicate route we should go to Kattur and from there we need to go by boat. This is the place where Brahma Aranya river merges with the sea. There are 5 ancient Shiva temples in Chennai representing the 5 faces of Lord Shiva and this is one of them representing the Agora face of Lord Shiva.

It is an ancient temple built by Chola Kings. After the demise of the Chola kingdom this temple had been abandoned and buried under beach sand dunes for many centuries. The temple was discovered by the local people when it’s Kalasam emerged out. The temple has been excavated fully now and rejuvenated to its old glory.

Contact: Sri Shanmugam 98402 14130

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This is a combined effort of many blog readers who have given inputs on so many temples.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing details about so many temples.
    Though in Chennai, never thought there are so many old temples around, especially North chennai.
    It is really nice to know the temples with its story, significance etc
    I have referred to your blog many times.
    So helpful in finding the location , knowing about the history etc..
    A great work…

  2. Good to know so much about temples close to Chennai. Any temple for Easwarar -Shiva- near Chennai, Tiruvallur etc. where pooja or pariharam will help estranged couples to unite ?

  3. I was eagerly searching for history and what parihara sthlam of Thirumoolanathar temple, near jain vidyashram, Puzal . But sir dissapointed me.

  4. Sir, What a fantastic Travelogue. Great. I do visit Temples and take photos. I need a favour. I would like to take some information about the temples from Your blog. I will give the due credit for Your Information. in my Face book Posts with my photos of the temple.

  5. Sir, Thankyou for your valuable information.
    I have not seen your visit to Gummidipundi – Shri Devainanayaki sametha Sri Chandrasekar swamy temple. It’s a Chola dynasty regime built temple & temple is maintained by Mr. Muthukumaraswamy – Herideitary trustee. This temple was not maintained for more than 40 years & it has been renovated & made kumbhabhisekam during 2012.
    Hope your visit will bring a complementary to this temple.

  6. Nice collection. Can you guide me to reach sri VenkataVaradhraja Perumal temple between Poonamallee to Avadi . The approach is to go under the recently built bridge .

  7. G S Krishnan, FCA, ACS
    Very nice to know lot of temples. I used to visit shiva temples in between my professional work or in holidays and your blog is very helpful and guiding factor to me and many. Keep it up. My humble salutations for your noble service.

  8. it is very nice to know lot of things about the temples before the visit. Really informative.Let emperuman give you more strength to explore more. SPIRITUAL WORK is really gift,You have been showered by it. KEEP GOING WE R FOLLOWING U

    • “KEEP GOING WE R FOLLOWING U” – I’m delighted, honored and humbled as well..I will do as much as ordered by HIM. Thank you very much Madam.

  9. Dear Sir

    Very nice to go through your visit to enumerous temples
    God has given the essential strentgh. I wish you to have good services to the Human beings through GOD – Unknown- Nature- Whatever we feel..
    Thanks and best wishes

    G M Rajendran

  10. Dear All,

    Eeekkadu Pancha Varneswarar too has square peetam in his deity as like as Thirumoolanatha Swamy at Puzhal, Aavundeeswarar at Nemam. It is believed that there are 5 Shivalingams with square peetams, that show the Ukkiram of Lord Shiva, in Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram vicinity.


    Sudhakar Pattabiraman,

  11. Hi,
    I am very much interested in your blog. I recently visited Panchesti too. We are planning to visit Singeeswarar,thirumazhaisai,Garudakodi perumal temple this week end. I spoke to Kumaran gurukkal and got to know the timings. But we are not sure about the Singeeswarar temple timings. If you know please mail me at

    • Dear Subha,

      I had been to the Sri Singeeswarar temple recently and I have the temple Gurukal Mr. Sridhar’s mobile number which I would like to share with you and he is ready to show the darshan of Lord shiva anytime in a day. His number is 9444943644.

      • Hi Sudhakar, this is Srini from Thirumullaivoyal.

        I read ur post and i need to know the shortest route either by bus / Train (comfortable) to reach Sri Singeeswarar temple from Avadi, cos train & buses are available as u know.

        Also, pls share the exact proximity for traveling (ie.) number of buses / any share auto required.

        Can u pls confirm.

        PS: I wuld travel alone to reach this place & shuld i carry any pooja materials (r) available near temple.

      • subha.ganeshan, on my post above, in case u have been to Sri Singeeswarar Temple, pls post ur comment too.

        U can also share anything in specific that i need to follow.

  12. why dont you give details of the ancient shiva temple called thirumoolanadhar samedha sornambigai temple about half a kilometer opposite puzhal jail. this is a very ancient temple parihara sthala, you have just mentioned about this temple but no details. please furnish details so that all can visit this powerful shiva temple 1500 years old and benefit. sesha kalyanaraman

  13. I really appreciate your efforts in helping out people like me to get good guidance on these not-so-famous yet powerful, peaceful temples so close to Chennai. Credit goes to you on compiling information on directions, locations and more importantly for the history.

    There are a few more temples between Ponneru – Minjur – Pazhavercadu.

    Naidhavayal is a place 5-6 kms from Devadhanam on Kattur high road.

    I happened to visit this old Shiva temple built by Chozhars( The Gurukkal said so).

    The beauty is the Shivalingam made in spadikam stone called Agneeswarar with his consort Thirupurasundari. No Kodimarm/dwajasthambam or Gopuram.

    The Karpoora Aaarathi is shown behind the Lingam instead of showing it in the front with the screen closed. Because the Lingam shines and glows like Jyothi. A must see.

    Happy to append this with yours above. Thanks much for the opportunity.

    Arun Kumar. T.

  14. Dear Sir,,,

    we are planing to visit for new year 2013 at nearer chennai.Really i am very surprised that your information.Wov how many temples to visit… A great job sir. This is not easy to upload this much of information…

    I pray god to give a good health / wealth to continue this journey……


    With thanks &regards,

  15. Sir,
    You have left Tiruvottriur amman Temple,Agastheeswar temple and Ernavoor Erneeswarar Temple>kindly incorporate all the asame.
    Regards B>Ramachandran

  16. Dear Raju Ji,

    I’d been to Nemam temple, thanks to you reference. A great temple and well maintained.

    Next i went to Thiruvur village (in search of Aranvoyal temple) and I saw an excellent shiva temple, very ancient and well renovated&maintained.
    The name of the temple is Singandeesvarar Temple Thiruvur.

    It can be located in Google map. It is between Aranvoyal and sevvapettai. There is an Amman temple too in this village.

  17. Dear All,
    There is one more ancient temple missed out in this list. Which is Kadaleeshwarar temple in Thadur, Tiruttani-Sholighur Road. This is one of the Temple constructed by Pallavas of Kanchipuram.

    Thadur : THE PLACE OF WATER SOURCE ( Neeradharam )

    The ancient Village of North Tamil Nadu……..

    Located 10 km from Tiruttani in west direction.

    To thank The Kadaleshwarar for giving the water source for agriculture Annabhishekam is performed every Sunday. MAHA ANNAABHISHEKAM is performed once in year.
    Prodhosha poojai & Sani Pradhosha poojai is performed wel here.

    Maha RUDHRABHISHEKAM performed on Maha Shivarathri

    Temple was renovated few years back, Now Sooryanar temple, Dhakshina moorthy , Ambigai, Shanmugar, chandigeshwarar temples are being constructed And Maha kumbabhishekam is held on 26th June 2012 to 29th June 2012.

    Do visit this temple get blessings of the god…

    May god bless you all…

    Veera Achari,
    Thalayari Thangal.

  18. Dear Sir,
    Very useful information and guidance in devotional angle. Pl guide me where is the Mercury (Budhan) Sthalam in chennai

    • Sir you can visit kovur Shiva temple which is accessible from.porur to kundrathur route. Very ancient temple and one of the navagraha temple in chennai

  19. Dear Shanthi

    My Name is Krishna. I am reading your blog. I’ve been once at Sri Amirthambikai samedha Aavundeeswarar Temple at Nemam. It was nice journey through bus. The contact person for this temple is Mr. Kumar 9840770248 who is actively involved in the renovation of the temple. The speciality of this temple is that Lingam is in Square type and one more of the same type is located is Puzal Thirumoolanathar swami temple near jain vidyashram school. Kindly keep updating your blog. Here below is my blog of my services

    Krishna N

  20. Mr.Raju,it is a comprehensive compilation which I am sure you have taken a lot of pains in putting this together.Very helpful & keep it going.Thanks & rgds

  21. sir

    Very useful information. excellent and more spiritual work being carried out by you. May GOD bless to continue this good work

  22. It is a yeomen service to knowledge seekers to know about our great heritage. I am from Ambattur (now settled elsewhere) Chennai. Could you let me know the old temples around this place. Thanks and God be always with you.

    • a great spritual work and every Hindu being should be thank ful to you…I travel lot of temples but I didnt take the pain of compiling and make it useful for others…
      thanks for your work and you may pl release as a book.

      if you want a team, pl let me know…similar interest people, including me, to support your great work…

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