Parihara Sthalams

Parihara sthalams

The topic of ‘Parihara sthalams’ is an ocean and can’t be compiled just like that. Thanks to Sri Sankara Narayanan who gave the bulk of the information. I request the readers to add value to this list with the temples they know but I request to add only the genuine and very important temples for a specific problem. This is a dynamic list and so will update as and when I get some information.


1. I don’t know the alphabet of Astrology and this is NOT an an astrological site. So please don’t send your horoscope / birth-star details with your problem descriptions asking me for remedy. I’m not into that business and unfortunately I will not be able to publish such comments since it will easily take away the focus of this page. This is just a general list of temples that can give remedy for a particular problem and please use it that way.

2. I just received a very detailed and wonderful book on this topic by Mr.Radhakrishnan of Thimmakudi (Kumbakonam) for Rs 150/=
மனித வாழ்க்கையும் இறையருளும் (பரிகாரத் தலங்கள்)
The book is available from their offices at Kumbakonam @ 0435 2422347. It gives almost all the information you needed on this topic for all kinds of problems.

3. It is very well understood that all the problems we face today are due to the Karma of our current or the previous births. So we have to be very careful that we don’t add up to our bad karmas in the current birth to wander again to parihara sthalams in the next birth.

Sri AMR of Kumudham Jyothidam, in one of his articles says there is no point in going for a pariharam for Athrities and knee pains when we have animals / birds in the name of pets within cages / glass boxes for their life time. Any type/amount of pariharam is not going to give any remedy.

So before we look up for a Parihara sthalam, let us look within ourselves and make sure that we are not doing anything now to add up to the burden of our existing bad karmas.

The temples in bold are considered the most important ones for the specific prayer

Navagraha worship

1. Sun

  • Sooriyanar Temple near Aduthurai
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Gnayiru temple near Redhills
    On the Chennai – Kolkatta highways, turn right after Puzhal jail camp
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Kolappakkam Agastheeswarar Temple near Porur/ Kundrathur
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Parudhiniyamam (Paruthiyappar koil) Tanjore-Pattukottai road
    Travel base: Tanjore
  • All the Shiva temples where the sun rays fall on the lingam on specific days.

2. Moon

  • Thingalur near Thiruvaiyaru
    Travel base: Tanjore
  • Somangalam Somanatheeswarar Temple near Tambaram / Kundrathur
    Travel base: ChennaiThirunageswaram
  • Thirunageswaram Pirainudhal Ambal whom moon worships a day every year
    Travel base: Kumbakonam

3. Mars

  • Vaitheesawaran koil near Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali
    Travel base: Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali
  • Vaitheeswaran koil at Poonamallee
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Mangalesar/ Kalyanasundaresar temple at Sirukudi near Peralam
    Travel base: Kumbakonam / Mayliaduthurai

4. Budhan

  • Thiruvenkadu
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Thirumeyneeswarar Temple at Kovur near Porur/ Kundrathur
    Travel base: Chennai

5. Guru

  • Alangudi
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Thittai
    4 kms from Tanjore in the Tanjore – Kumbakonam route
    Travel base: Tanjore
  • Thiruvalleeswarar at Padi
    Opposite to Lucas TVS
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Thakkolam in the Kanchipuram – Arakkonam route
    Travel base: Chennai / Kanchipuram
  • Elumiyankottur  on Thiruvallore – Thakkolam Road
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Govindavadi Agaram near Thakkolam
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Medha Dakshinamoorthy at Mayiladuthurai
    Travel base: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thirisoolam near Chennai Airport
    Temple is on the opposite side of Airport – Cross the railway gate
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Suruttapalli – Thambadhya Dakshinamoorthy
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Guru temple at Kanchipuram
  • Ramanatheswarar Temple at Porur
    Travel base: Chennai

6. Sukra

  • Kanjanur – next to Sooriyanar koil
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Srirangam
    Travel base: Trichy
  • Velleeswarar – Mylapore
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Velleeswarar – Mangadu
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Velliyangudi near Kumbakonam
    Travel base: Kumbakonam

7. Sani

  • Thirunallaru
    Travel base: Karaikal
  • Thirupugalur near Nannilam
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Thirukkollikadu in Thiruvarur – Thiruthuraipoondi road
    Travel base: Thiruvarur
  • Kuchhanoor
    Travel base: Cumbum
  • Agastheeswarar Temple at Pozhichalure near Pallavaram
    Travel base: Chennai

8. Ragu

  • Thirunageswaram
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Kalahasthi
    Travel Base: Chennai / Thirupathi
  • Nageswaran koil at Kumbakonam
  • Nageswarar in Kundrathur
    Travel Base: Chennai
  • Nagoor
    Travel base: Karaikkal
  • Thiruppampuram
    Near Peralam
    Travel base: Mayiladuthurai

9. Kethu

  • Keezha Perumpallam
    In the Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali – Poompuhar road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali
  • Kalahasthi
    Travel Base: Chennai / Thirupathi
  • Chitraguptan temple at Kanchipuram
  • Gerugambakkam between Porur and Kundrathur
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Thirumuruganpoondi on Avinashi – Thiruppur road
    There are 2 temples, one is a thevara stahalam and this is the other one next to the thevara sthalam
    Travel Base: Coimbatore

General Problems


  • Thirumanancheri near Kuttalam
    On the Mayiladuthurai-Kumbakonam road
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Kodumudi
    Travelbase: Erode
  • Madurai Meenakshi
  • Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar
  • Kanchipuram Kacchabeswarar
  • Thiruverkadu Vedapureeswarar
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thirumazhisai Othandeeswarar
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thiruvidanthai Nithya Kalyana Perumal in East Coast Road
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Mylapore
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Vedaranyam
  • Thiruveezhimizhalai
  • Thirukkazhipalai
    3 kms from Annamalai university, Chidambaram
    Travelbase: Chidambaram
  • Uppiliyappan koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Nachiyar Koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Nachiyar Koil in Trichy
  • Immayil nanmai tharuvar temple at Madurai
  • Piranmalai near Thirupathur
    Travelbase: Karaikudi
  • Thirukolakudi in Pudukkottai-Kilachevalpatti road
    Travelbase: Pudukkottai
  • Thiru velvikudi near Kutralam
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthrai
  • Kuttalam
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruppainjeeli
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Srirangam
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Thiruvanaikaval
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • All other temples where swami married ambal or gave marriage dharshan

Child birth

  • Rameswaram
  • Thiruvenkadu banyan tree
    Travelbase: Sirkazhi / Myiladuthurai
  • Pagam piriyal temple near Thiruvadanai
  • Thayumanaswamy at Rckfort
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Thirupputkuzhi near Kanchipuram

Safe delivery/ Protect fetus

  • Garbarakshambigai at Thirukkarukavur
    Near Papanasam
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam

Note: According to Sri Manamadurai Swamigal, the couples who visit the following temples in the given order are bound to get child:
1) Ettiyathali near Aranthangi
2) Thirukkarugavur Garbarakshambigai
3) Karuvalarcheri and
4) Utharakosamangai

Husband and Wife misunderstanding

  • Thiruchengode
    Travelbase: Erode
  • Thiruchattimutram next to Patteeswaram
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam


  • Koothanur Saraswathi
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruvahendrapuram Hayagreevar
    Travelbase: Cuddalore
  • Chettipunyam Hayagreevar near Maraimalainagar
    Travelbase: Chennai

Job, Graha vakram

  • Thiruvakkarai
    In the Pondicherry-Tindivanam alternate longer route
    (there are two routes for Pondicherry – Tindivanam)
    Travelbase: Tindivanam


  • Vaidheeswaran koil
    Travelbase: Sirkazhi / Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruvallur Verraragava Perumal
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thiruvanmiyur Marundeeswarar
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thirukkachur Marundheeswarar
    3 kms from Singaperumal koil railway gate
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Sankaran Koil
    Travelbase: Thirunelveli
  • Pagampiriyal temple near Thiruvadanai
  • Thirundevankudi (Nandankoil)
    Travelbase:  Kumbakonam
  • Siddheeswaram at Nachiyar koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Vaidheeswaran koil at Poonamallee
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Vaidheeswaran koil at Srivilliputhur
    Travelbase: Madurai


  • Jwarahareswarar at Kanchipuram

Nervous weakness / Fear

  • Thirubhuvanam next to Thiruvidaimarudhur
    Travel base: Kumbakonam


  • Thirupachilasiramam (Thiruvasi)
    Travelbase: Trichy

Eye Problems

  • Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar
  • Thiruvarur
  • Kannayiramudaiyar temple on Vaitheeswaran koil – Mayiladuthurai road
  • Panayapuram
    At the mouth of the diversion to Panruthi – Kumbakonam road near Vikravandi
    Travelbase: Villupuram
  • Thirukkaravasal
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur


  • Thalayananganam
    On Kumbakonam-Thiruvarur road
  • Theerthanagiri on Cuddalore-Chidambaram road
    8 kms from Mettupalayam village
    Travelbase: Cuddalore

Stomach pain

  • Thiruvadigai in Panruti
    Travelbase: Villupuram

Unable to speak

  • Thirukkolakka next to Sirkazhi
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruchendur


  • Thirunindriyur
    On Vaitheeswaran koil-Mayiladuthurai road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Arisirkaraiputhur on Kumbakonam-Thiruvarur road
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam

Debt problem

  • Thiruvarur Runalingeswarar
  • Thirucherai Runalingeswarar
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
    In the Kumbakonam – Kodavasal – Thiruvarur road

No support in difficult times

  • Thiru anniyur (Ponnur)
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai

Cheating done in poorvajanma

  • Thirumanikkuzhi
    Travelbase: Cuddalore

Kushtam (Leprosy)

  • Thirumangalkudi in Sooriyanar koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Konerirajapurm
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thirunellika
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur


  • Thiruchottruthurai near Thiruvaiyaru
    Travelbase: Tanjore


  • Thirukkadaiyur
    Travelbase: Karaikkal
  • Srivanjiyum
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
    Near Nannilam


  • Rameswaram
  • Thirupoovanam on Madurai-Manamadurai-Rameswaram road
    Travelbase: Madurai
  • Thilatharpanapuri
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur
  • Thiruvengadu Rudhra padam (Budhan sthalam)
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Idumbavanam near Muthupettai
    Travelbase: Pattukkottai

Brammahathi Dhosham

  • Rameswaram
  • Thiruvidaimarudhur
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Ramanadheeswaram
    Diversion on Thiruvarur – Mayiladuthurai road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruchengottankudi
    Diversion on Thiruvarur – Mayiladuthurai road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thirukkuvalai
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur
  • Thevur near Keevalur
    Keevalur is in Thiruvarur-Nagapatnam road
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur


  • Thirumarugal (Thiruvarur- Mayiladuthurai road)
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Poovanur
    Travelbase: Mannargudi

Safe Travel

  • Virinchipuram Margabandheeswarar
    (Margabandhu Sthothram)
    Travelbase: Vellore

Sidhabramai (Mental illness)

  • Thiruvidaimarudhur Mahalingaswamy
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Gunaseelam Venkatachalapathi
    Travel base: Trichy
  • Sholingar Narasimha swamy
    Travel base: Chennai

Sarva dosha parikarams:

  • Sea bath at Dhanushkodi sangamam – 26kms from Rameshwaram.
  • Girivalam at Thiruvannamalai
  • Offer prayers at Adhishtanams or Jeeva samadhi of elated Gurus– to name a few Raghavendraswami (Mantralayam), Sri Sadashiva Brehmendral (Nerur,near Karur), Sri Bhagwan nama Bodhendral (Govindapuram, near Kumbakonam), Sri Shirdi Sai (Shirdi), Bhagwan Sri Ramanar (Ramanshramam, Thiruvannamalai)


Thiruvidaimaruthur Mahalingeshwara swami temple – ‘Ashvametha pradikshana’ – doing parikrama in outer prakarama at least 3 times.


  1. Respected Sir,
    My daughter is 3 year old still not ready to talk, she understands whatever we say but do not speak like others except uttering some words like Amma,appa etc. We are in full pain and distress, visited many temples, did poojas but so far no improvement. Can you please suggest some pariharas and places where this can be done.

  2. Hello Sir, recently i met an astrologer.I have lots of problems for the past 8years. He said i born in this jenmam with poorva jenma saabam.A brahmin.cursed me he told. Is there any temple to do the pariharam? or not only temple anyway to get rid of the saabam.Please suggest me.Am looking for your reply

  3. From last five years whatever I do new business good for six months and then problems so whar is remedy please

  4. i want the contact no of sri thiyagarajar temple thiruvarur .please help me

    • Hi

      Thyagaraja temple, thiruvarur contact number is 04366 242343.

      • thank you angad

  5. Dear Padmanabhan Sir,

    Iam jobless for the last 6 yrs and looking for a suitable one since cannot find please suggest any sloka/temple visits to solve…had met nadi,astrologers,visited temples etc. but cannot find one yet,Iam in Chennai.
    Thanks in advance..

  6. My daughter’s right eye was effected by birth. We are consulting many doctors they said no solution. I need my daughter to have good eye sight plz suggest me which temple should I visit.

  7. Dear Sir,

    Please confirm to Visit water based moon parighara temple name in Cheran Madevi near Tirunelveli

  8. Sir ,

    My sin is not speaking and most of the times he will be ole irritated and show tantrums , as all the mothers I want my son to speak normally and behave normally and have good studies and good job and good human being .sir Iam worried please help me ….I took him to thiruchendur , mookambika kollur and basara …please please help me …. He has to speak normally and have good studies and good life . He was born 27 January 2011.

  9. good evening sir we are four brothers we are constructing a new house , we are facing problems with neighbor’s, we have not troubled them when they constructed which temple to visit

    • for land problem you can see Lord Varagha temple if time permit. otherwise pray to Lord Varagha

  10. dear shyamala,
    ask him to recite this sloga 3 times after taking bath . he will surely get a job

    Sridevi amrutho bootha kamala chandra sobana
    vishnu pathni vaishnaveecha varaarohaacha sarnginee
    haripriya deva devi mahalakshmi sa sundari

    This was told by kanchi mahaperiyavaal…

    God bless

  11. sir my son who is abroad and has done his MBA and searching for a job he is called for interview in 3 companies and they went on till final interview and finally he is being rejected , he is very upset please help him. he is married and having 2 kids and he has to support parents also.

  12. Padmanabhan Sir,
    Kindly email me the sloga as myself and my family are suffering from heavy financial problems also i have lot of suffering and Jealousy from within my organization colleauges because of which my job elevation is pushed or halted.

    Please send to

    • For financial problem the Runa temple called Arulmigu Sarabhareswar temple in Tirucherai is the answer.Raju sir has written about it I think in this blog.Kumbakonam with an wonderful archakar .The Lord is Runa Vimochana Lingeshwar.

  13. Hi.. I’m vijay from kumbakonam.. For any travel support n staying at kumbakonam contact me. Also I take u all temples. Contact number 9952323638,09538649696 watsapp number 08884014443. We make your trip ec..

  14. Please read Hanuman Chasila (available at Giri Stores) every day twice .Method (1) Picture of Lord Hanuman (2) Lite a lamp (3) Apply Kum kum & Chandanam & decorate with flowers and lite uthubathi. Offer eleven types of flowers after each stansas. Continue till you find results coming very soon.Only once’s faith can solve problems.God Bless You …Vijay S

  15. Sir,

    My husband is a chronic alcoholic and after many treatments and pariharams , he is becoming worse and lost all his possesssions and all my 30 sov. jewels . He was in a good job and lost many jobs due to his habits. I have doubts that some one would have done some pilli sooniyam to him.He is a heart patient and got 3 times attack. Please suggest a remedy for his rehabilitation. we are in chennai. His parents in Vadalur , cuddalore Dist.


    • Madame please read my reply Feb 11th..corrections “after chanting each sentense

    • Madam,
      pl. recite Lord Narasimha slogams. pl. provide e mail. I will send it.
      thank you
      yours sincerely

      therein Lord Narasimha slogam composed by OOthukadu Venkata Kavi.If you are interested in Karnatic Music you may hear his name. his statue is in this temple.
      thank you

    • Many have asked reg problems.Here is great shloka.Very powerful and good to keep repeating the last four lines all the time.:
      Om simahamugei rowta rupanyam,
      abaiyastaingitham karanamoorthei
      sarva pratham logaratchaham
      pavavimochanam thuritha nevaram
      letchmi gadakcham sarva pristam
      aneigam theki letchumi narashimam
      Ugram Veeram Mahaa-Vishnum,
      Jwalantham Sarvatho Mukham
      Nrisimham Bheeshanam Bhadram
      Mrityu-Mrityum Namaamyaham.

    • Pritibha look at temples in Kerala.They have special poojas for all kinds of problems

    • There is temple in Kerala called Chakullathu kavu Bhagavathi temple.People come there with alcoholism as a problem and the priest does a special pooja where they take vow not to drink.If the number of women coming back to offer ‘Pongal” is any indication then praying to the Divine mother works.Her kindness is beyond human understanding

  16. Sir,
    I had entered a small naration about a Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Temple situated in a village name as Agraharam Street Kulzhipandandalam,Route No 19 & newly added bus routes stopping @ this place. ie it is after Thirikulkandaram and about 9 kms before Mahabalipuram. This temple happens to be in existence even before my grandfather who was a zamindar owning huge land. We done put efforts to renovate and perfom Kumbabishegam around the year 1999 .My sister who took the full interest of collecting funds and she also contributed a large amount. I in personal contributed around 2000 Rs and also donated a Silver Bowl for offering theertam to the Lord while daily performance at the temple .We visited the Kumbabishegam and went happliy back to Chennai. But we were upset that the Govt which was keeping quite for somany decades came all of a sudden from where and instructed the temple pepole to display Govt authorities names. I would request you to kindly add this temple’s name in your sight.

  17. Padmanabhan Sir, i am having nadi dosha in my horoscope with the girl i am going to marry. Please suggest the temple name where nadi dosha nivarana will be done. Please help.

    • I will give one group name .pl. Put the question there.

      Thank you

      • Thank you sir. Is there any suggestion to look for horoscope match where i can get only the truth since i am getting different opinion from many astrologers on our horoscope match. Please help.

  18. Can u plz help me with failures in education :( it was a real bad time with lot of mental depression and I lost confidence and my willpower..series of failures left me total disaster..plzz tell me remedies regarding these bad failures.thank you!

  19. visit pratyangira temple in kumbakonam for all black magic vows..

  20. Sir, Regarding eye problems. I have made an accident since 1 year four months four months back. In that accident I lost my eye sight due ro heavy severely injured in four head. And after dischaege the hospital, I go to the hospital my eye sight visioned upto 40% but cant cure the problems. And some my close relatives done the black magic for me two times. Please sir suggest me the best temples for both the problems. Please kindly help me sir for troubling onces and send me the suggestion at my mail id: Once again sincere thanks to you for spending time with us. Thanks…..

    • sir, visit pratyangira temple in kumbakonam for all black magic vows

  21. people say i am suffering from preta”s .please suggest me which temple to visit..preferablly in karnataka.

    • Narayana Naga bali performed in Tryambakeshwar is highly recommended. This is again the only place where KalaSarpa dosha is removed very effectively. Please do remember, this is the highly sought remedy centre in the world. Its a powerful energy vortex


        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

        From:”Raju’s Temple Visits” Date:Thu, 22 Jan, 2015 at 14:56 Subject:[New comment] Parihara Sthalams

        Dr. Madhussudan commented: “Narayana Naga bali performed in Tryambakeshwar is highly recommended. This is again the only place where KalaSarpa dosha is removed very effectively. Please do remember, this is the highly sought remedy centre in the world. Its a powerful energy vortex”

    • My suggestion is first pray to Lord Narasimha. Then you go as what others suggest or your convenient. For Lord Narasimha will help at the earliest.there may be some slight disturbence first you can over come it.
      thank you
      yours sincerely

      • Dear Sri. Padmanabhan

        Kindly find the issues mentioned below.

        (1) Mooladhara Chakra is corrupt, energy received from North. Financial and sex issues. (2) Manipuraka Chakra is negative, negativity from South East. Lack of Blessings from Gurus, Mentors. (3) Anahatha Chakra is highly negative, East is totally corrupt. Career stunted with blockage and plagued by internal politics with open and hidden enemies. Grossly misunderstood. (4) Ajna Chakra corrupt, North East flooded with negativity. Lack of Divine Strength. Bad judgements. Right decisions at wrong time, Wrong decisions at right time.

        These are the issues diagnosed by a leading Reiki master. And to sort it out, he’s charging phenominal amount. Kindly advise me a remedy . If its Karnataka, all the better sir. I’ve always believed that nothing is above the supreme universal power.

        Thanks /Regards

        R. Harish

  22. For being honest as Quaity control Mgr rejecting components in leading automobile company wherever necessary, Im now facing job loss for over 6 yrs. Alleging false charges, I was retrenched,He was in good books with Chairman..He ensured that I was not settled PF& Gratuity.
    My health, financial position deteriorated very worse. Looking at me, childrens health and wife health are deteriorating in last few years
    I dont have financial and physical strength to fight legally against that company.
    My hard-earned property was suddenly under litigation. My sisters and brothers were turned against me immediately
    How to come out Please
    please mail to

    • Dear Sri Raman ji, Please leave your birth details (exact DOB, TOB & POB) to analyse graha kutami which led you to this position. ( This blog doesn’t encourage astrological consultations, but to arrive to a accurate conclusion, proper diagnosis is mandatory ). There after, upon divine intervention, shall escalate for a remedy. That ranges to temple visit, aradhana and others. Pariharams doing on your own is advisable.

      • mr madhusudan,i have a different question.22/10/1944 time 0340am .pob :rajahmundry.recnly diagnised as prostate cancer(malignant) and spreading to other t worth taking treatment or to suffer i.e grin and bear it at this age.what is the longevity.your reply is highly appreciated

    • If you are in Bangalore pl visit the Nadi Narasimha temple near Dodda mallur just opposite the Appramayeh swamy temple on the main road on the way to Mysore.And pray.wonders can happen

  23. Sir… There is a delay in my sister’s marriage. On consulting astrologers, they adviced me to do a parigaram for the curse/sabham of a woman to my ancestors (about 76 years ago). So please advice us the best temple/place to do the parigaram.

    Thankyou sir,

    • Dear KrubaSankar,
      Please take your sister to “Nitya Kalyana Temple” in Mahabalipuram and do the pariharam as per temple’s priest advice. Hope Your Sister’s Marriage will be fixed.Please invite me when it is fixed.

  24. Literal Translation of Parihaar may be like this: “Haar” means Doing Harm Pari means Equal- Combining this we can mean Parihar/parihara/Parihaaram as ” Doing something Good For Equalising Some Harm done”. Hence if we do not make any trouble to any other life, there is no need for any parihaaram. All of us may wonder , before 80s there was no such rush for Parihaaram / so much fear for Navagrahas/ So much fear for Astrology,Horoscope etc., May be due to Increase of Doing More Haraamic things by People in particular to other lifes. As rightly pointed out by Great AMR jee in KJ – as long as as we have habits like Troubling Dogs(Bhairavars), Cats(Indrans),Birds ( various Planets) in the disguise of having as our pets Doing any pariharams outside will have no effect.God has created even a smallest creature for a specific purpose.
    Surath in Gujarath – once boasted that the City has removed all its Street Dogs ( by Poisoning) and the City was Stray Dog free.But after few years The City was affected by Plague Epidemic. No Other City was affected like that. Plague was eradicated, but when the Department made researched for the reason It was found that The Spread Of The Killer Disease was due to the rats coming out on street due to the removal of Street Dogs. Do all know that The City arranged for bringing again few Dogs from Other Cities to solve the problem.?We shall not harm any life . Even rats are worshipped at a Temple in Rajasthan. Such a huge Temple. But 1000s of rats running allover inside. That is why Our Religion Hindu says all animals are Vahanams of Gods. If doing Harm to Animal is such a ” sinful” thing – Think of doing Harms to fellow human beings.
    Delayed Marriage – Sponsor Marriage for Few Poor People. Whole heartedly help marriages physically/financially . Delayed Children – Help Carrying Women in getting Nourishment – Help them in all possible ways – physically/financially etc., – To improve Education – Help poor students in all possible manners – Having Sani Dosham etc., – Help Physically Handicapped in all possible manners , provide them Appliances, rehabilitate them
    just like that equalise your haraamic events. That is the parihaaram.

  25. Do anyone know GHOPOOJA(Cow pooja) temples in kerala. If so pls give me the details.

    Thanks, Latha

    • Hi katha

      Guruvayoor temple .

      • Cow pooja temples in Kerala. Guruvayoor they will be tight schedule. I need temples where cow pooja can be done without crowd with full procedures.

    • Latha pl look up some of the Bhagavathy temples that have the Go pooja.I can share some if you give me a mail id.

      • Hi Can you give me your email id ? need to contact you for further details

      • My mail id is

  26. hi sir/madam my DOB is 3.12.87 (27 yrs old)…..currently alliance is going on…as per prediction now im in ashtama sani….wil do marriage or not at this time…kindly reply as soon as possible….

  27. could you please elaborate these places i have a case of psoriasis looking for help

  28. Thiruvidaimarudhur Mahalingaswamy is not for Sidhabramai . It is for Brahmahathi dosam. For aiddhabrami there is another temple near trichy ( not gunaseelam) it is Perumal temple. There is also a Perumal temple where Lord cures Skin problems like Psoriasis

    • Can you plese give the exact location of the perumal temple near trichy for skin problems?

  29. please be clear n more details for answering

    • Dear Sri, Murthy garu….Sorry for delayed reply. I was in pilgrimage and busy. I would suggest to see doctors immediately in Many such cancers are cured effectively. Also try to find out testimonials column where you can find treatment results before and after. Before to that, Please perform navagraha pooja in a shivalayam. Shubamasthu, Dheerghayushman bhava.

  30. dear sir

    my 4 years old son having lot of physical problem from his birth. His date of birth is 29.03.2011- thiruvonam. pls tell me what parikaram i want to for my son.

    • sir,
      I do not know astrology. pl.consult astrologer. If they give suggestions for pariharams can we think of pariharams of feasible to you that time dv i will help you
      thank you
      yours sincerely

  31. Mr. karan nayyar wants request mantra for increasing my salary package from existing one and get success in his job pl. provide your email
    thank you
    yours sincerely

    • my email id is

      • Sur now i am on tour. Next week dv i will send slogams thank you

    • Padmanabhan Sir

      Please send me the sloka for improvement in Job/Finance/family affairs

  32. Generally after visiting parihara sthalam they have to return to their house..i knew some persons after doing pariharams visit other temple before returning to their home. If it possible pl. avoid visiting other places.
    thank you
    yours sincerely
    V.Padmanabhan (T.O) VCRC (ICMR)




  34. Dear all,
    I am Akash i work in a bank, i want to get transferred to the plaxe place of my choice please suggest a remedy for transfer problems.

    Akash k

  35. Sir,can u tel me the name of the temple where we get treatment for alcohol. My sisters husband is very much addicted to it

  36. for,
    Can any one help on dark night day n full moon day I get angry n unnecessary clash happens. it happens 5 days early or after 5 days or same day.i facing lot problem due to that please guide me any temple or pooja need to do.
    If you can read Tamil read abirhami anththi. Go to thirukadiyur and do just archana.
    also fo to Thiruvidaimarudhur Mahalingaswamy near Kumbakonam
    thank you

    • Hi. Shri. Padmanabhan has already replied to this. Pls refer. Thanks.
      Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

    • Padmanabhan visit Chotttanickara temple in Ernakulam Kerala.Bhagavathy there is a mother who helps cure these problems

  37. my son 4 years is not yet speaking can you please suggest some temple puja or pariharastalam.

    • first try
      Thirukkolakka also called thiruthalamudayar koil
      next to Sirkazhi.
      pl. contact 9843011264 sivacharriyar no. are taken from other source so they do not know me
      If you are near Thiruchendur go there and do ordinary puja.
      thank you
      yours sincerely

  38. pray to ugra narasimhan or hanuman daily for 40 days by doing 108 pradakshinam and follow one meal a day and you will receive help positively

  39. sri padmanabhan garu, please send me the slogam for long pending elevation in job and financial problems

    • Sir.
      My email I’d is email this sloga to me also.I am suffering from long pending job elevation and financial problems after completing my CWA qualification also

      • Sri Runa Vimochana Nrusimha Stotram
        Deva karya sidhyartham, sabha sthambha samudbhavam,
        Sri Nrusimham mahaveeram namami runa mukthaye., 1

        Lakshmyalingitha vamangam, bhakthanaam vara Dayak am,
        Sri Nrusimham mahaveeram namami runa mukthaye., 2
        Aantramaladaram, sankha charabjayudha darinam,
        Sri Nrusimham mahaveeram namami runa mukthaye., 3
        Smaranath sarva papagnam, khadruja visha nasanam,
        Sri Nrusimham mahaveeram namami runa mukthaye., 4
        Simhanadenaahath, digdanthi bhayanasanam,
        Sri Nrusimham mahaveeram namami runa mukthaye., 5
        Prahlada varadam, srresam, daithyeswara vidharinam,
        Sri Nrusimham mahaveeram namami runa mukthaye., 6
        Krooragrahai peedithanam bhakthanam abhaya pradham,
        Sri Nrusimham mahaveeram namami runa mukthaye., 7
        Veda vedantha yagnesam, brahma rudradhi vandhitham,
        Sri nrusimham mahaveeram namami runa mukthaye., 8
        Ya idam padathe nithyam, runa mochana samgnakam,
        Anruni jayathe sathyo, danam seegramavapnuyath. 9

  40. No word to describe the excellence. God Bless and keep the good job for millions of devotees like me.

  41. pl.provide your email. i will send one sloga .just hear it. It will solve this problem

      thank u sir

      • Dear sir

        Can you pls advice pariharam for long pending cases in court. I am a victim of falsely framed cases. Also I am jobless for over a period of substantial time. Pls help me. God bless.


        Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

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