Parihara Sthalams

Parihara sthalams

The topic of ‘Parihara sthalams’ is an ocean and can’t be compiled just like that. Thanks to Sri Sankara Narayanan who gave the bulk of the information. I request the readers to add value to this list with the temples they know but I request to add only the genuine and very important temples for a specific problem. This is a dynamic list and so will be updated as and when I get some new information.


1. I don’t know the alphabet of Astrology and this is NOT an an astrological site. So please don’t send your horoscope / birth-star details with your problem descriptions asking me for remedy. I’m not into that business and unfortunately I will not be able to publish such comments since it will easily take away the focus of this page. This is just a general list of temples that can give remedy for a particular problem and please use it that way.

2. I just received a very detailed and wonderful book on this topic by Mr.Radhakrishnan of Thimmakudi (Kumbakonam) for Rs 150/=
மனித வாழ்க்கையும் இறையருளும் (பரிகாரத் தலங்கள்)
The book is available from their offices at Kumbakonam @ 0435 2422347. It gives almost all the information you needed on this topic for all kinds of problems.

3. It is very well understandable that all the problems we face today are due to the Karma of our current or the previous births. So we have to be very careful that we don’t add up to our bad karmas in the current birth to wander again to parihara sthalams in the next birth.
Sri AMR of Kumudham Jyothidam, in one of his articles says there is no point in going for a pariharam for Athrities and knee pains when we have animals / birds in the name of pets within cages / glass boxes for their life time. Any type/amount of pariharam is not going to give any remedy.
So before we look up for a Parihara sthalam, let us look within ourselves and make sure that we are not doing anything now to add up to the burden of our existing bad karmas.

4. Last but not least, today (12.07.2015) I’ve decided to publish any more requests seeking details of pariharam for various ailments ONLY WHEN you contribute to any of the activities listed in the ‘Needs Attention’ category, however small it is – even a 100 Rs contribution is ok. So please include your contributtion details also in your comment section to enable it getting published. Your contribution itself, as such, may solve the problem, who knows. However, readers replying to others’ problems may please continue as before.

The temples in bold are considered the most important ones for the specific prayer

Navagraha worship

1. Sun

  • Sooriyanar Temple near Aduthurai
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Gnayiru temple near Redhills
    On the Chennai – Kolkatta highways, turn right after Puzhal jail camp
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Kolappakkam Agastheeswarar Temple near Porur/ Kundrathur
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Parudhiniyamam (Paruthiyappar koil) Tanjore-Pattukottai road
    Travel base: Tanjore
  • All the Shiva temples where the sun rays fall on the lingam on specific days.

2. Moon

  • Thingalur near Thiruvaiyaru
    Travel base: Tanjore
  • Somangalam Somanatheeswarar Temple near Tambaram / Kundrathur
    Travel base: ChennaiThirunageswaram
  • Thirunageswaram Pirainudhal Ambal whom moon worships a day every year
    Travel base: Kumbakonam

3. Mars

  • Vaitheesawaran koil near Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali
    Travel base: Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali
  • Vaitheeswaran koil at Poonamallee
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Mangalesar/ Kalyanasundaresar temple at Sirukudi near Peralam
    Travel base: Kumbakonam / Mayliaduthurai

4. Budhan

  • Thiruvenkadu
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Thirumeyneeswarar Temple at Kovur near Porur/ Kundrathur
    Travel base: Chennai

5. Guru

  • Alangudi
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Thittai
    4 kms from Tanjore in the Tanjore – Kumbakonam route
    Travel base: Tanjore
  • Thiruvalleeswarar at Padi
    Opposite to Lucas TVS
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Thakkolam in the Kanchipuram – Arakkonam route
    Travel base: Chennai / Kanchipuram
  • Elumiyankottur  on Thiruvallore – Thakkolam Road
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Govindavadi Agaram near Thakkolam
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Medha Dakshinamoorthy at Mayiladuthurai
    Travel base: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thirisoolam near Chennai Airport
    Temple is on the opposite side of Airport – Cross the railway gate
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Suruttapalli – Thambadhya Dakshinamoorthy
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Guru temple at Kanchipuram
  • Ramanatheswarar Temple at Porur
    Travel base: Chennai

6. Sukra

  • Kanjanur – next to Sooriyanar koil
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Srirangam
    Travel base: Trichy
  • Velleeswarar – Mylapore
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Velleeswarar – Mangadu
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Velliyangudi near Kumbakonam
    Travel base: Kumbakonam

7. Sani

  • Thirunallaru
    Travel base: Karaikal
  • Thirupugalur near Nannilam
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Thirukkollikadu in Thiruvarur – Thiruthuraipoondi road
    Travel base: Thiruvarur
  • Kuchhanoor
    Travel base: Cumbum
  • Agastheeswarar Temple at Pozhichalure near Pallavaram
    Travel base: Chennai

8. Ragu

  • Thirunageswaram
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Kalahasthi
    Travel Base: Chennai / Thirupathi
  • Nageswaran koil at Kumbakonam
  • Nageswarar in Kundrathur
    Travel Base: Chennai
  • Nagoor
    Travel base: Karaikkal
  • Thiruppampuram
    Near Peralam
    Travel base: Mayiladuthurai

9. Kethu

  • Keezha Perumpallam
    In the Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali – Poompuhar road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai / Sirkali
  • Kalahasthi
    Travel Base: Chennai / Thirupathi
  • Chitraguptan temple at Kanchipuram
  • Gerugambakkam between Porur and Kundrathur
    Travel base: Chennai
  • Thirumuruganpoondi on Avinashi – Thiruppur road
    There are 2 temples, one is a thevara stahalam and this is the other one next to the thevara sthalam
    Travel Base: Coimbatore

General Problems


  • Thirumanancheri, Thiruvelvikkudi and Ethikolpad near Kuttalam
    On the Mayiladuthurai-Kumbakonam road
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
    Note: The 3 temples are within 5 kms radius and visit ALL the temples together to be very effective.
  • Kodumudi
    Travelbase: Erode
  • Madurai Meenakshi
  • Thiruvidanthai Nithya Kalyana Perumal in East Coast Road
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar
  • Kanchipuram Kacchabeswarar
  • Thiruverkadu Vedapureeswarar
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thirumazhisai Othandeeswarar
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Mylapore
  • Travelbase: Chennai
  • Vedaranyam
  • Thiruveezhimizhalai
  • Thirukkazhipalai
    3 kms from Annamalai university, Chidambaram
    Travelbase: Chidambaram
  • Uppiliyappan koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Nachiyar Koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Nachiyar Koil in Trichy
  • Immayil nanmai tharuvar temple at Madurai
  • Piranmalai near Thirupathur
    Travelbase: Karaikudi
  • Thirukolakudi in Pudukkottai-Kilachevalpatti road
    Travelbase: Pudukkottai
  • Kuttalam
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruppainjeeli
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Srirangam
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Thiruvanaikaval
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Thiruchengode
  • Thiru Sakthimutram
    Close to Patteswaram
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Ezhichur Sri Nallinakkeswarar
    In Oragadam to Walaja
    Travel base: Chennai
  • All other temples where swami married ambal or gave marriage dharshan

From my (Raju) own experience:

  • Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple at Meyyur (near Chenglepat)
  • Sri Varamoortheeswarar Temple at Ariyathurai (near Ponneri – North Chennai)

Child birth

  • Rameswaram
  • Thiruvenkadu banyan tree
    Travelbase: Sirkazhi / Myiladuthurai
  • Pagam piriyal temple near Thiruvadanai
  • Thayumanaswamy at Rckfort
    Travelbase: Trichy
  • Thirupputkuzhi near Kanchipuram

Safe delivery/ Protect fetus

  • Garbarakshambigai at Thirukkarukavur
    Near Papanasam
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam

Note: According to Sri Manamadurai Swamigal, the couples who visit the following temples in the given order are bound to get child:
1) Ettiyathali near Aranthangi
2) Thirukkarugavur Garbarakshambigai
3) Karuvalarcheri and
4) Utharakosamangai

Husband and Wife misunderstanding

  • Thiruchengode
    Travelbase: Erode
  • Thiruchattimutram next to Patteeswaram
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam


  • Koothanur Saraswathi
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruvahendrapuram Hayagreevar
    Travelbase: Cuddalore
  • Chettipunyam Hayagreevar near Maraimalainagar
    Travelbase: Chennai

Job, Graha vakram

  • Thiruvakkarai
    In the Pondicherry-Tindivanam alternate longer route
    (there are two routes for Pondicherry – Tindivanam)
    Travelbase: Tindivanam


  • Vaidheeswaran koil
    Travelbase: Sirkazhi / Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruvallur Verraragava Perumal
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thiruvanmiyur Marundeeswarar
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Thirukkachur Marundheeswarar
    3 kms from Singaperumal koil railway gate
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Sankaran Koil
    Travelbase: Thirunelveli
  • Pagampiriyal temple near Thiruvadanai
  • Thirundevankudi (Nandankoil)
    Travelbase:  Kumbakonam
  • Siddheeswaram at Nachiyar koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Vaidheeswaran koil at Poonamallee
    Travelbase: Chennai
  • Vaidheeswaran koil at Srivilliputhur
    Travelbase: Madurai


  • Jwarahareswarar at Kanchipuram

Nervous weakness / Fear

  • Thirubhuvanam next to Thiruvidaimarudhur
    Travel base: Kumbakonam


  • Thirupachilasiramam (Thiruvasi)
    Travelbase: Trichy

Eye Problems

  • Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar
  • Thiruvarur
  • Kannayiramudaiyar temple on Vaitheeswaran koil – Mayiladuthurai road
  • Panayapuram
    At the mouth of the diversion to Panruthi – Kumbakonam road near Vikravandi
    Travelbase: Villupuram
  • Thirukkaravasal
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur


  • Thalayananganam
    On Kumbakonam-Thiruvarur road
  • Theerthanagiri on Cuddalore-Chidambaram road
    8 kms from Mettupalayam village
    Travelbase: Cuddalore

Stomach pain

  • Thiruvadigai in Panruti
    Travelbase: Villupuram

Speaking / Hearing problems

  • Thirukkolakka next to Sirkazhi
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruchendur


  • Thirunindriyur
    On Vaitheeswaran koil-Mayiladuthurai road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Arisirkaraiputhur on Kumbakonam-Thiruvarur road
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam

Debt problem

  • Thiruvarur Runalingeswarar
  • Thirucherai Runalingeswarar
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
    In the Kumbakonam – Kodavasal – Thiruvarur road

No support in difficult times

  • Thiru anniyur (Ponnur)
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai

Cheating done in poorvajanma

  • Thirumanikkuzhi
    Travelbase: Cuddalore

Kushtam (Leprosy)

  • Thirumangalkudi in Sooriyanar koil
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Konerirajapurm
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thirunellika
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur


  • Thiruchottruthurai near Thiruvaiyaru
    Travelbase: Tanjore


  • Thirukkadaiyur
    Travelbase: Karaikkal
  • Srivanjiyum
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
    Near Nannilam


  • Rameswaram
  • Thirupoovanam on Madurai-Manamadurai-Rameswaram road
    Travelbase: Madurai
  • Thilatharpanapuri
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur
  • Thiruvengadu Rudhra padam (Budhan sthalam)
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Idumbavanam near Muthupettai
    Travelbase: Pattukkottai

Brammahathi Dhosham

  • Rameswaram
  • Thiruvidaimarudhur
    Travelbase: Kumbakonam
  • Ramanadheeswaram
    Diversion on Thiruvarur – Mayiladuthurai road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thiruchengottankudi
    Diversion on Thiruvarur – Mayiladuthurai road
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Thirukkuvalai
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur
  • Thevur near Keevalur
    Keevalur is in Thiruvarur-Nagapatnam road
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur


  • Thirumarugal (Thiruvarur- Mayiladuthurai road)
    Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai
  • Poovanur
    Travelbase: Mannargudi

Safe Travel

  • Virinchipuram Margabandheeswarar
    (Margabandhu Sthothram)
    Travelbase: Vellore

Sidhabramai (Mental illness)

  • Thiruvidaimarudhur Mahalingaswamy
    Travel base: Kumbakonam
  • Gunaseelam Venkatachalapathi
    Travel base: Trichy
  • Sholingar Narasimha swamy
    Travel base: Chennai

Sarva dosha parikarams:

  • Sea bath at Dhanushkodi sangamam – 26kms from Rameshwaram.
  • Girivalam at Thiruvannamalai
  • Offer prayers at Adhishtanams or Jeeva samadhi of elated Gurus– to name a few Raghavendraswami (Mantralayam), Sri Sadashiva Brehmendral (Nerur,near Karur), Sri Bhagwan nama Bodhendral (Govindapuram, near Kumbakonam), Sri Shirdi Sai (Shirdi), Bhagwan Sri Ramanar (Ramanshramam, Thiruvannamalai)


Thiruvidaimaruthur Mahalingeshwara swami temple – ‘Ashvametha pradikshana’ – doing parikrama in outer prakarama at least 3 times.



  1. sir thanQ for giving all the above information and sir please tell how to praise the lord hayagreva. please tell me sir i want to get govt job with the blessings of lord hayagriva bcoz i loss the two jobs with 4-5 marks difference. pls tell me thanking you sir

  2. Sir, my father has a court case regarding property with his relative from the past 40 years. It regards to division of a house and land with him. Is there any pooja/temple that could end this court case and early court decision for this case.

  3. Sir
    In Chinnalapatty there is a very old murugan temple associated with Goddess Balatripurasundary,Viswamithra maharishi ( for attaining BramhaRishi ). Here the Lord Muruga is with four faces with 12 hands doing the work of Brahma when Brahma was put in prison by Murugan himself for not able to explain the meaning of Pranavam .
    On Tuesdays sembaal abhishekam ( milk mixed with kumkum) to Chadurmuga Murugan . This is parihaaram for Sevvai Dosham and for all problems due to Sevvai Dosham.
    Viswamithrar,Vasishtar,balathripurasundari, kamakshi ekambareswarar sannathis are here.
    Sevvai Parihara sthalam

    • Parihaara Temple for Kataka Rasi & Ayilyam nakshatram is (Nandaankovil) – Thirundudevankudi – near Thiruvidaimaruthur
      Swami Karkadeshwar / Oushadeeswarar -Ambaals Arumarunthunayagi & Apoorva Nayagi – Very effective in curing deseases – Moredetails in this Blog Around Kumbakonam – 2.

      Mangalalakshmi Koil with Mangalaranganathar Koil at Seethakka mangalam is also one of the other temples specially for Kataka Rasi

      • Seethakkamangalam is Kodavasal – Thiruvarur Route and near nannilam , kandramanikam

      • Sir, Seethakamangalam is in a dilapidated condition. There’s no one to open the temple, so please do not direct people here.

  4. Am planning a visit to Kumbakonam temples. Happened to see the information shared by you,its really wonderful .Its going to be of great help to me. My daughter is due to appear for her board exams. Is there any sloka for good memory.

    Thank you

  5. I have read your blogs for years now and have visited the temples listed here.
    Cant capture in words the joy of it all
    I am now looking for the write up in your blog on Nakshatra pariharams-I went for my daughter and cant tell you how much it changed my life and how true your info was.Thank you.
    But now I cant seem to find it in my folders -could you please post it again or send it to my mail id
    thank you once again

  6. Sreenivasaperumal Temple at Dindigul ( Maliyadivaram) has separate Chakarathazhwar Sannathi. The Chakarathashwar has speciality of Dhasavadharams in the Front side of the Chakra. This denote All avadhars with Chakras presence here. Backside, Yoga narasimhar sourrounded by Ashtalakshmis in the Chakra. This is highly unique feature and this ashtalakshmi narasimhar gives all blessings to the devotees.Specially Couple with misunderstandings attending Special Yagam done on Chitra Pournami will get united if they attend the Yagnam. This has proofs in many cases.
    Every saturday evening thirumanjanam is done and who attends that will have the solution for debt problems.
    Abayavaradha Anjaneyar here in separate sannathi is holding his tail end between toe & next finger . Since navagrahas believes to present in Anjaneya Tail, Praying this Anjaneya will solve all navagraha doshas.
    Separate beautiful & Nice Navagraha Sannathi is in this Temple which is very rare in Perumal Temples.

  7. dear raju sir..this is Prabhu . ur information about temples are really valuable to us.. thank u… sir i have 1 question. my frnd is suffering from lot of problems… astrologer said that those are all becoz of porvajaenma pen sabam… will u pls tell me which temple he has to for re-leaving from that curse (pen saabam)?

    • SriPasupatheeswararTemple,Maathaanai,Maathaanam near Sirkashi.
      A dilapidated temple with Dieities maintained in Thatched Roof.
      Ancient Temple. Sung Thirunavukarasar & Vaippu Thalam.
      Pasupatheeswarar & Perianayaki Amman.Murugan Diety sung by Arunagirinathar is not there now.
      Sthalam for all Poorva Janma Saabam parihaaram.
      caretaker – T. PethaKannu – 04364 263333
      Kottaiyur ( Enroute Kumbakonam to Swamimalai near Melakaveri) arulmigu Koteeswarar also giving relief from all kinds of Previous Birth Sins/Saabs.


    • Sorry for the mishap. Perform a kala bhairava shanthi for the unexpected death. There are only few places where kala bhairava shanthi / karma is done. One place is Isha dhyanalingam temple in Coimbatore. This will be the greatest remedy to the deceased.

  9. this is in response to
    Sir, I would like to have details of pitru dosha nivarthi perumal temple at nemili!! If you can please do send me details by email
    if i am correct the temple is Nenmeli contact person
    contact no 044-27420053
    Contact :
    Sri Sampath Bhattacharyar,
    Brahmana street,
    Nenmeli and post,
    Via Nandham, Chengalpat – 603002.
    Kanchipuram District.
    Ph : 27420053.
    This temple is located near Chengalpet and the place where the temple is found is called as “Nenmeli”.

    The Perumal of this sthalam is called with the thiru Naamam – “Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal”. The Utsavar of this temple is “Sri Srardha Samrakshana Narayanan”.

    Specialties of this sthalam :

    It is said the Perumal himself performs Srardham (a custom which is done for our Pithrus after they are dead) to our Pithrus, if we could not perform it. That’s the reason why the Perumal of this sthalam is called with Thiru Naamam – Sri Srardha Samrakshana Narayanan.

    The Maha Lakshmi Salagramam, which is found in the Moolavar Sannadhi, is said to be so powerful and sacred and by worshipping this, we are blessed by Maha Lakshmi with wealth, health and Sakala Sowbhagyam.

    The sthalam is called with the name “Pundareega Nallur” (Pindam vaiththa Nallur) and is considered sacred and is equivalent to Gaya and Kasi.

  10. Sir,
    I would like to have details of pitru dosha nivarthi perumal temple at nemili!!
    If you can please do send me details by email


  12. whiles searching (of course google only) i got 0435 2430598, 98438 99924, 94438 73137 are no. of Karuvalarcheri temple. from them you can get postal address tomorrow Dv i will contact this no and send messahe
    thank you
    yours sincerely

  13. Sir,

    There is an ancient temple Selvalalithambigai amman koil at Sellapiratti village near Chengi. Rishyasringa mahamuni performed Puthra kameshti yaham for Dasaratharaja here long back. about 5 km frorm Chengi on Chenji chetput route. This sthalam also visited by Adisankaraa bagavathpathaal en route Kanchipuram. Lord Shiva and Goddess Lalithambigai Amman powerful and one of the very ancient temple with strong religious background particularly for conducting Puthrakaameshti yahams for getting child.
    Contact Sri SivaramaKurukkal 99435 81914

    R Swaminathan

    • This temple is in a remote village and the priests are not friendly. They asked us to watch Sun TV for more information. I just went 2 days ago.

  14. For Parihaarams by visiting Temples with powerful dieties few of which are unknown and may be close – information provided free at
    A Free service provided by a faithful Hindu devotee with a main aim of promoting Temples with ancient background which may not be new to few


  15. I have seen the Pitrudosham remedy being suggested in Rameswaram.
    My cousin had to carry out an abortion due to their own mistake. They have been regretting since 10 years.
    I was not able to advice them on how to seek prayers OR pariharam to seek for forgiveness to their errors.
    What could we advice OR Suggest them to do?
    They are based in Malaysia.

  16. sir,
    Which is the place for Non Brahmins to perform pariharam for Pithrudosham in the horoscope Rameswaram is ideal place.
    thank you
    yours sincerely

    • Go to rameswaram.we went there only yesterday.go after is terribly crowded.if you want any details call me on 9994055944.dr prakash ramamoorthy

      • I want the details about thilahomam.which day it can be performed and what is the dakshina to perform it

  17. sir .. first i respect you… my name is sarananan.. i am the 6th son in my family.. i cant bear the problems.. in my family between my mother and father and brothers.. i dont know what to do and where to go.. i want peace in my family and happyness.. my mom and dad should be like before.. there should be a unity in my family.. what parigaram should i do , which temple i must go let me know … please.. please.. please

  18. I have lost everything in my life , astrologers suggest that It is because of shaapa of previous lives. My DOB is 10oct1974, 03:45 am , Amritsar. Can you suggest if someone does Pooja as remedy to shaapa , how much of pooja or Mantra jaap is required to overcome it. I have been advsied to do Durga mantra but didnt suggest how many times.Secondly , if it is possible for you to look into my horoscope I want to know if there would be any possibility of reestablishing my career and my marriage life.

  19. How did certain temples become associated with certain needs? This seems very primitive to me. Shouldn’t any prayers be equally powerful in any Thevaram / Divyadesam Koil? Gods are everywhere!

    • It is a general rule that success depends on the right time and right place chosen for action. These are represented by two planets Saturn and Jupiter. When a person completely surrenders himself to God (by dropping the “I” in him), God appears before him wherever he likes and whatever form he wants. But human beings in this Kaliyuga neither completely surrenders not they refuse the concept (existence of God everywhere) of God. The Sages who were existing in this world in earlier years have thought about that and they have established temples in those places (“the right place is taken care of) which can help solve the problems of human beings and it is only the time which needs to be chosen by a person when he faces problems.

  20. Dear Raggavendran,

    Thanks for your consent, we’re staying Klang Selangor, Malaysia and my wife’s horoscope in Tamil is Sihmam & Maghem.
    She’s Date of Birth is 25 September 1980.
    Pls do analyse and update me what are the problems, how to solve this problem and what is next step to overcome this problem.

    I will call u tomorrow to discuss on this matter.
    Thank you.

  21. Dear Sir,
    Currently, my wife pregnant 14 weeks and she got epilepsy during pregnancy time only. Last year, our first baby miscarriage after 4 months and the baby dead inside due to unstop epilepsy for 8 times on the same day.According to Doctor, baby dead due to lack of oxcigen for baby which caused by epilepsy.

    This time, she pregnant 14 weeks and she got epilepsy already 4 times but not worse as previous incident. We went for checked up / ultrasoud and good news the baby safe and in good healty condition. Currently, doctor ask to take medicine name Carbamazapin 200mg (twice a day).

    Im really worried both health of my wife and my baby here.

    My question is;-
    1. Why she got epilepsy only during prenancy?
    2. I need your favour to stop epilepsy?
    3. Where we need to consult for epilepsy patient?
    4. Which temple need to visit for cure epilepsy?
    5. What poojai we need to do ?
    6. How to pray and any mantra for this epilepsy?

    Im really love my wife and my baby as well. Pls help me to solve our problem.

    Appreciate your assistance immediately.

    Thank You.

    Yogeswaran s/o Balakrishnan
    016-6613687 / 016-3372809 / 016-3225098

    • Dear Mr.Yogeswaran,
      I don’t have answers for many of your questions but all I can say is a visit to Thirukkarugavur Garbarakshambigai (for safe delivery, Garba means pregnancy and raksha means blessing) and Karuvalacheri (for the good growth of fetus – Karu in tamil means fetus and valar is growth) as mentioned in my paraihara sthalams page, both near Kumbakonam, will get you the needed spiritual power and divine blessings. Even if you are not able to go, try to do the archanais and get the prasadams from these temples through somebdy.
      Best of Luck and Regards,

      • அன்புக்குரிய இராஜு அவர்களுக்கு,
        எனக்கு மாடக்கோயில்களின் பட்டியலைத் தந்து உதவ முடியுமா? இவை கோசெங்கட்சோழன் எனும் மன்னனால் கட்டப்பட்டவை என அறிகிறேன்,இவைகள் மொத்தம் 70,71 அல்லது 78 ..எது சரி? இந்த மாடக்கோயில்கள் அனைத்தும் சிவனுக்காகவா திருமாலுக்காகவா அல்லது இருவருக்குமாகவா? எனக்கு விளக்கமாகத்தெரிவியுங்கள். நன்றி.

  22. SIR, You have done a splendid work. I have started visiting the temples near chennai, like malai mandala perumal, sadras and my journey will continue. Next time when you write an article I request you to provide the temple timings and phone or mobile number if any along with the article.
    Thank You

  23. Sir,
    I’m from Andhra Pradesh

    I’m unable to get the job even after doing the interview well. Which temple to visit in Andhra pradesh and which pooja to perform to get the job?

  24. Sir,
    2 places Rameswaram and Thiruvidaimarudhur near Kumbakonam are 2 places for shapa vimochanam including Brammahathi Dhosham
    thank you
    yours sincerely

  25. Sir,
    Kindly add:
    1. Nagerkoil – Sivan koil – for Raghu/Kedhu Dosham (like, Thirupampuram), and, Vanchiyum
    2. Swamimalai – for Education (specially, if the children are unable to retain, recollect/remember what they studied/learnt)
    3. Iluppaipattu (1 KM from Manalmedu, 16 KMs from Mayiladuthurai, 8 KMs from Vaitheeswaran Koil) – for GETTING BACK whatever one has LOST. Pancha Pandavas prayed here on the advise of Romar Rishi and got back their kingdom. And, for buying Vehicles also.
    R. Mohandoss.

    • its says here that Pancha Pandavas prayed here on the advise of Romar Rishi and got back their kingdom but somewhere else it said it is believed that the Pancha Paandavas of Mahabharatham installed 5 Sivalingams at this Sthalam and worshipped God Shiva afer they escaped from the poison pond (Natchupoigai). which is true?

  26. my son being in a drug addict please tell me the parihara sthalams and which temple i have to visit and what i have to do to relieve from this.please help me in this matter

  27. Oct 15, 2011
    Dear sir, 1. I am attending classes on vastu and astrology in Bangalore, which Lord Subramanya temple in tamil nadu I should visit, to get gods blessings for successful learning.
    2. Some say, one should pray for 1 hr 30 mts in a temple for better result, what is the logic or reaon.
    Yours sincerely, thank you.

  28. Dear Raju Sir, My sincere pranams for your superb informations. I am having one clarification. I am going to build a new house. To complete the house construction with out any problem (in all means) which deity I have to worship. Also give me the complete details (location, etc). Thanking and closing with namaskarams.

    • Dear Renganathan Sridharan,

      There is a place called Dhurvasapuram near Thirumeyyam in Pudukottai District. On a Chathurdasi day, perform Ganapathy homam there and perform sahasranaama archanai to Pilliar there (there is a sahasranamam on Pillaiar starting with the tamil letter “ka”, it is called kakaara thuthi) Offer food to 14 people minimum. They you will not have any problem in completion of the construction. In case you have any further queries, please call me in 98401 52081 or write a mail to me to

  29. N.Thiagarajan
    You’re travelogues are more informative than what the Hindu Religious Board bring out and I should say Kudos to you for the wonderful work you are doing for the Hindu Community.I’d appreciate if you can bring it in the form of a book which would certainly help millions.I dont mind contributing my mite towards this.
    Pls keep it up nad make it more active

  30. I am Central Government. I attempt for deparmental examination for officer post but I always failed only. please give suggestion for suceeding departmental examination for promotion

    • Dear Mr. Nagarajan,

      Pray to Lord Hayagreeva on every wednesday or Punarpoosam day. Offer a big garland with Saamandipoo (yellow in colour). Ha means Guru. Ya means Saturn. In other words, one refers to time and another refers to place. Unless both combine, success is not assured. Also horse is supposed to run very fast. Energy is generally indicated as “horse” power. Also the energy should not go waste. Hence before the horse’s eyes, there will be a small piece of iron to make the run the horse in a particular route. Lord hayagreeva helps us to concentrate (route the energy in a phased and particular way) on everything and bring success to that. In case you have any queries, please call me in 98401 52081 or mail me in

  31. What a splendid work you have done sir.

    Regarding Pitrusrardham

    Is it possible to have the full postal address and contact phone nos?

    Would be grateful if the same is provided at your convenience.

    Again many many thanks for the wonderful job you are doing for the public.

    With best regards and prayer to the Lord.

    Kollengode Narayanan Sankara Narayanan

    • Sir,

      I have heared about a Rettai Pillayar temple in Pammal but have not visited the temple. Hence I am not able to provide more information. Perhaps those who are residing in Pammal/Pallavaram will be able to help in this.


    • Dear Mr. Magesh,

      we have twin vinayagar in 1. trichy, palakkarai area, 2. Rajaannamalai puram, Chennai, 3. in Pammal, Chennai. We have three vinayagar in Malapuram, Thirumangalakudi (ouma ganapathy). We also have four vinayagars in Manimangalam, Chennai. For twin nandhi, we have one in Brahmapureeswarar Korukkai, near Kumbakonam (we have one for god and another for goddess in the same mantap) and another in thirunangoor near seerkazhi, in Mathangeeswarar temple. For more details contact me through

  32. sir,
    for Debt problem
    a) Thiruvarur Runalingeswarar in Thiruvarur temple archanas on new moon day if money send temple devasthanam will do it temple phone no. is 04366 242343

    b) Thirucherai Runalingeswarar temple lies between Kumbakonam and Thhiruvarur
    Archakar S.Sunthara Moorthy Cell no
    94426 37759 and 94437 37759
    so please ask concerned people to go to these temples or pray for these deities
    also sri narasimhar runavimoshaka slogam is there. that will also solve the debt problem. if you send your email i will send the mp3 format of sri narasimhar runavimoshaka slogam my email id
    thank you
    yours sincerely


  34. Sir when i searched for direction for Thiru Anniyur i could not get direction but from your place to Mayiladuthurai you can get . if you want please send your place and also your famous place if i could not get and send to my email i will send reply.
    thank you
    yours sincerely

  35. sir, when i searched in google i found


    * Thiru anniyur (Ponnur) Travelbase: Mayiladuthurai

    Thiru Anniyoor (ponnoor) 7 km northwest of Mayiladuthurai, north bank of cauvery

  36. dear sir,
    thanking you for sharing ur vast knowledge of temples, putting in nutshell,this is Wikipedia of temple.
    pls send me google map position of Thiru anniyur in kombakonam, i can not able to track it.
    god bless Ur family.
    with regards

  37. These are 2 temples for eye problem near Chennai
    Ancient shrines near Sriperumbudur

    TWENTY KILOMETRES to the east of Sriperumbudur, the birthplace of Sri Ramanuja, is Manimangalam. The presiding deity at this ancient temple is Sri Rajagopala, who is seen in a standing posture facing east, with His consorts Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi.
    Sunkuvar Chatram is on the way to Kanchipuram from Chennai. To the north of Sunkuvar Chatram is Maduramangalam, the birthplace of the Vaishnava Acharya Sri Embaar.
    Embaar was the son of Peria Piraatti and Maduramangalam Vattamani Kamalanayana Bhattar. He was the first cousin of Sri Ramanuja and the nephew of Tirumalai Nambi. Born in the Tamil month of Thai, in the star Punarvasu, nine years after the birth of Sri Ramanuja, he was christened Govinda by his parents. Along with his cousin, he studied under Yadavaprakasa, the Advaita vidwan who lived in Tirupputkuzhi.

    If one plans to travel by car, one can leave Chennai at around 6 a.m. visit both Maduramangalam and Manimangalam and be back by 2 p.m.

    The Temple is located in a small village named “Kooram” and this village is about 8 – 9 Kms away from Kanchipuram.
    The Moolavar of the temple is Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal in Nindra thirukKolam facing His thiruMugham towards East direction. Along with Him, Sri Devi and Sri Bhoomi Devi are found. The thiruNaamam of the Utsavar is Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal.
    The Thaayar – Sri Pankaja Valli thaayar in a separate Sannadhi.
    The temple has the sannadhis for Sri Andal, Sri Vishwaksenar, Sri Namazhwaar, Sri Thiru Mangai Alwar, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Parasara Bhattar, Sri NampillaiLogaachariyaar, Sri Manavala MaaMunigal, Sri Chakrathalwar and Narasimhar.

    ither temples Eye Problems

    * Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar
    * Thiruvarur
    * Kannayiramudaiyar temple on Vaitheeswaran koil – Mayiladuthurai road
    * Panayapuram
    At the mouth of the diversion to Panruthi – Kumbakonam road near Vikravandi
    Travelbase: Villupuram
    * Thirukkaravasal
    Travelbase: Thiruvarur

  38. received this email sometime back
    Dear Friends,
    Recently I came across two great stotras which are both prayers addressed to Lord Vishnu and aim at cleaning our own body and mind. The phala Sruthi says that they would cure all diseases and that they even are a powerful remedy for black magic. All these depend on one’s faith. To those interested in them I have translated both of them and added to my blogs/web sites:-

    1.Apamarjana stotram
    2.Apamarjana Kavacham
    I have a humble submission. I only want to bring the majestic stotras along with their import in front of you as a translator. I am not requesting you to use them for any purpose. This would depend on your faith and nothing else. Ramachander

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