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  1. Hi I am trying to find details about Kundichetty Perumal temple Alambadi especially the distance, route from Bangalore. I would also like to visit Tiruvennamalai temples. Is there any guidance you can give.

  2. Dear Mr Rajendran

    Please help me locate this in your site

    Thanjavur | Raju’s Temple Visits
    Mar 15, 2014 – Cave temples at Malayadipatti. A cluster of many cave temples / shrines are present here. Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple.

  3. Dear Mr Rajendran

    Can we have a search engine within your valuable site? That would be of great help.

  4. Sir, i want some clarification about pariharam. Recently one joshiyar ask my husband to do virajita yagam in one of the devi temple. I dont know what temple. But i just want to know, what for it is and where ist possible with authentic purohits and budjet… Pls pls reply to me as soon as possible.

    • hi ss, Please keep in mind that rajendran ganesan is not josiyar. Pls avoid these type of questions.

  5. sir, please add a special criteria, to visit temples, i.e., nearby or in the sub urban train route, i.e., when u add a temple add a criteria as train or bus, since most of them would be visiting the temple in the sub urban train or temples nearby by railway stations, and temples by bus.

    i have a plan to inform thru ur web, to tell temples near by train stations.

    for e.g., chennai sub urban route.

    1. chennai to tirutani route.

    stations; chennai central,– temples near sowcarpet will come to these

    station. and basin bridge– temples located mint will come to this station.

    and sevvapet road– the singandeeswarar temple in tiruvur, will come

    to this station,

    so whenever u add a travelogue or temple, please add the nearby train

    or bus station, if available, so that it gets catagorized, and more reachable

    or directions for the people.

    • Hi arvind, this site is about temples visited by rajendran ganesan, This is not irctc site to tell about stations or trains. Rajendran ganesan is doing a great job pls dont spoil it by your inputs

  6. A Great Blog. Pl Keep writing



    • Thank u Arvind, will do.

      • also sir, when u visit, please stick a sticker in the temple premises to visit

        ur website for more details like “for more details of temples visit” .

        also please start accepting donations from public for performing this

        divine goal, so that all devotees will contribute money and take part with

        u. and the goal performs very well,

        i think many of the temples will be unknown to most when we travel in

        a main road or bye pass in that area, and where it will be known to that

        area of public, i suggest u to arrange a small flexi or plate and place

        it to the important road nearby naming, an important temple waiting for

        u, since we cant name all the temples ,

        for this u will be in need of money i said to start accepting contributions

        to a specific bank account, so that anyone can just transfer or deposit

        in that specific bank account, and all goes well.

      • please get us the history and details of thiru gangadeeshwarar temple pursawalkam and arulmegu baadaala ponniamman temple in kilpauk both are said to tbe very very old so far no one has been able to give the details

      • dear Mr.Raju, thanks for making a detailed visit to temples and bringing to this world. you can join with sasidharan – uthiramerur he has excellent work of finding ancient temples with history updating in facebook. I am from tirunelveli live in Chennai. any details from tirunelveli pl approach me. I can find as much as possible thanks and wishing you all best Rajaran 9445340788

  8. Putarjuna ishwaran is very great shiva temple in thiruppudai maruthur a more than 1000 years sthalpuranam 15 km from tirunelveli jn in the banks of thamaraparani river. Can some one give me details about this temple.

    • People pray to the Lord for removal of obstacles in marriage proposals and evil aspects on children, cure from prolonged illness, solution for problems in family, for prosperity in family, for excellence in academic pursuit, and development in business.

      Devotees perform special abishek with silk clothing and other pujas to Lord and Mother to realize their prayers. They also offer sari and bangles to Mother, tie cradles, offering sweet porridge to Mother as nivedhana.

      Indira, the king of Devas once held Jupiter in high esteem as his Guru. As Jupiter did not give much respect to him, he adopted Viswarupa a demon as his Guru then. Indira came to know that Viswarupan was more concerned with the welfare of his own community ignoring that of the Devas and performing yagnas for the demons. Indira simply killed Viswarupa by strangulating his neck and incurred the Brahmmahati sin for committing the murder. Indira came to this place with his wife Indirani, bathed in the Surendra Moksha Theertha on the banks of Tambiraparani, performed penance on Lord Shiva and got relieved of the sin.

      Karuvur Chithar, celebrated Shiva devotee came to this place to worship Shiva. When he reached the northern bank of Tambiraparani, the river was in spate and could not cross the river to reach the temple. He spoke to Lord Shiva saying, “being in the midst of Marudha trees spilling fragrance from their flowers, can’t you help me to reach you.” Lord just leaned on a side to hear Chithar more clearly keeping his hand on the ears. The Lord advised Karuvur Chithar to simply cross the river with his thoughts resting on Him. Chithar did so and worshipped the Lord to his full satisfaction. As the Lord leaned on a side to hear Chithar, He is found leaning on a side.

      There are scars on the head and chest of the Lord caused by injuries of sickle cut and horns of a deer. Hence no abhishek is performed but only an oil application instead.

      Mother Gomathi Amman on the left of Lord’s shrine is brought from Komal hills as directed by a voice. She has the Rudraksha body and graces the devotees. A Brahmmadanda – staff-is also installed before the Lord on the right side.

      Temple History:

      The Devas – those in the celestial world – once begged the Lord to show them a place on earth equal to Kasi-Varanasi. Lord asked them to place His Brahmmadanda on the floor which moved towards River Tambiraparani and stood at Tirupudaimarudur where the temple stands today. Lord Shiva said that the place where the Brahmmadanda stopped was the place equal to Kasi.

      The region was under the rule of Veeramarthanda then. He came to this place dense with Mardha trees for hunting. He targeted a deer which hid itself in the hole of a tree. The king ordered to cut the tree to get the deer out. But blood came out of the tree where the king found a Shivalinga with a hit on the head caused by the instrument. He heard a voice saying that Shiva himself graced them through the deer. He built the temple as directed by the Lord.

      Special Features:

      Miracle Based: Lord Shiva, a swayambumurthi graces leaning on a side slightly. There are scars of a sickle cut on the head and a hit of deer on the chest.

      Srisailam is thalaiarjunam,thiruvidaimaruthur is idaiarjunam,and thirupudaimaruthur is kadaiarjunam.

    • tirupudaimaruthur is 25 kms from tirunelveli.

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