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Temples within Chennai City

Listed below are many of the ancient temples within Chennai city that have great legendary significances. A few popular modern day temples are also listed alongside. This is a dynamic list and will be constantly updated with more and more information.

Last updated on:  2nd May 2016


Sapthasthana Temples of Shiva:

There are seven Sapthasthana (Saptha meaning seven) temples for Shiva in Mylapore worshipped by the Saptha rishis – Adri, Brigu, Kutsa, Vashishta, Gautama, Kasyapa and Angirasa. Originally they were all part of a single temple but in due course they have become separate temples. It is highly powerful to worship all the seven deities in a single trip.

More details on the Sapthasthana temples here

  1. KapaleeswararTemple: Worshipped by Sage Kasyapar, this is the most popular of the Sapthasthana temples. This is one of the 275 Thevara Padal Petra Sthalams; out of these, this is one of the 40 temples that have west facing Shiva shrines. The original temple was located near the sea but got submerged in the sea and the current temple was built around 350 years back. Parvathi Devi worshipped Shiva here in the form of Peacock. The 63 Nayanmar festival is highly popular.
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  2. Sri Velleeswarar Temple: Worshipped by Sage Angeerasa, this temple is located at the South Mada street very close to the Kapaleeswarar temple. The legend has it that Asura Guru Sukracharyar worshipped Shiva here in order to regain his vision.
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  3. Sri Vaaliswarar Temple: Worshipped by Sage Gautama, this 2000 years old temple is located at Gopathy Narayana Chetty Street opposite to Kolavizhiamman Temple. Vaali got all his powers after his tapas towards Easwaran here. Pancha lingams came out from the earth as seen in a separate shrine which is an appropriate place for meditation. There are shrines for Vinayahar, Natarajar, Goddess Sivahami, Murugar with Valli and Deivanai, Chandeeswar, Anjaneyar, Vishnu, Durgai, and Ayyappan. Navagrahas with their respective vahanas and Saneeswarar separately are present in different shrines. In the Southwest of the outer praharam, a lizard has been carved out to indicate that this is a Parihara sthalam.
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  4. Sri Theerthapaleeswarar Temple: Worshipped by Sage Athri, this temple is located in the Dr.Natesan street of Krishnapet, Triplicane Mirsahib market area opposite to mosque. The temple has significance that when the seven deities of the Sapthasthana temples take bath in the sea during the Theerthavari festival in the tamil month of Masi, this deity takes the first place. Sage Agasthiar worshipped Shiva here.
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  5. Sri Karaneeswarar Temple: Worshipped by Sage Vasishta, this 12th century temple is located in the Bazaar street of Karaneeswararpet. The Shivalingam here is in square shape as seen in only Thirukkadaiyur and Kalahasthi. Since Shiva is the ‘reason’ for everything, He is called Karaneeswarar (Karanam in Tamil means reason).
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  6. Sri Virupaksheeswarar Temple: Worshipped by Sage Kutsa, this is the oldest temple of Mylapore and is near Karaneeswara temple and Mundakkanni Amman temple. Sivanesan Chettiar, who built this temple, had a daughter called Poompavai and when she died, Thirugnana Sambandhar brought her back from her burnt bones. ‘Viroopam’ means ‘Contradicting the Nature’ and since Shiva’s third eye contradicts the nature, He is called Virupaksheeswarar.
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  7. Sri Malleeswarar Temple: Worshipped by Sage Brigu, this temple is located near the Karaneeswara temple. This was once a forest of Jasmines and so the Easwaran here is called Malleeswarar. Prarthan, King of Ayodhya, was in tapas and conducted a Yagna here towards Shiva. Indhran tried to sabotage his tapas but could not. In praise of the intensity of his tapas, Shiva appeared before him along with his consort. Neem and Aswatha trees are grown together as a single tree.
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Sri Madhava Perumal Temple

It is located very near the Mundakkanni amman temple. The temple is amazingly clean, aesthetically painted, well lit and very well maintained. Thirumazhisai Azhwar was enlightened by Madhava Perumal. The legend has it that Goddess Sridevi was brought up in Bruhu Maharishi Ashram here and Madhava Perumal married her. The temple tank Sandhana Pushkarani here is the erstwhile pond of Bruhu Maharishi’s Ashram.
Apart from the Thayar, Andal, Ramar shrines, this temple also has a shrine for Boovaraghava Perumal with Thayar on His lap.

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Sri Veerabhathrar Temple
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Sri Mundakkanni Amman Temple

Located at about half a kilometer north of Kapaleeswarar Temple and at a few hundred meters to the east of Sanskrit College, this is a very popular and powerful Amman temple. Amman is a Swayambu putru.

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Thiruvalluvar Temple

Located very near to the Mundakkanni amman temple, this is the birthplace of Thiruvalluvar and little known even to the locals. A more than 2000 years old Iluppai tree under which Thiruvalluvar is said to have born got damaged in 1935 and the base of the tree is being protected with a cover. There is a famous incident in Thiruvalluvar-Vasuki life in which, while Vasuki was fetching water in a pot from a well, Thiruvalluvar called her and she went leaving the pot as it was but incidentally the pot remained half way as it was. This historical well can be seen here.
Ekambareswarar and Kamatchi are the main deities along with Vinayahar, Murugar, Navagrahas and Saneeswarar shrines. The Ekambareswarar shrine is considered as the birth place of Thiruvalluvar by some researchers and as the Samadhi by others.
While Thiruvalluvar is considered as the Tamil God, it is surprising that his original birth place is being maintained so poorly.
What’s the point in installing a 133 feet Thiruvalluvar statue at Kanyakumari keeping his birth place so badly? How many Tamils know that there is a temple for Thiruvalluvar right at the heart of the city?

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Sri Kolavizhiamman Temple

Located at Gopathy Narayana Chetty Street opposite to Valiswarar temple and to the east of Mundakkanni Amman Temple, this is a 1000 years old temple. It is said that a British lost his vision after photographing the Firewalk festival and regained his vision only after worshipping this Goddess.

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Sri ApparSwamigal Temple

Located just opposite Sanskrit College

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Luz (Thanneer thurai) Anjaneya Swami Temple

Opposite to the Appar Swamigal Temple and next to the Sanskrit College / vegetable market, this temple is highly popular.

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Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple at Luz corner

This is another temple of Mylapore which attracts large no of devotees.

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Peyazhwar Avatara Sthalam

Peyazhwar is considered to have been appeared out of a well at Arundale road in Mylapore. A huge and beautiful well (with water) of about 30 feet diameter which can be seen even from the satellite picture. It’s a pity to see such a beautiful and divine place is locked up since it is tangled in a legal tussle. Since there is a mosque diagonally opposite I thought it’s between temple and mosque. No, it is between Aadhi Kesava Perumal Temple and Madhava Perumal temple !!
Wish and pray the Azhwar welcomes and embrace the devotees very soon.

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Srikara Anjaneya Raghavendra Swamy Sannidhanam

Located at Salai street this is Udipi Sri Puthige Matha’s Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya Moola Maha Samasthanam.

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Sri Adhikesava Perumal temple

This is one of the oldest temples of Mylapore. Thayar of this temple is considered highly powerful and vara prasathi.

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Sri Vedhantha Desikar Devasthanam / Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

This is a fairly big and well maintained temple with many shrines and is located next to the Sri Adhikesava Perumal temple.
Swami Desika is considered as the incarnation of the Divine Bell. The temple with Swami Desika’s shrine had been there for more than a couple of centuries and all the other shrines are the additions of this century. The God of knowledge and Swami Desika’s Upasana Devatha, Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva shares a shrine with our Acharya here. Devotees who worship Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva on Thursdays by adorning Him with cardamom garland would be blessed with exceptional knowledge.
There are shrines of main deity Lord Srinivasar,  Alarmel mangai thayar, Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Sudharsanar & Yoga Narasimhar and Sri Andal.
Senai Nathan, Azhwars and Aacharyas are located in a separate sannidhi.
Lord of medicines, Dhanvanthri is also present in the pillar of the front mandapam.
In the sannidhi of Sri Rama,  Silver idols of Sri Rama (Pattabhiseka Thirukkolam), Lakshmana, Sita along with Bharatha and Shatrugna offer the devotees a vivid darshan.
Peyazhwar is considered to be born in a well at Mylapore near the Madhava Perumal Temple. This temple has a normal shrine for him as well as a small cave like shrine inside the temple well near the Dwajasthambam.  It is interesting to watch the Thirumanjanam being performed inside the well.
Watch the video here..

This is a very active and vibrant temple with urchavams all through the year for various Gods like Thiru Aadi Pooram and Neeratta Uthsavam (10 days) for Sri Aandal; Uthsavams commemorating the Thiru Nakshathrams of Azhwars and Aacharyas; Sri Bashyakarar uthsavam (10 days) culminating in the Satrumurai on Chithirai Thiruvaadhirai; 10-day uthsavam for Peyazhwar concluding on Ippasi Sathayam, the Azhwar’s Avatara day; Sri Rama Navami uthsavam for 10 days etc.,
Hayagriva Aradhanai celebrated in a grand manner on the seventh day of Desikan Uthsavam is very special.

Contact: 044 24953799

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Veera Anjaneyar Temple

A highly popular temple

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Sri Ramakrishna Mutt Temple

Mother Sharadha Devi stayed here for a month in 1910. The specialty of the temple being that it has the combined architectural styles of Buddha, Jaina and South Indian Temples. There is a big and beautiful prayer hall where Sri Ramakrishnar’s life size marble idol is present and is being decorated very neatly and beautifully. It is a pleasure to sit there for a meditation during the evening Aarthi. The bhajans set in vibrations that can not be explained by words. It could also be an enchanting experience if one sits in the outer praharam amidst the garden (a nice sound system is there) especially with family and relatives. A beautiful place for a peaceful evening – Experience it!

Just by the side, the old temple is also present.

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Shiridi Saibaba Temple
A highly popular temple
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Alarmelmangapuram Sri Anjaneyar Temple
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Sri Gnanasundara Vinayahar Temple

This is a 400 years old popular temple. Located at the junction of the St Marry’s Road and Ramakrishna Math Road, this has the following legend: The main deity here was once lying along other stones at the Dharga in Ramakrishna Math road. When Arcot Nawab was going through this route, his horse was tied to this stone but the horse got the ‘Valippu’. When the horse was untied, it came back to normalcy but when it was tied again to the stone, it got the ‘Valippu’ again. They then identified the stone as the Vinayahar idol and this temple was built.

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Sri Venkatesa Perumal Temple

This small temple is located at the narrow lane of Mari chetty street close to the Mandaveli bus stand. Sri Venkatesa Perumal is in standing posture with four (chaturbuja) arms. There are shrines for Alarmelmangai thayar and Sri Andal. Sri Ramar is present with Goddess Seetha and Lakshman as processional moorthies in the Andal shrine. There are shrines for Chkarathazhwar/Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar and Sri Anjaneyar.

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Sri Parthasarathy Temple (Divya Desam)

This is one of the 108 Divya desams. The name of the place came from the term – Allikkeni, meaning the temple tank of Alli flowers called Kairavinisaras. Per Legend, Thiruvengadamudayan gave dharshan as Krishnan to Chola king Sumathirajan per his request and so the deity is called Venkatakrishnan and the vigraha was installed by Attreya maharishi. The main deity is in the form of charioteer and so has a big moustache and the whole family of Krishnar – consort Rukmani, elder brother Balaramar, younger brother Satyaki, son Pradhyumna and grandson Anirudha are present in main shrine which can not be seen anywhere else. Since Krishnar promised not to take any weapons in His hands during the Mahabharatha war, He is seen here with Sangu only (without the Chakra). The Utsava vigraham bears scars supposed to be from the arrows of Bheeshmar, when he was the charioteer to Arjuna in the Mahabharatha war.

The special significance of the temple being that the perumals of the 5 divya desams – Thirupathi Venkatesa Perumal, Srirangam Ranganathar, Kancheepuram Varadarajar, Ahobilam Narasimhar and Ayodhi Ramar – are present in separate shrines. As a rarity there are two dwajasthambams one for Sri Parathasarathy and the other for Sri Narasimhar. Also during Brahmosthavams, the temple car will run twice.

Ramanujar’s father AasuriKesavacharyar conducted an yagna here and got Ramanujar as his son. Thyagarajar, Muthuswamy Dhikshithar and Bharathiar lived here. Viveknandhar also visited this temple.

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Note: ‘Bharathiar Illam‘ where Bharathiar lived is very nearby and all Bharathiar songs on Krishnar are based only on this deity. Just as a historical fact, he fell ill and died after this temple elephant hit him.

Sri Raghavendhra Mutt

One of the important Raghavendhra mutts is very near the temple

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Peyazhwar Shrine

This is the shrine of Peyazhwar who was born in Thirumayilai which was a big city once and Thiruvallikkeni was a town annexed to it. Recently samprokshanam was done here.

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Nammazhwar Shrine
Located just opposite the main entrance of Sri Parthasarathy temple.
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Kulathu Anjaneyar Temple
An anjaneyar temple on the bank of Temple tank
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Ahobila Mutt
Lords Narasimhar, Sudharsanar and Hayagreevar shrines are present.
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Sri Vyasaraya mutt wih Rayara brindavana
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Sri Parathasarathy Anjaneyar Temple
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Sri Vanamamalai Mutt
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Sri Udipi Krishnar Temple

It is a temple of Sri Udipi Krishnar with Madhvacharya sampradayam at Sunkuwar street Also present here is the moorthy of Sri Bootharaja of Sode in Karnataka. It is said that this moorthy was hand carried from Sonde itself. On every new moon day, special poojas take place for Sri Bootharajar from 6:30 PM to 8 PM. Rolling of coconuts during the pooja is said to solve one’s problem and grant their wishes. You can take part in the pooja sankalpam by paying around Rs 100. It is said to be powerful in protecting people from evil effects of envious people.

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Hanuman Temple
Located just opposite the icehouse bus stand
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Sri Thiruvetteeswaran Temple (Thevara Vaippu Sthalam)

This temple at Thiruvetteeswaranpet (part of Triplicane) is a 500 years old temple. When the forest in this area was cleared off to expand the Nawab’s Chepak palace, the axe fell on a Shivalinga by mistake and blood oozed out. This temple was then built. Kasi Viswanathar and Visalakshi are also present.

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Sri Pandurangan Temple
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Sri Hanuman Temple
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Broadway (Parry’s Corner/ Flower Bazaar)

Pancha Bootha Sthalams:

There are Pancha boodha sthalam equivalents in Chennai at the heart of the city in the Flower Bazaar / Sowcarpet area which are considered very powerful and they are:

1) Sri Kalatheeswarar temple at Pavalakara (Coral Merchant) street, Mannady representing Air.
2) Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple at Annapillai street representing Fire.
3) Sri Gangadareswarar Temple, Purasawalkam representing Water
4) Sri Chidambaranatha (Nataraja) temple near Choolai Post office representing Sky and
5) Sri Ekambareswara Koil at Mint representing Earth

Sri Chidambareswarar Temple at Choolai

As one of the Pancha bootha Sthalams of Chennai, this temple represent Space and is located at No.112, Avadhanam Papier road, Choolai near the Bhuvaneswari theatre.
The main deity is Thirumoolanatha Swamy.
As in Chidambaram Natarajar Temple, Abhishegam for Spatika Lingam takes place at morning and night at 8:30
Sthala Vruksham: Vilvam

Temple Timings: 6 to 11:30 AM and 5 to 9 PM.

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Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple
This 200 years old temple is present at 76, Krishnappa Tank Street, Peddanaickenpet, Sowcarpet near the Padmanabha theatre.
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Sri Arunachaleswarar – Abhithakulasambal Temple

As one of the Pancha bootha sthalams of Chennai, this temple represents Fire.
This 250 years old temple is located at the Anna Pillai Street / Palliappan Street, Sowcarpet.
Both the lingam and Ambal are huge.
Vallalar Sri Ramalinga Swamigal worshipped the Lord here.

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Sri Ranganathar Temple
The temple is located at the Mulla Sahib St, Sowcarpet
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Sri Chenna Malleeswarar Temple and Sri Kesava Perumal Temple

The temple is located between DevarajaMudali street on the east, NSC Bose Road on the North, Nainiappa Naicken street on the west and Rasappa Chetty street on the South.

This is one of the three temples that were popular even before the arrival of the British. This Shiva-Vaishnav twin temple was initially located near St George fort but the British demolished it to expand their army. Due to the public outcry, the temple was then shifted to the Devaraja Mudali street. In the process, the Vigraha of this Perumal temple got mixed up with the 4 idols of the Thiruneermalai Perumal temple and the idol of Thiruneermalai temple was brought here by a mistaken identity but remains here since then. There will always be a good fragrance of jasmine at the Malleeswarar temple. All the 63 Nayanmars are present in a separate shrine.

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Sri Kandaswamy Temple or Kandakottam Sri Muthukumara Swamy Temple

This temple is located at the Rasappa Chetty Street.
When Mari Chettiar and Kandappa Achari were going to Thirupporur Murugan temple by walk, they rested at a place and a dream came to both of them simultaneously that there is a Murugan idol below the earth there. The idol was unearthed, brought here and a temple was built during 1670s. The main deity here is Thirupporur Kandaswamy and the Urchava idol is Muthukumara Swamy. Inside the temple, the ‘Saravana Poihai’ temple tank is present and surprisingly the water is at the same level as when the temple was built many hundred years ago, in spite of being located in the city’s densest commercial place.

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Sri Kamakshi Amman Sametha Sri Ekambareswarar Temple

As one of the Pancha bootha Sthalams of Chennai, this temple represents Earth.
This 500 year old temple is located at the Thangasalai street (Mint street), Parktown and is one of the three temples that were popular even before the arrival of the British. A big, beautiful and well maintained temple with a temple tank (with water as well). In almost all the (ancient) temple tanks in this area, it is quite heartening to see water in spite of being in the densest commercial place.

The temple is considered equivalent to Kanchi Ekambareswarar temple, one of Pancha bootha sthalangal representing land. Lingams of all the other Panchabootha sthalams (Kalahasthi, Thiruvannamalai, Thiruvanaikaval and Chidambaram) and all the 63 Nayanmars are also present. There are 300 years old Ashwatha Tree and Kallala tree and there is a lingam shrine under the Ashwatha tree, the speciality of which being that people can do pooja to the lingam themselves. In a single sculpture, Panchamuha Vinayahar is on one side and Murugar is on the other side with a five headed Snake. The Navagraha shrine here is considered one of the most sacred shrines in the city.
Temple timings: 6 AM to 12 noon and 4 to 9 PM

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Chinnakadai Sri Mariamman or Renuka Parameswari Temple

Located at the NSC Bose road in the Mint street junction at Sowcarpet, the highlights of this tiny temple being:

  • More than 200 years old, artistically done temple
  • In the sanctum sanctorum, the goddess is present in two forms – as Seethala Devi in full human form and as Renuka Parameswari with her whole body below the earth and only the head above the earth.
  • Kasi Viswanathar in linga form along with Kasi Visalakshi is also present
  • Camphor burns always in front of the temple – It is believed that the Goddess gives dharshan in the form of light (deepam).
  • The steps to the Ambal shrine are very powerful since the Goddess was initially present here and later shifted backwards to accommodate more crowd.
  • During Fridays, the temple will be kept open till 12 midnight
  • Worshipped by Vallalar and Vivekanandhar
  • Hanging a garland of a lemon with 7 green chillies at house entrance after the pooja here will remove all the dhrishties and bad vibrations.

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Bairahi Madam Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple

This beautiful and cleanly maintained temple is located at the NSC Bose road, near the Waltax road and Kumarakottam. Thirupathi Venkatesa perumal appeared in the dream of a devotee to build a temple here so that he can be present here for him in order to avoid the difficulty of coming all the way to Thirupathi. It will be surprising for the South Indians to see the Perumal in a strange (but beautiful) dressing . The highlight of the temple being that three important Perumals – Sriranganathar, Venkatesa Perumal and Kanchi Varadharaja Perumal – are all present here. Also Lakshmi Narasimhar, Puri Jagannathar, Kannabiran and Varahamoorthy are present. Here also a clean temple tank with water as well (in the month of Jan).

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Kumarakottam Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple

Located at the NSC Bose Road, the Subramanyar here was worshipped by Sage Agasthiar. Though this is a Murugan temple, Lord Shiva as Arunachaleswarar with Abitha Kuchalambal and

Sarabeswarar are also present. The Rahuhala (4:30 PM to 6:00PM) Sarabeswara Pooja during every Sunday is very special here.

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Sri Vasavi Kanniha Parameswari Temple

Located at the Aadhiappa Naickan street this temple has a rich legend. The legend has it that along with Kanniha Parameswari, Vaisya couples from 102 Gothrams took firebath and attained salvation. The names of these 102 couples have been inscribed in the temple. Vasavi Kanniha Parameswari’s janma sthalam is Benukonda which is about 400 kms from Chennai but one can worship the same Goddess here at Chennai.

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Sri Kachaleeswarar Temple

The temple was built in 1720s and is located at Aranmanaikaran street. Thalavai Chettiar used to go to Kancheepuram to worship the Kachabeswarar there and on one such trip, he was held up due to heavy rain. But on return, he found all his works were completed properly and so he built this temple. The main deity is Shivalingam present on a 5 tier base, the bottom most being Mahavishnu as Tortoise (Kachabam). Mahavishnu worshipped Shiva in the form of Tortoise during the churning of Parkadal (Milky Ocean). Behind the lingam is present the Sadhasivam idol – Shiva with five heads in human form (make sure you have a dharshan of Him by requesting a Deepa Aradhanai since He is not visible normally). The Somaskanda moorthy here is said to as sacred as that of Thiruvannamalai. Polla pillaiyar, created without using sharp tools, is seen here. 63 Nayanmars are present in a beautiful exclusive mandapam.

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Sri Kalikambal Temple

The temple is located at Thambu Chetty Street. Chennai city was once called Chennamman Kuppam in the name of Goddess Chennaman and later Chenna pattinam. The Kali of the erstwhile Chennamman Kuppam is today’s Kalikambal. The temple was once located inside the St George fort and later shifted here during the British regime. The temple has the sanctity of the two Pancha bootha Sthalams – Kanchipuram and Thiruvannamalai.

At the foot of the Goddess is present the Arthameru installed by Aadhi Shankarar. Kamadeswarar is present in a separate shrine. Many sages Vyasar, Parasar, Agasthiar, Ankiresar, Pulasthiar and Varunan and Celestial Gods Indhran, Guberan and Viwaakarma worshipped Kalikambal. It is said that Guberan got all his wealth only after worshipping Kalikambal here

Chathrabathi Sivaji worshipped Kalikambal in 1677. Bharathiar used to worship Kalikambal while working in Suthesamithran magazine and his verse ‘Yathumahi Ninral Kali’ was sung on Kalikambal only. The famous TMS’s song ‘Ullam Uruhuthaiya’ was sung for the first time here only, in 1952 by Sri Andavan Pichai.

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Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple

Located at Pavalakara Street, Muthialupet, 1 km north of Broadway bus stand, this is a many hundred years old temple and is the only ancient Krishnan temple within Chennai city. Srinivasa Perumal and Ramar shrines are also present. Thirumazhisai Azhwar stayed here for many years and has done Mangalasasanam.

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Sri Marahathambal Sametha Sri Mallikeswarar Temple

Located at the Lingi Chetty Street of Seethakathi Nagar, the temple is 700 years old. Once this temple was completely buried under the ground and the temple Kalasam just showed up during a digging. On further digging, the complete temple came into light and now the temple is present 2 meters below the ground level. When the temple was uncovered, fresh jasmine flowers were found on the Shivalingam and so the deity is called Mallikeswarar. Goddess is considered to bless devotees with boons. The temple Gopuram is very artistic and attracts foreigners. All the Navagrahas are present with their respective vahanas. Aswametha and Neem tree are grown together as a single tree. During the first Sunday of Chithirai month, 63 Nayanmars festival is being conducted in a big way, during which many Thevara groups sing Thevarams together as in the famous Thyagaraja Aradhanai at Thiruvaiyaru.

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Sri Dharmaraja Temple
Located near the Mallikeswarar Temple at LinghiChetty street
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Sri Kalatheeswarar Temple at Mannady

As one of the Pancha Bootha Sthalams of Chennai, this temple of Sri Kalatheeswarar – GnanaPrasannambigai represents Air.
The temple is located near Mallikeswarar Temple at No.155, Pavalakara (Coral merchant) street, Mannady near the Mallikeswarar temple.
Temple Timings: 7 to 11 AM and 5 to 8 PM

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Sri Angala Parameswari and Kasi Viswanathar Temple at Choolai

This is a very popular, ancient and very big temple. There is a big temple tank as well. The Goddess is very powerful and people throng the temple on auspicious occasions and during mid-night poojas on Amavasai. Recently the temple is given a new look with the constructions of Gopuram.

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Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple

A Hanuman temple situated within the premises of Tamilnadu cooperative state Agricultural and Rural Development bank. This is a highly popular temple worshipped by a large number of devotees

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Sri Kothandaramar Temple

The temple is located in Beemanna Mudali 2nd street.
Though the temple is called Kothandaramar temple, the main shrine here is that of Sri Srinivasa Perumal. There are three major shrines of Sri Srinivasa Perumal, Alarmelmangai Thayar and Kothandaramar in line facing East. Sri Srinivasa Perumal, around six feet high stands majestically at the centre wearing Saligrama garland as well as Lakshmi hara and a Dasavatara belt. To the right of His shrine is the shrine of His consort Goddess Alarmelmangai Thayar and to His left is the shrine of Sri Kothandaramar with Goddess Sita to His right and Lakshmana to His left. There are other shrines for Baktha Anjaneya, Sri Ramanujar and Sri Markandeya Maharishi as well.

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Sri Andal sametha Sri Rangamannar Temple

The temple is just about 4 buildings away from the Kothandaramar temple. The place was earlier being used for Bhajan Mandali events.
The main deity is the Sri Andal sametha Sri Rangamannar in standing posture.
There are shrines for stone icon of Sri Ramanujar, Sri Ramar with Seetha Devi and Lakshmanar, and Baktha Anjaneyar.
To the rear of the main shrine, is the Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar shrine, who is considered to be a great Vara Prasadhi.
Contacts: 94447 86737 / 90425 56841

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Raja Annamalaipuram

Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple

Kanchi Sankaracharyars camp here for a few weeks frequently.

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Sri Ayyappan Temple

Located at Foreshoreestate in Greenways road, near Chettinad Vidhyashram School, the temple was constructed by the Chettinad family and opened in 1982. This stone temple with the sacred 18 steps is built in the same style as the original Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple and very well maintained. Unlike Sabarimala, this temple is open throughout the year but the sacred ‘18 steps’ is opened only during the Mandala pooja as in Sabarimala and devotees can offer ‘Irumudi Kaanikkai’. During the Mandala Pooja, ‘Irumudi Neyyabishekam’ is performed to the Moolavar for 35 days and Brahmotsavam (main festival) is celebrated for 6 days.

The temple has all sub-shrines as in Sabarimala for Sri Maha Ganapathi, Sri Nagaraja, Sri Maligaipurathu Amman (Manja Matha), and other “Parivara Devatas”.

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Sri Periyapalayathamman Temple

Located just opposite Adayar Bus Depot at L.B.Road

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Sri Anantha Padmanatha Swamy Temple at Gandhi Nagar

While coming from Guindy/ Saidapet, at the Adayar LB Road over bridge junction, take a left turn at the small lane and the temple is located at about 100 meters from there.

This is a very well maintained temple. The sanctum sanctorum is well illumined and the Perumal in the Anantha Sayana posture is very beautiful indeed. The speciality of the temple being that the archagars here are Saivaites and it is strange to see a perumal temple with Saiva archagars, a perfect example of a Saiva-Vaishnava unison. The temple is connected with Kanchi mutt (?).

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Madhya Kailash Sri Anandha Vinayahar temple at Taramani

The temple is located exactly at the start of the IT Highway, now called Rajiv Gandhi road at the junction of Sardar Patel Road with IT Highway at Taramanii. While coming from Guindy/ Saidapet, you have to turn right at the junction immediately after the IIT over bridge.

When the Regional Labour Institute was constructed n 1970s, a Vinayahar came up as Swayambu and it was worshipped at a platform temple. Later, upon blessings and guidance from Kanchi Periyavar, this temple was built with Anandha Vinayahar as the main deity with all the Arupadai Murugans inside the Anandha Vinayahar shrine.

There are some rare shrines in this temple:

  • Called Adhyantha Prabhu, a combination of Anjaneyar on the left side and Vinayahar on the right side like Arthanareeswarar. This can not be seen anywhere else.
  • Adhithyan (Sun God) in a ratham with 7 horses like Konark Sun God Temple.
  • Sage Suha Brahma is present as a Koshta God

The name Madhya Kaliash came from the fact that the temple is situated between North Kailash (Kasi) and South Kailash (Rameswaram) to conduct the poojas for pithrus (ancestors). Everyday after 12 noon pithru poojas are being conducted with Anandha Vinayahar as the Kartha. Parameswarar and Adhithyan shrines are present only for the Pithru poojas,

The other shrines are Abirami, Anjaneyar, Mahavishnu, and Navagrahas. All the 33 idols of this temple were done through Thirupathi Devasthanam.

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Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple at Kotturpuram

This is an ancient temple renovated now and Thayar here is Sri Alarmelmangai Thayar.

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Besant Nagar

Sri Vara Siddhi Vinayahar Temple

Located just opposite the Besant Nagar Bus Depot, the specialty of the temple being that Ganapathy Homam is being conducted everyday.., yes, everyday.

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Sri Rathnagreeswarar Temple

This is a popular and very active Shiva temple at Besant Nagar. In the main Besant Nagar M.G.Road, while traveling towards Elliots Beach, take a left turn immediately after the RBI Quarters. This is a highly active and well maintained temple. Pradhosham is very grand here.

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Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple

A very popular temple located right on the beach shore. The main deity here is 7 feet high Mahavishnu with Mahalakshmi. It has shrines for all the 8 Lakshmi Goddesses and is built based on the architecture of the Uthiramerur Perumal temple. Lakshmi shrines are located in the 2 tiers of the vimanam of the main Perumal shrine and is constructed in such a way that you will not come on top of any of the deities below while going over the 2 tiers.

Location: In the main Besant Nagar M.G.Road, while going towards Elliots Beach/ Velankanni church, just before the church, take the right turn to enter the Kalakshetra Colony (there is one Kalakshetra ‘Road’ at Thiruvanmiyur which is different). Go straight upto a Police booth and then take a left turn to reach the temple.

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Sri ArupadaiVeedu Murugan Temple

This new stone temple has shrines for all the six Padai veedu of Lord Muruga in the same direction as the original temples. The land for this was donated by MGR during his regime but the temple was built years later by NRI Chettiars. Popular temple and can be seen in many films and serials.

This is located near the Ashtalakshmi Temple. After entering the Kalakshetra Colony main road (Tiger Varadhachari Road), go straight till the T junction at the very end of the road and then turn left to reach the temple.

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Sri Pamban Swamigal Madam

The Samadhi of Sri Pamban Swamigal is located very near to the entrance of Kalakshetra, the popular Bharthnatya School at Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar. The full moon day celebration all through the night is very special.

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Sri Marundeeswarar Temple (Thevara Temple)

In close proximity to the Thiruvanmiyur Bus Depot at the start of the ECR.
One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns; 7th Century temple.
Main deity:
Swayambu linga known as Marundeeswarar with Goddess Thripura Sundari in separate shrines.
Names of the main deity:

  • Sage Valmiki worshipped Shiva and hence called Vanmeeki nadhar.
  • Kamadenu worshipped and so He is known as Palvanna nadhar.
  • Sage Agasthiyar worshipped and was preached the science of Oushadha muligi (herbs). So He is called as Oushadeeswarar and Marundeeswarar.
  • Devas worshipped and so He is known as Vedapureeswarar


  • Since Sage Valmiki (vanmiki) worshipped here, the place is called Thiruvanmiyur
  • Lord Shiva gave dharshan to Markandeyar under the Vanni Tree
  • Moon God got his curse cleared off
  • Ramar, on his way to Lanka worshipped Shiva
  • Sage Brinki (in whose name Paranki Malai has come up) worshipped Shiva
  • Shiva danced before Sage Valmiki during Panguni full moon day
  • Lord Marundeeswarar taught Sage Agasthiar on the science of Herbs

The main deity is a Swayambu lingam about 1 foot high and is present in a slightly slanting position. Kamadehnu worshipped the lingam here and the foot marks of Kamadhenu can be seen at the lingam. Srichakra is there in front of Goddess. No Navagrahas are present since the Navagraha worship came into practice only after 10th century during the Chola period. Lord Muruga is seen with right leg on peacock and bow in his hand. Arunagirinadhar sang thirupugazh on Murugan of this place.
Sthala Vruksham: Vanni.
There are 5 theerthams – Janma nasini, Kama nasini, Papa nasini, Gyana dhayini & Moksha nasini which are from the jada mudi of Lord Shiva.

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Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple
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Sri Karaneeswarar Temple

This temple is located next to the railway station. This temple has a 7-storied Rajagopuram with two prakarams. The main deity is Lord Karaneeswara and Goddess Swarnaambikai. This temple has a beautiful tank.

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Sri Prasanna Venkata Narasimha Perumal Temple

This is a 12th Century temple by the Viyayanagar empire near the railway station. It is said that initially Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal alone was incarnated in the sanctum sanctorum with SriDevi and BooDevi and Narasimha Perumal was incarnated later and hence Perumal was named as Sri Prasanna Venkata Narasimha Perumal. Sri Parthasarthy Swamy of Triplicane visits this temple yearly once. There is Adhisesha near the Azhwar shrine to eliminate the ‘Sarpa Dosham’ of the worshippers. Alarmelu Mangai Thayar shrine is present facing east.

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Srimath Elayalwar Koil Sabai
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There is an Anjaneyar temple at the end of the Prasanna Venkata Narasimha Perumal koil street.
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Saidapet Subramanya Swamy Temple
This 400 years old temple is present near the Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple
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Sri ThripuraSundari odannurai Sri Soundreeswarar Temple (VadaThiruNaraiyur)

One of the oldest temples of Saidapet. Its old name is “VadaThiruNaraiyur”. Here the Goddess Parvathi worshiped God Shiva in the form of stork (narai) and hence the name.
Sthala virksham: Vanni tree (Indian Mesquit).

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Sri Kothandaramar Temple at West Mambalam

Located to the left of the Madley Road subway while going from T.Nagar bus stand, this 150 years old temple has the main deity as Pattabiramar with Seetha devi at his left lap in Pattibhisheka kolam.  Kothandaramar is also installed later just behind the Pattibesheha Ramar. So, just in one shrine, you can worship both Pattibesheha Ramar and the Kothanda Ramar.  Also Ranganathar, Thayar Ranganayaki, Yoha Narasimhar, Sanjeeva Paravatha Anjaneyar are having separate shrines. Anjaneyar is having Sanjeeva Parvatha hill in his right hand and his facing north (Gubera corner) is considered very special. A clean temple tank is also present within the temple campus.

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Sri Kasi Viswanathar and Kasi Visalakshi Temple at West Mambalam

The temple is located at the end of the Madley road bridge on the  right side while going from T.Nagar bus stand. This is a 400 years old beautiful temple and has been renovated recently.

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Shri Kasi Mutt is just opposite the Kasi Viswananathar temple

Shri Sankara Mutt is present next to the Kasi Viswananathar temple

Ayodhya Mandapam is the landmark of Mambalam

Mambalam Sathyanarayana Temple

Situated in the Srinivasa Street near Ayodhya Mandapam, West Mambalam, the main deity of the temple is Sri Mahalakshmi Sametha Sri Sathya Narayana Perumal. The other deities present in this temple are: Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal, Thaayaar, Lakshmi Narasimhar, Anjaneyar, Sudharsana Azhwar, Ramar, Lakshmanar and Seetha.

This temple is very famous and is often referred to as “Maabila Kshetram”. Every Pournami, Sathya Narayana Poojai is being performed. Whenever the Jeeyar Swamigal or Srimad Andavan Swamigal comes to Mambalam, they pay a visit to this Kshetram.

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This is near Ayodhya mandapam at West Mambalam. No Hundi collection, no individual archanas – only Muruga bakthi here. This ashram is under the able blessings of Sri Swami Sankaranandha for the past 40 years.  Muruga devotees will definitely get some pleasing experience here.

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Temples around Mambalam Sathyanarayana Temple:

Adhi Chenna Kesava Perumal Temple
The temple is located in Govindan street, West Mambalam
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Kali Bari Temple
Thronged by Bengalis, this is a replica of the famed Kalighata Temple in Calcutta.
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Thyagaraya Nagar (T.Nagar)

Shiva Vishnu temple
Between T.Nagar bus stand and Ranganathan street
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Muppathamman Koil
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Sringeri Saradhambal Temple

A beautiful temple and horoscope registration / exchange are taking place on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings.

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Thirumala Thirupathi  Devasthanam

Beautiful Venkatachalapathy and Thayar; Thirupathy dharshan / lodging bookings are done here.

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Agsthiar temple near Pondy Bazaar

A very ancient temple and the lingam is well below the ground level. Here Sage Agasthiar is present with his wife Lopamudra.

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Sri Raghavendhra Mutt
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Ashok Nagar

Sri Baktha Anjaneya Temple

The temple is very popular and the deity is about 20 feet high and is seen either in Vennai (butter) kappu or Sandhana (sandal) kappu almost on all the days. I am not sure whether he is seen on any day without any of these.

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Other Temples:

  • Swarnapuriswar temple at 8th Avenue
  • Karumari Thripurasundari (Varaprasadhi) with 2 Srinivasars and 2 Durgas. Hanuman once had one lakh Vadamala.
  • Sarvapriya Ganapathy at 7th Avenue
  • Mallegashwarer near Ashok Pillar
  • Ayyappan Temple
  • Sri Chandramoulishwarar
  • Pidari Amman temple
  • Kalikambal temple
  • Bala murugan temple
  • Varasiddhi Vinayakar temple


Sri Agastheeswarar –  Sri Asalathamman Temples

King Bommarajan who ruled this place once, got Sula disease and prayed to Perumal. He guided him to take bath in the Agastheeswarar temple tank and worship Shiva here. He did the same and got his disease cured. Goddess Akilandeswari has a separate shrine here next only to Thiruvanaikkaval. At one corner of the temple tank is present the Swayambu amman Asalathamman.

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Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple

Nearby Shiva temple, the Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal temple is also present. Anajaneyar, present in a separate shrine is considered very powerful.

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Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple
Located near the Kodambakkam railway station.
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Sri Bharadwajeswarar Temple

About 700 years old temple. Vali worshipped Easwaran here and later Sage Bharadwajar worshipped.Goddess: Swarnambihai

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Sri Murugan temple at Vadapalani

Located centrally between Vyakrapureeswarar Temple and Bharadwajeswarar Temple, this temple is about 100 years old and is a very popular one

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Sri Vengeeswarar temple at Vadapalani

A small ancient temple just opposite Vadaplani Murugan temple (i.e. across the Arcot street). One can’t miss the Rajagopuram built by Cholas from the 100 feet road as you enter Vadaplani signal junction.

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Sri Ayyappan – Guruvayurappan temple at Mahalingapuram

Built in 1974, this is the 2nd of the Ayyappa temples built in the city.

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Sri Adhikesava Perumal / Sri Adhipureeswarar – Shiva and Vishnu Twin Temple

One of the oldest temples, considered belongs to 7th Century this is a twin temple of Lord Shiva and Vishnu in adjacent complexes. The names of the deities confirm the puranic nature of the temple. Lord Shiva is Aadhipureeswarar with Goddess Thirupurasundari. Lord Vishnu is Aadhikesava Perumal with Goddess Aadhilakshmi. Vinayagar is Aadhi Vinayahar.

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Sri Arthanareeswarar temple

It will be difficult to find out this temple in the midst of bustling Egmore. It is in a narrow lane behind Dasaprakash. The main deity is a beautiful and big lingam. Thirunavukkarasar has sung on this temple and it is supposed to be 1300 years old going by that. He has mentioned Egmore as ‘Elum oor’, a place of awakening.

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Sri Komaleeswarar Temple at Pudupet
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Sri Meenakshi Temple at Pudupet
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Sri Ranganathar Temple at Pudupet
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  • Srinivasar Perumal temple at temple street
  • Varadarajar temple


Sri Gangadeswarar Temple

The temple is about 2000 years old. Once King Baheeradhan ridiculed Sage Naradhar and got his curse. To get off from the curse he worshipped 1008 Shivalingams. When he searched a proper place for his 1008th Shivalinga pooja, a holy voice pointed to this place. The place where he kept the Ganaga water kamandalam is the temple well. Even if the whole Chennai becomes water starved, this well serves water. Within the temple tank there were 7 wells but all but this specific one had been already covered up since they went dry.

When the temple tank dried up, as is the case with many city temples, the authorities, instead of taking effort to refill the tank through proper rain water harvesting, got the brilliant idea (as usual) to completely close the tank and make it as a park. When they were pumping out water from the tank, they were unable to control the water inflow from one particular well (thank God). They thought it was the underground drainage water but on tests it was found to be pure water that came from the side of the sanctum sanctorum. In the Southeast corner of the temple, there is a rare Kurundai tree which can not be seen in any other temple. It is said that Manicka Vasagar preached under this tree.

Sage Bageeratha sage is believed to have done penance and brought Ganga to the earth at this place. Hence Lord shiva is known as Gangadeeswarar and Goddess is known as Pankajakshi. This temple is mentioned in Thevaram by Sundarar. He has not visited Purasai but has sung on the lord as vaipu thalam (singing without visiting the temple).

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Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

This is located at Vellala street off Purasawalkam High Road. Originally there was a Bhajan Temple here with a small stone idol which can be seen even today in the main shrine. The Bhajan Temple was built more than 300 years ago and the present temple came into existence in 1850.

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Ponniamman Koil at Millers Road / Flowers road junction Purasawalkam

Ponniamman is   believed to be something like a “kaaval deivam” of Purasai.  Legend says that in those days, the place around Millers road and Flowers road etc used to be full of fields. Goddess graces everyone with her beautiful smile.

Sri Rama Kulasekara Azhwar Temple at Kosapet / Purasaiwakkam
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Sri Parasuramalingeswarar Temple at Ayyanavaram

This is a 1000 years old temple. Prasuramar, a form of Mahavishnu, killed his mother at the behest of his father. In order to clear off his sin due to this, he worshipped Shiva here. Brahma, called Ayan, took bath in this temple tank and worshipped Shiva and that’s why the place is called Ayanpuram and later Ayyanavaram.

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Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple at Ayyanavaram

Built in 1804, this temple was built as per the dream of two Gujarathi women who brought a lingam from Kasi. There is a Kasi Viswanathar Temple tank.

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Mogappair / Koyamped

Twin Temples of Koyamped – Sri Kurungaleeswarar Temple and Sri Vaikundavasa Perumal Temple

A perfect example of Shiva-Vaishnav unison, both these temples are located adjacent to each other and very near to the Koyampedu Bus Terminus. Both have legendary connection to the Ramayan.

Sri Kurungaleeswarar Temple: This is also called Kusalavapuriswarar temple. The legend has it that Rama’s twin sons Lava and Kucha were brought up in Valmiki’s Ashram here. They fought with Lakshman and won over him without knowing the identity, over the Ashwametha horse sent by Ramar. They got the Gothrahathi dhosha due to this and the Sage advises them to do Pradhosha pooja for Shiva. The moolavar in this temple is a Swaymbu lingam of palm size, as formed by the kids. Pradhosha dharshan here is considered equivalent to 1000 pradhosha dharshans. There is also a Sarabeswarar shrine and the Rahuhala (4:30 PM to 6:00PM) Puja every Sunday is very special. Due to this, the Sunday Pradhosham sees heavy crowd.

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Sri Vaikundavasa Perumal Temple: Lava and Kucha worshipped the Perumal here. Generally Vaikundavasar will be seen in a sitting pose but here He is seen in a standing pose with his consorts Sridevi and Boodevi. The main deity is being decorated differently on every Saturday.

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Sri Santhana Srinivasar Temple at Mogappair

This 650 years old temple is very powerful to give the boon of a child (santhanam) which is called ‘Mahapperu’ in tamil and that’s how the place became Mugappair. The main deity Santhana Srinivasar is 9.5 feet high. Couples praying for child take the Santhana Srinivasar vigraham in their lap as part of their prayer. Thulaparam is also being done. Poojas are taking place throughout the day till the Ekantha Seva in the night as in Thirumala

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  • Kanaka Durga temple
  • Thiruvalleswar temple

East Coast Road (ECR)

Shiridi Sai Baba Temple at Injambakkam

Take the left after Prathana drive-in theatre to reach the temple. It is approximately 8.5 kms from Adyar. The temple itself is very big and is in a calm, clean, breezy and peaceful place.

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Puri Jagannath Temple at Kannathur

An exact replica of the Puri Jagannath Temple is located on ECR just about 100 meters before Mayajal. In the bazaar area of Kannathur, turn left (East) towards sea and go further for about 200 meters to reach the temple. For those who have not been to Puri, this is a boon to see Jagannathar in the same style as Puri at their doorstep. As a very calm locality near the sea and a neatly maintained temple this is a beautiful place to visit.

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Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR – IT Highway)

Sri Vedapureeswarar Temple at Perungudi
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Sri Aazhikandeeswar Shiva Temple at Thoraipakkam
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Shiva Temple at Karapakkam
Located on the Eastern side of the main road itself
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Sri Subramnya Swamy Temple at Sholinganallur
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Sri Murugan / Pamaban Swamigal Temple at Sholinganallur
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Sri Ponniamman Temple at Semmanchery
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Sri Ponnambala Vinayagar Tempe at Semmanchery
The temple is located on the bank of the big temple tank of Ponniamman temple
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Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at Semmenchery
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Sri Thirunavaleeswarar Temple at Navalur

About 35 years back the villagers found a Lingam at the present spot while digging. As per the advise of MahaPeriyava, the temple was then built. Since the Lingam was found in Navalur – He named Him as Navaleeswarar. Subsequently Akilandeswari Amman sannidhi, Vinayagar & Murugar Shrines were added. Recently Ayyapan Shrine in typical Kerala style was built. There is also a huge kolam in front of Shivan sannidhi. Prodhosham is celebrated in a big way here.

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Sri Thrisakthi amman Temple at Thalambur (Navalur)

A new beautiful temple for Godesses Shri Gnanasaraswathi, Shri Mookambika, and Shri Lakshmi.

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Sri Manikandeswaran Shiva Temple at Padur
An ancient Shiva temple built by Vikrama Chola.
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Sri Ramalinga Swamigal (Shiva) Temple  at Kelambakkam
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Medavakkam – Mambakkam

Sri Raghavendhra Swamigal Nala Bridhavan at Sithalapakkam
Sri Raghavendraswamy in sitting posture is present here.
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Sri Vadivambihai sametha Sri Chandrasoodeswarar Temple at Kovilancheri

A very ancient Shiva temple  with inscription stones of Brahmmi script but totally surrounded by people of other religion. The person in charge has risked his life to save the temple from becoming a temple of worship for other religion. Much of the temple land has been occupied by other religions. A patronage of this temple is highly appreciated to save it for future generation.
Contact: K.Gunasekaran / Saravana Prabu / G.Vasantha @ 97909 65273 / 90255 56890

Note: A compound wall is the immediate need of the hour.

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Sri Otteeswarar Temple at Ottiampakkam
Possibly the biggest lingam of Chennai city; Goddess Mangalambihai.
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1) Sri Sakthipureeswarar Temple

While going from Medavakkam, turn left at Ponmar junction and the temple is located at about half a km.
The Deity name is Sakthipureeswarar and the Ambal is Shaktipureeswari. The original temple was built about 700 years ago by Pandya King. The Symbol of Pandya (Fish) can be seen on the roof from inside. The temple went through bad maintenance and was in a demolished state until some years back. The deity was subjected to direct sun and rain as the vimana itself was in fallen state due to no maintenance. Some 25 years back a humble Mudhaliar with the help of villagers helped to bring the temple back to normal state. As per a stapathy’s plan they re-built the temple with the same stones that were lying around the temple.

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2) Veera Badhra Kali amman Temple

While going from Medavakkam, turn right at Ponmar junction and the temple is about half a km from the junction. A very ancient and beautiful Kali deity.

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1) Sri Thiruvengadalakshmi sametha Sri Vengada Perumal Temple

A recent temple but with 300 years of history in a vast area. The beautiful Perumal, Thayar and Andal have separate shrines. One can have a very pleasant and satisfying dharshan of Thirupathi Venkada Perumal here from close quarters in a beautiful environment. The temple tank itself is about 1.5 acres brimming with water. A big and ancient banyan tree adds beauty to the environment.
Contact: Sri Varadharaja Bhattar @ 96772 37556 / Sri Nagasubramanya Bhattar @ 94442 76186 / Sri Arjun @ 93827 27555

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2) An upcoming Shiva temple

A lone shiva lingam is under a thatched roof now and the temple is coming up.
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Sri Deiva Nayagi sametha Sri Muruga Natheeswarar Shiva Temple at Mambakkam

The temple is believed to be more than 800 Years old. Goddess Deiva Nayagi sculpture was sculpted by the sculpture who belonged to the same vamsavali of the sculptor who sculpted the Thirukkadaiyur Abirami Ambal. A Siddhar is said to have merged with Lord Shiva here. There are also a shrine for Sri Anjaneyar and a beautiful pond.
Contact: V.Siva Iyer 94449 24525 / 94447 79245 / Hari Gurukkal @ 98845 81931

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Kelambakkam – Vandalur

Sri Akilandeswari sametha Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Pudupakkam
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Sri Veera Anjaneyar Temple at Pudupakkam
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Sri Simmhayi Samedha Sri Pasupatheeswarar temple at ThiruVelichai
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Sri Megambhigai Samedha Sri Meganatheeswarar temple at Melakottaiyur
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Perumal Temple at MelaKottaiyur
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Sri Chakra Kali amman / Sri Arakkasu Amman / Sri Guberan Temple
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Sri Kodandaramar temple at Oonamanjeri

This is a Vijayanagar temple. This temple has a deepastamba instead of dwajastamba. Seems lamps were lit in the deepastamba to illuminate the temple. A temple tank is also there. A sculpture of Varaha with Sun, Moon and a dagger can be seen here. This was the royal emblem of the Vijayanagara dynasty.  Copper plate inscriptions belonging to the Vijayanagaras are still there in this temple.
The best time to visit this temple is before 7:30 am since the temple priest leaves by that time after performing the pooja!

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Sri Virudhagireeswarar Temple at Oonamanjeri
An ancient temple
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Sri Periyanayahi Ambika sametha Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Kolapakkam
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Taramani – Velachery – Tambaram

Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple
Sri Subramanyar, Baktha Anjaneyar and Narsimhar are also in the same campus. A very small temple and all the shrines are packed.
Sri Vedhantha Desikar Temple is just behind this temple
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1) Sri Dhandeeswarar Temple

The temple is located in the Rajbhavan-Vijayanagar Bus stand road, about half a km from the Vijayanagar Bus stand.

Yaman does not have separate temples and the temples that remove one’s death fears are only a few like Thirukkadaiyur, Thirupainjeeli near Trichy, Srivanchiyam and Thiruvaihavur apart from the Velacheri Dhandeeswarar Temple.

Velacheri was once called Vedasreni, the temple of Vedas, the sacred place for veda padasalas. This was also called Sathurmangalam – Sathur means four. All the four Vedas worshipped Dhandeeswarar here and were cleared off the dhosham that was got while being caught by the demons. It is said that Yama was in tapas here for 3000 years and got blessed. Since Lord Shiva snatched the Dhandam of Yama, the deity here is called Dhandeeswarar. The main deity is a Swayambu lingam. Worshipping here removes one’s death fears.

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2) Sri Yoga Narasimhar Temple

This temple is located very near the Dhandeeswarar temple. The Lord here is in a sitting posture facing the West which is considered rare.

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3) Siva Vishnu Temple
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1) Sri Oppiliappan Pattabisheka Ramar Temple
This is located at Ram Nagar (North).
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2) Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple
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3) Sri Aurobhindho Annai Meditation centre and Gayathri Temple

Like Pondicherry, here is also there is a Samadhi for The Mother. A lovely place. By the side, there is also a temple for Goddess Gayathri.

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4) Sri VedhaPuriswarar / Odheeswarar Temple
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5) Sri Ayyappan Temple
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1) Sri Lakshmi Balaji Temple

A new temple for Sri Venkatachalapathy at Kamakotinagar, Pallikaranai, (opposite Balaji Dental College) on the Velachery-Tambaram Main Road. A special feature of this temple being that the beautiful main deity, Sri Lakshmi Balaji is seven feet high and has the icon of Goddess Lakshmi in the lower half.

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2) Sri Aadhipureeswarar Temple

Temple is on the Velachery-Tambaram main road itself near the Pallikaranai Bus Stop.
The temple is renovated recently and is said to be Parihara sthalam for Raghu/ Kethu Doshams.
The temple has a big pond just across the road with massive banyan trees on the bank, a typical village temple atmosphere in the busy urban area!

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1) Sri Srinivasa Perumal (Mela Tirupathi) Temple

Moolavar : Sri Srinivasa Perumal & Padmasini Thayar
This temple is on a small hill/raise with around 10-15 steps.
The other shrines are:
Andal, Garudan, Anjaneyar, Ramar Paadham, Adhivarahar, Lakshmi Hyagreevar, Ramar , Seetha & Lakshmanar, Venugopalar, Chakrathazhwar and Yoga Narasimhar

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2) Sri Kulasekara Perumal Temple at Sivagami Nagar
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3) Sri Mookambigai Temple
This temple is located at Medavakkam at Santhoshipuram, Anandha nagar
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1) Sri Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple

Here the deity has 5 faces (VARAHAR, NARSIMHAR, GARUDAN, HAYAGREEVAR AND HANUMAN). On every fullmoon and newmoon days special poojas are done here.

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2) Sri Thripura Sundari Samedha Chandra Mowleeswarar Temple (Shiva Vishnu Temple) 
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1) Sri Navagraha Vinayagar Temple
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2) Sri Akilandeswari Sametha Sri Jambulingeswarar Temple
The temple is located at Kamarajapuram and the temple tank is big and clean
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3) Sri Vedhavyasar Tapovanam
Located close to the Jambulingeswarar Temple
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4) Sri Alavattamman Temple
The temple tank is huge.
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Sri MahaPeriyavaa Manimandapam at Rajakilpakkam

Located close to the Alavattamman Temple of Sembakkam.
As part of the Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir, the Manimandapam displays various awesome Photos of Maha Periyavaa taken at different times. Periyavaa’s replicas of different types are also displayed which look so real. The manimadapam is inside Mahaswami Mandir which has the shrines of Kamakshi devi, Saraswathy devi, Srinivasar, Varahi, Anjaneyar, Mahalingam, Adhi Shankara ..
The Rickshaw used by Periyavaa, His Palanquin, Padhukas are also kept there.
The Mandir also has a manimandapam of the Divine Singer M.S.Subbulakshmi.

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1) Sri Dhenupureeswarar temple

Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Denupureeswarar & Denukambikai.

Legend: Sage Kapilar took birth as a cow due to a curse. One day, the master of the cow saw the cow pouring its milk on a small stone buried in the ground. He angrily hit the cow for having wasted its milk. Unable to bear the pain, the cow tapped it’s leg on the ground and also the stone. The stone started bleeding and later it was found to be a Shiva Linga. Lord Shiva gave dharshan to Sage Kapilar and gave salvation. Even today one can see a scar on the Shiva lingam, caused by the kick of the cow (Kapila). Another rare feature of the temple being that it houses Lord Sarabeswarar on one of the pillars in it. Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on subramanya of this place.

Temple: The lingam is one of the smallest in the world and no one is able to tell on what material this lingam is made of since it is a Swayambu. A highly powerful temple and one gets lot of vibrations here and you can see people meditating in the inner praharam most of the time. This Shiva temple, dating back to more than thousand years, was built during the reign of the Chola king, Parantaka II, also known as Sundara Chola (956-973 A.D.), father of Rajaraja Chola I. This temple was probably rebuilt with stone during the reign of Kulottunga Chola I. The temple is now under the control of Archeological Society of India. This ancient village, now called Madambakkam, was once known as Ulaguyyavanda-Chola Chaturvedimangalam.

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2) Siddhar temple

Located next to the Dhenupureeswarar Temple, this temple, called the Universal Shrine was constructed as instructed by the Sathguru Seshadhri Swamihal of Thiruvannamalai. Dedicated to the Mother Goddess in her form as the Maha Meru as per the ancient Sri Vidya tradition, to the 18 Siddhars – masters of infinite enlightenment and to the Sathguru, the Universal Temple is today a temple of peace and solace.A unique complex the Universal Shrine is the only one of its kind in the world reflecting the depth of India’s spiritual traditions, the sacred system of Sri Vidya and the mystical heritage of the sages of God realization.

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Sri Mangalambika (Sornapureeswari) samedha Sornapureeswarar temple at Vengaivasal
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Selaiyur is 2.5 Kms from Tambaram Railway station and could be reached by any MTC bus which starts from East Tambaram. The original name of Selaiyur is Silaiyur – the place with so many Silais or idols, and there is a temple at every corner, some of them surprisingly ancient.

1) Sri Skandhashramam

This temple is located at Mahalakshmi Nagar, Rajakilpakkam, Selaiyur. Built by Sathguru Srimad Shanthananda Swamigal who hails from the Avadhoota tradition of Saints, this temple pays a living tribute to the glory of Hinduism. Enshrined in this temple are the icons of rare deities including that of Kamala Siddhi Vinayakar, Panchamukha Heramba Ganapathy, Dattatreya, Panchamukha Hanuman, Saneeswarar, Ayyapan, Ashtadasabhuja Durga Parameswari, Srimath Sadguru Shantananda Swamigal, Lord Sarabeswara (form of Shiva), Goddess Prathyankira, Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, Swaminathaswamy (Skanda), Sudarshanachakathalwar, Sahasralingam (1008 lingams) and Sri Chakra Poorna Maha Meru all in magnificent stature

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2) Sri Abirami Amman udanurai Amirdhagadeswarar temple

This temple is over 250 years old. This is considered as “Chennaiyin Thirukadaiyur” (Thirukadaiyur is a famous temple town near Mayiladuthurai which is considered to be the apt place for conducting Shastiabthapoorthi (60th Birthday). The main deities are Abhirami Amman and Amirthakadeswarar. According to the priest, there are 14 Ambal (Devi) temples in Selaiyur. In this particular temple, the idols were found during some digging. The Nandhi in this temple faces the Goddess, as she is in “Siva Shathi Bagam”. The central courtyard is occupied by a mandapam in which the 16 Aishwaryams or Lakshmis are depicted. Temple Tank named “Abirami Pushkarani” was renovated recently and figurines of holy rivers of India installed around it. Some of the poojas and festivals are – Pradhosam, “Pushpanjali” during new moon day of Tamizh month Aadi, Navarathiri, Thirukalyana Utsavam during Panguni Uthiram, Vaigasi Visagam. Every Sunday during Rahukalam (14:30 hrs to 18:00 hrs) Sarabeshwarar Pooja is also performed.

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3) Sri Adikesava Perumal Temple

Here, the granite pillars are ancient but the murthis themselves, of Adikesava Perumal and Amirthavalli Thaayar, are relatively new. The temple has a ‘Deepa sthambam’, which is a typical feature of a village temple as opposed to a town temple. There is also a palanquin dated 1094, indicating that the temple is nearly 1,000 years old.
There is a big temple tank also.

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Pallavaram – Keelkattalai – Pallikaranai (OMR Link road)


1) Sri Selliamman Temple

Selli means Younger girl and the youngest of the Saptha madhas, Chamundi is being worshipped as the Boundary God in different names in different places and Selliamman is one of them. The temple tank has been renovated beautifully with the participation of both the Government and the NGOs.

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2) Sri NeelaNira Umayammai sametha ThiruNeelaKandeswarar Temple
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3) Sri Pamavathi Samedha Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

The founder secretary of the temple had a dream for three consecutive days in which Lord Srinivasa appeared and asked him to offer 108 Salagrama garland to be obtained from the King of Nepal Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. The devotee decided to make an effort and wrote to the King of Nepal describing his dream. After three months, a parcel with 108 Salagramams arrived from the King of Nepal !!.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana Mandali group has been chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam on Sundays for more than 450 weeks.

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4) Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple

This is more than 50 years old Bajanai Kovil / Perumal Kovil,
Uriyadi urchavam is famous with the youngsters here in this area

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5) Sri Murugan Temple
A newly built temple
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1) Sri Neelavarna Perumal Temple

More than 1200 years old Pallava temple for Sri Sridevi Bhudevi Samedha Sri Neelavarnaperumal.

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2) Sri Kamakshi amman sametha Sri Ekambareswarar  Temple
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3) Sri Trinethra Dasabuja Anjaneyar Temple
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Sri Trayee Vidya Gurukulam at Old Jamin Pallavaram

A Veda Padashala Gurukulam that teaches Veda, Shastra and English education is located at 153b, Garden Woodfaff nagar, 1st Main road, Perumal nagar extension, Old Jamin Pallavaram.
Contact: 98410 34363 / 98408 14017

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Selaiyur – Kovilancheri (Camp road / Agaram Main road)

Sri Anandhavalli sametha Pozhichaleeswarar Temple at Agaram Then

An exclusive Sarabeswarar shrine has been installed very recently. The temple has the 13th century inscriptions of Hoysala regime.

Contact:  Mohankumar @ 90944 24338

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Sri Thirupura Sundari sametha Sri Kailasanathar temple at Pathuvancheri

An ancient Lingam very uniquely on a Swasthik peetam with Srichakra on it. There is a shrine for Jayaveera Mangala Anjaneyar also. The temple authorities have their own good Sthapathi team and you can contact them for any need of Sthapathy works.

Sri Shiva (priest) @94877 61521
A.V.Ramesh (Sthapathy) @ 99437 46551 / 80121 97001

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Sri Konatchi amman temple at Pathuvancheri

Located very near the Kailasanathar temple, this is the temple of ancient Saptha mathars. New shrine for Sri Raja Rajeswari amman (Konatchi in Tamil)  and new idols of Saptha mathars are being installed.

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Sri Muneeswaran temple at Kovilancheri

The Muneeswaran statue is of mammoth 51 feet high on a beautiful photogenic landscape with big trees and the temple tank. The Muneeswarar is stunningly beautiful.

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Nanganallur can be called as the Chinna Kanchipuram of Chennai due to the numerous temples it has in and around.

Links: Raju’s Temple Visit Travelogue

Sri Uthara Guruvayoorappan Temple

The temple in Kerala style is having Sri Guruvayoorappan very similar to the Kerala Guruvayoor deity. Bhagavathi amman is present in a separate shrine and She is a feast to the eyes. Goddess Bhagavathi is ‘Deepa Swaroopam’ and represents the Trinity of Goddesses – Mahalakshmi, Saraswati and Durga. There are shrines for Sri Dharmasastha, Sri Prasanna Vinayaka and the Navagrahas. There is also a separate shrine for Lord Venkateswara. There is a huge Peepul tree (அரச மரம்) as the sthalavriksham and an idol of Sankarshana is installed beneath the Peepul tree in a separate enclosure.

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Sri Varasiddhi Vinayahar Temple

Located at Nanganallur 2nd main road, this is one of the two oldest temples along with Rajarajeswari Temple. Kanchi Maha Periyavar used to stay only here whenever he comes to Nanganallur.

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Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar Temple

This is one of the very few Hayagreevear temples of Tamilnadu. Hayagreevar is the God of Knowledge.

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Sri Ragavendhra Brindhavan

This Mithrika brindhavan of Sri Raghavendhra is located very near to the Anjaneyar temple.

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Sri Anjaneyar Temple

This is the landmark and the most popular temple of Nanganallur. Anjaneyar here is of 32 feet high sculpted out of a monolithic stone. Sri Vinayagar, Sri Ramar and Sri Krishnar are also present in separate shrines.

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Sri Ayyappan Temple

Located at 3rd main road, Ram Nagar. The deity came from Sabaraimala itself and the Melsanthi (head priest) of the Sabarimala temple in 1991 is the head priest here.

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Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple (New)

Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar on the first floor of the temple in 24th Street of Thillaiganga nagar is the recent addition to the list of temples in Nanganallur. The Lord blesses here with His Consort, in santha roopam under the umbrella of the five headed snake. Lord Dhanvandhri is in a separate shrine here.

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Sri Devi Karumari Amman temple

This is just the adjoining temple to the Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar temple (new). Lord Srinivasar (Balaji) gives beautiful dharshan in a separate shrine at the entrance itself. The temple faces the new highway laid recently for connecting Velacheri with the GST road at the Thillaiganganagar point.

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Sri Rajarajeswari/ Sri Lakshmi Sametha Sathyanarayana Perumal Temple

This very powerful, beautiful and popular twin temple unfortunately is located in a typical house in a narrow street at ThillaiGanga Nagar. If you go by car, better park it in the main road and do a little walk.

Because of the presence of Raja Rajeswari temple, this place was called Nangai Nallur once and later became Nanganallur. It is said that the main deity here came up from a Homa kundam. The devotees should go around the temple only in anti-clockwise direction. There are 16 steps to this temple and each signifies a special meaning.

Sri Sathyanarayana Perumal temple is also located within the Rajarajeswari temple. Those who are unable to do Sathyanarayana Pooja at home can participate in the pooja here to get the benefit of doing the Sathyanarayana pooja. Sri Lakshmi normally seen by the side of Perumal is present here at the chest of Perumal who is in a standing posture facing west. Navagrahas, normally not seen in Perumal temples are seen here in a straight line which is unique. Panchamuga anjaneyar is also present here.

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Sri Ardhanareeswarar and Sri Ashtabhuja Durgai Temples

It is located near the Pazhavanthangal railway station in the 4th Main Road in a very busy market area. In the 1960s, the Paramacharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam discovered this ancient temple when he was performing a morning puja at the abandoned temple tank here. He spotted an ancient Lingam in the tank as “Ardhanareeswarar”. Since then the temple was functioning in thatched sheds and the Kumbaabhezam took place in March 2004. This temple is also a “Kethu sthalam”.

A life-size idol of Sri Ashtabhuja Shanthi Durga, said to be bigger than that of ancient Patteeswaram temple near Kumbakonam is installed in a separate shrine just at the rear of the Ardhanareeswarar temple. The well sculpted durga is a please to the eyes of the devotees and is well known as sarvabhishta pala nayaki.

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Sri Pandurangan temple

Located in Adambakkam the main deity Pandurangan along with Rahumayee is very beautiful indeed. The Abang mela during the end of January is highly popular.

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Sri Nandheeswarar Temple at Adambakkam

Location: Very near to the Parangimalai station

Very ancient temple, Pradhosha Pooja
Main deity:
Nandeeswarar with Arunthava Nayaki in separate shrines.
Lord Shiva gave dharshan to Sage Bringi as Nandhi and so the deity is called Nandheeswarar. Since Sage Bringi stayed at the hill nearby, it was called Bringimalai and over a period got changed to Parangimalai.During the British period it got hijacked completely by Christians and called St Thomas mount wiping out all traces of Sage Bringi
Pradosha pooja is very special here and a cow comes around during the Pradhoshams even today. There will be lot of cows roaming around here. Cow represents Avudai and Bull represents Nandhi. Thiruvotriyur Avudaiamman temple and this had connections as per the culvert found in Thiruvotriyur temple. There are other deities like Sundara Vinakar, Naga devata, Vishnu, Bairavar, Chandran, Dakshina moorthy, Brahma, Durgai, Chandeeswarar & Navagraha.

Sthala vruksham: Nagalinga.

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Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple (Ancient)

Lord Nrasimhar is seen here in the santha roopam along with Goddess Lakshmi. Many hundred years ago, this temple was hidden under the ground and some pooja items of the temple showed up first. Upon further digging, the complete temple showed up. With the findings, this is believed to be more ancient than 8th century. The deities present here are Sri Ranganathar at South, Sri Krishnan at North and Lakshmi Narasimhar at East. There is a Prayer Chakra at the Perumal’s hand which was one of the findings when the temple was unearthed. Praying by touching the Chakra is believed to get one’s prayers answered. The Anjaneyar here is seen always with butter alankaram.

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Sri Sarvamangalambikai sametha Sri Dharmalingeswarar Temple

Semponkoil Dhanmeesar (Dharmalingeswar temple) in south Nanganallur is an ancient temple of Pallava times that dates back about 1000 years. The temple was unearthed during the digging up for a house construction.

The principal deity is Lord Shiva in the form of Dhanmeesar and there is a separate shrine for Goddess. The Navagrahas, Bairvar and Anjaneyar are seen in the inner prakaram and Vinayagar is enshrined in the outer prakaram.

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Padahacheri Swamy Shiva Temple

Very ancient shiva temple near Guindy railway station; to the side of Anna salai bridge; Renovated by Kumbakonam Padahacheri Swamigal devotees.

Shiradi Saibaba temple is at 50 feet from here.

Sri Kasi Visalakshi Sametha Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple at Meenambakkam
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Thrisulanadhar temple at Trisulam

Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Thrisulanadhar with Goddess Thripura Sundari in separate shrines

Location: In the GST Road towards Tambaram, after the Trisulam railway station, take the road to the left immediately after it, just opposite the Airport. After crossing the stone quarries, at about 1.5 km from the GST road, this ancient Shiva temple can be located. Remember you have to cross the railway gate and sometimes the wait may even be upto half an hour.

Legend: Brahma, after affected by the curse of Shiva, worshipped Shiva at various places and this is one such place. It is believed that Brahma’s four faces are present as four hills around chanting the four Vedas.

Temple: This place is one of the Chathurvethi Mangalams and was called Vanavan Madhevi Chathurvethi Mangalam. The temple was built by Klothunga Cholan I. The name Tirisoolam came from Thiruchuram, churam meaning a place of hills and forests. The ambal shrine was damaged during the invasion by the muslims and foreigners and so a new Ambal idol was installed. While thinking of dumping the old idol, it was instructed in the dream of an archahar to install the old idol along with the main deity and so was done.

Theertham: Brahma teertham

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Sri Kumaran Kundram Temple at Chrompet

This is a Murugan temple on a small hill with about 100 steps and is located within the Chrompet town. From city, while going towards Tambaram take the left side (East) of the Chrompet road over bridge and take the first left at the end of the bridge and go further for about half a km to reach the temple.

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Sri Rama Anjaneya and Sri Vaidyanatha Swamy Twin Temple

This twin temple of Shaiva Sri Vaidyanatha Swamy temple and Vaishnav Sri Rama Anjaneyar temple is on the GST Road itself at Tambaram sanatorium. While going from Guindy, it is on the right side of the GST road, just before National Sidhdha Unit.and in the Ramanjeya Premise. A private trust temple and so very cleanly and beautifully maintained. A wonderful  serene atmosphere.

Vinayakar,Murugar, Vishnu Durgai, Thaiyal Nayagi,Dakshina Murthy, Navagrahas are in the Vaidyanatha swamy premises

Anjaneyar, Mahalakshmi Thayar, Sri Chakrathalwar,Sri Narasimar, Sri Andal
are in the Sri Rama anjaneyar premises. Anjaneyar is very powerful. devotees used to tie dry coconuts praying for the fulfilment of prayers of marriage, examination, health etc. Visited by all madathipathis.

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Mandhiragiri Kaali Kaamandhihaa Devi Temple
Forest temple on a small hill
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Sri Bheemeswarar temple at Old Tambaram
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Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Old Perungalathur
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Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple at Mudichur
Considered very powerful in getting marriage related wishes granted.
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Sri Somanatheeswarar temple at Somangalam (Chennai Navagraha Sthalam – Moon)

Somangalam is 6 kms from Kishkinta beyond Sairam Engineering College. It can also be reached via the Kundrathur – Padappai road also.
This is considered as the Chandra (Moon) sthalam for the Navagraha worship.
Once Moon God was cursed by King Dakshan and lost his beauty. Distressed by this, Soman penanced here towards Lord Siva and regained his lost charm. Another legend says that Nandhi was cursed to look the opposite side, as it got over-confident and thought that he was better than the Lord Himself on winning a war against invaders!! Sources say that a sage named Somanathar attained Jeeva Samadhi at the feet of Lord Nandhikeswarar, who is believed to have guarded Lord Soman (Moon) against any disturbances while doing penance.
This ancient tempe was built by the Chola king, Kulothunga, in 1073 A.D., This has Somanatheeswarar as the main deity with the Chandra adorning Shiva. This temple also has an unique statue of Brahma Subramaniar – Subramania who did the work of Brahma when Brahma was put behind bars by Subrahmania himself!!
Worship Benefits:
It is a general belief that those who worship Lord Somanatheeswarar are blessed with timely marriage, progeny, peaceful and healthy life.

Links: Location Raju’s Temple Visits travelogue

Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple Somangalam
Located near the Somanatheswarar Temple
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Manimangalam is 20 km to the east of Sriperumbudur. It finds a place in the history of Tamil Nadu as the place where Narasimha Varma Pallava defeated the Chalukyas in the 7th century A.D. This fact is mentioned in the copper plates discovered at Kooram. Kalki has written about the Manimangalam battle in his book ‘Sivagamiyin Sabatham’. He describes how Mahendra Varma Pallava was injured in the battle at Manimangalam, and how his son Narasimha Varma Pallava and his trusted lieutenant Paranjoti vanquished Pulikesin’s army.

1) Sri Vedhavalli Sametha Sri Dharmeshvarar temple

This is an Archeological Society of India (ASI) maintained temple and so, like other ASI maintained temples, this is also nicely fenced and landscaped. The temple is very beautiful and is present in a nice environment with a mammoth Peepul tree in the huge open space in front. This was built by Klothunga Chola and so has the Gajaprashta Vimanam. One is assured of immense satisfaction and peace with the serene atmosphere of the temple and the village.

Links: Location Raju’s Temple Visits travelogue 

2) Sri Vaiyaaleshwara Temple
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3) Sri Kailasanathar temple
Built by Rajendra chola by 1200 CE, this has been renovated recently.
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4) Sri Rajagopala Perumal Temple

Manimangalam is the birthplace of Sri Ramanuja. The presiding deity at this ancient temple is Sri Rajagopalar, who is seen in a standing posture facing east, with His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi. There is a separate shrine for Senkamalavalli Thayar. A peculiarity of the deity here is that He holds the conch in His right hand and the Sudarsana Chakram in His left hand.

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5) Sri Vaikuntanatha Perumal temple
As old as the Rajagopala Perumal temple

Malleeswarer temple at Karasangal

Maragaathambigai sametha Malleeswarer temple is famous for lighting 10,008 lamps on the occasion of Maha Sivarathri.

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Manneeswarar Temple at Mannivakkam
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1) Siva Temple
A 2000 years old temple
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2) Sri Kailasanathar Temple
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3) Perumal Temple
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1) Sri Veeratteswar temple at Keezh Padappai
Thirunavukkarasar is believed to have visited this place
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2) Sri Kamatchi Ambal sametha Sri Thazhuva Kozhuntheeswarar Temple

Moon god got his cursed cleared off; Sambandhar believed to have visited this place.
Nandhivarma Pallavan constructed 108 Shiva temples around Kanchipurm and did Kumbabhisheham on the same day. This is one of those temples. There is a Sarabeswarar shrine and Sunday Rahuhala pooja is special here. Worship Benefits: Blessed with good marriage

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3) Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple
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4) Sri Kamakshi Ambal Sametha Sri Valeeswarar Temple
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Sri Veemeeswarar temple at Serappanancheri

This ancient temple is located at about 4 kms from Padappai towards Oragadam. It has Gajaprashta vimanam and has been renovated recently.

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New Perungalathur

1) Sri Selva Vinagayar / Sri Kamkashi amman Temple
Highly popular temple at New Perungalathur
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2) Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple
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3) Sri Nagathamman Temple
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4) Sri Sarabeswarar Temple at Srinivasa nagar
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Sri Muthu Mariamman Temple at Peerkankaranai

What were once small shrines for Muthu Mariamman and Vinayakar have grown into big temples in Peerkankaranai. Separate shrines are now built for Sri Subramanya, Sri Panchamukha Anjaneya, Navagraha with Sri Dakshinamurti, Sri Vishnu, Brahma, Sri Durga, etc., as parivara devatha, Shrines for Sri Kalikambal samedha Sri Kamadeswarar, Sri Sarabeswarar, Surya, Bhairavar, Aiyappan and other deities. Separate shrines have been created for Padmavati samedha Srinivasa, Sri Andal, Sri Narasimha and Sri Chakarathazhwar.

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Aadhi Karaneeswarar Shiva Temple at Peerkankaranai

Sri Vadivudai Amman Sametha Sri Vedapureeshwarar Temple
Located at Devanesan Nagar at Peerkankaranai
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Srimat Sadhananda Swamigal Jeevasamadhi / ashram at Sadhanandhapuram
A highly peaceful and pollution free place near New Perungulathur
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Murugan Temple at Sadhanandhapuram
On a hillock.The temple opens only on special days of Lord Muruga like monthly Krithigai days
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Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Nedungundram
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Vandalur – Kelambakkam

See ”Temples Around Chennai – South

Guindy – Poonamalle

Sri Kasi Viswanathar temple

Sri Kasi Viswanathar with Kasi Visalakshi worshipped by Sage Bringi – this was on top of the hill once. Sage Bringi did tapas at the hill nearby and so it was called Bringumalai and now as Parankimalai. British took over the hill during their period, named it as St Thomas Mount and built many churches around, completely wiping out the traces of the ancient places of Sage Bringu. Today it is completely hijacked by Christians. Just opposite the Kasi Viswanathar temple, there is a big well with Gopuram; with steps to go to the bottom of the well to fetch water. The well is now in a ruined state.

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Sri Kothandaramar Temple at Nandambakkam

This temple for Lord Rama is one of the oldest in the city and is in the street just opposite the Trade Centre. According to legend, Lord Rama on his way to Lanka, offered homage to Sage Bhringi, who was doing penance on a hill named after him (Bhringimalai is now called Parankimalai). Sage Bhringi requested Lord Rama to stay with him. A garden was laid near the hill where Lord Rama spent his time, which came to be known as Nandavanam and later Nandambakkam.

The descendants of Vijayanagara rulers constructed this temple for Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, around 750 years ago, in the place where Lord Rama stayed. The original idols that the sage worshipped were installed in this temple. Shrines for Lord Srinivasa of Tirumala, Goddess Alarmelmangai Thayar, Nandavana Kannan, Ananda Anjaneyar, Azhwars and Acharyas were later installed and the temple became a big complex.

The special features of this temple are that it faces south and Sita is found sitting on Rama’s lap. The temple is also called `Then Thirupathi of Thondai Mandalam’. An eternal lamp burns in the Vasantha mandapam with 288 ghee lamps around it. The Ananda Anjaneyar is 7 feet high and is beautiful.

Note:  As an identification of Rama having stayed at Ramavaram, there are places in the name of Ramavaram, Seethavaram and Devipuram around.

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Sri Ramalingeswarar Temple at Nandambakkam

This ancient Shiva temple is located very near to the Ramar temple. Ramar worshipped this lingam during his stay here.

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Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple at Ramapuram
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1) Sri Ramanadeswarar Temple (Chennai Navagraha Sthalam  – Guru)

This is a being considered as a Guru (Jupiter) sthalam for Navagraha worship. This temple is located in the Eswaran Koil Street near the Porur main junction. Ramar worshipped Shiva here and the lingam present as Guru, is huge and beautiful. This is also called as ‘Uthara Rameswaram’. The speciality of this temple is the offering of Sadari and Theertham to devotees. This is usually done only in Vishnu temples. This practice is followed here to honour Rama’s devotion to Siva Peruman.
The alternate to this Gurusthalam, is the Shiva Temple at Kundrathur.

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2) Sri Balamurugan Temple
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3) Sri Veera Anjaneyar Temple

The temple is situated at about 400 meteres from the Porur junction in the Arcot road towards Valasarawakkam. The Anjaneyar here is one of the 900+ moorthies consecrated by Vyasaraayar (Guru of Sri Raghavendra) some 500 years ago.

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4) A Swayambu lingam here

5) Sri Aadhi Gubera Jalagandeswarar Temple
On the banks of the Porur lake
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1) Sri Varadharaja Perumal  / Sri Thirukkachchi Nambigal temple

Poovirundavalli, more popularly known in its corrupted form as Poonamallee, the birth place of Thirukatchi Nambi Azhwar, a staunch devotee of Varadaraja Perumal. The name Poonamallee is attributed to the fact that the area around was full of jasmine (jasmine means ‘ Malli” in Tamil). In Sanskrit, the place was called Pushpakavalli. Pushpam’ means flower and Valli denotes Goddess. There is a legend that Goddess Lakshmi rose from jasmine flower and gave darashan to Thirukatchi Nambi Azhwar. It is also said the Azhwar worshipped God Varadaraja, deity at Kanchi with the jasmine flowers plucked from here. This place was also called ‘Lakshmipuram’ and ‘Ulagu Vuyya Konda Cholapuram’.

The main deity of this 10th century temple near the Poonamalle bus stand is Lord Varadaraja Perumal with His Consort, Pushpakavalli Thayar. It is also known as Arulaperumal. Moved by the prayers of Thirukatchi Nambi Azhwar, Sri Varadarajaswami, Sri Venkatesaperumal and Sri Ranganathar gave dharshan to him simultaneously at this place. There is also a shrine for Thirukatchi Nambi Azhwar. There is a strong belief that the sun God and Mars (Angarga) worshipped the Lord of this temple. Every year during February – March between the 21st and 25th at 6.00 AM, the sun’s rays fall on the face of the Lord of this temple. Like His counterpart at the Kanchi Varadaraja temple, the Perumal here also faces west.

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2) Sri Anjaneyar Temple
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3) Sri Thaiyal Nayagi udanurai Vaitheeswaran Temple (Chennai Navagraha Sthalam  – Sevvai)

This is being considered as the Sevvai (Angaraka – Mars) sthalam for the Navagraha worship. The temple is lavish, big and well maintained. Here the temple has a separate Sevvai Padam (legs) and a statue of the Sthala Vruksha Thaazhi Palm tree and also 3 Chakrams which were established by the Adi Shankara (Sri Chakram, Subramania Chakram and Shanmuga Chakram) near the Subramania Swami shrine. The front mandapam near the Shiva Shrine has beautiful carvings on the roof. The South entrance has some interesting sculptures on either side. The main deity is known as ‘Theera Vinai Theertha Perumal’.

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Pallavaram – Thiruneermalai – Thirumudivakkam

Shiva Temple at Lakshmipuram
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Sri Kala Bairavar Temple at Thiruneermalai
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Perumal Temple Thiruneermalai

Special: One of 108 Divya desams; considered as mukthi sthala

In the Guindy-Tambaram GST Road, take the road opposite Pond’s factory (towards West) at Pallavaram and go further for about 3-4 kms to reach the temple.

Main deity:
Vishnu in 4 different forms together in one divya desam
Sage Valmiki, after completing the Ramayana, visited the hillock top temple and came down and prayed Rama. Ranganathar and Ranganayaki, whom he saw gave dharshan at the base temple as Rama and Seetha; Adhisesha as Lakshman; Sanku, Chakra as Bharatha, Sathrugna; Garuda as Hanuman and Viswakarma as Sugreeva
This place is a small hill surrounded by green fields all around and there are two temples one at the hillock top with 108 steps and the other at the base. When Thirumangai Azhwar visited the place, this hill was surrounded by water and so is the name of the place ‘Thiruneermalai’. The hillock top temple has Ranganatha swamy and Ranganayaki thayar ‘Kidantha’ (lying) posture in the front shrine and as we go around we see Thiruvikrama perumal in ‘Nadantha’ (walking) posture known as ‘Ulagalandha Perumal’, and third deity Santha Narasimhar in ‘Iruntha’ (sitting) posture. The base temple has Kalyana Ramar as the main deity in the name of Neervannan in ‘Ninra’ (standing) posture.
Ksheera, Karunya, Siddha & Swarna pushkarani together as big pond, known as Manikarnika.

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Shiva Temple at Thirumudivakkam
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Pallavaram – Kundrathur

Sri Agastheeswarar Anandavalli Sametha Sooriyamman temple at  Pammal
Sri Amirthambihai sametha Sri Argeeswarar Temple at Pammal

There are separate temples for Sri Argeeswara (Shiva) and Sooriamman (Goddess parvathy). Fairly big 11th century temples with a big lake supported by well laid walking trail. Nice Ambience.

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1) Sri Agastheeswarar temple  (Chennai Navagraha Sthalam  – Saturn)

This is being considered as the Sani (Saturn) sthalam for the Navagraha worship. The main deity is Agastheeswarar with His consort Anandavalli Thayar. The temple has a separate Sani shrine and called as ‘Vada Thirunallaru’. This is also a renowned Nadi Pariharashthalam and people around say that foreigners and north Indians throng the temple to do parihaara for their dhosha if informed through Naadi Josyam!
The temple is of 12th century architecture. It is said that the Shivalingam appeared when the native Mudaliars ploughed the land.

Note: There is one more Shiva temple at around 100 meters north east of Agastheeswarar temple, which is equally ancient. There is no Amman sannidhi and only a large Shiva lingam exists.

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2) Sri Pidari Amman Temple
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3) Sri Kaliamman Temple
A highly popular temple at around 1 Km away from the Agastheeswarar temple towards Cowl Bazaar, an ancient temple with a large 18 handed Amman deity.
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4) Sri Rama Anjaneyar Temple
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Shiva Temple at Anagaputhur
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Siva Subramania Swami Temple (Sengunthar kottam) at Anagaputhur
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Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple at Kamarajapuram, Anagaputhur
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Sri Methaleeswarar Shiva Temple at Kundrathur
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Sri Murugan Temple

Kundrathur is in the middle of Porur, Poonamalee and Pallavaram.

This is a small hill temple for Lord Subramaniar with His two consorts built by King Klothunga Chola – II. Legend has it that Lord Subramaniar stayed in the hill on an auspicious day during His travel from Thirupporur to Thiruthani. This place is also known as ‘South Thanigai’ since Lord Subramaniar is sitting in the direction of north facing Thanigai and this is the only Murugan temple in Tamilnadu where the God is facing north. The other specialty being that Lord Subramaniar can be seen with only one Goddess at a time though He is present with both of His consorts.

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Sri Thiru-Uraga Perumal Temple

In the road towards the Murugan temple, this temple is located just about 100 meters before the Murugan temple.

The main deity, Thiru-Uraga Perumal, is seven feet tall and the thayar, Thiruvirundhavalli Thayar are usually very well decorated. The deities’ decorations very clearly demonstrate the devotion of the Bhattacharyars towards their Master. It is sure that anybody passing through the road will automatically be attracted inside with the little and beautiful glimpse of the deity from the road.

The remains of a pillared mandapam spoke of a grand edifice built probably during Klothunga or Karikala Chozhan’s period. The inscriptions found inside the temple indicate that this was well patronized during the reign of the Vijayanagar dynasty also. A very recent inscription was interesting. It recorded verses on the deity that had appeared in the dreams of a local Tamil teacher which when recited gave the area copious rain!

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Sri Kandazheeswarar Nagaimukavalli Eswaran Temple 

A chola period temple located very near the Thiru Uraga Perumal temple.

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Sekkizhar Temple

Located just opposite the Kandazheswarar templeSekkizhar, who wrote the history of 63 Saivaite Nayanmars as Periyapuranam, one of the 12 Saiva Thirumurai Pathigams, was born in Kundrathur and this temple is dedicated to him.

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Sri Kasi Viswanathar temple
Located in Gurukkal street
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Sri Venkateswara Perumal Temple
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Sri Nageswarar Temple (Chennai Navagraha Sthalam  – Raghu)

This is considered as the Raagu sthalam for the Navagraha worship and was built by the descendents of Sekkizhaar (who wrote Periya Puranam). Here the Nagabharanam around the linga is supposed to be the Rahu for worship. This place is also called as Vada Thirunageswaram. The temple and its tank are clean and well maintained.

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Sri Prasanna Venkatesa perumal Temple
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Sri Balambikai Sametha Sri Sadayandeeswarar Temple
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Location: Mangadur is located in the Kundrathur – Poonamalle road

Sri Tapas Kamakshi Amman temple

Special: A highly popular Amman temple; Kamakshi amman penanced here and got married to Shiva at Kanchipuram.

Legend: Once Parvathi Devi closed the eyes of Shiva for fun which resulted in total darkness of the whole universe. Shiva was displeased by her act and she had to come down to earth and do penance to join Shiva once again. Here She penanced standing on tip of Her left leg on fire and so She is known as Tapas Kamakshi. Shiva while coming to give dharshan to Her, met Sukracharyar on way and He asked Kamakshi to end her penance and go to Kancheepuram (Kamakshi came to Kanchi, made a Shiva linga of mud and started her pooja once again. She was then married to Shiva at Kanchipuram where She is known as Kalyana kamakshi). While going in an anxiety, she did not put down the Yagna fire and so all the living beings around were suffering due to the heat generated. When Aadhi Shankarar was passing through, he installed a SriChakram called Arthameru made of 8 herbs and reduced the heat. Still people feared with the Kamakshi idol in penance and so the later Sankaracharyas shifted this idol to the side of the temple and installed another Kamakshi in Santha roopam, called Aadhi Kamakshi, with Sugarcane stick in one hand and Parrot in the other.

Temple: In front of the main deity, there is a tortoise shaped bottom with a 16 petal lotus flower three steps above it, on which the highly powerful Sri Chakra Yantra is installed. It has 43 corners representing 43 Devathas. The main deity takes the Abhisheham and only Kumkum archanai is being done for the Artha meru Sri Chakram since it is made of herbs.

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Sri Velleeswarar Temple  (Chennai Navagraha Sthalam  – Sukran)

This is considered as the Sukra (Venus) Sthala for the Navagraha worship. It is said that Sukra worshipped the lingam here and it is believed that those who have eye ailments will get cured by worshipping this lord.

The Shivalinga (Velleeswarar) is huge in size and was worshipped by Sage Bargava and Goddess Parvathi in penance seen at Maangadu Amman temple. Vishnu who solemnized the marriage of Shiva-Parvathi also has a temple nearby. Vishnu carries the jewels for the marriage in his hands!. Subramanya swamy, made of single stone, is seen with devayani and Ganesha is seen with mango in his hand.

All the three temples (Velleeswarar, Maangadu Amman and Vishnu) are near to each other.

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Sri Vaikunda Perumal temple

This temple is situated near Sri Kamakshiamman Temple and Sri Vaikunda Perumal here is in sitting pose with Sridevi and Boodevi. Lord Vishnu solemnized the marriage of Shiva-Parvathi and He carries the jewels for the marriage in His hands! All these three temples – Velleeswarar, Maangadu Amman and Lord Vishnu have legend connection and also very near to each other.

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Porur – Kundrathur

Sri Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi Temple at Santosh Nagar, Madhanandapuram
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Sri Chandramouleeswarar Temple at Mouliwakkam
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Sri Parathasarathy Perumal Temple at Mouliwakkam
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Sri Neelakandeswarar temple at Gerukambakkam (Chennai Navagraha Sthalam  – Kethu)

This is being considered as the Kethu sthalam for the Navagraha worship. It is located in the Kovur – Kundrathur Road.
At the left hand of the entrance we can see a separate Snake idol being worshipped as the Kethu shrine. The Amman strikes your sight and attracts your attention as it is facing the entrance. So, big, majestic and beautiful is this Aadhi Kamakshi Amman.
Contact: Vaidyanatha Gurukkal @ 99404 38264

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Sri Venugopala Perumal Temple at Gerugambakkam
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Sri Thirumeyneeswarar Shiva temple at Kovur (Chennai Navagraha Sthalam  – Budhan)

The main deity is Sri Sundareswarar with Goddess Soundarambihai. This is being considered as the Budhan (Mercury) Sthalam for the Navagraha worship. The entrance is picturesque with an array of houses and tall Asoka Trees on either side. This temple has the unique Maha Vilvam as its Sthala Vruksham which has bunch of 27 leaves in one single stalk!!!. Saint Thyagaraja’s Pancha Rathna Keerthanas on Lord Rama is very popular and he rarely sang in praise of other Gods. This is the place where he sang the Panchartana keerthanas on Shiva and is called Kovur Pancharathnam.

Contact:  S.Thyagaraja Gurukkal, 97899 24095

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Sri Kailasanathar Temple at Thandalam
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Sri Agneeswarar Temple at Moonram Kattalai
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Sri Devi Mookambigai Temple Moonram Kattalai
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Kundrathur – Sriperumpudhur

Sri Amaratheeswarar Temple at Sirukalathur
An ancient temple that was renovated recently
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Sri Ramanatheswarar temple at Sirukalathur
An ancient temple on a tiny hillock in a beautiful location that needs attention. Mahalakshmi shrine is also present.
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Manapakkam – Gerugambakkam

Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Kozhapakkam/ Kolapakkam (Chennai Navagraha Sthalam  – Suryan)

This is being considered as the Surya (sun) sthalam for the Navagraha worship. The unique feature is that the three main deities – The Sun God, Bairava Idol and the Shivalingam are to be seen through Salaram (window) all at the same time. The landscape and garden around this temple is maintained excellently. A beautiful water pond is in front of the temple.

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Perumal Temple at Kolapakkam
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Sri Velleeswarar Temple Manapakkam
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Sri Kariamanikka Perumal Temple at Manapakkam
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Sri Madheswarar / Narkudeeshvarar Temple at Manapakkam

Very beautiful Shiva temple. Vinayagar, Ambal, Murugan have separate shrines. Perumal in a separate shrine is an annexe temple. Very quite, clean and calm place. Looks different like a North Indian temple with the shiva shrine well above our head in an elevation. The main deity is Swayambu ancient one but has been built in a modern way.

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Porur – Vadapalani (Arcot road)


1) Sri Dharmaraja Temple
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2) Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple
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3) Sri Valliserapaleeshwarar Temple

This Shiva temple is related with Vali in Ramayanam. It is said that Vali got the secret powers from Lord Shiva by doing tapas here only and so the name of the deity as Vali-sera-paleeshwarar which is now called as Valliserapaleeshwarar.

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4) Sri Ambalakoothan (Natarajar) Temple
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1) Sri Venkata Subramaniam Temple
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2) Sri Lakshmi Narasimhanswamy temple
This is a small but ancient temple

3) Sri Agastheeswarar / Sti Velveeswarar Temple
This is a 12th Century Chola temple
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4) Sri Sastha (Ayyanar) Temple
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1) Sri Sundara Varadharaja Perumal Temple
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2) Sri Santhoshimatha Temple
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3) Sri Maha Kaliamman Temple
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1) Srinivasar temple

This temple is just opposite to TVS-CVAT school on the main road itself
There is also a small and beautiful Lakshmi Narasimha moorthy.

2) Sri Oushathambal sametha Agneeswarar Temple
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3) Sri Bala Murugan Temple
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Koyampedu – Poonamalle

Sri Karivaradharaja Perumal Temple at Koyambedu
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Sri Markasakayaesear & Karunakara Perumal Temple at Maduravoyal
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Sri Yetteeswarar Karbagambal temple (Guru temple) at Ayanambakkam

The temple is located near Vanagaram / Thiruverkadu and there is an easy approach from Vanagaram new bridge.
Guru Bhagvan is 16 foot tall
Lord Brahma worshipped Shiva at this temple with Goddess Saraswathi. Since the Yedu (palm leaf) was presented to Shiva, the deity is known as Yetteeswarar (Thaleswar). Temple gives good education, wealth etc.,

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Sri Kari Varadharaja Perumal Temple at Ayanambakkam

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Sri Devi Karumariamman Temple at Thiruverkadu

This is a very popular temple. Since there was a Velvalankadu (forest) in this area, this is called Thiruverkadu. Also this is the place where Lord Muruga got his ‘Vel’ from Parasakthi to destroy Suran and so is called Velkadu or Thiruverkadu. Trimoorthies worshipped Parasakthi here and she is known as Karumari. Ka represents Brahma, Ru represents Rudhara (Shiva) and Ma represents Vishnu.

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Sri Nithiya Kalyana Venkatesh Perumal Temple at Thiruverkadu
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Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal Temple atThiruverkadu
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Sri Balambihai sametha Vedapureeswarar Temple at Thiruverkadu

Significance: One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns; 2000 years old ancient temple; birth place of Moorka Nayanar; Poison has no effect in Thiruverkadu.

Location: Thiruverkadu is 7kms from poondamalli and the temple is about 1 km from the popular Karumariamman temple. The place is also known as Veda vedaranyam.

Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Vedapureeswarar with Goddess Balambikai

Legend: Agasthiar got the Shiva-Parvathi Thirukailaya marriage dharshan here. In the sanctum sanctorum, behind the main deity, the marriage scene has been painted in the wall. Lord Subramanyar acquired his Vel from Parasakthi to defeat Suran, hence the name Verkadu (Vel Kadu became Verkadu). After the Soorasamharam, Murugar came here and created the ‘Velayutha Theertham’ with his Vel. Arunagiri nadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Muruga.

Theertham: Velayutha Theertham, Veda teertham.

Sthala vruksham: velvela tree.

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Ashtalingams around Thiruverkadu Vedapureeswarar

There are following eight (ashta) lingams in eight directions around Thiruverkadu Vedapureeswarar:

  1. Gubera lingam – North – Sundaracholapuram
  2. Eesanya lingam – NorthEast – Chinnakoladi
  3. Indralingam – East – Vallikollaimedu
  4. Agni lingam – South East – Noombal
  5. Yama lingam – South – Senneerkuppam
  6. Nirudhi lingam – SouthWest – Parivakkam
  7. Varuna lingam  – West – Mettupalayam and
  8. Vayu lingam – NorthWest – Paruthipattu

The complete details here

Villivakkam – Avadi

Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Villivakkam

This is a 9th century temple spread over a 2 acre space. Sage Agasthiar got the Brammaharthi dhosham after killing the demons Villavan and Vathabi. Since the demon Villavan was killed here, this is called Villavanpakkam and later Villivakkam. Agasthiar got his dhosham cleared off by worshipping Shiva here and Shiva gave dharshan to Agasthiar on a Tuesday. One of the Navagrahas Angarahan (Mars – Tuesday) took bath in the temple tank, now called Angaraha Theertham and worshipped Shiva to clear off his dhosham. So taking a bath in the temple tank on a Tuesday is considered very sacred.

Lord Shiva, in the name Agastheeswarar is facing east and Ambal Swarnambikai is facing south.

As Ambal and Guru are facing each other directly in this Kshetra, it is said that all those girls who worship Ambal receive the grace of Guru and get married soon.

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Sri Sowmya Dhamodhra Perumal Temple at Villivakkam

This is a 10th century temple. There are very few temples dedicated to Damodaran, another name of Lord Krishna and this is one among them.

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Sri Thiruvallidhayar Temple at Padi

Significance: One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns

Location: Near Padi main junction, just opposite TVS group of factories, about 200 meters from the main road.

Main deity: Thiruvalinadhar and Jagandhambal also known as Thayammai in separate shrines

Legend: The legend goes back to Mahabharatha days as Sage Bharadwaj (Dhrona’s father) had visited this temple. The name Validhayam comes from Valiyan – the black bird. Once Sage Bharadwaj took birth as a bird due to a curse and he worshipped Shiva here to clear off his curse. Legend also holds that Vinayahar got married to Kamalai and Vimalai daughter of Brahma in this place. Brahaspathi, Vishnu, Hanuman, Sugreeva, Rama, Agasthiar, Vayu, Indhra, Agni, Sun God and Moon God worshipped Shiva of this place.

Temple: This is considered as one of the Guru Parihara sthalams and Guru Bhagwan has a separate shrine here. A three tiered Rajagopuram and a Gajaprishta vimanam adorn this temple which spans an area of over an acre.

Sthala vruksham: Padiri.

Theertham: Baradwaja teertham.

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Note: The legend of Sage Bhardwaj also connects to Kodambakkam Bharadwajeswarar temple, where he worshipped Lord Shiva and Thirukkazhukunram where he got the dharshan of Lord Shiva as Vedagiri.

Padavettamman temple near Lucas TVS, Padi


i) Shiva temple: Behind Ambathur corparation building.Very old temple.

ii) Vinnaraya perumal temple: In Ambathur Indutrial estate, near telephone exchange.
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Avadi – Poonamalle

Gubera lingam – North – Sundaracholapuram

This is one of the eight (ashta) lingams in eight directions around Thiruverkadu Vedapureeswarar

Full moon day Amman dharshan

It is considered very sacred to worship Vadiudai Amman at Thiruvotriyur, Thiruvudai Amman at Melur and Kodiyudai Amman at Thirumullaivayal on a Friday Full moon day. All the three ammans are considered sisters and forms of Parvathi devi and they have been sculptured out form the same stone.

  • From 6 AM to 12 PM one has to worship Melur Thiruvudai Amman, the form of Icha chakthi, with an offering of Yellow cloth to be blessed with wealth, fame, happiness, uprise, salvation and removal of all negativity and sorrow.
  • From 12 noon to 6 PM, one has to worship Thiruvotriyur Vadivudai Amman, the form of Gnana Sakthi, with an offering of Red cloth to be blessed with Education, Knowledge and Talent
  • From 6 PM to 12 midnight, one has to worship Thirumullaivayal Kodiyudai Amman, the form of Kriya Sakthi, with an offering of Green cloth to be blessed with courage, valour, activeness and success

Sri Thiruvudai Amman sametha Thirumanangeeswarar temple at Melur

The temple is located at Melur, before Ponneri/ Minjur and is more popular in the name of Thiruvudai amman. The lingam is a Swayambu lingam of sand putru and is being given a silver covering. The legend has it that a cow that was yielding milk didn’t for some time and it was found to be going to a nearby forest and raining milk over a bush regularly. On checking, a Swayambu lingam was found and this temple was built. It is rare to see Lord Brahma as seen here with moustache and beard.

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Sri Thiagarajar Swamy Sametha Sri Vadiudaiamman Temple

Located at Thiruvotriyur, this 1500 years old temple is one of the 275 Thevara padal petra sthalams. Since Easwaran blessed Brahma to create the world by making way for the pralaya water to recede, this place is called Thiruvotriyur (votra or vatra means receding water). Thiruvotriyur is the place of jeeva Samadhi for Pattinathar. At the behest of Lord Shiva, Sundarar married Sangili Nachiar under the Mahizha tree here. It is believed that just entering this place will remove all the hard diseases.

The main deity is a big Swayambu lingam in the form of a sand putru with Lord Vishnu on the right side and Lord Brahma on the left side. On the two days after the Karthihai full moon day, the covers for the lingams are removed and one can worship the lingam as sand putru itself. There are 27 Shiva lingams one for each star. There are also two more temples here – Pattinathar temple with a Swayambu lingam and a 600 years old Nandhikeswarar temple. Apart from various sages, Kambar, Arunagirinathar, Muthuswamy Dikshithar, Ramlingar and Maraimalai Adihal worshipped Shiva here. Thyagaraja Swamihal, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama had never sung on any other Gods especially Goddesses but here, mesmerized by the beauty of the Goddess, he had sung a verse here.

There is also a separate Guru temple in the front.

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Note: The Jeeva Samadhi of Siddhar Pattinathar is located in Thiruvotriyur near the sea.

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Note also the Jeeva Samadhi of the Saint Padagachery Ramalinga Swamigal (Don’t confuse with the Vadalur Ramalinga Swamigal) is located near the temple

Sri Kodi-idai-amman sametha Masilamaneeswarar Temple at (Vada) Thirumullaivayal

Significance: One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns

Location: Between Ambathur and Avadi

Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Masilamaneeswarar with Goddess Kodi-Idai Nayaki in separate shrines

Legend: Once demons Vanan, Onaan and Kanthan were ruling the Puzhal area with Bairavar as their Protecting God at the boundary. They were doing Bairava worship with Vellerukku pillaras, Pavazha (coral) pillars and Vengala (Bell metal) door. Since he was disturbing everyone, King Thondaiman came this way to see off them. He could not succeed in his first attempt since the Bairavar was protecting the demons. On return, the legs of his elephant got entangled in the jasmine shrubs. In order to clear the way, the King cut out the plants with his sword but shocked to see blood oozing out from there. On checking, he found a Shivalingam. Saddened by his act, while he tried cut his head himself, Shiva and Parvathi gave dharshan on Rishba vahana. Also, Lord Shiva gave arranged to send Nandhi to counter the demons. Kodi-idaiamman also gave her sword to Nandhi. That’s why the Nandhi here is facing East (towards Puzhal) as a rarity. With Nandhi, the King succeeded in his second attempt, brought the Erukka pillars and installed them in front of the main shrine.

Temple: The main deity is a tall Swayambu lingam on top of square Avudaiyar and bears the scar due to the sword cut. Due to this the lingam is always covered with Sandal and never removed. During the day of Sathaya star of the tamil month Chithrai every year, old sandal covering is removed and new one is being applied. There is no abhisheham for the lingam and it is done only to the Avudaiyar (base). There is also a later installed Rasalingam, made of Mercury and Silver to which abhishehams are being done.

Theertham: Subramanya theertham and Palar river.

Sthala Vruksham:Mullai.

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Other Temples at Thirumullaivayal:

  • There is a famous Vaishnavi temple at Thirumullaivayal
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  • Highly popular and powerful Pachaiyamman temple is on the way to the Masilamaneeswarar temple
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North Chennai

Sri Kailasanathar Temple at Madhavaram

This is a 7th century temple built by the Pallava King Nandhivarman II. Madhavaram was once called Mahathavapuram due to the tapas by Shiva and Parvathi separately and also by Sage Vyasar who wrote Mahabharatha. The main Shivalingam is made of maragatha stone with about 4.5 feet high on a 16 feet circumference base. It is very rare to see such a big lingam made of maragatha stone and it is beautiful to see the lingam glittering through the milk poured on it during the abhishehams. It is also very rare that the temple is present at the esana corner of the town. The 12 dwathasa Jyothir lingams are present here and the Nandhi is big and beautiful.

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Amuthambihai sametha Sri Somanatheswar temple at Kolathur

Location: The temple is around 1.5kms from the Kolathur junction towards Ganga theather / Villivakkam Railway gate

Legend: Moon god was once affected by a curse and lost all his 16 vital talents. He took bath in this temple tank (called Chandra Theertham), got the dharshan of Shiva and got his curse cleared off. Soman is the name of moon god and so the deity here is called Somanatheswar. Demon Vilvalan and Vathapi were once troubling sages at a place called Vilvatharanyam (now called Villivakkam). Sage Agasthiar ate demon Vathapi in the form of a mango and killed him in his stomach itself. The place where Agasthiar killed him is called Konnur (Konnur High road) and the place where he burnt the demon (such that he can not reappear) is called Koluthur (koluthu means ‘to burn’) and now called Kolathur.

Temple: Lingam made of maragatha stone. As an example of a Shiva-Vaishnav unison, Sridevi-Boodevi sametha Amirtha raja Perumal is having a separate shrine in the outer praharam.

Worship Benefits: Out of the Navagraha gods, Moon is related to mind and so this God is believed to cure mind related diseases and problems. People not being able to come out of bad habits and people who suffer due to none of their faults will be blessed by this God.

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Sri Kalyana Varadharaja Perumal Temple at Kaladipet
This 200 years old temple is present in Thiruvotriyur Highroad Kaladipet market street.
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Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple at Thandayarpet
This temple was built in 1779. The main deity is Arunachaleswarar with Goddess Abitha Gujambihai.
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Sri Marahathambal Sametha Sri Iraveeswarar Temple at Vyasarpadi

Since Sage Vyasar worshipped Shiva here, the place is called Vyasarpadi. Sun God stayed here for some time under the Vanni tree and worshipped Shiva after taking bath at the temple tank called Surya Theertham.

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1. Thevara vaippu thalangal
Book by Pu.Ma.Jeyasenthilnaathan.
Varthamaanan padhippagam

2. ‘Sirappumihu Chennai koilhal’
Book by Ganamanjari Sampathkumar
Malaiyarasi Pathippaham,
6/12, Masthan Ali Garden, S.V.Lingam Road,
Vadapalani, Chennai – 600026
Ph: 24729152/ 24732625; 94440-21661

3. Thanks to Mr.Mehul Davey for presenting me a book on 258 ancient Shiva temples within Chennai alone (Did anyone imagine?). The book costs just Rs 20 (twenty only). If any of you is a temple trustee,  it would be nice to buy in a bunch and keep it for sale in your temple. I am sure it will sell like a hot cake and will be a great service to the devotees as well.

சென்னை சிவப்பதிகள் 258

சிவ.த. வெங்கடேசன்
80, சேனி அம்மன் கோவில் தெரு,
சென்னை – 81
Phone: 94443 52848
Book available at:
சைவ நூல் அறக்கட்டளை,
32, பங்காரு நாயக்கன் தெரு (Triplicane),
Mount road, Chennai – 600002
Phone: 28611506 / 94440 89506

Thanks to all the Blog readers who are adding more and more temples to this list. 



  1. Namaskaram to you Sir. Amazing information. We follow your blog for few years now and you are our guide for all our pilgrimage. Yesterday we went to sowcarpet and visited most of the temple using your guide. Thanks a lot. GOD bless you

  2. Please include the meditation hall at Sri Poorna Mahameru trust,Zamin Pallavaram,Chennai where a huge Mahameru (Sri Chakra) has been installed and under worship.

  3. Sir i didn’t understand that in chinnakadai renuka parameshwasri temple, lighting camphor for Rs.5.25…i didn’t understand this Rs.5.25…what is this 5.25…cam somebody pls explain…

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