Parihara Sthalams

Parihara sthalams

The topic of ‘Parihara sthalams’ is an ocean and can’t be compiled just like that. Thanks to Sri Sankara Narayanan who gave the bulk of the information. I request the readers to add value to this list with the temples they know but I request to add only the genuine and very important temples for a specific problem. This is a dynamic list and so will be updated as and when I get some new information.


1. I don’t know the alphabet of Astrology and this is NOT an an astrological site. So please don’t send your horoscope / birth-star details with your problem descriptions asking me for remedy. I’m not into that business and unfortunately I will not be able to publish such comments since it will easily take away the focus of this page. This is just a general list of temples that can give remedy for a particular problem and please use it that way.

2. I just received a very detailed and wonderful book on this topic by Mr.Radhakrishnan of Thimmakudi (Kumbakonam) for Rs 150/=
மனித வாழ்க்கையும் இறையருளும் (பரிகாரத் தலங்கள்)
The book is available from their offices at Kumbakonam @ 0435 2422347. It gives almost all the information you needed on this topic for all kinds of problems.

3. It is very well understandable that all the problems we face today are due to the Karma of our current or the previous births. So we have to be very careful that we don’t add up to our bad karmas in the current birth to wander again to parihara sthalams in the next birth.
Sri AMR of Kumudham Jyothidam, in one of his articles says there is no point in going for a pariharam for Athrities and knee pains when we have animals / birds in the name of pets within cages / glass boxes for their life time. Any type/amount of pariharam is not going to give any remedy.
So before we look up for a Parihara sthalam, let us look within ourselves and make sure that we are not doing anything now to add up to the burden of our existing bad karmas.

4. Last but not least, today (12.07.2015) I’ve decided to publish any more requests seeking details of pariharam for various ailments ONLY WHEN you contribute to any of the activities listed in the ‘Needs Attention’ category, however small it is – even a 100 Rs contribution is ok. So please include your contributtion details also in your comment section to enable it getting published. Your contribution itself, as such, may solve the problem, who knows. However, readers replying to others’ problems may please continue as before.

The temples in bold are considered the most important ones for the specific prayer

Navagraha worship

1. Sun

  • Sooriyanar Temple near Aduthurai
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Gnayiru temple near Redhills
    On the Chennai – Kolkatta highways, turn right after Puzhal jail camp
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Kolappakkam Agastheeswarar Temple near Porur/ Kundrathur
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Parudhiniyamam (Paruthiyappar koil) Tanjore-Pattukottai road
    Travel base: Tanjore
  • All the Shiva temples where the sun rays fall on the lingam on specific days.

2. Moon

  • Thingalur near Thiruvaiyaru
    Travel base: Tanjore
  • Somangalam Somanatheeswarar Temple near Tambaram / Kundrathur
    Travel base: ChennaiThirunageswaram
  • Thirunageswaram Pirainudhal Ambal whom moon worships a day every year
    Travel base: Kumbakonam

3. Mars

  • Vaitheesawaran koil near Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali
    Travel base: Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali
  • Vaitheeswaran koil at Poonamallee
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Mangalesar/ Kalyanasundaresar temple at Sirukudi near Peralam
    Travel base: Kumbakonam / Mayliaduthurai

4. Budhan

  • Thiruvenkadu
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Thirumeyneeswarar Temple at Kovur near Porur/ Kundrathur
    Travel base: Chennai

5. Guru

  • Alangudi
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Thittai
    4 kms from Tanjore in the Tanjore – Kumbakonam route
    Travel base: Tanjore
  • Thiruvalleeswarar at Padi
    Opposite to Lucas TVS
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Thakkolam in the Kanchipuram – Arakkonam route
    Travel base: Chennai / Kanchipuram
  • Elumiyankottur  on Thiruvallore – Thakkolam Road
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Govindavadi Agaram near Thakkolam
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Medha Dakshinamoorthy at Mayiladuthurai
    Travel base: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thirisoolam near Chennai Airport
    Temple is on the opposite side of Airport – Cross the railway gate
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Suruttapalli – Thambadhya Dakshinamoorthy
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Guru temple at Kanchipuram
  • Ramanatheswarar Temple at Porur
    Travel base: Chennai

6. Sukra

  • Kanjanur – next to Sooriyanar koil
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Srirangam
    Travel base: Trichy
  • Velleeswarar – Mylapore
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Velleeswarar – Mangadu
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Velliyangudi near Kumbakonam
    Travel base: Kumbakonam

7. Sani

  • Thirunallaru
    Travel base: Karaikal
  • Thirupugalur near Nannilam
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Thirukkollikadu in Thiruvarur – Thiruthuraipoondi road
    Travel base: Thiruvarur
  • Kuchhanoor
    Travel base: Cumbum
  • Agastheeswarar Temple at Pozhichalure near Pallavaram
    Travel base: Chennai

8. Ragu

  • Thirunageswaram
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Kalahasthi
    Travel Base: Chennai / Thirupathi
  • Nageswaran koil at Kumbakonam
  • Nageswarar in Kundrathur
    Travel Base: Chennai
  • Nagoor
    Travel base: Karaikkal
  • Thiruppampuram
    Near Peralam
    Travel base: Mayiladuthurai

9. Kethu

  • Keezha Perumpallam
    In the Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali – Poompuhar road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali
  • Kalahasthi
    Travel Base: Chennai / Thirupathi
  • Chitraguptan temple at Kanchipuram
  • Gerugambakkam between Porur and Kundrathur
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Thirumuruganpoondi on Avinashi – Thiruppur road
    There are 2 temples, one is a thevara stahalam and this is the other one next to the thevara sthalam
    Travel Base: Coimbatore

General Problems


  • Thirumanancheri, Thiruvelvikkudi and Ethikolpad near Kuttalam
    On the Mayiladuthurai-Kumbakonam road
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
    Note: The 3 temples are within 5 kms radius and visit ALL the temples together to be very effective.
  • Kodumudi
    Travelbase: Erode
  • Madurai Meenakshi
  • Thiruvidanthai Nithya Kalyana Perumal in East Coast Road
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar
  • Kanchipuram Kacchabeswarar
  • Thiruverkadu Vedapureeswarar
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thirumazhisai Othandeeswarar
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Mylapore
  • Travelbase: Chennai
  • Vedaranyam
  • Thiruveezhimizhalai
  • Thirukkazhipalai
    3 kms from Annamalai university, Chidambaram
    Travelbase: Chidambaram
  • Uppiliyappan koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Nachiyar Koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Nachiyar Koil in Trichy
  • Immayil nanmai tharuvar temple at Madurai
  • Piranmalai near Thirupathur
    Travelbase: Karaikudi
  • Thirukolakudi in Pudukkottai-Kilachevalpatti road
    Travelbase: Pudukkottai
  • Kuttalam
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruppainjeeli
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Srirangam
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Thiruvanaikaval
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Thiruchengode
  • Thiru Sakthimutram
    Close to Patteswaram
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Ezhichur Sri Nallinakkeswarar
    In Oragadam to Walaja
    Travel base: Chennai
  • All other temples where swami married ambal or gave marriage dharshan

From my (Raju) own experience:

  • Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple at Meyyur (near Chenglepat)
  • Sri Varamoortheeswarar Temple at Ariyathurai (near Ponneri – North Chennai)

Child birth

  • Rameswaram
  • Thiruvenkadu banyan tree
    Travelbase: Sirkazhi / Myiladuthurai
  • Pagam piriyal temple near Thiruvadanai
  • Thayumanaswamy at Rckfort
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Thirupputkuzhi near Kanchipuram

Safe delivery/ Protect fetus

  • Garbarakshambigai at Thirukkarukavur
    Near Papanasam
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam

Note: According to Sri Manamadurai Swamigal, the couples who visit the following temples in the given order are bound to get child:
1) Ettiyathali near Aranthangi
2) Thirukkarugavur Garbarakshambigai
3) Karuvalarcheri and
4) Utharakosamangai

Husband and Wife misunderstanding

  • Thiruchengode
    Travelbase: Erode
  • Thiruchattimutram next to Patteeswaram
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam


  • Koothanur Saraswathi
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruvahendrapuram Hayagreevar
    Travelbase: Cuddalore
  • Chettipunyam Hayagreevar near Maraimalainagar
    Travelbase: Chennai

Job, Graha vakram

  • Thiruvakkarai
    In the Pondicherry-Tindivanam alternate longer route
    (there are two routes for Pondicherry – Tindivanam)
    Travelbase: Tindivanam


  • Vaidheeswaran koil
    Travelbase: Sirkazhi / Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruvallur Verraragava Perumal
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thiruvanmiyur Marundeeswarar
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thirukkachur Marundheeswarar
    3 kms from Singaperumal koil railway gate
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Sankaran Koil
    Travelbase: Thirunelveli
  • Pagampiriyal temple near Thiruvadanai
  • Thirundevankudi (Nandankoil)
    Travelbase:  Kumbakonam
  • Siddheeswaram at Nachiyar koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Vaidheeswaran koil at Poonamallee
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Vaidheeswaran koil at Srivilliputhur
    Travelbase: Madurai


  • Jwarahareswarar at Kanchipuram

Nervous weakness / Fear

  • Thirubhuvanam next to Thiruvidaimarudhur
    Travel base: Kumbakonam


  • Thirupachilasiramam (Thiruvasi)
    Travelbase: Trichy

Eye Problems

  • Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar
  • Thiruvarur
  • Kannayiramudaiyar temple on Vaitheeswaran koil – Mayiladuthurai road
  • Panayapuram
    At the mouth of the diversion to Panruthi – Kumbakonam road near Vikravandi
    Travelbase: Villupuram
  • Thirukkaravasal
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur


  • Thalayananganam
    On Kumbakonam-Thiruvarur road
  • Theerthanagiri on Cuddalore-Chidambaram road
    8 kms from Mettupalayam village
    Travelbase: Cuddalore

Stomach pain

  • Thiruvadigai in Panruti
    Travelbase: Villupuram

Speaking / Hearing problems

  • Thirukkolakka next to Sirkazhi
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruchendur


  • Thirunindriyur
    On Vaitheeswaran koil-Mayiladuthurai road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Arisirkaraiputhur on Kumbakonam-Thiruvarur road
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam

Debt problem

  • Thiruvarur Runalingeswarar
  • Thirucherai Runalingeswarar
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
    In the Kumbakonam – Kodavasal – Thiruvarur road

No support in difficult times

  • Thiru anniyur (Ponnur)
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai

Cheating done in poorvajanma

  • Thirumanikkuzhi
    Travelbase: Cuddalore

Kushtam (Leprosy)

  • Thirumangalkudi in Sooriyanar koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Konerirajapurm
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thirunellika
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur


  • Thiruchottruthurai near Thiruvaiyaru
    Travelbase: Tanjore


  • Thirukkadaiyur
    Travelbase: Karaikkal
  • Srivanjiyum
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
    Near Nannilam


  • Rameswaram
  • Thirupoovanam on Madurai-Manamadurai-Rameswaram road
    Travelbase: Madurai
  • Thilatharpanapuri
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur
  • Thiruvengadu Rudhra padam (Budhan sthalam)
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Idumbavanam near Muthupettai
    Travelbase: Pattukkottai

Brammahathi Dhosham

  • Rameswaram
  • Thiruvidaimarudhur
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Ramanadheeswaram
    Diversion on Thiruvarur – Mayiladuthurai road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruchengottankudi
    Diversion on Thiruvarur – Mayiladuthurai road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thirukkuvalai
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur
  • Thevur near Keevalur
    Keevalur is in Thiruvarur-Nagapatnam road
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur


  • Thirumarugal (Thiruvarur- Mayiladuthurai road)
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Poovanur
    Travelbase: Mannargudi

Safe Travel

  • Virinchipuram Margabandheeswarar
    (Margabandhu Sthothram)
    Travelbase: Vellore

Sidhabramai (Mental illness)

  • Thiruvidaimarudhur Mahalingaswamy
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Gunaseelam Venkatachalapathi
    Travel base: Trichy
  • Sholingar Narasimha swamy
    Travel base: Chennai

Sarva dosha parikarams:

  • Sea bath at Dhanushkodi sangamam – 26kms from Rameshwaram.
  • Girivalam at Thiruvannamalai
  • Offer prayers at Adhishtanams or Jeeva samadhi of elated Gurus– to name a few Raghavendraswami (Mantralayam), Sri Sadashiva Brehmendral (Nerur,near Karur), Sri Bhagwan nama Bodhendral (Govindapuram, near Kumbakonam), Sri Shirdi Sai (Shirdi), Bhagwan Sri Ramanar (Ramanshramam, Thiruvannamalai)


Thiruvidaimaruthur Mahalingeshwara swami temple – ‘Ashvametha pradikshana’ – doing parikrama in outer prakarama at least 3 times.



    • Sir
      Pattiswarem temple is famous temple. Near to this temple another sivs temple within walkable distance is there. You can see parvathidevi alinganam siva. Name i recollect and write here. Sakthimutram like that.
      Thank you
      Yours sincerely

      • From Raju Sir Blog ‘Thiru Sakthimutram, Close to Patteswaram , Travel base: Kumbakonam’ , Another temple near Kumbakonam is Thiruvelvikkudi.

  1. There is a problem with second issue in our family i came to know my second child(girl) is having balarista dosam ,last month she admitted to hosiptal for health problem (high viral fever).what pariharam should i perform,which temple should we visit.wat mantram to protect my baby

    • Go-to thiruvasi temple near Trichy. Trichy Salem road.. About 10 km from Trichy tollgate. Do the archanai and lit a Vilakku. If possible, go-to Thudaiyur Shri Viswanathar Mangaleswarar temple. It is very nearby Thiruvasi temple. Thank you. Nama Sivaya.

    • madam
      please pray to Lord vaitheeswaran.He will solve the problem. If I came to know any specific I will send reply here.
      thank you
      yours sincerely

  2. Hello Sir,
    My wife is facing severe health issues after her delivery and undergone 3 surgeries in the past 1.5 years including the c-secion. Everytime doctors are saying that we reached hospital on right time. Please suggest some solution sir.

  3. Hello Sir

    My child is not speaking, that is our big problem. He is four years old and now we are facing difficulty for his school admission. He is telling few words only, we consulted doctors, did speech therapy but no improvement. We are from Kerala. Please help suggest any thing to help us.

    • As you are from Kerala please pray to lord Thirukkolakka near to Sirkazhi. The god will help you.Once auto driver here(Pondicherry) told he prayed and recited the songs and his grand daughter got relief in speech.Also pray to Lord vaitheeswaran
      It is believed that the wedding of Goddess Mahalakshmi with Lord Mahavishnu took place here.

      Lord Shiva here is believed to have been worshipped by lords Indira, Suryan and sages Agasthiyar and Kanva Maharishi.

      This is the first pilgrimage temple of Saint Thirugnanasambanthar after he received the blessings of Goddess Parvathy at Sirkazhi. He also rendered his first hymn there. It is believed that when Sambanthar was rendering his pathigam (hymn) here and clapping his hands in ecstasy, Lord Shiva noticed that the young child’s hands had gone red from pain. In order to relieve him from the pain, Lord Shiva gave him two golden plates (“Thalam”). Since striking two gold plates does not produce any sound, Goddess Parvathi infused divine energy into them to make them produce musical notes.

      Hence, the lord is praised as “Sri Thalapureeswarar” and the Goddess “Sri Osai Kodutha Nayaki”. “Osai” means sound, “Kodutha” means given and “Nayaki” means Goddess in Tamil. The temple’s name “Thiruthalam Udayar Koil” is also derived from this legend.
      thank you
      yours sincerely

  4. Sir,
    What should i do for my husband finance problem.we wère cheated by in laws in income issues.they are doing well but we aresuffering.thank you sir.

  5. Hi, Im Priya iyer from Bangalore.. Well my family s facing finance pbm it comes n goes it doesn’t long last at all on tat my mom is having health issues, one of my brother’s business isn’t going gud n other brother s depressed coz of hs lve failure n nt stable in job he kps changing coz of d issue hpng in hs job n lots of evil eyes n jealous r thr..Let me know which temple to go.. Thanks in advance..

  6. My wife has separated from me with kid and divorced in USA … I am very hurt painful and cannot live without her and son .. Need help temples to visit to get my wife change mind and marry me

    • Sir
      Travelbase: Erode
      Thiruchattimutram next to Patteeswaram
      Travelbase: Kumbakonam are 2 places for removing misunderstanding between couples.
      please provide email. I will send one poem .
      thank you
      yours sincerely

      • Hello sir ,
        My problem is similar to karr problem . My wife in Mumbai with my daughter 6 yr . She don’t want to come back in my life n her home in Lucknow. She is staying far since 5 yr . I m being forced to move court for divorce but don’t want to divorce her n want her to come back…Please guide remedial solutions.

  7. Namaskaram,
    Both my mom and my younger brother are hearing impaired and my father have lot of debts.can anyone suggest some pariharams for this.thank you

  8. Sir
    Namaskarams .we are are praying for my daughter . We are yet to have a grandchild .please advise us the temples we need to go . On Saturday we are planning to have darshan at venugopalasami temple kottaimalai.thanks

    • Sir
      Many people already suggest you Garbarakshambigai at Thirukkarukavur Which is must More or less. For us it was suggested going to Lord Muruga temple preferably Palani. I went To Guruvayur also. My son was born on Sasti.
      Thanking you
      yours sincerely

    • இந்த ஸ்லோகத்தை தினமும் 21 தடவை, 48 நாட்கள் தொடர்ந்து வாசித்தால்
      கற்பம் தங்கும் என்று நாரயணீயம் சொல்கிறது..
      காலை மாலை என நேரம் கிடையாது . எப்பொழுது வேண்டுமானாலும் சொல்லலாம்..
      தாத்ராஸீநம் புஜங்காதிப ஸயாநதலே திவ்ய பூஷாயுதாத்யைஹி
      ஆவீ தம் பீதசேலம் ப்ரதிநவ ஜலத ஸ்யாமலம் ஸ்ரீமதங்கம்
      மூர்த்திநா மீஸிதாரம் பரமிஹ திஸ்ருணாம் ஏகமர்த்தம் ஸ்ருதீநாம்
      த்வாமேவ த்வம் பராத்மந் ப்ரியஸக ஸஹிதோ நேமித க்ஷேம ரூபம்

    • Temples child birth – Thirukarakavoor, Thottamaloor krishna temple, Ramagiri Bhairavar Temple, Guruvayoor. If you are near Chennai , go to the temple at nemam on a pradosham day with items like milk, honey for abhisekham. Link is below :

      Simple remedy is to do fasting on Sashti and recite kanda sashti kavacham. Based on age and health condition one can have fruits and vegetables/milk during one time of day instead of regular food during fasting (ntoe: one can take regular food at other times of the same day). Avoid eating non-vegetarian form in any form. If ancestral thithi/tharpanam please do it without fail. Every day light pooja lamp before 7 am. In case you have not visited your family deity in the last 12 months, visit once and fulfill any pending prayers/obligations/offerings.

  9. Hello every one… This is officially agreed.. When i came across an issue during that time there was nobody supported… Suddenly I came to read this site and accordingly I went to Thiru Anniyur (No support in difficult times-Thiru anniyur (Ponnur)-Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai).
    I really wonder during that problem was solved without any difficulties.. I would like to thank to you which will be helpful for everyone…
    Thanks a lot

  10. Hi Sir, My mother recently came down with severe shoulder and back pain. No doctor has been able to diagnose the cause of this pain, and she has been suffering now for 3 months. We are not able to identify if this pain is due to the nervous system or some muscular issues, and no remedy is helping.

    Is there any pariharam sthalam we can go to or pooja that we can perform to cure her? Please let me know. I am sad, watching her suffer.

  11. Sir
    Friend daughter is deaf n dumb. Any chance of getting the defect cured or rectified. Any suggestions for this. .

  12. Sir, Very informative site with so much of finer details / personal touch! Stay blessed sir! Kindly inform the Temples to be visited for House construction/ Land purchase.

    • Sir
      For construction Siruvapuri Sri Balasubrahmanyam temple is ideal to go .The temple is located at a distance on the Chennai-Kolkota Highway at about of about 30–40 km from Chennai. It is located in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu.
      another temple pray to Lord Bhoominathar. . Greatness Of Temple: Those facing problems in land, house and other constructions are advised to take part in the Yagna performed .
      .another temple Sevalur, Bhoominathar temple is a renowned shrine located at Sevalur, in the Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu, India. The principal deity of this temple is Lord Bhoominathar and Aranavalli Amman (Thayar). This is one of the few temples revered for Vasthu pujas. If I get phone no. from books i will send
      . however lease check it as in one case for me I asked they said now they are not doing poojas. also do not spend more money. Archanai is enough it is my opinion.
      I do not know your place so one more Boominatha temple in ECR road at Marakanam.
      thank you
      yours sincerely

  13. Hello,
    I like to know which temple to pray for recovering my money . I trusted and gave.
    Temple Near to pondicherry.

    • Sir
      generally debt problems worship To LORD Narasimha is beneficial. Also Runavimosaka of Siva in Thiruvarur temple can also be considered. The runavimosaka slogam of Narasimha can be recited or heard daily.My email id is If you provide your email i will send the slogams. also you can send money to Thiruvarur temple for Milk abisekam on new moon days. Rs 100 for each abisekam.
      thank you
      yours sincerely
      V. Padmanabhan

      • Regarding Debt – Text of velmaaral is here: Light 9 gingelly lamps to Goddes Durga During Tuesday Raahu kaala more specifically between 3.30 pm to 4 pm. Pray to your family deity every day at home. On Lunar eclipse day (eclipse are powerful days for prayers) , 31 Jan, 2018 pray for a long time at home. Do not eat egg, non vegetarian food in any form , (even cakes containing eggs to be avoided). Offer grass to Lord Vinayaga for 48 days and light ghee or gingelly oil lamps . Should go around Lord Vinayaga atleast 12 times after lighting lamp. Offer milk and grass (aragampul) to Lord Vinayaga during Sankatahara Chaturthi and if possible do fasting on that day.

  14. At Tiirunageswaram (Raghu temple) every year moon is worshiping the Piraiani amman on Tamil month Karthikai Pournami day at about 645 PM to 700 PM if the sky is clear. It will last a few minutes only. Secondly the Sirukudi temple (Mars temple) is very near to Tiruppamburam temple. It is only 2 KM west of this temple. Tiruppamburam is on the Kumbakonam- Karaikkal state highway, 28 KM east of Kumbakonam. This is for your kind information please.

  15. Sir
    With deep Hartening sadness my 5 year Child expired last week and i couldn’t able to relieve from that pain. Why it’s happened to me. I haven’t committed any sin. Please guide me to visit any temple in case of any dosham…. I don’t want to happen even to my enemies… I can’t bear this pain for lifelong….

    • With deep regret, I read your comment and my deep condolences to you. Nobody can console you except He. Also, nobody can tell you why it has happened but Hindu Dharma has a readymade answer (!) to all these unanswerable questions as “Karma”. You know you cannot bring back the child but to my little mind there are 2 suggestions: 1) How can you help the child to have a blessed life in the next birth or no birth at all – think in those lines 2) If it’s due to Karma Lord Shiva is the person who can reduce that burden. As you may know Lord Vishnu protects us in this birth but Lord Shiva is the one who can reduce the sins of our past life – remember He drinks poison for the sake of others. So worship as many Shiva temples as possible to reduce your Karma and visit as many Vishnu temples as possible praying for your child. Originally I was not a very serious temple goer but when I lost my mother due to cancer, I got great peace in temples and it brought me to this blog. One important thing – don’t go to temples for any pariharam – go there to see your child in the garbagraham.
      Again, nobody can console you but only He.

    • sir
      for general cases we are going to thiruvamuthoor near villupuram. this the temple Sri Abirameswarar Temple, Tiruvamathur-605 402, Villupuram district
      for our cases we used to go Thiruvamuthoor near Villupuram and pray God. About Thiruvamathur Thiruvamathur is a Village in Koliyanur Taluk in Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu State, India. It is located 9 KM towards East from District head quarters Viluppuram. 172 KM from State capital Chennai Thiruvamathur Pin code is 605402 and .the no is 09976887652
      the priest name is A. Mahesh kurukkal
      do not pay huge money. Do archana otherwise send money for archanai
      another temple kollingiappar temple near viruthasalam. at kollingiappar temple people gave prathu in wrting.
      Prathu means compliant. Like one who filed their compliant through a Affidavit in the Court, the people with grievances can submit their accusation in a piece of paper. we have to par some amount based on from our place to here. at temple they help and give receipt.
      .thank you
      yours sincerely


  16. res.pected sir There is a problem with second issue in our family .second child is getting some problems like retardedness ,speech problem,not able to this,what pari haramshould i perform please guide us.

    • sir one temple near lalkudi in trichi district. Thirumangalam samavedesswarar . in book the contact no given id 9865422027 and 04312541040. First inquire and then go but do not give much money as parokaram.
      thank you

  17. hi, raju,
    just a very quick question, cud u pl let me know at a particular temple where the rahu kept holman is taking place ? It is organized by the temple administration on a SAMOOHIKA – for all those who send about 200 or 250 rupees. I had read this, but unable to locate the temple name. The money is less when compared to other temples. Be quick.

  18. Namaskaram sir! my daughter is studying in college under Sport Quota. She is a hard working sincere player in School. But in this college the coach is deliberately avoiding my kid. One year she has completed with depression, worry etc… We took this college admission after putting chit in front of Shirdi Sai Baba. We are regularly praying him. Now this year too the coach started giving chance to new comers – 1st year ignoring my kid. Please help me what kind of prayer I have to do to enable my kid to get proper chance for her..thank you in advance!

    • sir
      pray to Lord sai. also hear slogams from lord narasimha and Durga for removing of obtacles. hanuman Chalisa also poerful. My email is please send your email if you do not have any one slogam.
      thank you
      yours sincerely

  19. for problems due to Saturn ,one more parihara sthalam is thiruvathavoor ,15 mms from Madurai.near melur

  20. Sir, I have a young boy in family who could not speak and learn to express himself since his childhood. I remember I watched a news bite quite a long time back about a physician who has been blessed to cure people with speech ailment. I have gone through various links but not getting any information of the above said. Can you help me any way in this case. I.shall be highly obliged.

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