Around Chennai (South)

Temples around Chennai (South)

Listed below are many of the ancient temples around Chennai that have great legendary significance. A few popular modern day temples are also listed alongside. This is a dynamic list and will be constantly updated as and when more information are known.

The ‘Around Chennai’ page was becoming bulkier and so has been split into two parts as follows:

Around Chennai-South (this page) (South of Chennai – Bangalore highway):

  • East Coast Road (ECR)
  • Marakkanam – Tindivanam
  • Kelambakkam = Thirupporur – Chenglepat
  • Tambaram – Chenglepat
  • Chenglepat
  • Chenglepat – Thirukkazhukundram
  • Chenglepat – Tindivanam
  • Around Chenglepat
  • Chenglepat – Kanchipuram
  • Walajabad – Thirumaagaral
  • Kanchipuram – Uthiramerur
  • Kanchipuram – Manmapathi – Vandavasi
  • Singaperumal Koil – Oragadam
  • Vandalur – Padappai – Oragadam
  • Oragadam – Walajabad (Kanchipuram)
  • Walajabad – Sunguvarchathram (Sriperumpudur) 
  • Oragadam – Sriperumpudur
  • Sriperumpudur – Kaveripakkam (Bangalore Highway)

Around Chennai-North (North of Chennai – Bangalore highway):

  • Thirumazhisai – Thiruvallur
  • Mappedu – Perambakkam – Thakkolam
  • Kanchipuram – Arakkonam
  • Kaveripakkam – Sholingur
  • In and around Thiruvallur
  • Perambakkam – Thiruvallur
  • Thiruvallur – Thirvalankadu – Arakkonam
  • Thiruvallur – Thiruthani
  • Thiruvallur – Poondi – Uthukkottai
  • Redhills (Puzhal) – Thiruvallur
  • Avadi – Thiruvallur
  • Around Thiruthani
  • Arakkonam – Sholingur
  • Uthukottai – Thirupathi
  • Around Ponneri

All the temples in this directory have been updated in this map:

Last updated : 28th Oct 2017

Chennai – Mahabalipuram (East Coast Road – ECR)

Sri Kailasanathar Temple at Kovalam

A parihara sthalam for marriage obstacles. Girls having marriage obstacles tie mangalsutras directly to the Ambal by themselves; boys with marriage obstacles tie mangalsutras to the Nandikeswar opposite the Kailasanathar. There are three Ganapthis in the temple. Gubera Ganapathy is facing the North (the direction of Guberan);  Vijaya Ganapathy in another shrine gives success in exam and profession; Sivasakthi Ganapathy is present in the Koshtam. Sri Venkatesa Perumal with boodevi, Suryan, Mahalingam, Mahakali, Swarna Bairavar and Nagathamman are present in the mandapam. Ramayana incident sculptures are present in the pillars. The pillar sculpture of Sivan kicking Yaman to save Markandeyan is being worshipped by people for longevity in life.

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Sri Boominathar Temple at Thiruvidanthai
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DD062 – Sri Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple at Thiruvidanthai (Divya Desam)

Significance: One of 108 divya desams.
Location: In Chennai – Mahabalipuram ECR, after Kovalam, about 10 kms before Mahabalipuram. The temple arch can be seen on the ECR road itself on the right side.
Main deity: Lakshmi varaha perumal in standing posture.
Utsavar: Nithya kalyana perumal and Komavalli thayar.
Legend: Vara perumal married 360 daughters of Sage Klava and He is known as Nithya Kalyana perumal. All 360 were united into one and named as Lakshmi and He has her on His lap, so the name as Thiruvidanthai.
Theertham: Kalyana teertham & Varaha teertham.

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Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple near Tigercave
This ancient temple buried under sea sand surfaced out during the recent tsunami. Only the base of the temple remains. Not under worship.
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DD063 – Sri Sthala Sayana Perumal Temple at Thirukkadalmallai / Mahabalipuram (Divya Desam)

Significance: One of 108 Divya desams.
Location: Near Mahabalipuram bus stand; 60 kms from Chennai; 11 kms from Thiruvidanthai.
Main deity: Sthala sayana perumal in sleeping posture; Bujanga sayanam with his right hand on his chest as Upadesa mudra; Thaayaar – Nilamangai Thaayaar
Theertham: Pundareeka Pushkarini, Garuda river.

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Mahabalipuram  – Marakkanam (East Coast Road – ECR)


1) Sri Manonmani sametha Sri Agastheeswarar Temple

Before 2013, the whole temple was buried under the ground and the stones were scattered all around the place. 5 moorthies were discovered while building the temple. Poor village people have constructed the temple on their own effort and the Kumbabhishegam had taken place. Now, they are begging us not for money but to come with family and friends to get the blessings of the Lord. These kinds of temples have to be supported by us in a big way just to support their spiritual path and also to stop the religious conversions, at the least.

Contact: Sri Sivasankaran @ 93801 23273

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2) Amman Temple
A highly popular temple with a beautiful temple tank full of clean water in front.
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Sri Ranganathar Temple at Nathamedu

The temple is a small one and Sri Ranganathar, who is usually seen in a sayana posture, is seen here in an unusual sitting posture and that too in a very stylish and relaxed posture. Seems to be relaxing after a big war / task. (When you go, it would be nice to take some oil also for lighting deepams – the temple needs it).

Just opposite the temple across the main road, there is a small old Shiva temple

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Sri Velli Eswar Temple at Meyyur (Sadras)

A Rghu-Kethu Parihara Sthalam

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Sri Malaimandala Perumal temple at Sathurangapattinam (Sadras)

This was originally a Lakshmi Narayana temple. Later, with Varadaraja Perumal appearing here as a Swayambu Murthy, Lakshmi Narayana is said to have given way for Lord Varadaraja. Though this is not one of the Divya desams, this temple has a rich legend and significances behind.

  • Sridevi is looking at the earth and Boodevi is looking at us (usually it will be the other way). All graha / vasthu doshas are expected to be cleared here since boodevi is looking at us.
  • The conch (sangu) at the hands of Lord Varadarajar is in a posture of ready for prayoga in a Gajendra moksha swaroopam.
  • Sridevis slightly higher than Boodevi as told by sasthra.
  • Narasimhar is on top of the entrance to sanctum (usually Gaja Lakshmi will be present).
  • The Garudazhwar is called Ashta naga garudan and having eight nagars around his body.
  • The Anjaneyar idol was specially designed by Sankaracharyar and is a rare one.
  • The real fact that the sanctum sanctorum is on an elevated hillock (as the name malai mandalam suggests) came to light during sunami.
  • The first of the Azhvaars, Bhoothath Azhvaar, is said to have stayed at this place. He is seen in a Gnana Mudra Posture similar to the one at Thiru Kadal Mallai Divya Desam.
  • The outer entrance door is many hundred years old with copper inscriptions in it.
  • Sri Raghavendhra Swamigal stayed in this region for quite some time and conducted regular discourses in this temple and there are records at Manthralaya for this.

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Sri Raghavendhra Mrithika Brindhavan

Located close to the Malaimandala Perumal Temple. It is said Sri Raghavendhra stayed here for a few years (or months?).

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Sri Thiruvareswarar Shiva Temple at Sathurangapattinam
An ancient temple
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Sri Premika Vittal temple at Vittalapuram

This is located on the ECR, after Mahabalipuram, 2 km from Pudhupattinam. Built by the representative of the Vijayanagara King Krishna Dhevarayar (1507-1529), this is being maintained by Archeological Survey of India (ASI). Unlike the other Panduranan temples, 5 feet tall Vittal here is seen with Rukmani and Sathyabama. There is a separate shrine for Santhana lakshmi thayar as well. There are shrines for Srinivasa Perumal, Varadharaja Perumal, Ramanujar and Viswasenar.

On every Ekadasi day, poojas are taking place in a grand scale from morning 9AM to 1PM with Samprdhaya nama sankeerthana bhajans. Muralidhara Swamigal is closely associated with this temple.

A beautiful temple, very neatly maintained, sincere bhattars, highly vibrant bajans and poojas – what else we need? Though the temple is open from 7 AM to 11 AM in the morning, it is best to visit by 9 AM for the morning pooja and be there till it is over by 9:45 or so. The namasankeerthans and bajans are sung during everyday pooja and everyone will love it.

Contact:  92458 94065

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Bairahi madam

Located at about 3 kms from Vittalapuram and has a legend connection with the Perumal temple of Sathurangapatnam.

Shiva Temple at KudiPerambakkam
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Sri Thirupuleeswarar and Sri Vaikuntanatha Swamy (Shiva-Vishnu) Temple in Voyalur

Voyalur is located just before the big Palar bridge, 4 kms away from Kalpakkam and the temple is on the left side of the ECR while going from Chennai at about 300 meters inside.  Little information about the temple states that the temple was constructed by Mahendravarma Pallavan during 400 AD. The temple has lots of inscriptions in Sanskrit, Pali and ancient Tamil. In the temple compound, Shiva and Vishnu have separate sanctum sanctorums. This beautiful heritage temple is very well maintained by Archeological Survey of India (ASI).

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Sri Jambugeswarar Temple at Voyalur

In the recent Dec 2015 floods, the linga was drawn up here in palar water. The youngsters of the village have housed the Lord in a temporary shed now on the bank of the river itself and the temple construction is going on by the side. It is located on the ECR road just at the start of the Palar bridge.

Contact: Sri Madhan @ 99444 40455

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Sri Kanakambigai sametha Kailasanathar temple at Natham Parameswara Mangalam

It is located immediately after Voyalur and the big Palar bridge, to the right (west) side of the ECR while going from Chennai. The temple is located in a tiny rocky island on one side of the Palar river in a beautiful environment. A small bridge across the palar has been constructed by the temple authorities to reach the temple. Per inscription, the temple was built in 800 AD in the regime of Nirpathunga varma Pallavan. The beautiful legend sculpture (only the foot marks) at the back of the temple shows Kailasanathar in meditation in rain, with a Rajanagam covering Him as an umbrella and a cow pouring milk on Him. Worshipped by Sukha Brahmma rishi. The temple was renovated with calcium (sudhai) only without using cement. The kumbabhishegam took place recently in Feb 2013.

Contact: Mr. V.S.Ravikumar @ 97890 56615 /
Sri Sambakeswara Sivacharyar @ 97860 58325
Mr.Arjunan @ 98439 16069 / Mr.Arul @ 99529 51142

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Sri Sowmya dhamodhara Perumal temple at Natham Parameswara Mangalam

Sri Vasthu Lakshmi, Bhoomi devi thayar sametha Sri Sowmya dhamodhara Perumal temple is located on the way to the Kailasanathar temple and the Kumbabhishegam took place along with the Kailasanathar temple in Feb 2013. This is a new temple with ancient deities and inscriptions. The Perumal and the Thayars were housed in a thatched shed for so long and a proper temple has been constructed now. A very rare urchava idol had been found during renovation which is now kept in the Archaeological museum. It is considered that all vasthu related problems will get solved by worshipping the Perumal and Thayars here.

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Sri Soundarya nayahi sametha Sri Shenbageswarar Temple at Natham

More than 1200 years old Pallava temple and a treasure trove for heritage lovers. Nandhi faces in the opposite direction of Lord Shiva, towards East, the temple entrance. Ambal takes the first pooja here. There is a Srichakram below Ambal. Ambal is holding Neelothbava and Lotus flowers instead of the usual Pasa, Angusam. Instead of the usual pancha (5) koshtams, there are Saptha (7) koshtams around the Shiva shrine. Murugar is sitting on an Asura peacock holding the Jabamala and guindy of Lord Brahmma. Saneeswarar is present with 4 hands.

Contact: Sri Jambu @ 99945 87182 / Sri Sivagnanam @ 94430 67193

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Sri Aram valartha nayagi sametha Sri Aram valarththa eswarar Temple at Anaikkattu

At about 1.2 kms after the end of the Palar river bridge, take the right (west) ward deviation towards Maduranthagam for another 5 kms to reach Anaikkattu.
It houses possibly the biggest Nandikeswar in Chennai surroundings. More than 1000 years old stone temple. The deities are in Somaskandar form, i.e., Shiva, Murugan and Ambal in line facing the same direction, East. Only in few temples, we can see this Somaskanda roopam.
Very special for Pradhosha pooja and is a Marriage parihara sthalam.
Contact: Vijayakumar Gurukkal @ 89402 81959 / Gnanan Sundaram @ 98439 01221

Note: Sorry, I’ve purposely avoided posting the Nandikeswar photos in the flickr album just to kindle your interest to visit the place. Don’t imagine with Tanjore Nandhikeswar and all, this could just be the biggest of the Chennai surroundings.

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Sri Thiripura Sundari sametha Sri Kailasanathar Temple at Adayalacheri

A stone temple. It is believed that there was an adhishtanam of a sacred person here. There are sculptures of a Sage with his Shishyas and Kamasutra.
Contact: Sri Kamaraj @ 98940 19329 / Sri Arumuga Achari @ 97876 04757 / Sri Sudhakar @ 99524 94900 / Sri Nithyanantham @ 97892 54025

Note: There is also another Shiva linga in open space under a neem tree on the northern side at about half a km  distance.

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Sri Kandhaswamy Temple at Nergunapattu

This is located in a branch off road from ECR to Maduranthaham. While going from Mahabalipuram on the ECR, after the big palar bridge, there is a road to the right to Maduranthakam. Take that road for about 2 kms, you will reach the temple. It’s a small temple but with a great legend behind. Chidhambaram Swamigal, before going to Thirupporur, got permission from this Murugan only.

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Sanyasi hill

From Nergunapattu, this is about 6 kms. There is a big lingam atop a small hillock with Nandhi in front in open space surrounded by other hillocks. There are water streams on top. A massive banyan tree and a village God temple underneath gives a picturesque atmosphere. Sidhars are believed to worship Lord Shiva here; Girivalm on a full moon day is famous here.

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1) Sri Sivagama sundari sametha Sri Chidambareswarar Temple
More than 1000 years old Pallava temple. There is a 7 stage Rajagopuram
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2) Sri Thiripurasundari sametha Sri Thiruvaaleeswarar Temple

Vaali worshipped Lord Shiva here. The theertham is a big temple tank in the name of Vaali Theertham. The temple is under renovation now.
Contact: Sri Udayakumar @ 98947 89875 / Sri Venkatraman @ 98949 18823 / Sri Kothandaraman @ 94440 35577

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3) Sri Adhikesava Perumal Temple at Koovathur
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Sri Adhikesava Perumal Temple at Nedumaram
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Sri Swarnambigai sametha Sri Kanagapureeswarar Temple at Mugaiyur

More than 1400 years old stone temple. Siddhars worshipped here. Vinayagar belongs to the Chola period. A very big Nandhikeswarar. The temple is under construction now.

Contact: Sri Kannan @ 94433 87700 / Sri Doss @ 98941 18951

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Karikkamalai Kodur

1) Sri Sornambigai sametha Sri Agastheeswarar Temple
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2) Sri Sundara Varadharaja Perumal Temple
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Cheyyur (Don’t confuse this with Cheyyar which is near Kanchipuram) is mid-way between Mahabalipuram and Marakkanam in the ECR. One of the roads from Maduranthakam lso joins ECR here. Cheyyur junction is 27 kms from Madurantakkam and 110 kms from Chennai. This village was developed during the reign of Veera Rajendra Chola and Kulothungan-III.

1) Sri Kandaswamy Temple

Located in the middle of the Cheyyur town, Shiva’s 27 bootha ganangal worshipped Murugar here. Murugar gave dharshan to Arunagirinathar here. It is said that there were 9 Vinayagar shrines around this temple worshipped by the Navagrahas but now only 6 remains. Lord Murugar is seen in the sanctum with Abhaya hastham along with Valli and Devayanai. Unusually, Murugar Himself shows up in all the koshtams in five different forms.

Priest: Sakthidharan – 94447 29512

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2) Sri Kariya Manicka Perumal temple

Contact: Muralidhara Bhattar – 97875 81323

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3) Sri Vanmikinathar Shiva temple

The ambal here is seen in Lakshmi swaroopam (in other temples you will see in Sakthi swaroopam) with Padhmam and Neelothbalam in Her hands. This temple is a sculptural gallery  and you will see exquisite carvings in black stones in the front mandapam. In the rainy season, the sanctum of Shiva will be filled with water till the avudayar and only top portion will be above water (still poojas will take place)- a sight to watch.
Contact: Sri Sakthidharan @ 94447 29512

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1) Sri Thirumeni Eswaran Temple
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2) Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple
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3) Sri Ugamkonda Eswaran Temple
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1) Sri Anjaneyar Temple
2) Shiva Temple
3) Sri Mannadeeswarar Temple
4) Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple


While coming from Chennai, this is about 10 kms on the right side (west) of Kadappakkam on the ECR, after Midway restaurant and ECR-Inn restaurant; before the road to Alamparai fort. This can also be reached from Madhuranthaham via Soonambedu. There is a Perumal temple and a Shiva temple separated by a beautiful temple tank. The temples, tank and the huge trees form a beautiful and serene village atmosphere for worship. A very good place to visit.

1) Sri Ambujvalli sametha Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal Temple

This is a 400 year old very beautiful temple and well maintained. Gigantic Adikeshava Perumal with Thayar, typical of a Divya desam, are very beautiful. The adjacent temple tank also is very huge with full of water. Vimanam is Aadhi Vimanam. Many priests of Thirupathi temple are from this place.

Contact: Sri. S. Manivanna Battachariyar Ph: 98653 14072 / 98439 01224 / 99430 90385 / 98428 29919

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2) Sri Mukthambihai sametha Sri Agastheeswarar Temple

This is also a many centuries old Shiva temple. As the temple was not in good condition the entire temple was brought down and reconstructed. Very nice temple with Gopuram, Separate Sannidhi for Thayar and a beautiful Nandhi.

Contact: Sri.D.Balakrishna Reddiyar @ 99437 31155 / Kandhaswamy Gurukkal @ 94435 96370 / 99439 11837

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Sri Vadavamukhagneeswarar Temple at Vedaal

Situated near the Vedaal lake, one of the biggest lakes of Kanchipuram district, this temple was built during the Raja Raja Chola period. The historical name of the village being “Çhola Kerala Chathurvethi mangalam”, a village donated to the brahmins for vedic chanting.
The temple is more ancient than 994 A.D per archaeological findings and is a treasure trove for the history lovers. It has many unique forms of different deities. The temple is a Thoonganai maada temple with Gajaprashta vimanam. Though in a dilapidated condition, daily poojas are taking place.
The main detity is Sri Vadavaamughaneeswarar as a 6 feel high lingam facing east on  padma peedam. The Lord is in Agni swaroopam and so Sandal abhishegam and curd rice prasadam are special for Him. The Ambal is Sri Vasanthanayagi facing South in a separate shrine. There are two ambals in the shrine. One is slightly damaged and so when attempts were made to replace the damaged one with a new one, the Lord appeared in the King’s dream and asked him to keep it by the side itself.
The Nandhi is beautiful on a 4 feet tall pedastal.
Vinayagar is very special with Elephant as the vahanam.
Murugar is seen with Rudhraksham and Pasa ayudham without His usual Vajrayutham and Sakthi ayutham. He is special to worship for education related boons.
Dakshinamoorthy is seen with His right leg folded instead of the usual left leg.
Jeshta Devi is also present in the temple. She is the wife of Saneeswarar and was the prime deity worshipped during the Chola period. Worshipping Her for Sani related dhoshams is said to give good results.

Contact: K.Velu, the temple priest lives nearby and can be contacted at 99443 26789 / 96269 26789 / 94430 74074 / 99439 11541

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Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at Vedaal
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Sri Muthambigai Sametha Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Puthirankottai

A 1000+ years old Stone temple built / renovated at various periods by Chola, Pandiya, Pallava and Sambuvaraya Kings, supported by 31 inscriptions is under renovation at Puthirankottai in the Maduhranthagam – Marakkanam route.
Swamini Sri Sthiranandha Saraswathi Mathaji, a disciple of Sri Dayanandha Saraswathi Swamigal who is having an ashram nearby is extending her support through her Gnana Varshini Trust under the guidance of Dr.K.V.Seshandhrinatha Sasthrigal, the Ex Principal of Mylapore Sanskrit College. (Kumbabhishegam had taken place in Aug 2017)


  • Installed and worshipped by Sage Agasthiyar
  • Worshipped by Markandeya Maharishi
  • A place where childless couples are blessed with children with plenty of successful couples returning with prayer fulfilment poojas.

In the route of Madhuranthagam / Melmaruvathur / Chithamur to Chunampet / Vennangupet / Marakkanam
Around 15 kms from Vennangupet on ECR; around 24 kms from Madhuranthagam

Contact: 98409 53704 / 80128 51859 / 84891 41853

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Sri Agastheeswarar temple at Villipakkam

A cat got moksha at this temple. From Vennangupet, take the road to Soonambed and travel for 5 kms.

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Shiva Temple at Chunambedu
An ancient temple
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Sri Boominatheswar temple at Marakkanam

This ancient temple, more than 1000 years old, is on the ECR itself just before Marakkanam. Boomeeswarar with Girijambihai. Manmathan and Sage Kanvar worshipped here.

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Marakkanam – Tindivanam


This village is about half way between Marakkanam and Tinidivanm, around 20 kms from either side and has two ancient temples built by Pallavas, Cholas and Vijayanagara empire.

1) Sri Aadavalleswarar Shiva Temple

The temple facing south is a Guru Parihara Sthalam and has three thayars – Sri Bragannayagi, Easwari and Kamakshi.

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2) Sri Sridevi, Sri Bhoodevi Samedha Sri Arulala Perumal Temple

In this temple facing West, unusually Lakshmi is in a standing posture as VAISHNAVI as worshipped in North. During the renovation of the temple recently, an idol of YOGA NARASIMHAR was unearthed and has been installed now in the temple during the  Samprokshanam which was held in Jan 2011. Kumudham Jyothidam A.M.R,  has special interest in this temple.
Contact: 94441 03813, 94440 24751, 98412 12145, 044-22470545

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Athchipakkam Jain Hillock
1.5 km North of Mannur
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Sri Bhuvaneswari sametha Sri Bhuvaneswarar Shiva Temple at Mannur
Located at 4 kms east of Keezh Sevur.
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Sri Jambunatheswarar Temple at Keezh Sevur
A Swayambu lingam; 15 kms North-East of Tindivanam.
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There are plenty of villages/towns in the name of Brahmmadesam in Tamilnadu and this is one of them. Located at 14 kms east of Tindivanam

1) Sri Vakra Kali Amman Temple
2) Sri Boomi Neela Samedha Srinivasa Perumal Temple
3) Sri Shiva Temple


Located at 10 kms east of Tindivanam, there are two temples, one at the hill base and the other on the hill;  Seetha cave on hilltop and a beautiful temple tank at the hill base. Now the place is under the control of Archeology survey of India (ASI) (ASI should take care of the this hillock temple as nearby stone quarries are functioning).

It is said that Sita devi gave birth to the twins Lava and Kucha here only and Kanchi MahaPeriyavar got the Dhiksha here (not verified).

1) Sri Saleeswarar Temple at the hill base
A Swayambu lingam
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2) Sri Mukthialeeswarar / Sri Jalakandeswarar Temple on hill top

Beutiful temple situated at the top of the Perumukkal Hill. This temple which was in brick originally was converted onto stone temple during the period of Vikrama Chola (1183-1235 A.D). The deity of the temple is known Thiruvanmikai Eswaramudayar as well as Perumukkal Udayar in Tamil and Mukthialeeswarar in Sanskrit. The donations made by the Chola, Pandya, Sambuvaraya and Vijayanagara rulers have been recorded in more than 60 inscriptions found on the rocks. A cave found on the western hillock is called seetha cave. There are some carvings and “Vattezhuthu” (Tamil circle letters) inscriptions dating back to 7th century A.D. In the bottom of the hill, nice feet carvings are found. Hence this may be a jain temple earlier. Also a damaged Vinayaga idol is there at the bottom of the hillock.
Thanks to Mr.Saravanakumar for the information.

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Kelambakkam – Thirupporur


1.Sri Alaghambhigai Samedha Sri Alageeswarar temple

2.Sri Maragathambhigai Samedha Sri Murungeeswarar temple
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3.Sri Aramvalarthanayakhi Samedha Sri Maareeswarar temple
An ancient Chola temple.
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4) Sri Brihannaayagi sametha Sri Chenganmaaleeswarar Temple at Chenganmal 
An ancient Chola temple.
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In the Old Mahabalipuram Road (IT Highway), between Kelambakkam and Mahabalipuram, 36 km from Adayar. There is also link from Chenglepat and Guduvancheri. 25 km from Chengalpet.

1) Srilasri Chidambaram Swamigal Ashramam and Temple
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2) Sri Kandaswamy Temple at Thirupporur (Thiruppugazh Temple)

The Subramanya swamy here is Swayambu
A highly popular and powerful Thiruppugazh temple
Main deity:
Swayambu linga known as Vanmeega nadhar and Swayambu Subramanyar with Valli & Deivanai.
Sri Mahavishnu worshipped Lord Shiva here to overcome the curse of Sage Kanva  and was blessed.
Sri Subramanya Swamy fought with demons and preached gyana (knowledge) in this place.
Sung by Arunagirinathar in his Thiruppugazh
Sthala Vruksham: Vanni.
Theertham: Saravana poigai.

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3) Sri Kailasanathar Shiva Temple
A hill top temple on a small hill called Pranava hill neat the Kandaswamy temple
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Thirupporur – Kattur

Sri Yoga  Anjaneyar Temple and Ashram at Sengadu
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1) Sri Aadhikesava Perumal Temple

About 5 kms before Thirupporur, turn right (West) and travel further for about 3 kms. It’s a small old temple renovated recently located beautifully in an elevated position with a cleanly maintained temple tank by the side.

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2) Shiva Temple
The moorthy of this ancient temple is said to be a maragatha lingam (which got stolen in July 2017)
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Sri Uthira Vaidhyalingeswarar temple at Kattur

This is an ancient temple renovated recently. The ambal name is Thaiyal nayaki and Shiva linga moorthy is considered to be installed by Sage Agasthiyar. The temple is considered equivalent to Vaitheeswaran koil and so is being called Uthra Vaitheeswaran koil. A Sevvai Parihara sthalam. There is a temple pond called Agasthiyar pond.

Contact:  Sri Radhakrishna Gurukkal @ 95516 57839 / Sri Ganesa Gurukkal @ 96771 64085

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Sri Bairavar hill temple at Ammapettai
An exclusive Bairavar temple on a hillock near the Kattur Validyalingeswar temple.
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Thirupporur – Chenglepat

Sri Azhagambihgai sametha Sri Jambukeswarar Temple at Sembakkam 

This 1700 years old ancient, beautiful and cleanly maintained Shivasthalam is located in a calm village called Sembakkam, 7 km from Thirupporur and 20 km from Chenglepat. This is called North Thiruvanaikka (South Thiruvanaikka is near Srirangam, a Pancha bootha sthalam for Water). Per legend, great legends like Indiran, Naradar, Agasthiyar, Navagrahas, Naga Kings like Adhishesan, Anandan, Vasuki, Karkodagan, 32 Naga Kanniargal and Sithargal (Saints) came here and worshipped Lord Jambugeswarar and other Deities. The temple has divinity by which the devotees got blessings and salvation for their sins or get out of the curse of the God/saints.

Contact: Sri Muruganantham @ 97868 66494 / Sri Nagaraja Gurukkal @ 98411 71692
Note: There are also Sri Chidambara Swamy Madam and Sri Bala Taruni Maha Lalitha Tripurasundari Temple closeby

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Sri Swayambu Narasimhar and Hanuman temple at Edarkundram

Sri Narasimhar appears on a rock in a small shrine along with Hanumar in another shrine. The temple is located on a tiny hillock with about 50 steps to climb.

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Sri Agora Veerabadra Swamy (Shiva) temple at Hanumanthapuram

The temple can also be reached from Singaperumalkoil and is located at 10 kms east of Singaperumalkoil. This temple is famous to cure mentally ill people and there will be many such people wandering over. The road to the temple is deserted with Govt reserved forest area for a few kms. So you may not want to visit during the nights.

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Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Perunthandalam
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Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple at Chenneri

The temple is said to be around 200 years old and there is a 500 years old banyan tree here.

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Shiva Temple at Tiruvidaisoolam or Thiruvidaichuram

Significance: One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns; 7thCentury temple.
Location: 9 kms from Chinglepat and 18 km from Tirupporur in the Chenglepat-Thirupporur road. The village is in a beautiful location between two hills and so the name Idai-churam (churam meaning a place of hills and forests).
Main deity: Swayambu Maragatha linga known as Idaichuranathar with Emayamadakkodi ammai in separate shrines. Also known as Gnanapureeswarar and Govardhanambikai.
Legend: Goddess Parvathi came here as Kamadhenu (cow) with her brother Lord Vishnu and worshipped Shiva by pouring milk on the Shivalingam. Sages Gowtama and Sanathkumarar worshipped Shiva here.
Temple: Maragadha linga glitters during harathi time. Santhana prapthi (child boon) is the special worship benefit of this temple.
Theertham: Mdhura teertham.
Sthala vruksham: Padhiri.

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Sri Devi Karumariamman temple
This is a temple of beautiful 51 feet Devi Karumariamman amman, a new one.
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Sri Maha Bairavar Temple
The temple is located near the 51 feet Karumariamman temple
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Sri Veera Anjaneyar Temple at Kunnavakkam
The temple is on a hillock near the 51 feet Karumariamman temple.
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Thirupporur – Mahabalipuram


Location: On OMR towards Mahabalipuram after crossing Arupadai Veedu Engineering College, at Paiyanoor junction turn right and travel for about 400 meters. Both the Shiva and Perumal temples are adjacent to each other.

1) Sri Etteeswarar Temple

The temple is more than 2000 years old. The Lord is seen here with His Divine Consort – Ezhilar Kuzhali. Sri Idai Kattu Siddhar of Thiruvannamalai has worshipped the Lord here. His idol is seen at the entrance. The lingam is tall and with a square Aavudayar. Nandi is Apoorva Nandeeswarar with erected ears as if keenly listening to what is going on around. Sarabeswarar here has a separate shrine and not in a pillar like in most other temples. The Navagrahams are seen with their consorts.
Worshiping the Lord here gives “Etram” (Progress) to the individuals in all forms. Also those fighting court cases are assured of victory – if they have done no wrong. The locals have renovated the temple in 2011. The Garba Griham is in Gaja Bristha form and the idols of Vallalar & Agastiyar are also seen,

Contact: Sri.A.Moorthy @ 99415 34893

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2) Sri Karunakara Perumal Temple

Next to the Shiva temple, this Vishnu temple is also located. As the name suggests, He is in a merciful form in Abhaya Hasta posture and is seen with both His Consorts.  Along the walls of the Garbha Graiham are idols of Vinayagar, Lakshmi Narasimhar, Lakshmi Narayanar & Hayagreevar. There is a separate shrine for Anjaneyar.
The temple is being maintained by the locals and being looked after by a person who was with ISKCON, Injambakkam. Thanks to his efforts, the temple has a flower orchard and a Tulsi garden. There are plans to install a Krishna Idol at the centre of the Tulsi garden.
The Lord’s idol belongs to pre-pallava period and was found in the nearby pond. It got disfigured due to aging and another idol was sculpted and consecrated. The disfigured idols are kept in the temple.  A well containing a Shiva Lingam was also discovered.
Both the temples have two big ponds as their source of water supply. The locals there are doing their best to restore the temples to its past glory. Planning to build Rajagopuram for which they are on a collection drive.
(Thanks to Mr. K.M.Venkataraman for the info)

Contact: 90922 70404

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Kelambakkam – Vandalur

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Mambakkam -Kattur


1) Sri Amudhambigai sametha Sri Somanatheswarar temple

One of the temples where Moon (Chandran) prayed to Lord Shiva to get rid of his sin. There are inscriptions that state the above fact.
When Lord Shiva swallowed the Aalahala poison, Parvathi Devi stopped it from entering inside by holding Lord’s neck and converted it into nectar (Amudhu) and hence the name, Amudhambigai.The Nandikeswarar is seen with a broad smiling face.
This ancient temple did not survive time like many other temples in India. In 1917, this temple came back to life and some basic pujas were being done. Once while desilting the temple well to perform abhisekam to the Lord, many other idols were found inside. They were idols of: Lord Maha Shastha, Chandikesar, Murugan-Valli-Deivanai, Vinayagar and Durga. The temple had big outer walls whose foundation were found. There is a stand-alone stone inscription near the well which proves that this temple is ancient.
The temple has now been renovated.

Contact: Mr. T.Jeyavel (Trstsee) @ 044-24936910/ 98410 81482, Nagaraja Gurukkal @ 98401 57028

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2) Sri Kalyana Ranganathar temple
There is a very beautiful temple tank behind the temple with plenty of age old banyan trees. A good place to visit from non-devotional angle as well.
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3) Sri Raghavashramam and Panchavadi Goshala
A devotee of Sri Yogi Ramsurathkumar is having an ashram here along with a Goshala
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Sri Vedanayahi sametha Sri Aadaleswarar Temple at Kayar

1100 years old stone temple with a big temple tank.
The main deity, lingam, has a square Aavudaiyar.
There are inscriptions to show that Adithya Chola contributed to this temple and Thanichelvan from Vandalacheri donated for a Thoonga Vilakku (non stop lamp) and to feed devotees.
Contact: Sri Mohanram @ 92836 68486 / Sri Ganesa Pandian @ 94980 78413

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Sri Vedhavalli sametha Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Venbedu

1200 years old Stone temple
Contact: Sri K.Velu @ 94440 07963 / Sri Veeraraghavan @ 96770 07842

Note: There is also an Anjaneyar temple next to the Shiva temple. A huge Viswaroopa Anjaneyar of Sudai sculpture is standing in front of the temple.

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Tambaram – Chenglepat

Sri Ooraneeswarar Temple at Urapakkam

Ooraneeswarar Temple near the bus stand on the GST road itself  to the eastern side. A small temple but very devotionally being maintained. Pradhosha abhishehams are being done very systematically and sincerely.

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Sri Nandeeswarar temple at Nandivaram

Nandivaram is just half a kilometer east of Guduvancherry bus stand and this temple is very ancient Thevara Reference Temple. Built by Pallava Emperor Nandivarman in 715AD, the temple is worshipped by Palli.

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Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple at Madambakkam

This temple is located at Madambakkam (this is different form the Madambakkam near Rajakilpakkam/ Selaiyur) 2 km to the west of Guduvancheri. This is considered to be a Pallava temple. Navagraha shrine normally not present in a Vishnu temple is seen here. In the sanctum sanctorum, Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal is seen keeping Sridevi at his left lap embracing her. Ladies do the Kedhara Gowri vradha the day after Deepavali; Marriage prayers are answered.

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Sri Kalyana Anjaneyar Temple at Guduvancheri

It is located between Guduvancheri and Potheri, near Valliammai Polytecnic.  Anjaneya Swami is seen with his wife Suvarchala, which is very rarely seen.

Contact: 94442 94783 / 99405 48119

Sri Kalatheeswarar temple at Kattankulathur
Those who are unable to visit Kalahasthi can do prayers here.
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Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at Kattankulathur
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Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple at Maraimalai Nagar

This temple is situated opposite Ford Car Factory at Vivekananda Nagar at Maraimalai Nagar. Though the temple was constructed in the 1990s, the deity enshrined here has an ancient history.

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About 6 kms from Maraimalai Nagar and 2 kms from Singaperumal koil towards West. This Shiva temple is one of the 275 Thevara Padal petra Sthalams and is a typical Chola temple with beautiful pillars, sculptures and mandapams. Girivalam is taking place during full moon days. This is a group of 3 temples.

1) Sri Anjalakshi samedha Sri Kachabeshwarar / Sri Thiyagaraja Swamy Temple

This is one of the important Thyagaraja Swamy temples (the others being Thiruvotriyur, Thiruvarur, Thiruvanmiyur. Surprisingly all places start with Thiru..!)

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2) Sri Virundhitteeswarar Temple

When Sundaramoorthy nayanar came here after worshipping at Thirukkazhkundram, he and his group of devotees were too hungry. Then Lord himself went house by house and got food for them. It is believed that worshipping here will make one’s generation of people free of poverty and famine.

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3) Sri Oushadheeswarar / Marundheeswarar Temple

The sand from here is taken as the medicine to cure many diseases.

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Sri Padaladhri Narasimhaswamy temple at Singaperumal Koil

To the west of the GST road at Singaperumal Koil, just about 100-200 meters away from the highway. This ancient temple is one of the very important Narasimha Swamy temples of Tamilnadu.

According to temple sources, this temple has been referred in the Brahmaanda Puraanam. Lord Vishnu took the Avataar of Sri Narasimha and killed the demon king Hiranyakasipu. At the time of Narasimha Avataar, this place was surrounded by dense forests. A sage called ‘Jaapaali’ was performing Thapas, praying Lord Vishnu. As per his wish, the Lord gave dharshan to him in the form of Ugra (fierce) Narasimhar

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Sri Varadharajar / Sri Yoga Hayagreevar temple at Chettipunyam

Chettipunyam village is at about three km west of Singaperumalkoil, near Chengalpattu. Hayagreevar is the Vishnu God of knowledge / education. This highly popular temple has a legend connection to the Hayagreevar temple at Thiruvanthipuram near Cuddalore. During public exam times, the temple is crowded with students.

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Sri Kailasanathar Shiva Temple at Chettipunyam
Located close to the Hayagreevar temple
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Sri Vyagrapureeswarar temple at Pulipparakkoil/ Pulipakkam

On the way to Chengelpattu from Chennai, immediately after the Tollgate, one can see a board written “Siva, Siva” on a roadside hillock on the right side. The tollgate is located in the Pulipakkam village. Atop the hill is the Vyagrapureeswarar temple with rich historic value. We can have a clear view of the Chengalpattu lake and is a nice scenic spot to visit.

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Kolavai Lake is a beautiful photographic spot especially during the sunrise.

Sri Kothanda Ramaswami temple

When you are inside this beautiful temple for Sri Kothanda Ramaswami temple in the serene atmosphere surrounded by green looking mountains on the backdrop, you will feel you are not in a town by name Chengalpat but in heaven.

There is a separate sannadhi for Veera Anjaneya where he is in a unique posture pinning Sri Sani Bhagawan to the ground.

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Sri Vedhantheeswarar & Sri Giri Varadharaja Perumal Temple at Vallam Sivan malai

This hill has a 1300 years old Pallava rock cut temple for Lord Shiva built by the Princess Kommai. The top of the hill provides a wonderful view of Chengalpattu and Kolavai lake, particularly during sunset.

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Sri Murugan Temple at Semmalai
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Sri Kailasanathar Temple

Sri Sakthi Vainayagar Temple
A highly popular temple among the regular travelers. People break coconut here on their journey.
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Chenglepat – Thirukkazhukundram

Sri Vinayagar Temple on Nenmeli Hill
Beautiful location
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Sri Srartha Samrakshana Narayanan / Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple at Nenmeli

Pooja for Ancestors/ Forefathers on Amavasya:
Nenmeli is situated at about 6 kms from Chingleput, on the road leading to Mahabalipuram, near Thirukazhukundram. Nenmeli is also known as Pundarikanallur or Pindam vaiththa nallur as the Lord Srartha Samrakshana Narayanan at Sri Lakshminarayana Perumal Temple here accepts offerings for the ancestors and forefathers called pithrus. Any offerings made here are considered as offerings made at Gaya for the pithrus. Lord Srartha Samrakshana Narayanan Himself is considered to perform the annual rites and ceremonies for the departed souls for and on behalf of the persons who are unable to offer prayers, rites and ceremonies for their ancestors.

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Sri Vadamalleeswarar Temple at Oragadam

There is one more Oragadam near Sriperumpudhur and don’t get confused with that. This small Sivan temple is built on a small hillock and is located amidst beautiful setting- a huge Banyan tree at the base and a big tank opposite to this banyan tree adds to the serenity.
This temple has Sivan-Vadamalleeswarar Sannidhi and Amrudhavalleeswari sannidhi adjacent to each other. There is a huge Sivan Statue in sitting posture on a small rock seat and a small Sannidhi for the Tamil poet saints ‘Naalvar’ next to it.
The priest visits this temple early in the morning and performs pooja and again visits it in the evening only.

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Sri Kodhanda Ramar Temple at Oragadam

This small and beautiful Kodhanda Ramar Temple is near the Vadamalleeswarar Temple at Oragadam. This ancient temple of Chola Regime is well maintained by Ahibila Mutt.

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Sri Periyandavar Temple at Thirunilai

Located at 7 k.m, North West of Thirukalukundram. The legend being that once Lord Shiva incarnated as a human because of Parvathi Devi’s curse. He was roaming here and there and could not stay anywhere. Due to this the whole world was in chaos. Finally when He came here, His Soolayudham fell on this ground and He took shelter permanently.The place is called Thirunilai, nilai in Tamil meaning staying permanently, named after this holy dwelling.

For many years only a Swayambu Lingam was here in the open ground and only recently a temple was constructed dedicating it to Periyandavar, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Devi Angalaparameshwari is also blessing along with Periyandavar. When Sakthi’s soolayudham fell on earth, 21 sand rounds came out and later they took the form of Sivaganams which perform pooja to Lord Shiva. Swayambu Lingam in the middle of twenty one Sivaganams in the open ground is a rare view.

The temple is located in a beautiful natural atmosphere by the side of a lake, a small hill and in the middle of paddy-fields. People can go at anytime and can have the dharshan. The very unique feature of this temple being the Nandhi is in a standing posture. The temple pond is very big and called ‘Siddha  Amirdha kulam’. Childless couples, after taking a holy dip in the temple pond perform poojas and abisekams by themselves to get their wish fulfilled.

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Chenglepat – Pon Vilaintha Kalathur – Aanur – Vallipuram

Pon Vilaintha Kalathur

P V Kalathur village is the abode of historically famous temples. This village with high green fields is 10 km south of Chengalpattu and 10 km west of Tirukazhukundram. It is said that the village derives its name because many years back gold was harvested in the fields.

1) Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

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2) Sri Kothanda Ramar / Sri Dharba Sayana Sethuramar Temple

This is adjacent to the Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple. This is a twin temple of Sri Ramar within the same complex. Usually Lakshman will be to the left side but here Ramar is in Kalyana kolam (marriage posture) with Seetha devi on the left side and Lakshman on the right side. By the side, the shrine of Dharba Sayana Sethuramar is also present

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3) Sri Meenakshi Amman Samathe Sri Munkudumeeswara temple

Just a km from PV Kalathur, on the way to Pon Pathir Kudam this is another fantastic ancient shiva temple maintained by ASI and bulit by Rajendra chola.

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Aanur is located at about 4 kms from P.V.Kalathur and it has 3 ancient temples.
Kootruva Nayanar and Poet Pugazhendhi lived here

1) Sri Asthra pureeswarar Shiva temple

The temple is in dilapidated condition. The temple was built by Vijaya Kamba Varma Pallavan during the 7th century whose son Aparajitha Varama Pallavan was defeated by Adhithya Chola I that marked the end of Pallava regime and the beginning of Chola regime. The temple was patronised by the Chola Kings Paranthaka, Rajaraja and Klothunga and the Nayakkars of the Vijayanagara period.

  • It is said that Arjunan got the Pasupatha Asthram from Lord Shiva at this place and hence the Lord is called Asthrapureeswarar. The nearby hill is also called Asthra hill.
  • It is said that people will be freed from court cases and encumbrances by worshipping the Lord and Ambal here.
  • Lord Shiva is facing East and Soundara valli Ambal is facing South; Ambal and Swamy can be worshipped from the artha mandapam at the same time. One time pooja is taking place daily.
  • The Ambal is seen with her left leg in front as if ready to step out to the help of devotees.

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2) Sri Vedha Narayana Perumal temple

This temple is also in dilapidated condition. Sri Vedha Narayana Perumal is seen in Ardha Padmasana sitting posture along with His consorts Sri Devi and Boodevi, also in sitting posture.

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3) Sri Kandhaswamy temple

The temple was renovated recently. Lord Muruga appears as Brahmma Sastha

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1) Sri Aadhikesava Perumal Temple

The temple is located 3.5 kms further from Aanoor on the Northern bank of the Palar river. Sri Aadhi kesava Perumal with His consorts Sridevi and Boodevi are in standing postures. Goddess Ambujavalli Thayar and Andal are present in separate shrines in the prahara on either side of the main shrine.

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2) Sri Thirukandeeswarar Temple

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P.V.Kalathur – Thirukkazhukundram

Sri Chaturbuja Ramar Temple at Pon Pathar Koodam

This is located at 4 miles away from Pon Vilaintha Kalathur. After the death of Ravanana, Mandhothari, wife of Ravavana asked Rama what is that she did so as to suffer the loss of her husband. She pleaded Him that she didn’t want nothing else other than the viswaroopa dharshan of Him. Per her request Rama gave dharshan as Chathurpuja ramar with 4 hands and Conch and Wheel (as Vishnu) at Ponpathar koodam. Whereas Krishna has shown that He is a Vishnu Avathar to many from birth itself, Ramar lived as a human king throughout and showed that his face of Vishnu only to 3-4 people on 3-4 occasions. Mondathari, though the wife of an enemy,  is one of those blessed ones .

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Tirukkazhukundram, also known as Dakshina Kailasam, is one of the most celebrated temples of the 275 glorified by the Thevara hymns.

Sri Rudhra Kodeeswarar Temple:

Locted at half a km east of Vedhagreeswarar temple, the Rudhran Temple is older than the Vedhagreeswarar temple. As per procedure, one has to first visit Rudhran temple and then only the Vedhagreeswarar. Once Vishnu came to see Shiva here in the form of  Garudan; When Garudazhwar was waiting outside, before Vishnu came out, Nandhikeswarar blew his breath over Garudazhwar and the feathers of Garudazhwar fell off. Shiva then punished Nandhikeswarar by making him sink to the ground. When Nandhi’s body started to sink into the ground, at the behest of Vishnu, Shiva stopped Nandhikeswar at that point. So, you can see Nandhikeswar partly buried at the ground. By worshipping here once, one can get the benefit of doing Pradhikshna of a crore of Rudhras at a time.

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Sri Thirupura Sundari Amman sametha Sri Bhakthavatsaleswarar Temple:

At the foot of the hill and in the centre of the town is a big temple for Bhaktavatsaleswarar.
Thiripura Sundari amman is Swayambu and so abhishegam is done only to her feet on normal days and for the whole moorthy only on three days – Aadi pooram, the last day of Navarathri and Panguni Uthram.
The temple has 4 gopurams on each direction, the tallest with 9 tiers is on the southern side and the other 3 are with 7 tiers. There is a huge Nandhi facing Vedagiriswarar of the hilltop. The absence of a Nandhi on the hilltop in front of the presiding deity Vedagiriswarar is a unique feature. The main mandapam that fringes the inner gopuram contains a fine sculptural representation of Agora Veerabadrar (Siva in a ferocious form), of 7 feet high. The sculptures of the temples are examples for Pallava kings skills built in 6th century.

Near the temple, there is a Sangu (conch) Theertha kulam (Temple tank) where a Sangu appears once every 12 years.

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Sri Vedhagreeswarar temple:

According to legend, the four Vedas, Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana, are seen here in the shape of four boulders, placed one above the other with Lord Shiva as Vedagiriswarar, emerging from the head of the 4th Veda, Atharvana. Hence the place gets the name Vedagiri. The hill is 500 feet high and has about 550 steps. The central shrine of Vedagiriswarar is seen built of three large boulders, constituting the 3 walls of the sanctum sanctorum. The main deity is a Swaymbu Lingam. In the enclosure around the sanctum sanctorum, are the shrines for Sokkanayagi and for Vinayakar (in a dancing posture).

Till a few years back, a pair of sacred eagles used to come and worship the Lord Shiva everyday at an exact time in the noon. They used to come down to a rock where sweet rice was being offered which was a big attraction. Since the whole eagle sect itself has become extinct (almost) now, this is not seen nowadays unfortunately.

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Mamandur – Meyyur – Salavakkam – Thirumukkoodal

Immediately after the Palar bridge near the stinking beer factory at the outskirts of Chenglepat and before the Andal Alagar College, you have to take a right turn to go to Meyyur – Salavakkam


1) Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple

The Perumal here is very beautiful in accordance with His name.
A great temple for marriage prayers. From my personal experience, I prayed for my daughter’s marriage here on one Saturday and the marriage was finalised within the very next Saturday! We have some more successful marriage prayer experiences too within our family circles.

Contact: Sri Balaji Bhattar – 94440 06963 / 92831 86199 / 98847 00551

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2) Sri Anantheeswar temple

A beautiful and ancient Shiva temple which was under dilapidated condition had been renovated recently
Contact: Mr.Prabhakaran @ 9042594620, 9787158573

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Salavakkam is 4kms from Meyyur.

1) Sri Sundhara Varadharaja Perumal Temple

This is a 300 years old temple. In the main shrine, moolavar and urchavar Sri Ahagu Sundara Varadhraja Perumal are present. In the Thayar shrine, moolavar and Urchava Thayar Sri Anandhavalli are present.

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2) Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple
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3) Bairavar Hill Temple
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Shiva Temple at Gidangarai
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Sri Kamakshi amman sametha Sri Mukttheeswarar Temple at Edamachi

An ancient temple renovated by the good efforts of a 20+ years old girl

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1) Shiva Temple
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2) Perumal Temple
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Chenglepat – Madurathagam

Sri Brahmmapureeswarar Temple at Vadapathy
The holy temple tank is Brahmma theertha Sangu kulam.
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Sri Nagavalli sametha Sri Picheeswarar Temple at Mamandur

Manduga maharishi did penance here and got the dharshan of Lord Shiva. There is a big temple tank also. It is believed that worshipping the Lord here will solve any kind of problem, however big it is.

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1) Sri Maha Kaleeswarar Temple
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2) Sri Thanjavur Mariamman Temple
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Sri Vyagrapureeswarar temple at Pulippara koil

A 1300 years old Shiva temple at Pulippara koil village. After crossing the Palar bridge in the outskirts of Chenglepat and Mamandur, one has to take the left at the Padalam junction and travel further for about 2 kms to reach the temple.

Contact: 24991964

Links: Location ‘Raju’s Temple Visit’ Travelogue

Sri Sundara Mahalakshmi sametha Sri Kamala Varadharajar Temple at Arasar koil

This temple is located at Arasarkoil about 1.5 km from the Vyagrapureeswarar temple. It is said to be older than the Kancheepuram Varadaraja temple. According to legend, Brahma penanced here praying to Lord Narayana and got His dharshan along with His Consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Per another legend when Brahma collected holy earth from the Palar river to set up the Yagakunda in Kanchipuram, the idols of Lord Varadaraja and His Consorts were unearthed and he kept them in this temple built by the divine sculptor and worshipped them. Hence this temple, it is claimed, is more ancient than the Kanchipuram temple.

Sundara Mahalakshmi Thayar is very beautiful as the name signifies and has rich legend and significances. She is called Aadhi Lakshmi Thaayar since She is considered the earliest Thaayar formed in the world.

The temple is under renovation (2012).

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Sri Prasanna Venkatachalapathy Temple at Thirumalai Vaiyavur

While going from Chenglepat, one has to take a diversion to right at Padalam junction to reach this temple. There are about 500 steps to climb but there is a motorable toad to the top itself.  Called as ‘Then(South) Thirupathy’, this ancient temple is very popular and lot of marriages take place in the temple.

Hanuman while carrying the Sanjeevi hill is believed to have stayed here. Without placing the hill on the ground, he transferred the mountain from his right hand to left. Hence this place is referred to as ‘Vaiyaa – Oor’.

After defeating Asura Hiranya, Lord Vishnu in his Varaha Avatar asked Garuda to bring from Vaikuntam a mountain where he could play and enjoy himself. Garuda went all the way to Vaikuntam and while on his way back, a piece fell on the banks of Paali river. Garuda placed the mountain on the banks of Swarnmukhi river. It is here that Garuda had Vishwaroopa darshan of the Lord.

Prior to his Pancha Samskaram at Eri Kaatha Rama temple at Madurantakam, Ramanuja is believed to have stayed here in a Yogic Posture before making the trip south wards to Madurantakam.

Lord Srinivasa is seen in a standing posture with Adisesha atop him.  King Thondaiman is said to have built the temple as a thanking gesture to the Lord, who helped him win his battle.

Quick Facts:
Moolavar: Prasanna Venkatesan East Facing standing posture
Thaayar: Alarmel Mangai
Temple Time: 8am-12noon and 4pm-7pm
Priest: Devaraja Bhattar@ 94432 39005

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Sri Hanuman Temple at Thirumalai Vaiyavur
Located at the base of the hills where the steps start
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1) Thiruvallinathar Temple
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2) Sri Gnanagiriswarar Temple
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Gnanagiri malai

Gnanagirimalai is located on the right side while going from Chennai just before Madhuranthakam lake.

1) Sri Ranganathar temple
Located on a small hill, this temple is visible from GST road itself.
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2) Sri Jeyaveera Anjaneyar Temple
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Shiva Temple (Vada Thirunallar) at Karunkunzhi
A shiva temple but more popular as a Saneeswarar Temple. Like Thirunallar, east facing Sani Bhagwan temple
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Sri Amba nayahi sametha Sri VeeraVaranathar Shiva temple at Kinar

This Pallava period temple at Kinar (Thiru Kannar Village) is one of the Thevara reference temples. The lingam is one of the biggest in Tamilnadu. The deity was worshipped by Sage Gowthamar, Agalya and Pancha Pandavars.  Between the main deity and the Nandhi, Indhra is sitting on his Iravatha elephant and getting his curse cured. On the back of the lingam, a big Somaskantha sculpture is present in big size.

Contact: Sri.K.N.Vatseeswaran 94421 77959 / 27598259

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Vada Chitrambalam Sri Murugan temple at Maduranthagam

One of the temples glorified by the Thiruppugazh by Arunagirinathar

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Sri Yeri katha Ramar temple at Maduranthakam

One of the 108 Divya desams and a very popular one. Under the British rule, once during floods, the Maduranthagam lake was protected by Sri Ramar and He had shown dharshan to a British officer which is recorded in Govt gazette.

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Sri Thiruvenkaatteeshvarar Shiva temple at Kadapperi, Maduranthakam

One of the Thevara reference temples. A skin disease of a Pandya King got cured with a dip in the temple tank and so is considered a prarthana temple for skin diseases.

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Sri Sarva Mangalambigai sametha Sri Aagneeswarar / Sri Avimuktheeswarar Temple at Goodalur

A granite Chola temple totally ruined is rebuilt and kumbabhishegam had taken place in June 2017.
Lord Shiva faces West only in few temples and this is one of them. Hence the Lord Shiva here is considered as a Divine healer like Sri Vaitheeswarar and Sri Marutheeswarar.
Lord Shiva here is called Avimuktheeswara. Kasi is called Avimuktham which literally means the place where Lord Shiva is always present. Also, Avimuktha is the place where the two eye brows and nose meet.
Worshipped by Sri Athri Maharishi and other Saptha rishis.
As per Deva prachanam, Nava Rajaganas are worshipping the Lord even today and hence this is considered as a Kala Sarba dhosha Nivarana Sthalam.
There are many inscriptions of Raja Raja Chola, Rajendra Chola 3 and Queen Vichweswara Thambiratti. As per the inscriptions, the temple was patronised by Pallava, Chola and Hoysala kings

Sthala Vruksham: Kallala tree
Theertham: Sivaganga theertham

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Sri Govindan Goshala
A big goshala with 200+ cows in a very spacious natural environment.
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Sri Aadhi Parasakthi temple at Mel Maruvathoor

Some 35 years back this was a small temple in a small village. Now this is a highly popular temple with the dedication and devotion of Sri Bangaru Adigalar. The temple has expanded exponentially and devotees throng the temple.

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Sri Dhandayuthapani Murugan Temple at Nadu Palani

After Mel maruvathur just before Achirupakkam town you have to take a diversion to the left. There is an arch in the highway itself. This is a Murugan temple on a small hillock in a beautiful environment with about 10 huge banyan trees. Kanchi Periyavar once visited this place asked the people to name this as ‘Nadu Palani’. 

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Sri Ilangiliammai udanurai Sri Aatcheeswarar temple at Achirupakkam


  • One of 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns
  • Swyambu lingam
  • There are two shiva shrines
  • Dwajasthambam and Nandhi are not in straight line to main entrance. The Dwajastham and Nandhi are in line with one shiva shrine whereas Rajagopura entrance is in line with the other shiva shrine.
  • The axle of Shiva’s chariot was broken here and got repaired after worshipping ‘Achu muri Vinayagar’ (in a separate adjacent temple) and so one’s obstacles will get cleared after worshipping the Vinayagar here.
  • There is also Maha Vishnu shrine and He is standing on a linga aavudaiyar; Anjaneyar is opposite Maha Vishnu.

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Sri Pasupatheeswarar / Sri Murugan temple

Near Achirupakkam, this temple is on a small hill immediately after the highway overbridge to the right side of the highway.  The temple is visible from the highway itself. The hill is occupied by the Evangalist groups and create many hurdles for the temple uplift. So visit to the temple by devotees will save the hill and the temple.

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Sri Baala Veda Padashala at Achirapakkam

There is a Veda padashala just about 300 meters further from the 99kms coffe shop, just on the highway itself. Kanchi Bala Periyava used to stay here every now and then whenever he comes across this route.
Around 15 Vidyarthis are studying in a very beautiful and serene atmosphere. A goshala, a huge well brimming with water (today’s kids might not have seen such a huge well!), a 27 star and 12 Rasi  plants garden, plenty of herbal plants, plenty of rare trees – all in a very cleanly maintained atmosphere in the backdrop of a hill!
Just inform them prior and you can have food as well. A must visit place indeed!

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Perumber Kandigai

This is to the right side of the highway while going from Chennai.

1) Sri Murugan temple

About half a km from the highway, this is another Murugan temple on hillock in a beautiful environment. The location of the hill base with huge banyan trees, Village God temple and a beautiful temple tank is just beautiful. Vehicles can go to the hill top itself.

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Note: Sri Veerabadra Swami Temple at Perumber Kandigai is another temple of ancient origin here

2) Sri Shenbagavalli sametha Sri Kailasanathar Temple
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3) Sri Karivaratharaja Perumal Temple
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4) Sri Thanthondreeswarar Temple

Around 1 km from Perumber Kandigai temple, this very ancient Shiva temple has a very rare conch with which abhishehams are done.
Contact: Both the Murugan and the Thanthondreeswarar temple are taken care by the same family – Sri Ravi Gurukkal @ 99529 65215  / Sri Muthu Gurukkal @ 97873 67657
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Sri Vijaya Varadha Perumal Temple at Baburayanpettai

Around 4 kms from Perumber Kandigai, this is a massive Perumal Temple in a highly dilapidated condition, now under renovation.

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Around Chenglepat

Sri Sivakamasundari Ambal sametha Sri Kaleeswara Swamy Temple at Cheettanancheri

Cheettannancheri is about 7 kms North-west of Orakkattupettai. A fairly big temple with beautiful sculptures. Both Swamy and Ambal are facing the same direction in separate shrine in a marriage posture. So a good place to worship for marriage wishes. The temple tank and the whole temple are beautiful.

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Sri Anandhavalli Thayar sametha Sri Vaikunthavasa Perumal Temple at Arumbuliyur

7 kms from Pazhaya Seevaram on the bank of Palar
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Sri Thiripura Sundari sametha Sri Gunam Thandha Nadhar Shiva Temple at Orakkattupettai

A 600 years old Shiva temple. Orakkattupettai is about 8 kms from Chengalpat in the Chengalpat – Kanchipuram and taking a diversion at around 2 kms before Athur, towards west across Palar river. There are ashta lingams in the eight directions within the temple. The temple tank is beautiful though there was no water.

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Sri Kailasanathar Temple at Kavithandalam
Near Orakkattupettai
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1) Shiva Temple
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2) Sri Shenbagavalli Thayar sametha Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple
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Sri Pannanmozhiyammai sametha Sri Thiruvaaleeswarar temple at Thiruvanaikkaval

An ancient temple with Gajaprashta vimanam renovated recently. The outer praharam is filled with beautiful nandavanams.

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Shiva Temple at Peranakkavur
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Sri Kailasanathar Temple at Thandarai
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Sri Koppeechwarar Shiva Temple at Annathur
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1) Sri Kothanda Ramar and Sri Keerthi Narayana Perumal Temple
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2) Sri Loganayagi Sametha Sri Vaseshteehswar Temple
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Chenglepat – Kanchipuram


1) Sri Dharmasamvarhini Ambal Sametha Sri Muktheeswarar Temple

An ancient temple, nicely renovated and being maintained neatly. Beautiful nandavanams all around in the outer praharam inside the temple
Contact: Sri Kamalakkannan Sivacharyar @ 73050 16153

Note: Athur brinjal (with thorns) is very popular

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2) Sri Kalyana Varadharaja Perumal Temple

An ancient temple, nicely renovated and being maintained neatly. The perumal is huge typically like a Divya desa temple and is in nithya kalyana kolam.

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3) Chaturveda Vidya Ganapathi Vedashram

The 2nd biggest Vedhapadashala of Tamilnadu with 100+ Vidyarthis, next only to the Raja Veda Kavya Padasala of Kumbakonam
Contact: Sri Kamakoti @ 98844 02624

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There are two ancient temples here.

1) Srinivasa Perumal Temple
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2) Sri Thokkiswaran Temple
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Sri Pathangeeswarar Shiva Temple at Palur

Goddess here is called Brahmmarambigai. Surya worshipped Shiva here.

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Pazhaya Seevaram Narasimha Swamy

While going from chenglepat, Pazhaya Seevaram is just before Wallajabad on the main road itself on the banks of Palar.

Links: Location Raju’s Temple Visits’ Travelogue 

Thirumukkoodal Appan Venkatesa Perumal

Thirumukkoodal is just on the opposite bank of the river. This is an ASI maintained temple and once this village was flourishing with Vedic College, Ayurvedic hospital and hostels. Appan Venkatesa Perumal is standing on an (Shiva linga) Avudayar which is very rare to see.

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Walajabad – Thirumaagaral

Sri Murugan temple at Ilayanar Velur 

8 kms from Walajabad and 2 kms from Kavanthandalam, this is a beautiful Murugan temple and has a legend link with Maagaral and Kadambar koil

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1) Sri Choleeswara Swamy Shiva Temple
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2) Sri Kariya manikka temple
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3) Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple
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Kanchipuram – Uthiramerur


1) Thiru Maakaraleeswarar temple

One of the 275 Thevara padal Petra sthalams. A beautifully maintained Thevara Padal Petra Sthalam.  Shiva is said to have manifested himself as a giant golden lizard to Rajendra Cholan here and in another legend, a giant lizard  (உடும்பு) is said to have worshipped Shiva in an ant hill. Indhra is said to have worshipped Shiva here. The main deity, lingam, is in the form of the tail of a big lizaard. The temple has a Gajaprashta Vimanam

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2) Perumal Temple
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Kadambar Koil


  • Suyambu lingam
  • The Cheyyar river which normally flows east-west, flows north-south at this place and so considered very holy (Ganges also normally flows east-west but is considered holy only at places where it flows north-south).
  • Considered as holy as Kasi, a place to do all the rituals that are normally done at Kasi, a place for salvation.
  • Small, beautiful and cleanly maintained without any great sculpture works.
  • Sung by Thirugnana Sambandar and so should be more than 1300 years old

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Sri Agilandeswami sametha Sri Agatheeswarar temple at Olugarai
This is about 5 KM from Kadambarkoil.
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Sri Vyagapureeswarar temple at Thiruppulivanam

An ancient Shiva temple Klothunga Chozhan renovated recently. Sage Vyakrapadhar  (with  human body and tigers legs) worshipped Lord Shiva here. This is an important Gurusthalam since Dakshinamurthy in the form of Arthanaareswarar is on a lion. This is a Simha rasi parihara sthalam as well. The Shivalingam is very tall and has jada mudi. A secret path exists from here till Uthiramerur Sundara varadhar temple but this has been closed in the recent renovation. Dwarabalakar statues are very huge and artistically done.  From Nandhi to the sanctum sanctorum the flooring has 7 levels of height.

Contact: Gunasekar – 9445221236

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Links: Collection of Photo albums of Temples around Uthiramerur 

1) Sri Sundara Varadaraja Perumal Temple

This beautiful Sundara varadharajar temple has 9 perumals. 3 perumals are in the praharams around the main shrine; 3 perumals are in 3 tiers – Ninra (standing), Irundha (sitting) and Kidantha (lying) postures and 3 perumals within the vimanam while going up the 3 tiers. There is a way to go around the vimanam. 5 perumals of this temple had given dharshans to the Pancha pandavas individually. Chennai Besant nagar Ashtalakshmi temple had been constructed based on this architecture only. A veera anjaneya shrine is front of the temple is also a beautiful one.

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2) Sri Balasubramania Swamy temple

This is immediately next to the Sundara Varadharaja Perumal temple. This very ancient Balasubramania Swamy temple houses Swayambu Lord Murugar in tapas posture to get the vel for Soora samharam. The vahana in front is elephant instead of usual peacock

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3) Sri Vaikuntha Perumal Temple 

This is an ASI maintained temple right opposite the bus stand. This has the inscriptions all around the sanctum mandapam about the rules and regulations to conduct elections for a democratic rule. It demands a good character and conduct from the people who wish to face the election. These inscriptions are highly popular and proclaim the democratic process and the good governance existed at that time (a big sigh……!)

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4) Sri Kailasanathar Temple

An ancient temple which was in a dilapidated state has been renovated stone by stone as it was before by the expertise of REACH foundation. The main deity is a huge and beautiful lingam with a glittering shine. The temple is almost back to its glamour. (The temple is also called Irathai Thaleeswarar Temple ???)

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Uthiramerur – Manampathi – Vandavasi

Periyanayaki samathe Sri Vaanasundraswarar temple at Manamathi

This Chola temple is more than 1200 years old with a rich history behind it. The village was called Vanavan Madevi swaram in the name of Raja Raja’s mother and became Manampathy later.

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Thennangur is 6 km before Vandavasi and has become a popular tourist place because of the beautiful Pandurangan temple.

1) Sri Ragumayi sametha Sri Pandurangan Temple

The uniqueness of this temple is reflected in the following: The Garba-Griha, Gopuram (sanctum-sanctorum) on the model of puri jagannath; the Chola type of Rajagopuram in its artistry and the presiding deities from Maharashtra. The tiny idols of Panduranga-Raghumayi manifested to a big-size (viswarupam). The speciality of this temple being the daily alankarams and the mural paintings of the mandapam. On any day Pandurangan is adorned with beautiful alankaram.

Links: Location Photos ‘Raju’s Temple Visits’ Travelogue

2) Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple

Per Legend, Thennangur is the birth place of Sri Meenakshi. This temple for for Meenakshi and Sundareswarar has beautiful paintings of their marriage in the ceiling and all the navagrahas with their spouses (may be they are attending the Meenakshi – Sundareswarar marriage?). Every year the Meenakshi-Sundareswarar Kalyanam and other festivals are performed in this temple.

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3) Sri Lakshmi Narayana Temple

This is an ancient temple renovated by Sri Haridoss Giri Swamigal. It is customary in this temple to have Sita Kalyanam festival, every year conducted by the Bhagavatha bakthas in the Bhajan tradition.

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Sri Ambujavalli Nayika Samedha Sri Adhikesava Perumal Temple at Soundaryapuram

Soundaryapuram Village,  Vandavasi Taluk is located on the Vandavasi – Kancheepuram route at around five km east of Thennangur, Sri Padma Chakram in the Temple is highly sacred and powerful.

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Singaperumal Koil – Oragadam

Sri Nithya Kalyana Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple at Aappur

Note: Don’t confuse this temple with the more popular Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple in the ECR just before Mahabalipuram

This temple is situated at 5 kms from Thirukkachur towards Sriperumbudur, at a village called Aappur, in a small hill called Aushadagiri (hill of medicinial herbs). By climbing about 500 steps you can reach the hill the steps are somewhat steeper than usual. In the hilltop you can see the beauty of the Nityakalyana perumal as well as beauty of the Nature with with full of lakes and reserve forests.

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Vadakkupatti is approximately mid-way between Singaperumalkoil and Oragadam

1) Shri Sundara Varadaraja perumal temple
2) Shiva Temple

Vandalur – Padappai – Oragadam

See Within Chennai

Oragadam – Walajabad (Kanchipuram)

Sri Maha Meru Meditation Center at Sri Nagaram
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Sri Nallinakkeeswarar Shiva temple at Ezhichur

The main deity here is called Sri Nallinakkeeswarar (நல்லிணக்கீஸ்வரர்),  meaning ‘God of harmony’. Goddess here is Sri Deivanaayagi. This Chola period temple is being renovated at a cost of more than a crore with full stone work. Once this was athishtanam of one of the Kanchi peetathipathies. The main deity is a 2.5 feet high lingam on a huge aavudayar.

According to a copper inscription found in this temple, a Vijayanagara King called ‘Veera Narasimha’ gifted Ezhuchur and Venpaakkam villages to ‘Sri Vyaasaachala Mahadeva Saraswathi Swamigal’, the seer said to have headed the present Kanchi Mutt as 54th Peetadhipadhi in the lineage. The seer is said to have worshipped the Lord here and also attained ‘Mukthi’ at this place. The Adhishtaanam (Samadhi) of ‘Sri Vyaasaachala Mahadeva Saraswathi Swamigal’ is also found in the temple at south west of the sanctum. The idol of Sri Chandhramouleeswarar (Lingam) is also found in the temple which was originally found placed on the Adhishtaanam. Now some bricks and lamps are kept there for identification.

The Nandhi here, called as ‘Rajo Guna Nandhi’, is said to be very unique and not found anywhere else. The Nandhi has beautiful ornaments and clothing, all carved on it. One will need at least 10 minutes to go around and admire the Nandhi in detail.

There are 3 Sthala Virukshams for this temple:  a female Palm tree, Vilvam and a rare Erazhinjal (ankola) tree.

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Temple at Kunnavakkam

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at Devariyambakkam
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Shiva Temple at Nathanallur
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Viswaroopa Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple at Kattavakkam

In the Padappai – Oragadam – Walajabad road, after Oragadam, 12 kms from Oragadam, 2 kms before Walajabad, turn right (North) at Krishna garden and travel further for about 1 km to reach the temple.

The Lord is seated, 16 feet high (possibly the biggest in the World), mounted on 5 peetams. 7 headed Aadhiseshan is shielding Him. The Lord has 12 teeth denoting 12 Rasis, 3 eyes and has bow & arrow in His left hand instead of Shangu. Mahalakshmi is seated on His Lap. The Lord is mounted on Kurma.
Contact: 27290805

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Walajabad – Sunguvarchathram (Sriperumpudur)


5 miles north of Walajabad, Thenneri is a beautiful village with a bg lake and green fields and there are two ASI Maintained shiva temples here

Sri Srnivasa Perumal Temple at Thenneri Agaram

Shiva Temple at Kunnam

Sri Markandeswaran Shiva Temple at Echoor

Shiva Temple at Sirumangadu

Oragadam – Sriperumpudur


1) Sri Radha Rukmani Sametha Sri Venugopla Swamy Temple at Thiruvankaranai
2) Sri Amirthavalli Thayar Sametha Sri Abathsagaeswarar Temple


1) Sri Murugan Temple (Thiruppugazh Temple)

This ancient Murugan temple is 12 kms south of Sriperumpudur.
Lord Murugar is swayambu and is about 7 ft high and such a tall Swayambu murthy for Lord Muruga is very rare. This temple is more than 1200 years old. Bagirathan did penance to Lord Muruga to get back his lost kingdom. He got the dharshan of the Lord and also went and won his kingdom.
Sung by Sri Arunagirinathar in his Thiruppugazh hymns.

Links: Location Weblink Travelogue

2) Sri Komaleshwarar Temple
This is closeby Murugan temple.
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Sri Sayanambikai Sametha Sadaiyeswara Temple at Vallam

Nandhi is turned towards the entrance protecting the temple and village from the demons.

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1) Perumal Temple
2) Shiva Temple
3) Murugan Temple

Sriperumpudur – Manimangalam

Veda Padasala and Sri Abhinaya Vishnu Durgai Temple at Thirupura Sundari nagar

This is located between Pillaipakkam and Sriperumpudhur.
The temple is part of the Vedha padashala Complex where all the four vedhas are taught

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Location: Pillaipakkam is about 3 kms from the Bangalore highway en route Mainmangalam.

1) Sri Thaiyal nayahi sametha Sri Vaitheeswaran Temple

Once, the son of the temple’s archagar was bitten by a snake and the archagar put him in front of the Lord and prayed to Him. The Lord then came in the form of a cow and licked the part of the boy which was bitten by the snake. He got cured and thus the Lord Vaitheeswaran’s curing power came to light. The village was then known as “Pillai Nakkiya Pakkam” and became Pillaipakkam later.

The Temple:
A Pallava temple renovated later by Paranthaka Chola II (Sundara Chola). The temple was destroyed by the invasion of Golkonda Nawab around 550 years back and renovated in 1977 by Sri Namachivaya Chettiar of this village.
The temple is called as Vada Vaitheeswaran Temple
The vimanam is Gajaprashta vimanam
Lord Dakshinamoorthy is very special here and called as Kala Dakshinamoorthy. He is seen with Soolayutham and Nagabaranam and so He is considered to relieve people from Naga dhosham
Kala Bairvar is present
As a special feature, Chandikeswari also present along with Chandikeswarar.

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2) Sri Kalyanavalli Thayar sametha Sri Kalyana Jagannathar Temple

The main deity Sri Kalyana Jagannathar is present with Sridevi and boodevi in standing posture.
Anjaneyar is present in front of the Lord in the usual place of Garudan.
As the name of the Perumal suggests, marriage prayers are answered by praying to the Lord.

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3) Sri Chelliamman Temple

Sri Kamakshi ambal sametha Sri Ekambareswarar temple at Vengadu

This ancient temple was under dilapidated condition and efforts are being made to revive the temple.
Contact: Sri Ramamoorthy @ 99403 98648

Links: Location Raju’s Temple Visit Travelogue

Sri Akshaya Rathna Lingeswarar Temple at Kolathur

The main deity, the lingam, was lying around without any care and with efforts from many people the new temple has been built and the kumbabhishegam took place in 2015. As per prasnam and as the name suggests,  worshipping the deity will bring abundant wealth and it has been proved already.

Links: Location Raju’s Temple Visit Travelogue

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamigal Asram at Maharanyam (Malaipattu)

A big and highly popular ashram brimming with activities.
The temples of Lord Sri Kalyana Srinivasa Perumal and Kanyakumari Sri (Viswaroopa) Jaya Hanuman are located in the complex

Links: Location Weblink1 Weblink2

Sri Brahannayahi Ambal sametha Sri Siddhanantheswarar temple at Chetpat

The main deity, the lingam was lying around without any care and efforts are being made to build the new temple and revive the temple tank. The kumbabhishegam is expected soon.
Contact: Sri Ramamoorthy @ 99403 98648

Links: Location Raju’s Temple Visit Travelogue


Temples in Manimangalam village are detailed under ‘Within Chennai’ directory

Sriperumpudur – Kaveripakkam (Bangalore Highway)

Sri Adhikesava Perumal Temple at Sriperumpudur

Significance: Birth place of Sri Ramanujar
Main deity: Sri Adhikesava Perumal with his consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi in standing posture and Goddess Ethiraja Valli Thayar in separate shrines.
Legend: The place is known as Aranyaranam and Boodhapuri. To get rid of Shiva’s curse, Boodha ganas penanced here and were blessed by Vishnu. In turn, they built this temple for Vishnu and so this place came to be known as Boodhapuri which later became Bhoodur and after Ramanujar’s birth, became Sri Perumbhoodur.
Temple: There is an idol of Ramanujar here which was embraced by Ramanujar himself. At the time of eye opening ceremony of Ramanujar’s idol here, Ramanujar was preaching at Srirangam and it is said that at that instant, blood oozed out from both real-life Ramanjuar (at Srirangam) and the idol here. Other deities like Rama, Andal, Udayavar, Desikan, and Alavandhar are there.
Theertham: Anantha saras

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Other Tempels / shrines:

Sri Bhutapureeswarar Shiva Temple at Sriperumpudur
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Sri Embar temple at Maduramangalam

The temple is about 65 kms from Chennai and around 20 kms from Sriperumbudur after Sunguvar chathram. It is an ancient temple and people with eye problems should sure visit this place.

Links: Location

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Temple at Neervalur
Links: Location Weblink

Sri Agilandeshwari Ambal sametha Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Siruvallur
Links: Location

Kanchi Mutt Cultural Exhibition at Vedal

The Cultural Exhibition is one of its kind and has the great epics Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna Leela and Sri Sankaracharya Charitram depicted in the form of animated dolls. Craftsmen from North India were specially engaged to create this marvel, which showcases our epics in an innovative way, attractive to both the young and elders.

Links: Location Weblink

Triad of sacred spots (Thiruputkuzhi-Thirupparkadal)

Thirupparkadal is famous for its twin temples, where the Lord is seen in reclining and standing postures. This, along with Thiruputkuzhi, where the Lord is seen in sitting posture, is considered a triad of sacred spots where Perumal can be seen  in all the 3 postures –  sitting, standing and reclining.

Sri Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple at Thiruputkuzhi


  • One of the 108 Divya desams;
  • Ramar performed the last rites for Jatayu who attained moksha here.
  • Yadava prakasar, guru of Ramanujar preached Vedanta to Ramanujar here.

Location: Near Baluchetti Chattiram i the Bangalore highways, around 10  kms after the road to Kanchipuram,  about 100 meters inside from the Highways on the left side while going from Chennai.
Main deity: Vijaya ragava perumal in sitting posture with Maragadavalli thayar in separate shrines.
Worship significance:
Childless women come here, fry the green gram wash it and tie to their stomach and sleep in the temple premises that night. Next day if it sprouts, it is considered that their wish will be fulfilled.
On new moon days, doing poojas for ancestors after taking a dip at the tank is considered very sacred.
Theertham: Pond, Jatayu theertham, was created by Rama

Links: Location Photos Weblink

Shiva Temple at Thirupputkuzhi
Links: Location

Sri Thiripura Sundarambigai sametha Sri Saktheeswar Shiva Temple at Musaravakkam

Links: Location Photos


This is 3.5 kms from Thirupputkuzhi / Baalu Chatram. There are 3  ancient temples here and are visible from the national highway itself.

1) Shri Varaga Eeswarar Temple

This is visible from the national highway itself. There are 10 temples around Kanchipuram where Lord Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva in all the ten avathars. This is one of those ten temples that corresponds to Varaha avathar.
There are ashta bairavars in the pillars of the artha mandapam. Also ashta lakshmis are present in the pillars around the Ambal shrine.
Sri Dakshinamoorthy is also present in a pillar in the artha mandapam.
Contact: 99943 67390

Links: Location Photos

2) Sri Narasingeshwarar Temple

This is just opposite the Varaga Eeswarar Temple.  This is another one of the Dhasavathara temples where Mahavishnu worshipped Shiva during His Narasimha avathar.

Links: Location

3) Sri Thirumalazhagi Thayar Sametha Sri Dhamodhra Perumal Temple

Main deity: Sri Dhamodharan in standing posture with four hands; holding Sangu, chakra in two hands and the other two hands in Varadha and Ooru hastham; wearing Salagrama haram and Dhasavathara haram.
Urchavar: Manthasmitha Parijathan Dhamodhran

Thayar: Sri Thirumal Azhagi, Vishnu Sundari in a separate shrine

Theertham: Vipula Saras, Sarpa theertham
Sthala Vruksham: Vilvam (very rare in a Perumal temple) and Punnai

The temple is small but about 1000 years old ancient. It has only Deepasthambam and no Dwajasthambam confirms its ancientness.
The main deity is Sri Dhamodhara Perumal as Lord Krishna, wearing golusu. People pray for the sound of golusu (for childbirth) in their house and offer golusu as a prayer to the God.
Since Yasodha tied Lord Krishna to a wooden mortar with a rope, a scar was formed in the stomach of Lord Krishna. ‘Dhama’ means rope and ‘Utharan’ means stomach and so Lord Dhamodharan here has a scar in His stomach.

About 1000 years back, the village was occupied by Madhwa brahmins and in due course it was donated to local Vaishnavites. So, the place was called “Dhana malla puram” (dhanam means donation in tamil) and it became Dhamal later. Normally Perumal will be seen with Thiruman and Srichoornam and here as a mark of original Madhwa tradition, the Urchavar is seen with Kasthuri Thilagam always and the main deity is adorned with Kasthuri Thilagam on Rohini star days (the birth start of Lord Krishan) every month.

The main temple entrance and the Agraharam is just opposite the Thayar shrine (not opposite the Perumal shrine as is usual)
There is a rest house, that belongs to the temple, next to the temple itself where you can stay / take rest.

Timing: 8 AM to 8 PM )no break, since Archagar stays there itself)
Contact: 96294 06140 / 99448 12697 / 97891 51609

Links: Location Photos

Shiva Temple at Kilar

You have to take a diversion to the left (south) while going from Chennai at Dhamal to reach Kilar. A beautiful shodasa lingam with 16 stripes, in open space, in the midst of green fields is present and work to construct a temple has just begun. I was moved with the affection and involvement of the villagers towards the Lord when the initiation abhishham was done.

Contact: M.Subramaniam, Panchayat President, 99421 67501

Links:  Location Photos

Sri Kamakshi Amman sametha Marundeeswarar / Swarna Akarshana Bairavar / Anjaneyar Temple at Vada Iluppai

Vada Iluppai is also celebrated as “Madhuga Shethram”, “Dindima Kavi Shethram” and  “Brahma Vidhyapuram” in the scriptures.
Lord Maruntheeswarar faces West, which is itself an exceptional factor. The name of the Lord denotes,” a doctor who can rescue mankind from all diseases”.
Lord Anjaneya and Guru Dakshinamurthy face each other, which is a good remedy for all problems created by Lord Saneeshwara. This exceptional arrangement is a good cure for delayed marriages, doshas in baby birth etc. The combined blessings of Guru Bhagwan and Lord Hanuman is a strong defence for human kind to come out of all adversities.
Arunagirinathar has sung in praise of Vada Iluppai as “Anybody who wishes freedom from rebirth should eternally worship Vada Iluppai”.  This sanctified temple has been visited by many Gnanis, Gurus, Saints, Vidhwans etc.  As per the words of Kanchi Paramacharya, Goddess Kamakshi lives perpetually here and offers Her Omnipotent blessings to mankind. Eminent saints like Thapovanam Gnanaananda Swamigal, Sheshadri Mahan, Poondi Mahan, Sri Arunagirinadha Swamigal have offered their pujas here.
The ancient temple is getting spruced up and it is planned to install Sri Chakra for Kamakshi Amman as per the Sri Vidya Mantra Sastra and Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar .

Links:Location Weblink1  Weblink2

Sri Pillai Kaaragan (Lakshmi Narayana) Swamy temple at Melvenpakkam

Location: After crossing Baluchetty Chaththiram and Damal, at 2.8 kms from Damal, take a right turn towards Panapakkam. At half a km from there, you can see a big banyan tree on the left side and take a right turn opposite to the tree and travel for another 2.8 kms through Veliya nallur and Zakir Thandalam to reach Mel venpakkam and this temple.

Husband & Wife Harmony: In Lakshmi Narayana form of Lord, normally Sri Narayana and Goddess Lakshmi are seen together with some gap in between, but here, they are in a very intimate posture without any gap between them suggesting a good husband & wife relation blessing to the devotees. Further the moorthy is made of Salagramam.

Santhana Prapthi: The Lord as the name suggests bestow the devotees with the boon of children. A special  Thirumanjanam is performed on Friday mornings at 7 am and the Paal Payasa prasadam is then given to the childless couples to be blessed for children.

Dosha Nivarthi: Usually Adhiseshan can be found as the Asana for Lord Mahavishnu but here he can circling the Lord’s neck twice and lifting up his hood on His chest as a Vyjayanthimala, a very rare posture. This form is said to rid one of all Doshas.

In 1957, Paramacharya of Sri Kanchi Sankara Mutt had spent three days in meditation here.
Sri A M Rajagopalan of Kumudham Jyothidam is recommending this temple for various doshas and boons in many of his writings
Contact: Mr D Manivannan, 94449 70066/ 90031 77722/ 93831 45661

Links: Location Weblink1 Weblink2 Photos


1) Sri Soundaryanayagi Sametha Sri Mayuranathar Temple

The deity here was worshipped by Tiger and Peacock;  Nandhidevar, Indran, Agasthiar and Brahmma worshipped Shiva here. .

Links: Location

2) Sri Lakshmi Narayanar Temple
3) Sri Ramar Temple
4) Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple
5) Sri Kalathinathar Temple
6) Sri Raghavendhra Brindhavana
7) Sri Akilandeswari Sametha Sri Agatheshwarar Temple

Sri Suganatheswarar (or Sri Datteswar?) Temple at Karivedu Kalathur

A 1200 years old temple with the architecture of Vijayanagara, Chola and Pallava periods. The main deity was worshipped by Suhka Brhmma rishi with the parrot face and so is called Suganatheswarar; ambal is called Sondaravalli.

Links: Location

Sri Hariprasatha Eswar Temple at Karivedu

The Swayambu lingam here was worshipped by Mahavishnu and so Shiva here is called Hariprasadeswar. This is a small temple facing south with Shiva facing East and Ambal facing South. Surya worship takes place everyday, i.e., sun rays fall on the Lord everyday morning. So it is considered that worshipping the Lord here will remove one’s Surya dosha. Dharma samvardhini Ambal is present with four hands in Abhayavaradha posture with Pasangusam. There are shrines for Mahavishnu and Kailasanathar also.  There is a shrine in the name of Badhalalingeswarar and this will be filled with water when there is a flood in Palar.

Links: Location

Sri Chandramouleeswarar Temple at Mamandur
A dilapidated temple that needs attention
Links: Location Photos


There are many Brahmmadesam villages in tamilnadu and this is one of them.

1) Sri Kannikeswarar Temple
Links: Location

2) Sri Chandra Mouleeswarar Temple / Rajendra Chola Mausoleum

Historians believe that Rajendra Chola I and his wife Veeramadevi died here and their memorials are located here. Temple is maintained by the Archaeological survey of India.

Links: Location

Agastheeswar temple nearby?


1) Sri Swayambunathar temple

An unattended 2000 years old temple with swayambu lingam as Swayambunathar facing east; ambal facing south. It is said that worshipping the Lord here will cure all stomach related problems. In 1840, when a Muslim merchant was suffering with stomach pain, the easwaran appeared in his dream and asked him to renovate this temple. He did so and got his stomach problem cured.

Links: Location

2) Sri Kothanda Ramaswamy Temple
The Varadharaja perumal here is 6 feet high
Links: Location

Shiva Temple at Ayarpadi

Sri Dharmeswar temple at Dharmaneedhi village

There are temples worshipped by Pancha Pandavas around this area. Here the Lord Dharmeswar, facing East, was worshipped by Dharmar. Ambal is Dhrmasamvardhini facing South.

Note: In Mahendravadi, the main deity is Dhramalingeswar and there are four other lingams worshipped by the other four Pandavas. Near Mahendravadi, at Siruvalayam, there is Beemeswar Temple worshipped by Beema.

Links: Location

Siru Karumbur

1) Sri Sundara Kamakshi temple

The temple with beautiful sculptures is situated in a very beautiful and fertile location. Though a Shiva Temple, importance is for Ambal. Ambal here is really beautiful, as the name signifies and is famous for giving boon to all people; specially for marriage and Child birth. Kanchi Paramacharya, after visiting this temple for the first time, did not feel like going away and stayed there for 3 days. At the entrance to Shiva there are carvings of Patanchali on the right side and Vyaghrapathar on the left.

Another specialty is the Bilva tree with Neem tree. Usually we see only neem tree with banyan tree. Here it is twined with Bilva tree. Bilva tree represents Shiva and Neem tree Parvathi/Ambal. Here the Bilva tree is branched into three like a Trishul, just at a height of about 10 feet from the ground. The branch of the neem tree is embracing the Trishul region. It reminds us of Parvati embracing Shiva.

This is a hidden treasure trove for heritage and sculpture lovers.
Contact: Sri S.N.Rajasekara Gurukkal @ 94863 70223 / 94860 60120

Links: Location Photos Raju’s Temple Visits Travelogue

2) Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple

This village has some connection to beauty (Sundara). The Perumal temple here is also Sundara raja Perumal near the Sundara Kamakshi temple

Links: Location


Vegamangalam is 2 kms south of Sirukarumbur.

1) Sri Parasurameswar Temple

There are ten temples around Kanchipuram where Lord Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva in His ten avathars. This is one of those that corresponds to Parasurama avathar.

Links: Location Photos

2) Sri Visalakshi amman sametha Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple

3) Pachaiamman Temple

Sri Pancha lingeswarar Temple at Kondapuram

The temple is located right on the Chennai – Bangalore highway at about 1 km after Murugan Idly shop near Kaveripakkam.

Sri Kamakshi Ambal made Pancha lingams representing the Pancha boodhas and the five faces of Lord Shiva, worshipped them here before starting Her severe penance near Kamba river. Kanchi Maha Swamigal intended to stay here permanently at one point of time. There is an adjacent Kanchi Maha Swamigal Mandapam where he stayed for quite some time. Considered very sacred and ideal for meditation.
Birla family arranged the Kumbabhishegam for the temple in 1988 at the behest of Kanchi MahaSwamigal,
People can light 27 ghee lamps in the shrine that corresponds to their Rasi.
Contact: Sri Senthil Nathan @ 95977 12495

Links: Location Photos


Thiruparkadal is on the Chennai – Vellore (Bangalore) highway, beyond Thiruputkuzhi, about 10 kms from Thiruputkuzhi, on the left side of Highways while going from Chennai, about 2 kms from the highways at the Kaveripakkam junction.  Two beautiful Vaishnavite temples are present side by side. It is said that this place can be considered to be the 107th Divyadesam. The location of the temples is awesome

1) Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal temple

This temple is considered to be testimony for the unity of Shaivism and Vaishanavism. The Lord here, stands on “Aavudaiyaar” (base of Lingam”)

Links: Location Photos Weblink

2) Sri Ranganathar Temple

The main deity in this temple is made of wood from the tree of “Aththi”. It is believed that Yama’s assistant Chitraguptan was releaved of his diseases here and hence this place is said to have healing powers.

Links: Location Photos Weblink

3) Sri Karapureeswarar Temple

A Thevara Vaippu Sthalam.
The temple faces west and contains many inscriptions and sculptures of excellent beauty.

Links: Location

4) Sri Vaaleeswarar Temple

An ancient temple

Links: Location


Kaveripakkam is between Kanchipuram and Wallajapet, around 27 km from Kanchipuram and about 12 kms from Wallajapet. It is well known for its lake which is the biggest in this district. It was built by King Nandivarman III of Pallava dynasty (8th Century AD). The length of the bund is 8.35 km.
The ancient temples at Kaveripakkam were visited by Sri Ramana Maharishi and Sri Seshadhri Swamigal for many days

1) Sri Muktheeswarar Temple

This is the main shiva temple of Kaveripakkam. Muktheeswarar as Swayambu lingam is facing east; Ambal is facing south.

Links: Location

2) Sri Azhagiya Ramar Temple
Links: Location

3) Sri Konganeeswarar Temple
Links: Location

4) Sri Kalikambal Sametha Sri Kailasanathar Temple
Links: Location

Temples beyond Kaveripakkam en route Vellore are covered under Vellore temples directory

Thanks to many Blog readers who provided lots of information about many temples here.


  1. Hi Raju Sir, you have inspired me in visiting temples and always your website is the dictionary/guide for me. Thank you very much for your soulful service. A small suggestion. It would be helpful, if you could add the place names in the photo which you have added at the top.

  2. Great work Raju Sir. Your information is very useful to us. Very good guidance making it easy for us to plan. Please keep up the excellent contributions.

  3. Adhi Varaha Perumal Gnanapiran Temple, Thiruvalavanthai is more than a kilometer away from Sthalasayana Perumal temple. It is not open for Darshan regularly. Some Bhattar from Sthalasayana Perumal temple will have to take you there. You can call up Ananthasayana Bhattachar – 044-27442183, 9444235284 and get more details and help

  4. Good job! This website is of great help to us in exploring the old temples around near chennai chengalpattu kanchipuram, dist,

  5. Hello Sir,

    This website is very useful for me since I have a habit of yearly once one day temple tour with my family.

    Only one suggestion is that if you provide the timing of the temples it will be very helpful.


  6. thank you very much. . i have covered most of the temples , in south of Chennai and north of Chennai, with the guidance of raju’s temple visitd

  7. Mr Ravi, your blog is very valuable for all seekers of Divine grace. Thank you. I have a question about a Vishnu temple somewhere close to Pondicherry on a hill. The deity is said to installed in an open space. Is it possible to share the name of this temple. I would wish to visit. I am from Bangalore. Thank you.

  8. Dear raju
    thanks for your great collection old temples infromation you are giving to people like me please continue the same thanks


  9. thank you sir for the wonderful information……….pl visit Lord Parasurama Lingeshwarar at Ayanavaram Parasuramar street …very powerful lord…sorry if u have already done so .Dr .hemalatha

  10. Namaskaram,
    I would like to know the details about “KUCHELAR” temple in Chennai….my mother wants to visit to that place. .so if u know please give me details.

    Thank you,

  11. I have not visited the temple. This is taken from net.

    This Pallava period temple at Kinar (Thiru Kannar Village) is one of the Thevara reference temples. The lingam is one of the biggest in Tamilnadu. The deity was worshipped by Sage Gowthamar, Agalya and Pancha Pandavars. Between the main deity and the Nandhi, Indhra is sitting on his Iravatha elephant and getting his curse cured. On the back of the lingam, a big Somaskantha sculpture is present in big size.

    இத்தலம் திருஞானசம்பந்தர் வாக்கில் இடம்பெற்றுள்ள – வைப்புத் தலமாகும்.
    மூலவர் சிவலிங்க திருமேனி; சுயம்பு மூர்த்தி.
    சோமாஸ்கந்தர் சிற்பம் பெரிய அளவில் கருவறைச் சுவரில் அமைந்திருப்பது வியக்கும் விதத்தில் உள்ளது.
    தேவேந்திரன் ஐராவதத்தின் மீது அமர்ந்து சாப விமோசனம் பெறும் காட்சி மூலவருகும் நந்திக்கும் நடுவில் சிலைவடிவில் உள்ளது.
    இது பல்லவர் காலத்திய கோயிலாகும்.
    பல்லவர், நாயக்கர் காலத்திய கல்வெட்டுக்கள் கோயிலில் உள்ளன.

    இவ்வாலயத்தின் ஸ்தலவரலாறு முக்கால்வாசி வைத்தீஸ்வரன் கோவில் அருகில் உள்ள திருக்கண்ணார்கோவில் ஸ்தலவரலாற்றோடு ஒத்தவாறு இருக்கும். இக்கோவிலில் ஸ்வாமி சன்னிதி எதிரில் பெருமாள் விக்கிரஹம் ஒன்று உண்டு. அனேகமாய் தனி சன்னிதியில் இருந்திருக்கக் கூடும். திருமால்பேறு எனும் ஸ்தலம் மாதிரி ஒருவேளை ஸ்தல புராணப்படி பெருமாள் உள்ளே இருக்கிறாரோ என்னவோ….!? பழைய புராணங்களைத் தேடும் என்னிடம் இவ்வாலய புராணம் கிடைக்கவில்லை.
    Nearby cities: Marakkanam Salt Pans, Puducherry, Villupuram
    Coordinates: 12°31’33″N 79°56’3″E

  12. Sir,
    Have you been to Veera Varanatha Swamy Temple at Kinnar? It is also called Thiru Kannar temple. It is supposedly near Maduranthakam. Please pass in any information if you have

    • This place KINAR is about 3 km from Karunkuzhi on GST road before Maduranthakam.We have to cross the railway line Chengalpat-Villupuram at Karunguzhi station to reach this temple.It is where Lord Indiran prayed and got his eye sight and we can see Indiran on elephant between Nandi n Lord Shiva.

  13. could someone please let me know if there is Garbharakshambigai temple in the surroundings of chennai?

  14. Dear Sir,
    commendable service to the community and knowledge sharing/passing to the youngsters like me.

    Can you pls about the shiva temple in Pranava hills, Thirupporur.

  15. Namasivaya….

    Dear Sir,

    We request you to kindly recall Arulmigu Kailasanather temple in Kovalam where you and Reach have done lot of activities for renovation. On our request you also added Kovalam temple information on this blog in the year 2011.

    Now we are pleased to inform you that after extensive facelift and renovation, Maha Kumbabishegam works are in now full swing at Arulmigu Kanagavalli Amman udanurai Kailasanathar Temple, Kovalam.

    We take great pleasure in inviting you for the Maha Kumbabishegam which will be held on 9th February, 2015, Monday between 6.00 to 7.30 AM. Yaagasaalai Poojai will commence on 8th February 2015, Sunday morning.

    Our whole hearted thanks to you for your kind help, support and contribution in renovating this 1200 years old Arulmigu Kailasanathar Temple.

    Thanking you once again.

    Best Regards,

    “Vaazhga Aramudan Valarga Aruludan”

  16. I heard there is a temple named Thiruvala vindhai since Thiru VidaVidhai is the sthalam where perumal kept his consort on his left side. In Thiru Vala Vindhai he kept her on right side. I could not get the location or any other details about this wonderful temple.
    Please let me know if any of you visited or know more about this sthalam.

    Thank You!

    • I was given to understand that this Thiruvala Vindhai temple is 1 km away from Sthalasayana Perumal Temple in Mahapalipuram and is called as AadhiVaraha Perumal Temple.
      Narayanan T R

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