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Here are some temples that are undergoing renovation and need the attention of the devotees… It is not a matter of how much we give but it’s a matter of our participation however small it is.

Ennayiram – Brahmmadesam – Esalam near Villupuram – Gingee is the region where the biggest Veda University existed and both Shaiva and Vaishnava traditions flourished during Chola regime. Ennayiram Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple is where the longest title inscription (மெய்க்கீர்த்தி) for Rajaraja Chola was found and excavated along with other Chola bronzes. The inscription actually runs to 80 lines along the 3 sides around the sanctum sanctorum, but only lines from 54 to 80 are unearthed now and lines 1 to 53 are still deep under the ground.

In the place where 1000s of people learnt Vedas, a Veda padashala is coming up for all – Kshatriyas, Brahmins and Vaisyals – as per Sri Ramanuja’s principle. People can participate in the kainkaryam.
Contact: Sri U.Ve.Malolan Bhattachar @ 89404 32746.


Some of the Goshalas and/or Veda padasalas which I know and a regular contributor are listed below, just FYI:

1) An exclusive Goshala by Madam Sadhana Rao at Venkatapuram near Poondi / Thiruvallur
044 24493141/ 9840456623

Andhra Bank, Neelangarai, Chennai
a/c no: 132710100033564


2) Sri Shanti Ashram at NOCHIYAM, Trichy – Goshala, Veda padasala and temple
Phone no: 94433 70605/ 87547 77592

A/c No.115001001829205
IFSC Code CIUB0000555.


3) Govindan Goshala, Madurantagam – An exclusive goshala
Phone no: 98400 41151/ 044 2489 9926


A/C N0: 40920 10100 28440


4) Balavedapadashala at Achirupakkam – Veda padasala and Goshala
Contact: Sri Balakrishnan @ 9840912762

Account name:
Shree bala Veda paripalana trust,
a/ 500101011843022, City union bank, branch-Anna nagar east,

A Chola Sri Chandra Sekarar Shiva temple in Umbalapadi village in Papanasam Taluk in the Kumbakonam – Thiruvaiyaru route was under ruins and with the help of some kind hearted people Kumbhabhishekam was conducted in May 2018. Now they are finding it difficult to carry over regular pujasand the upkeep due to shortage of funds. Those who can help may please contact Mr Balasubramanian @ 9360670620. He is contributing his personal funds to ensure pujas in the temple. A monthly contribution of by way of standing instruction or a lump-sum for the corpus would be of great help.

a/c details:
Mahadevar Trust, City Union Bank, Gandhinagar branch, Kumbakonam
Savings Bank a/c no: 500 101010 228822
IFSC Code: CIUB0000171

Below is the write up about the temple in The New Indian Express.

A 12th century inscription was found in the plinth of a dilapidated Chola era temple at Umbalapadi near Kabisthalam in Thanjavur district.

Kudvayil Balasubramanian, a noted historian who with the help of Sundar Bharatwaj, a research scholar of Bharathi Dasan University and another Balasubramanian, a retired banker, read and detailed the inscriptions found in the temple.

Umbalapadi village was part of larger area called ‘Rajendrasimha Valanattu Mirai Kootram’. The village came to be known as ‘Ethirili Chola Nallur’, during the period of Kulothunga Chola II (1133-1150).
As per the inscriptions found in the plinth area, the main deity of the temple which is now seen dilapidated with a Pipal tree grown in the midst of the structure was called Nilavanai Mahadevar.
A dancer named Selvi Uyyakonda Naachi had instituted an endowment with five gold units to conduct early morning poojas during the Chithirai festival and also for conducting the procession of the deity.
The inscription also notes that the Shiva Brahmins from the Muppadhu Vattam area have accepted to give effect to the endowment. Kudavayil Balasubramanian also noted the inscription recorded the Tamil translation of the ‘Chandra Sekarar’, the name of the God as the Nilavanai Mahadevar.

Shree Santhanayagi Sametha Naganathaswamy Temple, Thekkalathur – Radhamanglam Village, Kilvelur Taluk, Nagapattinam.

A 1500 years old in a dilapidated condition is being renovated.

The deities are kept in a hut for the last 20 years.

An article about the temple appeared in Sakthi Vikatan Magazine Edition dated 4th Dec 2018 the link of which is given below.

நாகராணி வழிபடும் நாதனின் ஆலயம்!
#SakthiVikatan #SriSanthaNayaki #Temple #Kilvelur

Contact: Mrs. Vaidehi Subhramanyam @ 9962047702



Dear Asthikas,

We are happy to share that a new Vedha patasala is coming up in Athur village – situated in the banks of river Palar, enroute Chengelput and Kanchipuram, under the care of Tapas trust – This has been conceptualised with blessings of acharya swamigal of both Kanchi as well as Sringeri. A two storey building has been dedicated with a capacity to accommodate upto 30 young boys. Also, there is already a functioning Goshala with 3 pairs of cows and a male calf inside the Patashala campus.

As Kanchi maha periyavaa has said there are two parts to Veda rakshanam –
(1) practice by self and
(2) supporting the vedha patasalas (oral tradition of learning in Guru sishya mode) and supporting the Vedha Vidhwans.

We would like to invite all asthikas with interest in Vedha Rakshanam to join us in our efforts and any contribution in cash and / kind are most welcome.

TAPAS TRUST(HDFC Bank Gopalapuram, Chennai 86).
SB A/c No. 06751450000127 IFSC Code : HDFC0000675.

The Trust maintains proper Books of Account and is subject to annual audit under the Trusts Act 1882 and under the Indian Income Tax Act,1961.

R Kamakoti, Chennai 9884402624 / S.Lakshminarayanan, Mumbai 9967894104

Patashala Address :
No. 28, “Sri Mahadhevam”, Krishna Gardens Layout, Aathur Village, Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram Dist. 603101

Regd Office :
86/131, I Floor, Lloyds Road, Royapettah, Chennai 600014


Pls contribute liberally to Goshalas to save cows from the jaws of death:



  1. To

    There is no Radhakrishnan in REACH! I think someone misguided you sir.
    When we come that side within this month I will surely come and see your temple.
    My mobile number is 9444441181

    • Pls give your email id, so that i will some photos of the temple.

      Thanks for the immediate reponse.

      87544 98117

  2. I would like to place an appeal for renovation of Oldest and ancient temples in Vachanur Village in Tiruvannamalai District.

    The Sivan temple is old, ancient and now in dilapidated condition. The village people had collected some donations and done some renovation work. The renovation work was not fully completed, due to shortage of funds.
    The following information regarding the temple:

    Location : Vachanur Village
    (The village is about 100 KMs from Chennai and located between Kanchipuram and Vandavasi Route).
    Year : approximately 350 years
    Name: Agatheeswarar sametha akilandeswari temple
    Managed by : Arunchala mudaliar forefathers
    Estimated amount for the repairs : Rs.12 Lakhs
    Estimated time for repair : 6 months

    I request you for valuable donations for renovation of temples and extend the possible ways for renovating the temple.

    The Contact person is Mr. A. Sabapapthi (Ph – 98843-49400), Ex Panchayat President, Vachanur Village or Mr. K. Mohanavel (98403 56750)

    Expecting an early reply.

    G-1, RR Vignesh Flats,
    7, 30th Street,
    CHENNAI – 600 061

    Mobile – 87544 98117

  3. This is regrding Oothukadu temple renovation. Cement and tiles.. full spree. Who cares when we say restore as it is using traditional and time tested materials like stone and lime stone? We fromREACH FOUNDATION met the trustees, also singer/ musician. (not to name) who was mobilizing funds for the renovation and gave him a cost effective plan. It seems all want grand break away and modern infusion. A request to donors: Check the value of heritage and temple sanctity restored before you donate any pie. Otherwise you would be one of the donors for demolishing a heritage temple and renovating it to modern structure, thus the temple loosing all its sanctity. Poor Kalinga Nardana Krishna. He is speechless in Oothukadu.

    • Respected Sir,
      As a normal devotee, I want the dieties placed in a grand gala manner with colourful, convenient and spacious Temple like other Popular temples. I am not aware of the implications (u mentioned) till date. As you mentioned Kalinganarthanar is not speechless and the work is not moving as they expected due to unknown reasons.
      After reading your views,i also feel that the Temple can be renovated without affecting its sanctity and if the Trustees wish Unique Attraction, they can make a big colourful mandapam nearby with identical Sri Kalinganarthanar where any type of annual function may be conducted with Great Musical Voclaists,Other artists. The Same Mandapam may also be used to do Special Poojahs,Abishekams for Urchavars on Special days – like Rohini, Thiruvonam for the Temple.

  4. Uthukkadu Kalinganarthanaswami Koil is under renovation. This temple is near Kumbakonam en route melattur near Eri. Elsewhere in this Blog itself. full details of this temple is available. The kirthanas of Uthukadu venkadakavi written on Krishna of this temple ,some 400 years back are even now live because of its simple tamil language and tunes. Mr Jayarama Bhattar with his efforts doing maximum possible. He has some eye problems restricting his hardworks now and Bagwan has to give a devoted person with full energy to complete this task of completion of the renovation.
    This Temple is parihaara sthalam for Rohini. Venkadakavi is said to be a reincarnation of Naradar , who is the God of Fine Arts, Music , Drama,Media & Movies.
    Eminent Musicians who are fond of Uthukadu songs , if they think can solve the financial defecit for the renovation , by doing a combined concert in a single event.
    All type of Artists,Musicians, Theater personalities can do something for this task , since Naradar is their God.

  5. More than 500 years old Arulmigu Kalahastheeswarar sametha Arulmigu Gnanambigai Ambaal ,Dindigul which is known as Abirami Amman Koil is being renovated at a huge cost estimate. The Swamis at the temple at the top of the Dindigul Rockfort a/m Padmagireeswarar & a/m Abirami Amman are also here. This temple is known as Abirami Amman Koil, in the name of Ambal who was brought from the Rockfort during Malik Kaapurs invasion of the rockfort and having samathis of few muslims in rockfort.
    The Kumbabishekam was performed long long ago and the whole Temple is about 5 feet below the road level and the estimation is now for a 5 feet above ground level elevated temple.
    Eventhough Local Donors contributing maximum extent , it is our duty to participate in this great task and Public Participation may quicken the completion.
    All are requested to contribute.
    Arulmigu Abiramiamman Koil Thirupanikuzhu
    Abirami Amman Koil , Main Road , Dindigul

  6. Dear Sir,

    This is sudha, we have an hereditary temple at broadway chennai which is 200 years old. It under renovation & the samprokshanam is on 26.6.13- 28.6.13. We need donors for the same purpose. If you could help us in this it will be grateful for us & we will be thankful to you. You could get the information & pictures in the website mentioned. I saw this web site today only. Kindly help us. If you need the invitation I could send the attachment for the required mail id.

  7. sir i need ur help,since we are senior citizen we want to visit all the temples given in your website,please give your phone no to discuss with you .we are a groupe of seniors about 30 mobile no is 9790912624

  8. Dear Mr. Raju,
    I’m an italian scholar and I plan to visit Chittoor area in the next days. I would like to have some information about the location of Erukkampet Sri Ranganathar temple and the way to reach it
    I’d appreciate very much your kind help
    Best regards
    Guido zanderigo

  9. Please can I have some information about a place called Vangipuram? My husband’s ancestors are from this place and I would like to find out our Kula Deivam. We are Vadakalai Iyengars, and my husband’s grandfather was called Aathangarai Srinivasar,settled in Cudalore.

    • நாம் செய்யும் பணிகள்
      அன்புள்ளம் கொண்ட ஆன்மீக சிவநேய செல்வர்களே
      எல்லாம்வல்ல எம்பெருமான் இந்த பரந்த விரிந்த பெரிய வுலகினை படைத்து ,காத்து,ரட்சித்து அன்பினால் மட்டுமே இயங்க வைப்பது நாம் அறிந்ததொரு செயலாகும்
      அப்படிப்பட்ட பெருமான் நீக்கமற அங்கிங்கெனாதபடி எங்கும் இருப்பினும் திருக்கோவில் என்ற ஒரு இடத்தில் நாம் வுய்வு பெற வீற்றிருந்தருள்வது நாம் அறிந்ததே
      நம்மால் ஆலயங்களை கட்டிகாப்பாத்துவது என்பது மிகமிக அறிய பெரிய செயலாகும்.
      ஆகவே எல்லா சிவாலயங்களிலும் தினமும் ஒரு தீபமானது ஒரு வேளையாவது ஏற்றபட்வேண்டும் என்ற பேரவாவினால் தூண்டப்பட்டு இந்த எண்ணெய் தரும் பணியை துவக்கி உள்ளேன்
      இந்த உயர்ந்த தொண்டானது ஏற்கெனவே நாயன்மார்களால் செய்யப்பட்டது தான்
      தொடர்ந்து வாரந்தோறும் தீபம் ஏற்றுதல்,அதன் சிறப்பு,பயன்கள் பற்றி அருளாளர்கள் கூறும் நன்மொழிகள் இடம்பெறும் என அன்புடன் தெரிவத்து கொள்கின்றேன்
      இந்த சீரிய திருப்பணியில் ஈடுபடுத்திக்கொண்டு நம்முடன் இருக்கும் அன்பர்கள் பெங்களுர் சைவம் வளையதள ஸ்ரீ கணேஷ் ,திருவாரூர் ஜெயராமன் கும்பகோணம் ஸ்ரீ லக்ஷ்மிநாராயணன் மற்றும் சிவனடியார்கள்
      நமக்கு தேவை எங்கெங்கு சிவாலயங்கள் விளக்கு ஏற்ற எண்ணெய் தேவைபடுகின்றதென்ர செய்தியும் அதற்க்கு நாம் எப்படி உதவினால் அங்கு செய்யமுடியும் என்றும் சொல்ல எல்லோரையும் அழைக்கிறோம் .
      மேலும் இந்த சீரிய பனி அங்காங்கே நடைபெற அனைவரின் ஒத்துழைப்பையும் ஆலோசனைகளையும் வழங்கவும் பணிவன்போடு ப்ரார்த்தித்யு கேட்டுகொள்கிறோம்
      வேறு யார் இப்பணியை பண்ணினாலும் தெரியப்படுதும்படியும் அதன் முலம் அந்தந்த வூர் பக்தர்கள் ஒருங்கிணைந்து செயல்பட வாய்ப்பு அதிகரிக்கும் என்பதையும் தெரிவித்துகொள்கிறோம்



  10. Dear Raju,
    I belong to sozhia vellala pillai and my grand father left the native place Trichy 150 years ago and settled at coimbatore.The name of my grand father – kunju pillai – retd.sub-inspector of police, had not left any clues about the kula deivam. Some say, the name of the goddess is chinnapurathu amman in the vicinity of Thiruvanai koil . North east of tv.kovil within 10 kms distance. If you are able to provide a solution to find out my kula deivam,all my problem will come to an end. kindly oblige

  11. Shivaya Nama

    Ayya with respect to your rely on 27th November we have circulated a form in Nesal village to get their signature as confirmation to support the construction of the Lord Shiva Temple. Ayya do i need to mail the hard copy of the letter or can i send the scanned copy. Please advise…..

    Shivaya Nama….

  12. Shivaya Nama…

    Nandri ayya…we are really happy to hear from you…we will provide consent letter from the locals ie villager…We are really grateful ayya….Thanks again…

    Shivaya Nama

  13. This is regarding the email from about the temple in the Nesal Village which is near Olindiyapet (which is in Byepass route from Puducherry to Tindivanam) where Lord Shiva is only left out. It is easy to find out what stops building the temple by Deiva prasnam, which I can see on behalf of the villagers, here in Mandaiveli through Shri Satyanarayanan. After which I should say with a minimum budget of 2 lakhs we can build a garba gruha, small arda mandapa and a mugappu with stuccos if the villagers are ready to co-operate and give us a consent letter.

  14. Shivaya Nama….
    Ayya, there is temple in Nesal Village which is near Olindiyapet (which is in Byepass route from Puducherry to Tindivanam) where Lord Shiva is only left out. No temple is visible, the temple was constructed by the king who has constructed Irumbai and Olindiyapet. But only Lingam is only left out, steps were taken to construct temple but everything was stalled. Can anyone assist us to construct temple for our Lord Shiva. It will be grateful if someone provide us some advise regarding the same. Mail address, contact no – 9994656390 – Shivaya Nama

  15. Dear Sir,
    Adiyen belong to Nochalur Village near Nedungunam where Ramar is in reclining position. Adiyen wants to know the importance of my village “Nochalur” where Kothandaramar is with Seetha Devi. To have a Two-Tier Gopuram which is going to be in place by Jan 2013 I would be happy to know about this importance of this temple whether Rama or Lov Kush have visited this temple.
    Nochalur Seshadri Sampath (

  16. sivasri ayya,iam one of the govt aproved sthapathy in tamilnadu.i done many temples construct and renevated at low cost of estimate.because that is my service of god,sculpture and peace of soul.if need for my consult and my service pl contact my cell-9443268305

  17. Om Sri Gurubyo Namaha

    Maha Periyava Saranam.

    With humble pranams and immense happiness we the members of
    Savithri And Subramaniya Iyer Centinary trust
    appeal for the Good Cause of Nithya Anna dhana.

    Veda is the only source of extra-worldly knowledge.

    From where do we find out what is punya and what is paapa?
    From Veda only. The Veda is not written by anyone. It is called the “breath of God”.
    This wealth cannot perish, but it can go into hiding.
    Though the Vedic wealth can never totally get destroyed,
    if we human beings do not pay attention to its studying and
    propagation, it will certainly disappear — go into hiding.
    And we will be the losers. So every human being has a duty to protect the Veda.
    The Veda tells us that Brahmana-s have the duty of spending their life time protecting the Veda. But in fact, every human being has a duty to protect the Veda, just like every one must protect their motherland. However, everyone protects the Veda in a different way.
    Even protecting him who protects the Veda is protection of the Veda indirectly.
    Every individual contributes differently. The doctor cannot go and fight at the border.
    The soldier cannot perform a bypass surgery.
    As such, someone may not themselves be capable of studying the Veda.
    In such case, even if they protect the students and
    teachers who are spending their full time for the propagation of the Vedas,
    they will have done their bit, just like the little squirrel did its bit when great Vanara-s like Hanuman were busy building the Rama Setu.
    So whoever we are, wherever we are, it is important that we – by body,
    mind and speech contribute to the great cause of protecting the Vedas.

    sarve bhavantu sukhinah’ /
    sarve santu niraamayaah’ /
    sarve bhadraan’i pashyantu /
    maa kashcid duh’khabhaag bhavet //

    “May everyone be happy. May everyone be rid of troubles.
    May everyone experience all good things. May no one ever suffer from sorrow.”

    More over one of the important point in vedic education is to inculcate samskaras.
    That is not something one can achieve by lecturing but by leading from personal example.
    When a student is with his guru there are umpteen things to be learnt by observing the guru: how to behave with elders, how to be kind to people… in short from how to get up in the morning to how to go to sleep in the night.
    These samskaras are important in how a persons personality is shaped which is important to one’s growth spiritually.

    While how much one can learn depends on the (Bhudhdhi) intellect how one will shape up depends on the shradhdha (keenness). So it is desirable to get along with the traditional way of teaching.

    Shiv Mahapuran
    A man who donated food grains enjoys all the pleasures of life, because food grains sustain life.
    Even, making donation of water is considered to be of supreme value because life can not exist without it.
    A man, who digs up wells and ponds for the benefit of people, acquires great virtues.
    Planting trees, especially which gives fruits or flowers are considered to give immeasurable virtues.

    Sai Baba insisted that a hungry soul should be fed first and then made to think spiritual life.

    Importance of Daanam in KaliYuga
    Parashara says in Dharma shastra regarding Yuga dharma

    “Visesha dharma in Kruta yuga is Tapas;
    In Treta Yuga is Jnana;
    In Dvapara Yuga is Yagna and
    In Kali Yuga is Daanam”.

    Hence we have planned to do Nithya Anna Dhanam to the Vidyarthees who are learning Veda in Patashalas.
    To start with we are giving food grains to the Vidyarthees 17 vadoos in
    Sri Chathur Veda Ganapathi Vidyashram;
    plot no:28 Sri Mahadevam,
    Aathur village; Chengalpet TK
    Kancheepuram dt pin 603101
    ph ; 9884402624
    which is near Villiambakkam railway station ( Chengalpet to Kancheepuram rout from chengalpet 2nd station.)

    Merits of Donation for Vedic Cause:

    Safeguarding the Vedha ensures our yoga-kshema and Lokakshema as well. Dharmo rakshati rakshitah: (Manu) — Dharma protects those who protect dharma. Dharma is rooted in the Vedhas. (Manu: vedo’khilo dharma-mulam) and this Vedha-dharma will accompany us at all times …… (Niti : ……gacchantam anugacchati). The Upanishad loudly declares that sacrifice alone can lead us to immortality. ( Thyagana Eka Amruthathvamanashuhoo). Even a small contribution awakens the Soul and guides us to the Supreme.

    From M/s.Savithri And Subramaniya Iyer Centenary Trust we have decided to contribute Food Grains for the Vidyarthees on monthly basis to their needs.It is going to be a Nithya Annadhanam project from our trust.
    We have decided to collect individually daily 1 Re ( One Rupee only) for the sake of Veda Samrakshana as Blessed by Maha Periyaval as a Pidi arisi thittam. Payment may be done for Monthly , annualy, 10yrs or 30yrs.
    Monthly Rs. 30
    yearly Rs. 365
    Life member 30 years Rs.10950

    The amount from the life members will be deposited in fixed Deposit and the interest will be utilised for life time.

    All are requested to spread the word to their friends and family and spread over the Punya throught the World by joining the yagna.

    Those who want to contribute can deposit the amount to the trust account in HDFC BANK and can get receipt from the trust.

    SB Account No: 00171880000016
    RTGS/NEFT IFSC : HDFC00000017


    Pranams to all.
    Trust Members.



    1 6/27/2012 Atta Flavour 50 Kgs 850.00 Chatur Veda Vidyasram – Shukla Yajur Veda Patasala Aathur Village near Chengalpet
    2 July 15, 2012 Ponni Rice 20 KG 719.00 Veda Adyapakar – Veda & Sanskrit Pandit Prakash Kaushik, Veda/Sanskrit Teacher, Myalpore, Chennai-4
    3 July 18, 2012 Ponni Rice 25 KG 1,000.00 Sri Sadguru Sabha – Krishna Yajur Veda Patasala Subramanian Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 33
    4 July 18, 2012 Thuvaram Paruppu 1 KG 68.00 Sri Sadguru Sabha – Krishna Yajur Veda Patasala Subramanian Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 33
    5 August 4, 2012 Ponni Rice 40 KG Veda Adyayana Sabha – Krishna Yajur Veda Patasala Pitchu Pillai Street, Mylapore, Chennai – 4
    6 August 4, 2012 Thuvaram Paruppu 1 KG Veda Adyayana Sabha – Krishna Yajur Veda Patasala Pitchu Pillai Street, Mylapore, Chennai – 4
    7 August 4, 2012 Jaggery 1 KG 1,625.00 Veda Adyayana Sabha – Krishna Yajur Veda Patasala Pitchu Pillai Street, Mylapore, Chennai – 4
    8 August 24, 2012 Atta Flavour 50 Kg 950.00 Chatur Veda Vidyasram – Shukla Yajur Veda Patasala Aathur Village near Chengalpet
    9 August 24, 2012 Thuvaram Paruppu 2 Kg Chatur Veda Vidyasram – Shukla Yajur Veda Patasala Aathur Village near Chengalpet
    10 August 24, 2012 Payatham Paruppu 2 Kg Chatur Veda Vidyasram – Shukla Yajur Veda Patasala Aathur Village near Chengalpet
    11 August 24, 2012 Groundnut Oil 5 Kg 726.00 Chatur Veda Vidyasram – Shukla Yajur Veda Patasala Aathur Village near Chengalpet
    12 August 27, 2012 COST OF LUNCH 3 DAYS 2,250.00 Karunai Villa – Home of Mentally Retarded Children Near Mugilivakkam (Porur) –
    13 September 1, 2012 Ponni Rice 25 Kg 1,000.00 Adambakkam Kainkarya Saba – Sama Veda Patasala Valmiki Street, Nilamangai Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai-88
    14 September 1, 2012 Thuvaram Paruppu 1 Kg Adambakkam Kainkarya Saba – Sama Veda Patasala Valmiki Street, Nilamangai Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai-88
    15 September 1, 2012 Payatham Paruppu 1 Kg Adambakkam Kainkarya Saba – Sama Veda Patasala Valmiki Street, Nilamangai Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai-88
    16 September 1, 2012 Jaggery 1 Kg 220.00 Adambakkam Kainkarya Saba – Sama Veda Patasala Valmiki Street, Nilamangai Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai-88
    17 September 1, 2012 Ponni Rice 25 Kg 900.00 Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust – Rig Veda Patasala Income Tax Street, Adambakkam, Chennai – 88
    18 September 1, 2012 Thuvaram Paruppu 1 Kg Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust – Rig Veda Patasala Income Tax Street, Adambakkam, Chennai – 88
    19 September 1, 2012 Payatham Paruppu 1 Kg Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust – Rig Veda Patasala Income Tax Street, Adambakkam, Chennai – 88
    20 September 1, 2012 Jaggery 1.25 Kg 233.00 Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust – Rig Veda Patasala Income Tax Street, Adambakkam, Chennai – 88
    21 September 2, 2012 Ponni Rice 25 Kg Sri Matam Patasala – Chaturmasyam Sri Matam, Kanchi Kamakoti Peedam – Kanchipuram
    22 September 2, 2012 Thuvaram Paruppu 2 Kg 1,200.00 Sri Matam Patasala – Chaturmasyam Sri Matam, Kanchi Kamakoti Peedam – Kanchipuram

  18. Sir
    The only Temple for Maha Nakshatram , is SundaraMahalingeswarar Temple at Thavasimadai on Dindigul Natham Road 20 kilometers from both the places. This Place is said to be Ashram of Bharadwaj Maharishi.
    The Place has many religious background connected with Ramayana and ThrethaYuga. Lord Rama, Goddess SeethaDevi stayed here for few days
    with Hanuman. Bharadwaj Maharishi had provided hospitality and there is a
    belief that the Three (Rama,Seetha & Hanuman had lunch together here)
    Mahrishi Bharadwaj laying here on the floor before entering the temple , wishing all the devotees should go to the temple after putting their feet on his back .Maharishi wanted Sivabhakthas Blessings as Lord Shiva used to be plesed by service to His Bakhthas. Huge Bharadwah vigrsha is lying on the floor.
    There is not much to see since there are few samadhis of Siththars within the
    same compound and no proper Poojas are being done. The persons attending the Poojahs do not seem to be religious.
    This place must have been visited by almost all maharishis and maharishis who were disciples of Bharadwaj and so on.
    But the Place is not in the shape what it should have been.
    Few local devotees doing poojahs on Thursday and annadanam on thursdays. The people who mediate, can very well feel the current in this temple and the vibration left out by The Maharishis.
    Since this is temple for maha star , the star of present CM, who is a sincere God Believer,God Lover shall take interest and make this temple a big one
    with Veda Pata Shalas under Gurukula system and like that.

    P Ravichandran

  19. hi, im from malaysia, hoping anyone can help me……our family god is pachaiamman in munugapet (vellore). I really need the kuppa pattar family contact details bcos i believe they are related to my great grandfather……this is a urgent request bcos theres a non stop death in my family. So we believe that we should conduct a prayers there and need help in contacting the right person. Please help us……

    • I got yur information.Pachai amman Temple is located in many places of Tamilnadu.(Thiruchy,ariyalur,thuraiur, thriuvannamalai,vangaram, near ambbatur rly station etc., a lot of temple are there. and chengalpettu .
      My household god is also pachaiamman temple. contact address,

      u can use yahoo messenger or skyped id to talk to me 0r 7708036753

    • Dear Priya, at the moment what you can do is try to go to nearest Durga Temple… Bring together 54 leman in malai form…do the prayers at the temple…and as the priest to give it back to you and take it to home and hang it outside the house… It might help you a lot… Belief in god…

    • Priya there are alot of siththars in Malaysia also and God is everywhere, u should look into your own backyard 1st. For a start you can look for ashrams & approach for help as an ashram cannot be run by a mere person, he must of a caliber and deffinitely blessed by God. I know of someone whom u can contact for help, I’m not sure of his name cos they call him Aumji, his contact +60177391854

    • Dear priya,

      This is Guna from the village of Munugapet where the pachiyamman temple is located, i don’t know about kuppa pattar family, if you give give more details about the family i can findout, but i know very well about the temple. To reach the temple you have to reach Arni it is 30KM from Vellore and from Arni it is hardly 10KM

  20. Dear sir,

    Two temples are awaiting renovation work around kancheepuram. One is thoosi , sri agastheeswarar lobha mudra temple and second is the Raaja gopura vimaana of Sri vetha gireeshwarar temple of thiru.kalukundram. There is a divine person doing most of the temples(Has renovated more than 400 temples( with divine guidance). This person is unique and is wishless man in complete perfection. those who want to donate or any guidance related to temple renovation can contact and 9994974557

  21. Dear sir,

    A great jeevasamadhi shrine is built up with mahaaguru sri agasthiars(direct) guidance and it is around coimbatore. Helping hands are required for construction of this temple and the details are in This is another siddha temple upcoming for the welfare of universe. My mobile number for contact is 9994974557.

    • Dear Murali,

      Please publish the A/c No and bank details or publish the address / name in favour of, so that people can transfer or take DD and send you.


      Sriram R

      • Dear sir.

        Our account no is : 11790100101503
        The Federal Bank, SB account
        Pollachi branch
        Coimbatore Dist.

        Address for communication:
        7/53-4, Sankar Illam,
        Kurinji Nagar,
        Kallukuzhi , keeranatham
        Via saravanampatti
        Coimbatore -11
        Mob : 9994974557

  22. sir, i am from sathanacheri village near chengalpattu, chengalpattu to kanchipuram stopping villiambakkam by palar river there is my village 2 sivan temples and 2 perumal temples there but now in 1 temple 2 perumal are there but temple filled sand bag’s because vimmanam will fall any time pls help us to guide us sir mobile no 9865325174

  23. Sathananjeri Mahesh,

    I am contacting various people for the renovation work of your temple,. pls do not worry and have patience. The brief of the temple is now published in our Yaali Magazine, started by REACH
    chandrasekaran J

  24. dear sir, i am from sathanacheri village near chengalpattu. In my village SRI VITTALAN RAJAN TEMPLE MORE THAN 50 YRS ABOVE no pooja’s and temple vimanam will fall any time inside temple sand bag’s kept to safe gaurd perumal we need history of temple inside temple there 2 perumal we want to renvote the temple and also people from our village lived past settled in chennai and around, pls raju sir visit our village

  25. Sir

    This is a general appeal .

    Every Year Lakhs of Devotees visiting Palani Murugan Temple during Thai
    January – February by Pathayathra.( Walkings) Majority of devotees from Karaikudi/Devakottai/Thirupathur Areas. Almost majority of Hindus with normal health, around Dindigul , Udumalapetta,Thirupur areas also walk to Palani during this season.

    Religious Minded people donate food, medicines, Shelter and all essentials
    en route Dindigul – Palani and definitely they will have PalaniAndavr Blessings.

    The Pity is the Status of Road and almost every year ( particularly because of monsoon rains in Nov – Dec ) The roads are without proper condition with stone ballasts coming out and disturbing the Devotees terribly. The Buses and Vehicles Running with sound horns also look terrific.
    But in spite of that Devotees of Pathayathra increasing year by year. They feel as a normal Timid Hindu , pertinence , getting pains , sacrifice pleasures all will please God and continuing to come annually.

    No Government take step to have at least 5 feet wide Soft Road on the leftern side from Dindigul to Palani at least , to enable Yathris walk conveniently. I beg to able persons / corporates / governments to make
    rubber platforms of 5 feet width from Palani to nearby Places. This can be done in stages – say 5 or 10 k.m per year. Because of the number of public involved Corporates can think on the lines of Publicity /Sponsorship / or even
    can collect Toll under BUILT Scheme.

    Thanks & Regards


    Dear devotees,

    Sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvartha sadhikey
    Saranye trayambakey gowri narayani namostutey

    Pathyala Sri Karthyayani Bhagavathy temple is situated in Kandassankadavu, approx. 15KM from Thrissur, Kerala (India). This temple is under the control of Cochin Devasom Board.

    Pathyala Sri Karthyayani Bhagavathy temple also known as “Pathyala Bhagavathy” is one of the 108 Durga temples in Kerala. “Durga” which is an avtar of ‘Adiparasakthi’. Karthika is considered as the star of the deity. The major festival of the temple that is THRIKKARTHIKA MAHOTSAVAM held in the month of Vrischikam (November – December). Other festivities are Ramayanamasacharanam and Gaja pooja (in Karkidakam, Aug/sept).

    The all powerful and benign Pathyala Bhagavathy reigns eternally supreme and nurses her devotees, as a mother does her children. No wonder that thousands of devotees from far and near flock to the temple to bend before the goddess with awe and reverence and to prostrate to redress their affection and glory.

    The Renovation Committee appeals to all devotees for generous contribution and offerings for the completion of the temple reconstruction. It is our duty to renovate this centuries old unique shrine built by the Cochin Maharaja and ensure its best upkeeping for passing it over to posterity.

    We humbly appeal to all devotees to extend their whole hearted support and co-operation for the above holy activities which will cost lakhs of rupees. Your participation in the social and spiritual services of the temple is also solicited.

    Kindly extend your offerings / donations by electronic transfer /crossed cheque / demand draft drawn in favour of –

    Pathyala Sri Karthyayani Bhagavathy Temple Renovation Committee
    Account No. 8552101 00004280
    Bank of India,
    Kandassankadavu (PIN 680613), Thrissur, Kerala (India)

    Or by post to –

    The Secretary
    Pathyala Sri Karthyayani Bhagavathy Temple Renovation Committee
    Kandassankadavu – 680613
    Thrissur – Kerala – India.
    Visit our web site :
    Email :

    Office bearers –

    President : Sreejith Koottala – Tel. No. 0091 938710330
    Secretary : Sasi Chakkamadathil – Tel. No. 0091 9745286919
    Treasurer : M.V. Sudhakaran – Tel. No.0091 9495131172
    Vice President : K.N. Muraleedharan
    Joint Secretary : Binoy Madampath

    Our Patrons –

    Cochin Devasom Board
    Adv. A.U.Raghurama Panikar (President Kerala Jothisha Parishath)
    Adv. K.N. Somakumar
    Adv. P.R. Neelakandan Namboothiri
    Harshan Thattil
    K. Lohidakshan
    K.P.K. Ayyappan
    M.P. Surendran (Deputy Editor Mathrubhumi Thrissur)
    Mohan Vennarathil
    Rajeev Kalathil
    Sidharthan Kalathil

    List of items can be offered as sponsorship for the Sreekovil construction

    Qty Unit Rate (Rs)

    Dworapalakan (Krishnasila) 3 20,000
    Kattila (Krishnasila) 1 15,000
    Thoranam (with artwork in Krishnasila) 3 15,000
    Kazhukkol (Teakwood) 24 4,000
    Utharam (Teakwood) 4 10,000
    Balakoodam (Teakwood) 28 1,500
    Krishnasila (small plain) 1,000
    Krishnasila (with artwork) 2,500
    Teakwood (for plank and other woodwork) cft 3,500
    Sreekovil Mughavathil 1 75,000
    Thazhikakkudam (bronze) 1 25,000
    Chembola (copper roll) sreekovil roofing 250,000

  27. Dear Anna,

    We need Lord Shiva’s Kumbabisheka Theertham. Was any Kumbabishekam performed in Chennai area recently or any Kumbabishekam to be held in the near future? Is there any possibility of getting the holy water? Please respond as we need this badly.

    Please help.

    S Sujatha

    • Ohm,

      when do you want it. Also we can send a most powerful theertham from a siddhar’s jeeva samadhi shrine(from maha panchaatchara chitrambala sadhasiva theertham)

  28. Dear sir,im Edward Raja here,from malaysia,, i kindly need ur help,im searching for my kula deivam picture,my aiya name is NONDI MUNISWARAN..wit info tat i get is,my aiya located at kombakonum,nagapatnam district,atangkoodi village…my grandfather from kumbakonum….i kindly need ur help sir,pls help me…TQ..

  29. Hi All,

    Pranams. Recently in August i had seen one program in Zee tamil Nambinaal Nambungal. They telecast a temple for alocholics deaddiction. People who drink go to this temple and promise there to not to drink thereafter, on overriding the promise the deity would appear in dream or in person by some means and punish the person for overriding the promise.
    Does anyone what temple it is? it is in Tamil Nadu.

  30. Hello All,
    There is an ancient temple “Pashana Lingeswarar” in Timiri, 8 Kms from Arcot (on the Arcot-Arni State Highway).

    The Shiva Lingam is very small and is made out of Nava Pashanams , by Kings that ruled Timiri. Fearing that the enemies might invade this place and damage this Lingam, the king , many 100s of years back, kept this Lingam in a tortoise shell, filled with water, and dropped the shell in a Pond in this temple premises.
    In 1980s, this Lingam was found and taken out from the Pond, as per Olai Kurippu(Notes from saints via Palm Leaf) read in Tanjore.

    This temple is maintained now very well by the person (Mr.Radha Krishnan – Cell: 93447 30899) who was the king that

    protected this Lingam in his previous birth. This temple needs valuable support from the devotees, to construct a Hall, and to install few more deities (Muruga, Parvathy…etc). The Lingam is always kept in Pure Mineral Water, and the Theertham from this temple cures all kinds of diseases, as these Nava Pashanams have high medicinal importance.

    Please visit to know more details.

    If you need any help in reaching (or knowing more about) this temple, please contact me / 0-998 052 6422.

    Mohanraj Ganesan,

  31. Dear Sir

    I m so glad i came across ur web. Superb work sir and please
    continue. I m frm Malaysia. I hv heard bout kula theivam and upon
    checking with my mom, she told my kula theivam is called
    pachaiamman situated in salaipatty, thichy. Hv u come across this
    temple or this village? There is no info bout salaipatty in the web. I
    really hope you can assist – i plan to visit next year.

    Thank you very much

  32. Iam Planning to a three day trip to kumbakonam.Is there a pre-fixed ideal dharsan plan that should be followed as per the Hindu philosophy

  33. Sir,
    Appreciate your good efforts regarding the temples which are in dilapidated condition.
    I would like to bring to your kind attention a very beautiful Shiva temple in Akiladapuram, near Tiruvaiyur, which needs attention. When we first visited this last year, we really felt very sorry for the condition of the temple. We were not in a position to help the priest then and I now think, had I visited your blog earlier, it would have been nice. Anyway, better late then never. Actually, the priest, by his efforts has recently been able to mobilise some funds and has started the renovation work. When we visited the temple last month, we were happy to see the eork going. He requires more funds to be able to complete the renovation work. If somebody is willing to lead the work, we can also contribute to some extent to get the work done. I request volunteers through this blog.
    Thank you, Sir, for providing this forum to reach out to people to protect our legacy and culture. You are doing a great job, Sir.

  34. dear raju sir
    i am temple staff. your kodumudi temple articales is very super. but
    parikaram fees is not correct. pls remove for parikaram fees and
    kurkkal names. it is give the higher offical order me. pls send your
    contect no. by kodumudi

  35. Hello Anna,
    Really surprised to see your work on this…I was not knowing about this before….You are really doing a great work.. My suggession is that don’t restrict yourself to Tamil nadu temples alone..tell about indian temples…
    Keep going…


  36. Dear Mr Raju
    Its a pioneering effort.Keep it up.On our part we are in the process of renovating a World famous Temple at Srikurmam, Andhra Pradesh.Kindly see & share the Blog/Website we developed recently ( are now covering it extensively through Magazines of ISKCON/TVs etc etc.Thanks in advance

    • Kind attn: EO, Srikurmam temple.

      We have given a report at the behest of the AP endowments board but the Government is giving the orders to renovate thru local PWD dept who seldom know what heritage temple renovationis. I request the EO to look into the REACH report and then decide on renovation. Pls stop rework of the maha mandapa and the Vimana with cement and tar 😦

      • I had posted one appeal for renovation of Sivan temple in Vachanur Village, Near Vandavasi in this website. I had sent request to Mr. R. Radhakrishnan, Patron, Reach Foundation two times in 2010 and 2011. No response till now. Pls try to help us in renovation of the ancient sivan temple, which is 350 years old

        A. VADIVELU

  37. So many comets for your post. Its looks many people are with you, no doubt. Many people looking for Govt. support only without doing any thing. Temples are heritage of India. We should take responsible & must try to preserve it within our capability.

  38. Sir,

    My husband is Vellala Gounder, Kadai Gothram. Our kula deivam is Malayai Maruthai. Can I know the location and address of the temple for kula deivam.


    • Dear friend,
      I have from my son in law who is in US that their kula deivam is Malaya marudhar. The temple is situated in Perungalur, a medium town, mid-way between Thanjavur and Pudukkottai. According to him, it is an Ayyanar temple. You may enquire further the people in that town, for further details.

  39. Sir,

    My name is Hari Sharan, living in chennai, i want Hindu Culture and Hindu Temples.
    I have almose gone to almost 60 big ancient and powerful temples in Tamil Nadu.

    What shall i do sir, How do i start. If i have asked any thing wrong kindly dont mistake.

    If you want to guide me to serve hindu temples and hindsm kindly write to me

    I want to Start a Community for Hindu Temples and Hindu Culture in ORKUT. What best i can do. My number is 8939325282.

  40. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for the reply. Incase if you get any info, please share the same. Thank you once again.


    • Kamesh
      Are you sure about the village name, i doubt that this name may be misspelled, or completely different name. i am from Nagapattinam district but never hear this name.

      • Dear Mr.SK,

        sorry..i some how missed thi sposting and just now saw the same. yes the Village name is SIGAR, kilvelur taluk, Nagapattinam District. Could you please help..


  41. Dear Sir,

    Could you please help me in getting some information on a village called SIGAR in Thiruvarur Dist (Am not sure whether it comes in Nagapattinam). I would like to know about the temples and famous personalities from all field including vaidheeham.Since am born and brought up in Chennai and moved to Mumbai for career building, I never got a chance to go there. Please help me with info

    • Dear Sir,

      With reference to my ealier post, could you please help me with info on village called Sigar, Kilvelur taluk.

      • Hello Kamesh,
        Sorry, i never heard of this village before. I have not yet started digging that area for temple information. If i get any, i will send you. In the meanwhile, hope any of the blog readers might help.

  42. Vanakam sir, i am kumar nadesen from malaysia, would like to make some donation to Sri sundara mahalakshmi temple.please provide correct address and to whom the donation to be made.

  43. Dear Mr.Raju,
    I would like our village temple details loaded onto your blog . You’re doing an invaluable contribution to the society! I live very close to you i.e on Kalashetra Road, Atrium. I hail from a village near Vandavasi called Kil Kovalavedu and main deity is Ambujavalli Thayar and Adhikesava Perumal. This temple was renovated by village people by raising money from philanthropists. Kindly request you to send an email with your Mob. no. and I shall call you and give details about the temple.

  44. Dear Sir

    We have found an ancient lord shiva ‘Mangalambika samedha Runa hareshwarar’ at our native place of peranambakkam village, polur taluk, thiruvannamalai district in nov’10. We have contacted reach india foundation for startring other activities which may expected to start shortly in feb’11. We may need sufficient fund for escalation and constructing of the above temple. Donors may please contact via email : or by mobile 9840237966 (Srihari ).

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