Needs Attention

Here are some temples that are undergoing renovation and need the attention of the devotees… It is not a matter of how much we give but it’s a matter of our participation however small it is.

Sri Aadhikesava Perumal temple at Thiruvattar (Divyadesam) near Nagarkoil

The moolavar is of 22 feet long in anantha sayana posture, facing west, i.e., His head towards our right unlike other temples.
The longest Perumal of all the Divya desams, longer than Srirangam and Trivandram (18 feet).
Considered even older than Srirangam and Trivandram – Brahma is not present in His Naabi – so considered belongs to a period even earlier than that of Perumal creating Brahmma Himself!
Made of 16,008 Salagramams over which herbal paste of Kaduchakari – Kaduku (mustard), Chippi (lime powder) and Sarkara (jaggery) – is applied at different periods.
The front mandapam, an architectural wonder, is of 18 feet square and 3 feet high made of a single stone (ஒத்தக்கல் மண்டபம்)
Beautiful mural paintings and wooden carvings are matchless to any other temple
Trivandram Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple is a replica of this temple.
The temple is going to see Kumbabhishegam after nearly 410 years (the last one was during the Travancore Maharaja period) undergoing renovation for the past 2 years and possibly will take one more year .
Travancore queen, ISKCON, Sri Velukkudi Krishnan and TN HR&CE are the major contributors.
The Perumal is going to see a turnaround to a new vibrant beautiful temple after 410 years and so any small contribution by us, needless to say, is going to give a turnaround for a fresh lease of life to us as well, the temple authorities say.
Contact: Sri Rajinikanth (not the actor) @ 90808 28602 / 
95243 13198

Sri Muthambigai Sametha Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Puthirankottai

The temple is nearing completion and Kumbabhishegam is planned for end of Aug 2017. Needs some urgent help towards the final step

A 1000+ years old Stone temple built and renovated at various periods by Chola, Pandiya, Pallava and Sambuvaraya Kings, supported by 31 inscriptions is under renovation at Puthirankottai in the Maduhranthagam – Marakkanam route.
Swamini Sri Sthiranandha Saraswathi Mathaji, a disciple of Sri Dayanandha Saraswathi Swamigal who is having an ashram nearby is extending her support through her Gnana Varshini Trust under the guidance of Dr.K.V.Seshandhrinatha Sasthrigal, the Ex Principal of Mylapore Sanskrit College,

Installed and worshipped by Sage Agasthiyar
Worshipped by Markandeya Maharishi
A place where childless couples are blessed with children with plenty of successful couples returning with prayer fulfilment poojas.

In the route of Madhuranthagam / Melmaruvathur / Chithamur to Chunampet / Vennangupet / Marakkanam
Around 15 kms from Vennangupet on ECR; around 24 kms from Madhuranthagam

Contact: 98409 53704 / 80128 51859 / 84891 41853

Links: Location Photos

scan0002 scan0001 scan0003 scan0004 scan0005 scan0006 scan0008 scan0007 scan0009

A temple is coming up for an ancient lingam found on the roadside at Cheptpat (not the one in town) in the Manimangalam – Sriperumpudhur road. Pls refer my blog article

The temple is coming up very well with contributions from many devotees. The villagers themselves are contributing in a big way by way of money and labour. Still it needs some strong push to keep it going uninterrupted. Major money is required for the labour for the Sthapathy.
I am personally part of the team and so I make a personal request to my  blog friends to contribute however small it is and participate in this holy task. You will be supporting a village that has a strong faith in Hinduism and saving it from any religious conversion attempts. There is no temple account created as such and so you can contact any of the following people:
Sri Ramamoorthy @ 99403 98648 / Raju @ 98407 41398 / Gopi @ 98842 08855

A/c details:
Savings a/c no: 216043393
IFSC Code: TNSC0000001



Dear Asthikas,

We are happy to share that a new Vedha patasala is coming up in Athur village – situated in the banks of river Palar, enroute Chengelput and Kanchipuram, under the care of Tapas trust – This has been conceptualised with blessings of acharya swamigal of both Kanchi as well as Sringeri. A two storey building has been dedicated with a capacity to accommodate upto 30 young boys. Also, there is already a functioning Goshala with 3 pairs of cows and a male calf inside the Patashala campus.

As Kanchi maha periyavaa has said there are two parts to Veda rakshanam –
(1) practice by self and
(2) supporting the vedha patasalas (oral tradition of learning in Guru sishya mode) and supporting the Vedha Vidhwans.

We would like to invite all asthikas with interest in Vedha Rakshanam to join us in our efforts and any contribution in cash and / kind are most welcome.

TAPAS TRUST(HDFC Bank Gopalapuram, Chennai 86).
SB A/c No. 06751450000127 IFSC Code : HDFC0000675.

The Trust maintains proper Books of Account and is subject to annual audit under the Trusts Act 1882 and under the Indian Income Tax Act,1961.

R Kamakoti, Chennai 9884402624 / S.Lakshminarayanan, Mumbai 9967894104

Patashala Address :
No. 28, “Sri Mahadhevam”, Krishna Gardens Layout, Aathur Village, Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram Dist. 603101

Regd Office :
86/131, I Floor, Lloyds Road, Royapettah, Chennai 600014


Pls contribute liberally to Goshalas to save cows from the jaws of death:




  1. Sir, i have visited the Atcheeswarar temple of Achirupakkam yesterday. Very old and nice temple with very unique features as suggested by your blog. Currently the temple is undergoing major renovations and Kumbaphishakam is expected during Thai 2019. Those who can afford, can donate liberally to the cause of preserving 2000+ years old heritage! Vaalka valamudan!

  2. Dear sir,

    After a long search of more than 100 years,we found out our Kula deivam situated at Amman kovil Tidal at Tiruvalarcholai village in Trichy. Since nobody in the nearby vicinity knows about the name of the female god, Please inform the name,if anybody is aware of the place.



  3. An ancient chola era temple for Lord Shiva , which was completely in ruins and only the lingam and ambal vigrahamas were available , is being revived by the umbalapaadi Mahadevar Trust.
    this temple lies in Umbalapaadi village, Papanasam , thanjavur.
    while work has been going on , they require funds to complete the work and have the kumbabhishekam.
    those interested in contributing can contact D. Balasubramanain of the trust
    No- 93606 70620.
    This temple was famed for curing mental disorders.

  4. hello everyone. I am arranging for performances of Indian classical dance and music at various olden temples in and around chennai. Interested to join to visit such temples and view such performances?
    I am creating a database to collect such contact details to keep you updated about such performances and the venue/date and time. Please leave your phone numbers and e-mail addresses on this mail id’s and

    Arrangements for accomodation and transportation can be made at appropriate charges. thanks

    Lakshmi Sivakumar

  5. hello Friends. I have incorporated a private limited company to encourage the performance of budding artists in Indian classical dance and art forms like bharatnatyam, vocal classical and instrumentalists. I want to create a stage and help them perform in huge and ancient temples in Chennai and around. but unfortunately such temples are deserted with no devotees visiting them at all. so i am creating a database to add on such devotees who are interested to visit such temples and also view the art performances.
    Please forward your contact mobile numbers and e-mail addresses to the so that you can be contacted for the details of performances and the venue/date and time.
    Arrangements for accommodation and transportation can be done to and from home on payment of charges.

  6. Palaeswarar, in Palaeswaram ,a shiva temple near Chengalpattu ,the age of this temple is not known , is fully destroyed ,only shiva linga and nandi is remaining , any charity group or individual interested to renovate this temple are encouraged.

    • Hi Ravishankar
      can I have ur email id
      I will get in touch with u regarding palaeswarar temple
      shyamala rachakonda

    • Hi Ravishankar, i replied to your comment regarding palaeswarar temple near chengalpattu, there is a person who is very active in restoring the dilipitated shiva temples and giving a minimum roof and performing nitya pooja can u get in touch with Barath 9962510138
      can u inform the whereabouts of this temple please

      • Madam,
        I have contacted the person you mentioned , he assured us to help in this issue , we planned to held meeting in our village in taking steps to renovate our temple , with Lord shiva’s blessing i strongly hope we can do it.
        Thanks for your concern in this matter.
        May shiva shower his blessing on you and your family ,please pray to make our steps successful.

      • Hi Ravishankar
        please share your email id or mobile no so that I can talk further
        shyamala rachakonda

  7. I have recently visited Chidambaram aavudaiyar kovil.
    Saint Manikkavasagar author of “Thiruvasagam “ and Saint namashivayar both developed chidambaram temple ,lived and got mukthi at this place .This temples are having divine vibration when meditation ,Shortage of funds is seen in daily maintenance of this temple This places is also having enormous encroachments .immediate vacate is required to save this ancient temple. Now being managed by V.Santhanam murugan mobile 944466432

  8. Dear Friends,
    We have a Kasi Viswanathaswamy Temple in Mel Manavoor near Vellore and which reportedly belonged to our family and was handed over to the Government as our elders could not look after it. But, unfortunately, it has not been looked after well resulting in damages and the daily pooja had also been stopped.
    A few of our family members have come together to repair and renovate the temple and start the Nithya Pooja all over again with the help of the local villagers.
    But the amount required is sizeable and our family members cannot raise the entire amount and the villagers being poor cannot also contribute much. We, therefore, appeal to any charitable institution in this area of temple renovation to come and help us.
    Our entire intention is to renovate the temple and get the Nithya Pooja started and we do not want any role in the management of the temple.
    Further details can be had by sending an email to myself, Sivaji RAO BANGALORE ( Email ID –
    Sivaji Rao

  9. We bring to your attention that an ancient temple Varadaraja Perumal kovil coming under Panampattu Ward-Villupuram municipality-Tamilnadu is crying for renovation. This temple comes under Hindu Religious & Cultural Endowements-Government of Tamilnadu.We request your good self to take this temple revival as HR & CE have expressed their inability due to lack of funds.
    We give below the local personnel who are taking interest in Nitya pooja using their own personal resources.
    The locals are wary of giving support as this temple comes under government control.
    1) Bhattacharyar: Mr.Krishnamurthy: Mobile: 0-9600455395
    2) Local volunteer: Mr.S.Senthil Kumar: Mobile: 0-9894366712.
    These people will give information about the hardships they undergo in running the temple, which HR & CE are not supporting due to lack of funds.
    For Further enquiries can also contact K.Sriram : – 9940310745

  10. Pranam ,

    My Kid is 3 year old and he doesnt speak . when we visited doctors they said he has sign of Autism . we are trying piller to post to get htins done in his favour .If you can guide what spiritual things we can do to help him .

    My email id

    Mobile : 8884410711

  11. Vanakam Sir,

    I’m frm Malaysia , I’m looking for a Lord Ayyanar Temple in Koradhacheri Tamilnadu .( Village area)

    Pls help.Your Kindly response will be great. Thank Your Sir

    • Swamy sharanam

      Can you share the name of the ayyanar..i can check in my sastha photos collection or can check with few others and let you know. i have few pics of sastha in Thiruvarur. can share them. Please share your mail id.

  12. Dear Shri Raju,
    I am very mucch thankful to you for your selfless service and make people to know more about temples in and around kumbakonam with full details.
    cellno 9442502785

  13. Friend ,

    My team of two to four members are on move to many parts of India and abroad on Ethno medical research and other related works while collecting details of traditional healers and Saints in this regards. To stay it is very costly at many parts of our collections spots. Moreover we are moving on our financial risks only , no donations are collected or no funding organisation supports us.

    On minimum payment shall we stay in any ashrams , if permit . Kindly guide us to promote our traditional medical research works . Please reply at your leisure time while informing rate of stay .

    On success of our work , we can provide employment felicities to many public . But now meeting expenditure is very problem at our own funds.

    With regards

    SIVA PRASAD Aenugula
    Indian Ethnomedical Research
    112 Star Shelter Appts Opp to MORE Super Market
    Saidabad Colony, Hyderabad -500059
    Mobile : 07729072607

  14. Dear Sir,

    I would be greatfull to you, if you could publish/telecast the temple programme of Lord Thenkkarai Maharajeswarar of Chittoor Temple in your esteemed media.

    This temple is in Chittoor village, near Valliyur in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu which is on the way from Tirunelveli to Nagercoil.Chittoor can also be reached from Radhaburam which is near Koondankulam.

    The significance of this temple is, this is the only temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa’s younger brother. Most Swamy ayyappa’s devotees donot know that there is a brother for Him.

    After Lord Ayyappa gave Pulli Paal (Tiger’s Milk) and went and settled in Sanidhanam, the Queen of Pandalam gave birth to a son, named Gunasegaran. The king of Pandalam Rajasegaran wanted to incarnate his son Gunasegaran as the king of Pandalam, Gunasegaran, refused, since his brother, Lord Ayyappa, was not incarnated as the king.

    Gunasegaran, left Pandalam and wandered throughout the world and came to Chittoor and settled there. Many stories and myths are associated with this temple.

    Every year, on Tamil month “Pangunni” and star utharam a festival is held and lakhs of devotees throng this temple to darshan the event. This year on 3rd of April this festival falls and during the car festival in the evening a miracle use to happen. That is a goat is sacrificed and immediately after the car festival the goat sacrificed comes in to life by the Gods blessings.

    I do not know more about the temple, as I have visited only twice. But the Swamy Aadi (Vellichappaadu) whose name is Thalavai Swamy knows more about the temple and his cell number is 96 77 955 617 / 94 86 41 33 66. You can contact him for more details.

    Dear Sir, I will be grateful to you if you could publish this Temple festival in your esteemed Magazine/News paper or Telecast in your Television.

    This will be a great boon, blessings to all the Lord Ayyappa’s devotees.

    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Yours truly,


  15. Dear sir,

    I am Valli from Malaysia. I am trying to trace my ancestor. My father is pretty sure that he is from gounder family but he is unclear about his koolam..He also knows that his father is from Senji, Villupuram and he worshipped Pacahiamman. Is it possible which population of people (koolam) stayed there and prayed to the God?’

    I would really appreciate if you could kindly help me.

    Thank you!

    • Dear Sir,

      Thanks for your reply. We will definitely consider doing that when we plan to visit India anytime later.

      Thank you once again.

  16. Sir
    Sri Vaaraneswarar Temple – Sametha Varanaambikai Ambal Temple ( Maadakkovil) – on Trichy to Chennai National Highway.The Temple @ Panaiyanallur is just before 2 kms from Samayaapuram on NH 45 itself. The temple is situated within few meters from NH on Left Hand side while going towards Chennai.
    There is beautiful Lingam as Moolavar in the Maadakovil – elevated sanctum .There is no steps to go up inside Sannathi. Temporary Ladders using Bamboo/Casuarina is there to go up. Nandhi is also there in open on elevated Peetam opposite to Moolavar Sannathi. Only Linga Moolavar is there. All other Sannathis are under construction. The Temple said to be more than 1000 years old is now completely in delapidated state.
    Since the Area is within 15 kms from Trichy the area is developping as Potential Real Estate & The Real Estate People has now doing something to build the Temple. The Temple has ancient history & Nadi Josyam has been recommending this as a Parihaara Sthalam for marriage for few Jathakas.
    Anybody crossing through, may visit the temple, and to arrange for assistance for construction
    R Swaminathan

  17. Number of bramin boys are getting frestreated due to the non availability of girls and becoming more than 40 years This is due to the demand made by girls and the greedy nature of people to get boys with property,car,bank balance overseas assignment etc. The people who are having web sites and match makers are not even looking at this issue.
    is there any temple to bless the boys who are struggling to get a girl to marry and settle down even if they are middle class and getting reasonable salary

    Guruswamy K

  18. I am trying to find if there is any contact details for one the temple ,Sri Uttamaraya perumal temple at Periya Ayyanpalayam.Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful website.
    Your reply is truly appreciated.

    • kalil karuga mani anindha kulandai penn deivam is available at melur, near madurai on trichy road. the goddess is know as singamma.kokila teacher is very famous in thumbaipatti on her the godess comes and gives arulvakku phone 9843735575

    • hello madam
      vangi puram is located near rajamannargudi i hope, because our family name starts with that. my fathers name is VANGIPURAM RANGACHARI. KODAVASAL., KAMBAI NATHAM, ARE NEAR PLACES.

  19. This is reply to Ms.MALAR. I am Ramani Ramachandran from Poyyamani Village in Kulitalai Taluk, Karur Dt . I am familiar with Karur and around and I also have friends and relatives living around Karur. If you can give some more hints like – is this temple near Karur peripherals like Pugalur, Nerur, Vangal… I can narrow down. In the meantime, I will do some more search.

    Thanks to Mr.Rajendran for his Nishkamya Karma, May God Bless him and his Family with Propserity, Health, Happiness and Peace.

  20. Dear Ms.Malar, searching THIRUMUKKUDAL MALAYALA SWAMY KOIL, next time when you come to India please write back to me. I will send you to the temple near Karur and also send an escort who knows more on this temple.
    Kind regards

    • Dear Sir, thank you so much for your reply. Sorry for the late respond. Currently, I am in Malaysia.If possible,can you provide for me relevant photos of this temple and the Malayala swamy deity picture. This is my mail id I would like to more about my Kula Deivam.I look forward to hearing from you!

  21. Dearest followers,

    I’m from Malaysia and I recently had the good fortune of reading this blog. My family’s ancestors are from this Karur and I would like to find out our Kula Deivam, Malai aali.

    I wish to know more about THIRUMUKKUDAL MALAYALA SWAMY KOIL. It will be really helpful if you are willing to provide me the history of this temple, photos facts and importance. Herewith I attached a related link.

    Please let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Ms MALAR

  22. a small temple Puttruadhi Amman temple (35 yrs old ) near Tanjore is under renovation.temple address Kamraj nagar 3 rd street NK road , Thanjavur-613006. contact Ms.Usha 9092407556,004362-255120.Please do contribute in kind or cash for building construction( This is not famous tanjore mariamman temple )

    • உடம்பினை முன்னம் அழுக்கு என்றிருந்தேன்
      உடம்பினுள்ளே உறு பொருள் கண்டேன்
      உடம்பினுள்ளே உத்தமன் கோயில் கொண்டான் என்று
      உடம்பினை யான இருந்து ஓம்புகின்றேனே

      சீவன் என சிவன் என்ன வேறில்லை
      சீவனார் சிவனாரை அறிகிலர்
      சீவனார் சிவனாரை அறிந்தபின்
      சீவனார் சிவனாயிட்டு இருப்பரே


      Search in youself

      என்றென்றும் அன்புடன்
      அ.செந்தில் குமார் சாமி
      Master in Kundalini Meditation & Student Counselling

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